Dear Santa.

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Dear Santa.

I have tried to be good. I have kept my room clean. Put away all my toys. Not gotten any holes in my clothes. I help mommy with my baby sister.

I always brush my teeth and wash behind my ears.

I eat those yucky green vegetables.

Your elfs have told you that Mommy and Daddy keep telling me I am a bad boy but I am not.

I try to spell my name but that say it is wrong. I try really hard to sit like they ask but it does not feel right.

I try extra hard to not cry like they say but I can't stop it.

I know the words pretty and cute should not be said but they come out of my mouth anyways.

I know I shouldn't cry because Mommy and Daddy make make me cut my hair but I feel awful when it is cut. It is ugly and I don't want it.

I know I should play with those boy toys like Daddy says I should. But I prefer to hug and talk to my dolly even if she looks like a boy.

I do not mean to disobey them when I wrap a towel around me to look like Mommy does when she wears a pretty dress.

I know I am being bad when they say I am a boy and not a girl and to stop all this girl stuff.

I know I am bad when it hurts so much and I cry myself to sleep.

So please Santa you can give all my toys to any other boy or girl.

Please take the bad out of me and make me a normal boy so Mommy and Daddy will love me.

Love Carrie.

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