It's Dorothy's fault

Was chatting with Dorothy over the phone. Something we do almost daily. When a rather innocent comment got my imagination going.

Of course this being bigcloset that little spark got a bit of a twist.

I had had a really long day. It started at 9 this morning with bad coffee, I apparently forgot to remove the old filter and just added new grounds in my sleep not quite awake state. Bad idea.

I spent most of the day outside in this dreary hot humid weather helping a friend pound away replacing his old concrete patio with a new wooden one. We had to break up what was left of the old one first. Haul that to he bin then put down some gravel stuff. Then install new posts into the ground. It was hot sweaty and very dirty work. By the time we called it quits it was dark.

I didn't want to get my car all dirty so I stripped out of my very dirty tshirt and pants and sat in my car with the ac on only in my underwear. I felt way better and suddenly hungry on the way home. I passed a few places not really liking what I saw or wanted and the ones I did want were closed.

The nice thing about warm weather is that the girls are usually out and about in skimpy outfits showing lots of tit and ass. I whistled at a few of course.
A few gave me the finger. I am used to that the one however gave me a bad look said something and dumped some pepper into my face. I guess she never heard of pepper spray. I sneezed a few times and that was it.

I kept driving around and eventually found a A&W Drive thru open where I ordered, or tried to order my usual 2 grandpa burgers with cheeze combos. She kept asking me to confirm and order for a mama burger diet coke and onion rings. So I sat for a bit arguing with her till my order got right. By this time I was hoarse from yelling at the stupid ditz.

Was I upset you bet! When I got to the drive thru window to pick up my order and pay for it I was so gonna give her a piece of my mind!

"Thank you for using A and ..OMG your top slipped down!" she said to me.

Of course I looked down and low and behold I had two rather generious, at least to me, breasts sticking out of my chest. My now completely hairless chest. That wasn't the only thing that changed either. I could tell that in the dim light from the drive thru window.

I laid some rubber for sure as I sped out of there. This couldn't be happening to me! I drove home as fast as I could. Which was a mistake as the cops pulled me over right away. Now driving around in a new black mustang has gotten me pulled over a few times. So being used to the routine I leaned over to the glove compartment to get my registration. I couldn't reach like normal.

I seemed to have shrunk a bit and the darn boobs where in the way. I was of course cursing a blue streak but got the belt undone and got the info out of the glove compartment. Out of curiosity I looked at it to be sure it was current.

Well it was current and up to date... for my father! What the hell I payed for this car myself with all the money I had earned over the last 2 years. I had saved it up and bought the car from the dealer. I was a proud 21 year old guy with his own cool car. Yeah I could have spent it on college or something but I really wanted this car. Now it appears its daddy's car.

Wait a sec. Daddy? Where did that come from?

"Miss your drivers and registration please." It had to be a woman cop.

"uh officer here is my registration but I can't seem to find my purse." Purse? Did I really just say purse I meant to say wallet! Fuck me.

"Step out of the car please." This came from her partner. I was scared and not thinking did as they asked. I stepped out of the car in what appeared to be 2 in strappy heels and a bikini bottom only. How embarresing. The partner searched the car and found a rather skimpy looking denim miniskirt and small red top in the back along with, I assume, my purse. From the purse they pulled out a pink. PINK? wallet.

"Miss Amy Bell. Address 123 west eastwood. Phone 555-555-3412." The cop asked while putting info into a weird Ipad like thing.

"Yes" Well it was my address not my name of Amy though. Wait I meant Amy. No dammit thats wrong.

"You were expeeding the speedlimit in your fathers car while driving around indecent. Come with us please." I was held by the arm while they made sure the car was locked up.

The drive to my parents house was not the greatest thrill in the world trust me. Worse they would not give me anything to wear so I sat back there with the stupid breasts boucing along and getting tickled by my long hair. They stopped behind the house and escorted me to the door. The clothes they found along with the purse in a clear plastic bag.

Our light came on, its not a sense thing you have to flick a switch, and my mom opens the door. She takes one look at me and her eyes close to slits. I have never really been talked down to by my mom before so when she started completely ignoring the cops I was stunned.

"Amy Lynn Bell What it lord almighty have you been doing running around without clothes on that the police have to drag you home? Answer me young lady or so help me.."

She laid into me without pause for about 20 minutes. During that time daddy was given the keys to his car and my bag of clothes.

I never want to see an A&W fast food place again.

Giggle The end.

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