Jaci and dottie the beginning....maybe

In a little house on the edge of somewhere huddles a little child under blankets with a small plastic fairy on a broken base found recently in the snow.

"Please fairy make me a girl" says the small child.

one year later

"Please fairy make me a girly girl!"

Another year later

"Please fairy make me a girly girl"

by this time the plastic fairy is rather worn. It's pink and blue paint long gone from all the praying.

A few months later the young child is 'rescued' after an incident at school by a surprisingly understanding social services worker who recognizes that this young boy with the name of Todd is anything but. She brings her to a friend of hers from long long ago.


Meanwhile on the other side of town in a fancier house.

"Please blue fairy make me a real boy!" utters a rather frightened young boy named Jackie, after the actor, his bruises on his arms and butt not really allowing him to sleep and in the crook of his arm is a small pink teddy bear.

Day after day this young person becomes less and less of a boy in the eyes of his classmate having no friends at all.


Lil Jaci wakes up from the nightmare in her soft bed and pink nightie. She is shaking as she can't quite remember the dream but her bum feels...sore.

In the next room, completely unaware by lil jaci, Lil Dottie huddles under blanket holding her Frozen doll Anna.

although she is asleep as you come closer and closer you can just make out something.

"Please lord make me and jaci real girls.."

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