Names John Owenhimmer Johnathon Ernie Owenhimmer.

What not impressed? Oh good phew I though you would assume that .. well never mind. Anyways I am to my shame a crossdresser. Not a transvestite and certainly not a transexual.

How did I start? Now there is a good question. I was like maybe 8 when I put my dirty clothes in the clothes hamper at home. For some reason I got a small shock when I put them in. I touched something soft and smooth. Curiosity got the better of me and I pulled out mom's satin blouse. It started from there, just that one thing.

Its now years later I am in my 17th year, struggling with it really. I am not heavily built like my uncles. I actually take after both my parents much like my sister does for looks. I have a small frame thin bones do that. Small nose that is almost girlish. I can't count the amount of trouble that has gotten me into.

My younger sister is 15. Not really a girlie girl. Mom has gotten her plenty of outfits to wear over the years but my sister rebels and wears mostly jeans and tops. Her makeup is usually troweled on. Mom won't let her get her ears pierced more than one hole each ear. She has tried and got grounded till they healed over.

I also have pierced holes one in each ear. They just didn't heal up. I was younger and helping my sister get hers pierced the first time. Nobody noticed the plastic sleeper sleeves until they had healed over. I occasionally wear one earring to school. Mostly to look cool. My normal look is grunge. Baggy pants showing off my white underwear when they slip down on one side. A heavy metal type tshirt over a longer tshirt completes the look.

My hair I keep in a low ponytail that hides down the back of my shirts. Its gotten quite long but since its always hidden nobody sees it. But last saturday it was different. Saturday, sigh now that I think about it I feel bad. It felt so good at the time. Its wrong I know its wrong but I can't help myself.

Saturday morning I had watched both my parents drive off to go pick up my sister from her cheerleading camp. I still don't know why she goes she has never made the team. She just likes it I suppose. However it gave me a day and a half to do my thing. Over the years I had tried various bits of feminine stuff. I had my own stash of lingerie. Panties about 6 different types, matching bras, and camisoles. No slips or nighties though I had tried a few. Since I had all that time I spent the day or most of it getting all done up. My choice for the day was a denim skirt that came about 5 inches over my knees, this with black tights and a white sleeveless top. My expensive breast inserts with their sticky backing gave me a hint of cleavage.

I had styled out my mid back length red hair into waves and even some feminine bangs. The makeup took me about an hour to get done. When I was finished I saw myself in the mirror and if I say so myself, was one little hottie. Backbrushing, curling iron and hairspray had turned my flat lifeless hair into a fancy lively mane. For once I was glad of my small boned structure. Quite simple I looked like a girl. Heck I looked hot compared to my sister.

That's not to say my sister is ugly. She has had plenty of boys at school chasing her. She is one of the more popular girls in school really, just can't seem to get her two left feet to move during tryouts. Personally I think she overdoes it which flunks her out. I have not only seen her practice at home but have helped her. She is pretty good when she doesn't try to hard.

Shes has a great natural smile. It's her forced smile that is creepy. I have told her about it before but she doesn't get it. I sometimes get so jealous of her freedom to wear what she wants. I mean I know she has all those great cloths in her closet and she doesn't wear them. There is some great outfits she could put on and be so hot. She doesn't, her taste is actually rather bad. I have seen her put on what should be a great outfit and then wear the worst looking well anything that totally ruins it. Be it a belt, too much jewelry, wrong hairstyle, or shoes. Then again her 'crowd' at school dresses the same way.

I had a great time last weekend got all done up and spent time in the living room dancing away to some girlie music while eating some pizza I had made. I don't usually let on to my family but I know how to cook. I watched mom closely and have learned how she does it. Jenny tries but like everything else, she just overdoes it and somehow it doesn't turn out quite the way its supposed too.

I smiled pleasantly at the memory while raking up the stupid leaves and grass, my weekly chore, with dad in the backyard. As per usual, Dad keeps talking about how, one day he and I will make a 'shop' right here. It started as a little shed when I was little. Over the years it has grown into a bigger and bigger idea. I mean who heard of garage with a basement and walk up storage above the shop with a separate room for working on electronics.

I humor him like always. It's kinda easy really just ask him something about a tool and off he goes. My dad is not mechanically inclined but he loves to drag me around to stores looking at all the tools one can buy. IF we could afford it I am sure we would have a garage packed floor to ceiling with tons and tons of tools. Nothing to use them on but we would have the tools.

My small frame didn't allow me to take shop class. Which is fine by me I don't even like to get sweaty. Dad was disappointed when I chose english studies instead of shop. I could have taken acting but I was sure that it would expose my secret so I didn't. I have a talent for it. I know that as my teachers would always try to push me in that direction.

Tying up the bag of junk I take it and another bag out front to the pile for the trashguys on tuesday. I drag my arm across my forehead to wipe of the sweat before it gets into my eyes. Suddenly I feel a tapping on my arm. I almost jump out of my skin it was so unexpected.

"Shesh John didn't mean to scare you dude." its Todd one of my neighboorhood buddies. We sometimes play games together. I switch into that guy mode. Puff out shoulders to look bigger. You know all guys do it. I seen this program once about birds that fluff themselves up as soon as another male approaches. Made me laugh as I noticed the same thing at school. Girls just don't do that, if anything its the opposite they relax and appear smaller among other girls. If a stranger approaches the group of girls they get taller and skinnier. So anyway here I am all puffed up and do the slap hands guy thing.

"Hey Todd dude hows it hanging."Not that I really want to know but its how we actually talk.

"Hanging good. I was around and saw you draggin the bags. Dad makin ya clean the junk in back again?"

"Yeah same old same old."enough small talk" So wassup?" I know he is here for something.

"Well I kinda, uh you know."Scratch back of head. He is actually blushing."Like dude Jenny was like saying that your cousin Pamela was gonna be around sometime this weekend."who the hell is Pamela? I don't have a cousin Pamela.

"My cousin?"

"Yeah. Like dude I came buy last weekend to see if you were around to hang with and I saw this total babe dancing away in your living room."Oh shit!"And well I asked your sister who she was at school and she is like its your cousin Pamela."

"My sister said that?" not good news.

"Yeah and like. Oh man she is so hot like you coulda told me about her."Fuck he has it bad. oh shit he has it bad for me!

"Yeah well she's my cousin dude!" and hates guys with a passion.

"Like dude I gotta see her meet her! Tell me when she is getting here!" uh this is freaking me out.

"John come over here and help me wash the car." calls Dad saving my ass.

"Gotta go dude." I say while inside I know I'm dead meat.

"Yeah I know just uh just yeah dude." Oh boy life just got so much more interesting.

I walk up and help dad scrub down the car. Getting quite wet in a few places in the process. I do this mostly on automatic as I try to figure out what my sister is up to. She obviously knows something but since mom and dad haven't said anything she hasn't told on me. Why?

The rest of the evening is spent doing a barbie and the usual friday night stuff. The entire time I watch my sister for any hints but she acts like normal. Mom and dad ask if something is wrong and I pass it off as nothing. After awhile I just give up and pretend nothing happened.

Much later I get ready for bed. Even on weekends our parents make my sister and I go to bed before 10pm. I become fidgity though and the compulsion to touch my stash overwhelms me. My stash is hidden under a chest I have in my room. The bottom of the chest has this little space that when you remove the cardboard I placed jammed into it reveals my stash. Like I said its really not that much and since space is limited I can't have to much.

I reach under and feel wood not cardboard. Shit! I tilt the chest over some more and look yep no cardboard. I put it back down with a small thump and look up to my sister Jenny standing in my doorway.

"They are not there anymore. I washed them." She says.

"Why?"I ask. She just smiles and comes up to me taps my cheek gently and says
"A girl must have clean underwear for her date."

Leaving me sitting on my floor with a very blank shocked look she walks out of my bedroom with a little extra sway to her hips. The door closes silently behind her.

"Date?" Any chance of sleep is now gone.

--SEPARATOR--'Hey let me finish that.'

'Aww my readers want me to finish at least one story.'

'Please pretty pretty please.'

To be contined.. depending on muse.

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