The interview.

Everyone has that all important interview. Be it with a long hoped for employer or perhaps one with a different life path than you were expecting..

Thomas Anderson III was having a bad morning. It was the day of his big interview and for some reason weird things kept happening. Not 5 minutes ago he was pulling on his black dress pants and noticed that his legs sent up thrilling chills when he looked down he was pulling up a black skirt over hairless nylon clad legs. He closed his eyes and shook his head and looked again it was the same old dress pants.

Never in his life of 23 years had he ever had the urge to even try women's clothing unless he was busy pulling it off some cheerleader. He grabbed his dress shirt and was buttoning it up when he couldn't seem to find the top buttons. When he looked in the mirror it was not his blue dress shirt but a red satin blouse that didn't even have buttons at the top. He staggered back only to find it was his blue dress shirt when he looked down.

His necktie was noticeably thinner when he picked it up, dreading to look down but doing so anyways he found delicate hands with painted shaped fingernails holding a gold chain. When he reopened his eyes a second later it was his same old rough looking hands holding his lucky tie.

There was no mishap grabbing his blazer. So he though it was perhaps a weird effect of stress and dismissed it as he reviewed his comments to possible answers to his job interview. The interview was a very important one for him. If he managed to get into this company, even though it was a bottom level position since he didn't go to college after highschool, still it was possible to maybe make supervisor in a few years.

Thomas grabbed a brush off his dresser to brush his fresh crew cut a bit. Not sure why he did that since it was almost maintenance free hair. However he felt tugs from knots that shouldn't be there. Looking back into his mirror he saw a young woman looking back brushing out her long red hair. He dropped the brush and it went clang on the floor. Looking down he saw his metal comb on the floor and when he looked up it was his normal self.

Thomas backed away from his dresser. This was definitely too weird. Sliding his feet into his dress shoes he took a step towards the door and just about killed himself tripping over the 2 in black heels. He apparently made a fair amount of noise as his mother came into his room.

"Tina sweetie are you alright?" his mother asked him. This caused Thomas to look up at where his mother would be but she was not there. Looking down he saw he had tripped over his shoelace.

"Thomas your going to be late for your interview if you don't get a move on."his mom called from somewhere down near the kitchen.

The rest of the morning at home he was on edge to see if anything else weird would happen. At one point he could have sworn he smelled perfume instead of his Axe colon. But aside from that and having fruit for breakfast instead of his usual toast hashbrowns,3 eggs and sausage it was a normal morning. The drive to his interview was as well pretty normal his car didn't change nor did he feel like any other part of him had changed at all.

He parked his car in the visitor parking space at the company entrance and yet again nothing unusual happened to him. It was almost like waiting for the other shoe to drop. He waited and waited but again and again it all seemed perfectly normal. Sign register get temp visitor badge go up to floor 4 room 405. Sit in waiting area filling out an application that actually was an application which he would hand in with his resume. He double checked and it was his resume and not some girls.

Thomas did not have to wait too long as one of the doors opened up in the office and out came a man in his earlier 40's. The man was followed by a young lady of perhaps 25 to whom he was talking too. She clutched some papers to her chest, just like some of his highschool girlfriends used to do, and walked away from where he was sitting. The man came over to the reception desk and picked up his resume and application which he slipped into a folder.

The man walked up to Thomas asking for him and shook his hand in greeting. After a few small pleasantries the man invited him back to his office. Thomas followed and mentally prepared himself for the job interview. After the man had Thomas sit down in his chair he asked if he wanted a glass of water or if he was comfortable to which Thomas replied he was fine. This was it.

"So Thomas, or I see you prefer to go by Tina now, sorry about that. How long have you felt you were really a woman?" This was not a question Thomas was in any way prepared for. Looking down at his, or rather her hands in her lap in the same black skirt and red blouse she gathered herself to answer.

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