Who's fault is it?

Hi all I woke up from a dream and there was this story in my head.

When I was but a fetus inside my mothers womb she had had an ultrasound done with my father loving her so much. The doctor, although at the time she wasn't supposed to, stated that mom was pregnant with twin girls. My parents were ecstatic and decorated two rooms in our house. One was a pink themed room the other was a rose themed room. All was well as they both spent hours in stores examining all the cute baby girl dresses. They actually bought alot of dresses, two at a time, of course.

4 months later, and a 12 hour labor which she wont let us forget, my sister Luna and myself were born into this world. There was a bit of shock for my parents as the name they had chosen for me was Lena. They hastily changed it to Lenny and after much waiting we were brought home.

For the first 2 years of my life my sister and myself were dressed in identical dresses alot, well they did spend all that money on them. So most of my baby pictures are of me and my twin in matching dresses. Of course everyone though we were adorably cute.

I'm glad I don't remember those years. After that things are piecemeal memory's till about age 6 when I flatly refused to wear anymore dresses. My sister would cry and pout alot because she wanted her sister Lena to be just like her. It took my parents awhile to explain I was her brother Lenny not Lena. She never really got it either as she always calls me Lena anyways.

I did still wear a skirt from time to time as more of a dress up game with my sister but never out of the house. We did wear matching outfits though. If I wore a red jumper so did she. If I wore jeans so did she that kind of thing. By the age of 8 I was pretty much wearing boyish clothing. We found out early that my err hips were a bit to wide for boys clothing and that girls fit better.

Don't get me wrong when my mom realized this she dragged me to the doctor hoping I was intersexed or something and that I was really a girl. The doctor assured her that the report came back that I was perfectly healthy just had a wide pelvis. I remember that day since dad was thrilled but mom was silent on the ride home. I do not know why but it was almost like she wanted me to be female instead of male. Like it was some sort of prideful thing with her.

My early years after that up to age 12 were days of baseball, with dad, soccer and trying to climb trees. I was never good at the tree part as my skin was just to soft and would do ...something bruises, cuts, stitches once. Mom loved me whenever I came into the kitchen balling my eyes out over a cut or bruise.

For the most part my sister would play with her friends dolls or makeup and talk boys. My friends were ...boring, unless we played outside they didn't want to do anything since we don't have a game entertainment system. My parents are kinda strict about that. Still it was not unheard of me to join my sister and her friends. I did learn how to put makeup on the girls, much to their delight. I did get done up once or twice and yes Luna and I are identical twins so we looked exactly alike.

One time I was done up after much protesting when mom entered the room to tell the girls it was time for dinner. She of course saw Luna and myself all done up and gushed tears at how pretty we were. Sis made the mistake of calling me Lena which mom also called me.

During school after that many of the girls would ask me why I would dress and try to be a boy. Usually with the name Lena or Hey Lena! thrown in for good measure. This was caught on and by the end of 6th grade everyone was calling me Lena. Some of the teachers would role call me as Lenny still but otherwise called me Lena if I looked even vaguely girly.

I should mention that during that grade we kinda got ushered...Okay that doesn't sound right. Let me try again. My sister in 4th grade had worn a pretty white dress for confirmation. At the time I wore a suit, it turned out to be a girls suit but still a suit. What I didn't know was that when Luna and I were there to pick out the dress and stuff the lady thought we were twin girls and assumed that we would both wear the same thing. So in the dress bag was not one but two of the exact same dress.

So during one of those makeup parties my sister and her friends had. They found the second dress,which was in its own bag and blended into the bag of the first so nobody had really noticed till now. They insisted that Lena should wear her dress just like her sister side by side. Mom was super thrilled with this and took us to church the next day, after begging me alot, in out matching communion dresses. The priest was thrilled to see two cute girls come in their dresses and made us stand next to him, the letch, for the rest of the sermon that day.

After that even at church I was"Lena why don't you dress more like your sister for church". Needless to say I was not thrilled to go to church after that at all. In some ways it was almost easier to be Lena than Lenny at times. I seriously thought about things. During thanksgiving feast, courtesy of the local church women's auxiliary. I actually went in a skirt and tights, Luna wore the dress. Just so they would stop bugging me. I did make the mistake of trying to use the boys room twice, and was corrected. I also wore a matching red dress with gold inlay in Christmas symbols for Christmas. It was just easier to be Lena for the church than to try to explain I wasn't a girl.

I think some people began to wonder where the third child was in our house cause at times it would be two girls and other times a girl and a boy out and about. I know that many just thought I was the tomboy twin and amused themselves calling me Lenny as if it was a nickname.

Family gatherings were difficult as my dad's side thought I was a boy and mom's side thought I was a girl. So combined gatherings were well hell on me. One time I would be Lena the other time Lenny. Dad and I would go for camping trips sometimes but I was not quite like other boys since I wore panties most of the time anyways, they just fit better than boys things did. Dad was trying to be understanding though we would go fishing or hiking and do pretty much guys stuff. One of my fondest memories is sitting on a rock by a lake with clear blue water watching as dad was busy tieing a fly to my line. I took me a long time to learn to cast with a fly verses a fishing lure.

Another time Mom would take her two girls out to some garden center and my favorite memory was standing there in a black Aline skirt and white top with black peterpan collar, Luna had the same thing but colors reversed, in a green house made of real glass. It was a big greenhouse and mom was patiently teaching us all the different flower names and what each meant.

At the age of 12 my parents assumed that the days of Lena were ended when Luna sprouted breast buds. Mom was thrilled to take her shopping alone for a day to get bras. Dad took me to a fishing store where we browsed all the lures for hours. Dad showed me how to shave my face, if I ever grew any hair there, that night while sis proudly showed me all her new bras.

It was about 2 weeks after that my nipples got sensitive and itchy. My sister had told me about how hers had become itchy and sensitive and showed me the cream she used. So I used it as well. It helped and although my chest as touchy at least the infernal itching was gone.

My sister had bras but I didn't so one day after I got annoyed at the bouncing, which was very uncomfortable, I used a bandage on them. Everyday after that I would use a bandage on them as running around bases or a field with all that bouncing was annoying. I knew what a bra was but because I was a boy and we didn't wear them ,according to dad, I just did what I thought dad did. Turns out that the one time I saw my dad without a bathrobe over his shoulders was the day after a work incident where he had bruised his ribs.

It wasn't until summer when I wore a tshirt out to our swimming pool that things got uncovered. Not by mom or dad or sis but by me. I asked dad what he did to get his chest so flat without the bandage. When they asked me I took off my top and then the bandage to show my b cup breasts, which it turns out were a bit bigger than Luna's, to a shocked mom and dad. Luna just fell on the ground laughing at me.

I wore bras since that day much to my discomfort. The girls at school were happy to note that Lena and Luna the cute Donald twins where matching again. The boys... well most of them would stay away from me. The others kept asking me out. At first I didn't get it and was happy to go play with them but when they insisted that, as a girl, I should sit on the bench and watch a real boy play it pissed me off.

The Doctors, plural as we now have a few, are mystified as to what is going on. The tests on record say I am male, but the new blood tests show that not only am I female but should soon start ovulating. But down below there is not even a hint that I could be female.

So here we sit my twin sister and I in our matching summer dresses. The machine for doing a new scan of my lower abdomen is getting its new parts installed, apparently something metal ruined it before and they had to wait 2 weeks for parts. Our team of puzzled doctors is harassing the one technician for the machine, I pity him he looks so overwhelmed. I suppose it might have something to do with mom calling Luna a young woman now after she screamed a day or so ago.

"Lena stop fidgeting."

"But Mom! This bra is so uncomfortable!" I said while rolling my eyes. I got an itched just below my right nipple and its driving me batty!

"Tough young lady! You'll get used to it soon enough. You would already be used to it if you had told us about your breasts earlier."

"But I'm a boy MOM!"

"LENA!"Thundered my dad. He is a little weirded out sometimes when we talk about my bras. I could have said something but I know better than to get him upset. The other people in the waiting room are already staring so I get the why part.


James McPherson was more than a little pissed off. The doctors were so dam pushy and they wanted him to scan this little girl a second time. He already knew it would show no anomalies just like the last time. Uterus, ovaries, tubs all normal. So he didn't know why they were so fired up that the last one was a mistake. He knew he didn't make a mistake and prepared to once again fill out the form stating no anomalies on Patient Lena Donald. Amazing that they still hadn't fixed her misspelled name on the system. He remembered the first time he had put the very mellow girl through the machine. She was almost completely out of it.

"And what is your name"

"My name is Lena and me and my sister Luna are identical twins." she had said before falling asleep.

The end.

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