I'm Not Diane!

My name is Duane!!!

Sorry I just had to get that out first despite what people think I really am, and wish to be a man.

This started a few months ago. I was a ward of the state at the exclusive private school Wranglers. Yeah that school. I got in with a ward of the state clause even though I still live with both my parents. It was just that being poor, both my parents didn't finish highschool because of a little complication namely me.

I love my parents to death and they me. I was a breached birth I think its called as I was born premature due to complications in moms womb. I will be an only child because of that. They have never held it against me. Our house is well not in the best area and more than a little run down. I hear though that dad is gonna put some new shingles on the roof this year so maybe my room's ceiling will get fixed.

So here I was attending a private school as a boarder. It was okay even if I was the smallest boy in all my classes. I was just never that big. Even as a baby I wouldn't eat enough, not for lack of mom trying thats for sure. I never lacked for food or much of anything as a child, well except maybe new toys most of mine were used or my parents old ones.

Before coming to school the day clinic doctor had diagnosed me with partial androgen immunity syndrome. I am not intersexed! I just don't really accept all the testosterone in my system. I was producing massive amounts though which got into my kidneys or liver, I forget which, and was making me sick. I was put on a partial blocker to reduce the amount I produced. Not and I repeat NOT totally getting rid of the testosterone just enough that my body could handle. As far as I know that includes being able to father children.

So here I was a scrawny kid among boys my age. I may be 14 but I look 8. I have been androgynous in looks as well since my body accepted the small amount of estrogen just fine. I was an 14 year old boy with the body of an 8 year old who's small shoulders were still inline with his hips.

What does that have to do with anything? Alot actually since I was immediately picked on from day one. It did not take long before kids were leaving notes in my locker and stuff addressed to Diane. I tried to fight back from time to time without much success, well unless you call detention success but I don't. Still it was nothing like the last few months.

About 6 months ago a child genius, a spoiled child genius, who's father ran a private medical practice came to school. James M Whitaker II to be precise. I do not know why but he took an immediate dislike to me. I do not mean that it was a normal boy getting stuff in locker type but he really hated my youthful looks or something.

After about a week when he became the leader of the school's elite group they started to push me in halls or prevent me from using the bathroom. It wasn't that bad at first but it got worse soon after. I would walk into the bathroom and get punched in the stomach. I would of course bend over from that and they would pull down my pants. Taunts made of my small but still functional gentials always followed.

James however added a new part to this a week later as when I bent over I felt a needle shoved in while I was held. It hurt and I tried to struggle but to no avail. I didn't know what it was until much later. He had injected me with estrogens of some type. I got that everyday for a month.

As you can imagine after a month my skin got smoother, softer and my pants got a bit tighter on the hips. At two months my chest started to itch badly. It took about 3 weeks for my chest to expand into a small b cup chest. I tried to tie them down, I wasn't stupid I knew what breasts where and how they shouldn't be there. I got caught by the boys of course. The next day when I came back to my dorm room all my underwear was replaced with girls panties and some bras.

I refused to wear them and got beat up more instead. I took the lumps as long as I could till they striped me of my final pair of guys shorts in the changeroom for gym. I was left standing in panties and a bra while they laughed at me. That jerk James let me know that if I didn't want to get beat up to wear what I was told to wear like a good girl.

I did not get beat up as much wearing the bra and panties even though my breasts continued to grow and was soon overflowing the almost B bras I was given. I tried to hide what I could under my sweater or dress shirt for school but even that got taken away eventually.

First it was blouses with pearl buttons inplace of dress shirt. I could hide these under my school tie and sweater. The blazer took care of the puffy sleeves unless I took it off. My socks got replaced with white tights instead. Again these I could hide under my pants and dress shoes fairly well.

One day I came back and found my ties, and sweaters gone. My normal blazer replaced with a girls version. This made it hard to hide the blouses so that even the teachers started to notice.

A few weeks ago my pants and shoes were replaced with pleated skirts and mary janes. I could no longer hide what had happened to me since they also gave me new bras and tighter blouses that showed off my new female curves.

Mom and dad were called in of course while I sat in the waiting room outside of the headmasters office looking for all the world like a school girl. Mom and dad didn't even recognized me and went right into the headmaster office. When they came out to say they were a bit shocked would be an understatement.

The school nurses office was where mom and a lady doctor that was called in examined me. The bruises on my stomach and the marks left from the repeated needle injections in my behind convinced them I was not making up an excuse. James of course tried to say that I had begged for him to make me into the girl I always was. He even got his old man to get a lawyer to prove himself innocent.

My dad mostly believes me and mom does but she is way to thrilled having a daughter to do much except teach me all the things a girl should know. Mostly makeup, what clothes to wear and not wear to really fight for my maleness.

Our clinic doctor is fairly confident I should still be able to father children but until I am of legal age, which in this state is 21, I will have to present as a girl. I can try to convince people I am really a boy but honestly I do not sound or look like one at all so it probably wont work.

I should mention that James now has a record of unauthorized perscription abuse. So he wont do much as an adult. His parents were generous enough to get my enrolled in the sister school to Wranglers call Whistler. While I am not thrilled with the cross tie and the drafty pleated skirt uniform the rest I am kinda used to. I have my own washroom at school and wear a gaff for gymnastics and arobics.

One thing I am happy about is the girls here are somewhat friendly and sympathetic. Some are really nasty with condoms but they are a minority. Best of all I'm no longer the shortest person in the school there is like 15 girls who are shorter than me. When I am legal age the breasts, which now are a full B cup are so gonna be gone. I won't be a female to male transexual more like a male - female - male one but I am determined to reclaim my manhood and my name.

Yes I know my records say its Diane but its really Duane so if you don't mind Ms. Diamond can you please call me by my name. I hope this explains what happened to me for you to understand.

Thank you.

Yours truly
Duane Simmons Age 15.

This was a lovely piece of fiction Diane. Your spelling and grammer need work as you can see by the red pen. Please correct the mistakes and resubmit it to me.

There is nothing wrong with being a girl my dear.

The end.

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