Heather Obsession.

Caution: The following story from my muse is bent in a really bad way. Just never and I repeat never wonder what would happen IF..


Once not to many years ago I was a mostly normal man just entering that stage between highschool and university. At the time I was Mark Wayne Bascom II. I had money in a trust fund I have gotten access to, well partial access too, when I turned 18 and graduated highschool.

All I had to do was spend my time out of school for a year or two and that would have been that. I had dated a few girls in school but nothing more than touchy feelie. I'm still a virgin at least. All in all I was doing alright. Drive around in my slightly used Challenger trying to pick up dates for movies or dinner. Never worked though. My car might be considered hot but I wasn't.

During highschool I had not looked after my skin properly and had acne scarring. I was more of the nerd in school than anything. Thin not too short or tall. Brush cut hair and skinny arms and legs as I spent all my time studying or doing homework. I ate vegetables as a snack food. Never worked out or did much for big exercise. I was in shape so to speak but not by much. I did carry around a few extra pounds here and there though.

I remember the very first day I saw Heather. I was walking out of a store with my new cell phone. She was on the sidewalk not 20 feet from me. Blonde hair, 5'7" maybe 110 pounds. She had green eyes just like mine. Her smooth clean face shone like a jewel. She was wearing a red leather skirt about 4 inches above her knee with a simple short sleeve white and purple sweater. Her ample bust I guess was a B cup going to a C cup. Her flawless legs ended in heels not more than 1 1/2 inches high with straps around her ankle and the toes were open showing pretty toes sticking out with red nail polish on them.

I didn't take a picture of her but used the video mode of my phone to record her as she walked by in this gentle graceful gate where her hips just seemed to press out the sides of the skirt. I was instantly in love. I even heard her voice as she walked by it was great musical but not to high. Not to low either just perfect.

When I got home with my phone and its assorted software hookups I got the file to my computer. For a week I ran that video over and over. I memorized every part of her. I tried to clean up the video as best I could but I couldn't get the clothes to look right. I tried everything I could think of but the clothes just looked either too bright or too dull.

Logic told me that if I watched her it would be stalking. I made plans, I found out her address, where she worked, where she shopped and used the information to place discrete cameras around. While I got many good videos of her she was not wearing that same outfit and it really bothered me.

I started to go to the stores she shopped at when she was at work. I found the sweater and purchased it. The shoes were a bit harder but I got a pair as well using my own sizes as I had no others. The skirt I couldn't find. I searched the internet and used clothing stores. At a pawn shop I found a red skirt just like hers.

I never intended to wear them I just used them to better my first video. But I now had all these other videos of her with other cute outfits. One thing led to another and I found myself buying whatever I saw her buy. Things got so bad one day that I was able to get into her apartment when nobody was looking as she had not completely shut the door. I videoed everything in her apartment. I mean everything from furniture to the closet to all of her clothes, which I took out videoed and put back just like I had taken them out.

It took me a few weeks but I found an apartment just like hers, minus a few color changes, which I did. I shopped around for everything that she had in her apartment till I had an exact duplicate. In a few weeks I also had everything else. Her shampoos, perfumes, jewelery, purses, cosmetics, all the items in her dressers and closet. I mean everything. I spent a few days going over everything imagining how she would do this or that. I had the videos and watched them.

Before long something else began to happen. I found myself wanting to try on the stuff. It was panties at first then a bra, pantyhose, slip. By the end of a year I had gotten to wearing everything she did. I even started to walk and move just the way she did.

It was getting scary even for me. It was something I had to do. I tried to stop but I always went back. Each time I stopped when I started again it was worse than before. I found myself trying to get my voice to sound just like hers. I would move just like her. I started to spend more and more time at that apartment than my own. I tried a few padding things to help my figure so to speak but it wasn't right. I knew it wasn't right.

I found some hormones that claimed to give me the figure she had. That was the start of my downfall I guess. I must have tossed those pills away a dozen times. I always went back.

By the end of the second year there was no way my body would pass as a males. I was living solely in that apartment now. I had let my hair grow out and wore all of my clothes. My skirts, dresses,lingerie. I knew it was just like hers but it was still mine. I found I could only talk and move like she did now. I couldn't do it any other way. There was times I was depressed about how I was ruining my life. Other times I would be angry that my body was not right yet even though all my curves were as good or better than hers.

My skirts were just nice and tight but not too tight on my hips. My breasts filled my bras perfectly. However no matter how hard I tried my face always looked awful. Through the internet I was able to locate a plastic surgeon who used a program that could make my face match hers. It was a final straw. I debated for six months before I got my face fixed.

I was now almost a beautiful as she was I had my hair done to be exactly like hers was. I could now get out of my apartment and live more or less like a human being. It was great I felt so much better.

I still had one small problem though. At first I could get by with a gaff but that was not enough. I cried day after day for weeks. But there was no way I could get surgery to fix my defect. I hated what I had done to myself after that.

"Doctor Marcus office."

"Hi ... my name is Ma...Heat..no I ..."

"Ma'am I need you to calm down."

"I can't calm down! I need help!"

"Is your name Heather?"

"No.. Yes.. It should be but oh.."

"Maam I need to to listen to me very carefully..."

The end.

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