The nuns error.

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"Ariel Grayson?"

"Here" I was not very entusiastic about having to respond to that name. As the teacher continued on with the roll call I thought back to how this all started.

I remember that day well. Mom had moved us to this new house, well new as in new for us not new new. It was built way back in the 1950's. My family is in that range of not quite poor but not well off either. So when the chance came for my sister to attend the exclusive private academy for girls, whos uniform is super cute even though its an all girls school, Mom wouldn't pass it up.

My sister who just turned 12 at the time got an invite for the school via one of mom's second cousins or something. Mom was all super happy about it. I couldn't care less as I was about to start my senior year of highschool. I didn't want to leave my friends behind but it wasn't my choice to make.

We had moved into the new place 2 days before classes were to start for my sister and 5 days before mine was to start. So we were all living out of boxes of yet unpacked clothing. My sisters school is mostly a boarding school except long holidays. So she was to be gone most of the time we had to get her room all unpacked and setup. That took a bit I was still unpacking when they left for the school. During the move my boxes had gotten piled on so for the last 3 days or so I had been wearing what few clothes I had in my backpack. Today I ran out of clean jeans and tshirts. So mom in her brilliance had me wear my little sisters rather tight Denim shorts and one of her lime green tops. No biggie I still mostly looked like a boy. Mostly being the operative word. I was no big guy nor do I have the manliest of voices. A thyroid scar problem took care of that. Word of advise when they say you should really wear a padded neck under a football helmet. Trust me wear the stupid thing.

After I graduate I can go get some special surgery that removes the scar tissue and I will continue my male puberty till then. Well I'm kinda inbetween. I am male down below where it counts. Above that I'm more androgynous. Some hip padding and some uhm fatty breast tissue, No glands but more than just gynocemastia. This is due in part to my weight loss. Before this summer I was kinda overweight. Ok alot overweight. Thyroid problem remember. Mom put me on special diet of fish and salads for months. I lost all the weight. Except a few parts anyways rest will disappear with time. Some baggy clothes usually takes care of most of it.

My sister teases me with bras alot. Mom finds it funny. I just hang my head and continue on. Today however I look a touch more uh feminine than usual. I am not going out of the house. It's disturbing how well I fit into my sisters clothes. These shorts are so tight that my male bulge looks flat. It does make it a bit easier to walk around I'll admit. Not something that I feel all that comfy with.

So there I was moving boxes around like 2 days before my school was to start while my sister and mom were out when low and behold the doorbell rings. Not thinking I answered it.


"We are looking for A. Grayson"

"Thats me. Wassup?"

I should mention that the two people I answered the door too were both women in very conservative dresses and wearing visible catholic crosses. I didn't know it at the time but they were nuns without the habit.

"Is your mother at home?"

"No she took my little sister to St. Mary's." I actually do not know the full name of the place. Nor do I want to.

"I see. Then I will inform you that although our school is not uniformed like St. Mary's we do have a strict dress code and you will be expected to follow the dress code."

"Oh ok. But I thought that Mach highschool was a public highschool."

"Mackensie catholic Highschool is a public highschool we just have a strict dress code."

"Oh ok. Well I will let my mother know miss?"

"Sister Teresa and this is Sister Clara."

"Your nuns?" I'm so observant.

"Yes and your teachers. Sister Clara will be your homeroom teacher." Eep! There goes my first impression. I can already see ill be visiting that detention room before I even start my first day of school.

"Uhhhh" I really quite intellegent. Hey at my size you kinda have to be.

"We will expect you on Thursday then sharp at 8 am. Good day Miss Grayson." With that they walk away. I close the door and look at the dress code list.


Slacks, black denium jeans, dress shirt short or long sleeve. Black shoes either athletic or dress shoes. Golf shirt may be used in place of dress shirt.

Gym clothing provided by school.


Dresses no higher than knee length. Sweaters are permitted. No open tops must have sleeves on dress. Skirts Knee length. Blouses non see through are permitted. Shoes no heels flat shoes only. Jewelry is not permitted except for one earring per ear. Makeup is frowned upon.

Gym clothing provided by school.


Hair must be presentable at all times as well as good hygiene.

Those with offensive or unacceptable hair will be sent home. Ie no mohawks no pink,purple hair allowed.

Those who do not meet dress code guidelines will be sent home to change and or escorted home for repeat offenses.

Dress code exceptions if repeated can be cause for dismissal.

Well that doesn't seem to bad. Mostly its just dress within reason not outrageously. Guess my torn jeans will be passed over. I got the rest though.

I put the list on the kitchen counter and though nothing more of it. I was still hauling boxes up to moms room so that I could get to my own clothes for the rest of day. When mom got home later we had take out pizza and kinda went to bed not long after.

Thursday dawned with me yelling at mom. I have seemingly lost my underwear in the move. Aside from my 3 pairs in wash, mom made a load last night but the dryer is not working more is the pity, I have no underwear. After a bit of searching she handed me something called a padded panty brief. Apparently my sister no longer needs them. Its kind of like a stiff tight short with some foam padding built in on the hips and butt. Not much really. But on me it makes my hips look very wide. Mom would not let me wear my sisters panties and hers were way to big. So I was kinda stuck for a first day.

Mom dropped me off at school as she was gonna stop off at the laundry matt with the two garbage bags of laundry to dry them so that tommorow I would have some normal underwear. She made the usual kissy and hugs that she does. I have tried for years to get her to stop that but she does it anyways. This morning since I was so nervous I didn't mind.

Ok check against list. Golf shirt check, no food stains. Dress pants check no holes. Hair pulled back into tail at base of neck and rest of hair down back of goldshirt. If nessary ill get a haircut later. Black running shoes check. No paint or anything.

School bag green. Not my first choice but better than pink. I walked up to school practicing my introduction. Hi I am Aaron Grayson. Mmm not tooo formal.
I have first school days it always seems like everyone is watching you with binoculars.

I made it into school and went to the office for my shedual and a school map. The secretary gave me a funny look when I said Grayson. A. But she just handed me a shedual and map and didn't say anything. I guess she had a busy morning. I walked towards where the map said my first class was and watched all the girls in there skirts and dresses showing that feminine bit of leg. You could tell the butch types from the girly girls. The butch wore leggings under a very plain skirt. The girly girls wore print dresses with sashes. Most just wore a plain dress or skirt and blouse. They all looked really good. And I admit my junior wanted to salute each and every one of them but the panty brief had none of that.

Walking along I got the usual snickers and low whispers from both guys and girls. Being short isn't fun. I also take after mom with a small nose. On a girl its a "cute button nose" on a guy its just small. I didn't used to have a high cheek bone but after losing all that fat they do show a bit more on the cheeks than I want. After getting lost 4 times I finally found my classroom. I found a chair and flopped down into it. I got the chance to study my class listing finnaly. Lets see I got gym in 3rd period fridays and mondays. Hech.. I guess thats suppose to be Mech. as in the mechanical study I had chosen during the 4th and 5th periods of my days everyday. Biology and gen science during second alternating each day. First class this one is... what is Dep? I kinda scratched my head at that one.

When I looked up every girl in the class was staring at me. I do mean every girl. And it seems that the whole class is just girls. What is going on? I got up with the excuse I think I am in the wrong class. It was then I noticed on the blackboard Deportment and womens history 101. Oh shit I got assigned to the wrong class. Wonder where Sister Clara's class is? I got to the door when in walked Sister Clara in full habit. That shocked me a tad. Its kinda overwhelming when you see a nun up close in that outfit for the first time.

All the girls in the class giggled not sure if it was at me a boy for being there or for my shock of being found out by a nun.

"Uh Sister Clara there seems .."

"Oh Hello Ariel I see.. What on earth are you wearing?"

Who's Ariel? " I read the dress code and it said that a golf shirt and dress pants were acceptable."

"For a boy! Really young lady! Very well. Kelly take roll call, Class read over the first chapter of the books that Kelly will pass out. Come with me Miss Grayson."


She gave me a look that shut me up. I followed her out of class to what I assumed was the office. I was still kind of lost. I gathered I would probably end up in detention on my first day, Not sure why its not my fault they assigned a boy to a girls class. Hopefully we can also get this whole Ariel thing straightened out. I notice that nuns really don't have a problem with a fast walk in that habit dress. I tried once or twice to talk to her but she wouldn't respond aside from the word stop when I tried.

The walk to the office was not long enough. When we got there the secretary had this smirk on her face. I was led into the principles office and guess who was there Sister Teresa but she was dressed in a nice dress not the habit. She took one look at me "Oh Ariel" and that was that.

"Sorry sister but there seems to have been some mistake."

"Ariel the dress code is enforced for you own safety. In some of those schools a girl dressed like you are now would be a target for over zealous males and would get herself hurt."

Huh what ..."Now wait a minute."

"Ariel you are a pretty girl there is no need for someone like you to hide herself under male clothing. Its such a pity that our society has degraded and the notion of young ladys is a thing of the past."

"But I am a boy!"

"Ariel is most defiantly not a boys name and I have your transcripts right here. You have always been Ariel Anne Grayson. Girl age 14. And this is your first year of highschool. While I do understand that some girls feel they are really boys we cannot allow such behavior here. It is not fair to the other girls. Also officially the church does not condone those transgenderistics."

"But my name is Aaron!"

"Oh really Ariel. According to this file Aaron is an 18 year old male. You are obviously not an 18yr old male."

"But but.." oh I was stuttering this kind of stuff only happens in fiction!

"Sister you may return to class. Since it would seem Ariel is reluctant to follow our dress codes I will personaly take her home and see if we can find her some proper clothing. I assume you have a key to your house?"

"Well yes I do but I do not even own girls clothing! I am not a girl!"

My words fell on deaf ears. I was shortly driven home in Sister Teresa's vw bug. I let her into the house and went to the phone to get ahold of my mother. Hopefully she could straighten out this nightmare. Sister Teresa went looking into the rooms.

The phone rang and rang I guess she was still at the laundry mat and not yet at work. I sighed and put down the phone. The best I could do was refuse to do whatever these crazy nuns wanted me to do then explain what happened to my mom and hopefully get it straightened out. Fate it seemed has other plans.

"Ariel" I heard it called out. I knew I shouldn't answer to that name and make things worse but I did anyways and went looking for Sister Teresa. She wasn't in my room, which from the boxes piled here and there and a few open ones on my bed really didn't look like it was used. Confused I went down the hall to mom's room across from my sister's room. Nobody in mom's room either. Oh no.

"Ariel. I am rather displeased with your lies. Your closet is full of adequate dresses and skirts that are perfectly acceptable to the dress code. This notion of yours to be a rebel and dress as a boy and then try to pass yourself off as one is not acceptable."

"But this isn't..."

"Ariel enough! I have had it with you. You will get undressed out of those boys clothes and hand them over. I have laid out a suitable outfit for you to wear to school. You have 5 minutes in which to change. Otherwise I will inform your mother of your disrespectful behavior and will be forced to recommend you for dismissal. This is your own fault for lying to me."

"But but I can't" This cannot be happening. She came up to me and twisted me ear and brought me to the bed where my sisters dress,frilly panties, bra, nylons and shoes laid out. Yes she twisted my ear its actually really painful.

She left me alone and shut the door to my sisters room. I couldn't believe this was happening. Worse if my mom got an earful from a nun I would be in so much trouble. We are actually rather uhm involved with the church so this would really piss her off.

I looked at the foreign garments laid out on the bed with fear. I didn't know what to do. At that moment Sister Teresa opened the door.

"NOW ARIEL!" And slammed it shut.

Before I knew what I was doing I had removed all but my sisters panty briefs and had one of her bras in hand. It took me a minute before I figured out to clasp it infront of me and then turn it around. My fat boobies actually fit my sister's bra really well. The bra gave them more of a defined look and I had noticeable cleavage. I also put on the full length slip but the pantyhose and the dress stopped me cold. I couldn't do it.

I employed the time old tradition of simply kneeling down on the floor and crying. It was just too much. To wear my sisters dress was like surrendering to being a girl. I couldn't do it. It was wrong.

Sister Teresa came up behind me and pulled me to my feet but in no way did she comfort me at all. She simply grabbed my sisters dress unzipped it and put it on me. I was too depressed and shocked that this was happening at all. In a haze I followed her instructions sit on bed lift foot lift other foot stand. She pulled the hose on me and then straighted out my sisters dress on me so that it sat right. Next she led me to my sisters little table, I know it has a name but I can't think of it, where she played with my redish hair and its annoying natural wave. When its short it sticks up like a porcupine so for the last few years I just left it grow and put it in a low ponytail. She brushed it out and then used some metal bits to tie it back on one side.

I never really paid any attention to my sisters shoes at all. She had hers and I had mine. That was all there was too it. I was put into her shoes after some rather pathetic excuse for socks were pulled onto my feet. They barely made it over the dark purple shoes but had a fair amount of white lace on them.

I was lead over to the full length mirror of my sisters closet door. It was a sliding door closet with two mirrors of each door. In the mirror was an okay girl in a purple dress with white pokadots. The dress had some short sleeves that kinda but not really puffed out a bit giving the impression of high shoulders. The v neckline ended just above her adequate breasts and showed a tiny bit of cleavage. The waist of the dress ended just over a flaring skirt giving the illusion of a thin waist and wide hips. It took me a minute or two to realize the girl, and its defiantly a girl, in the mirror was me. I backed away shaking my head side to side.

She came up to me with one of my sisters necklaces. She draped it around my slender neck. I have never once pierced my ears however I do have acne scars on each earlobe that kind of look like they have been pierced in the past. Into these the sister just shoved through some studs of my sisters. It hurt a bit but not too much. At least I think so I was not entirely with it at the time.

This was just too weird. The mirror told me I was a girl. Not a boy in girls clothing. A girl. Its wrong I know its wrong. It hurt to see how easily I became a girl. Sister Teresa led me by my hand out to the car where I just stood not moving till she had closed the house door again locking it. She handed me a purse that I didn't see before with odds and ends in it I could not identify. She opened the car door and told me to get in. I raised one foot to get in as usual when she stopped me and told me to sit first like a lady. I turned around and did as she asked then swung each foot in one at a time. This earned me a frown though I do not know why.

The drive back to school was silent. Neither she nor myself said anything. I was just to scared to say or think anything. Or is it shock? Not sure either one will do. I mean here I am a boy, or at least I am supposed to be a boy, in a dress done up like a fairly attractive girl. And I'm suppose to shortly meet all my new classmates as one. How will I convince them I am really a boy now?

The car stopped and I didn't open the door. I didn't even want to get out of the car. She would have none of that.

"Oh stop pouting Ariel." Pouting who is pouting?

"I ...I ... I.." What is the word after I?

"I know a new school can be frightening. If you behave for the rest of the day like a girl young lady I will forget about your behavior this morning. Understood?"

"Yes sister."

"Very good now you have just enough time to make it back to your first class."

"Yes sister." I didn't move.

"How about I walk you to the class?" Not really a question since she had already started to move and I followed her. I was looking at the ground the whole time. Click click click her shoes made on the polished floor. A girls feet in cute shoes and socks could be seen. Were those mine? All too soon she stopped at a door, opened it and gestured me inside.

Next chapter Ariel's first class.

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