The lesson

I was reading another story of "petticoat punishment in girls school" When my muse decided that this should be part of the story. Oh well what can you do?

The young girl stomped down the hallway her black Mary Janes making an unusual clacking sound as she was visiably upset. She turned eventually into a dorm room and closed the door making sure it was as secured as possible via a screw trick she had learned in another life.

Turning around she unbuttoned her crisp looking white blouse with its peterpan collar and short puffy sleeves. The forgotten necktie was next to be removed so she could take off the blouse which was neatly tucked into her plaid pleated skirt. The skirt was unzipped on the side and fell to the floor first followed by the tie and finnaly the blouse.

The girl next removed her Mary Janes, which she flung across the room in a most unladylike manner. The long black stockings were removed so that the young girl was left in her camisole,panty and bra combination. These were also removed and flung violently across the room.

The silicone breasts with their small adhesive backing were peeled off the skin and thrown at the pink barbie laptop on the neat desk. One struck and stuck to the screen while the other one disappeared behind the desk. Normally these two items would have been placed aside carefully on the waxed form box but today she or rather he didn't give a darn.

Harold James Wittaker was a very pissed off boy. He had tried to do this thing called "petticoat punishment" for his parents sake. It wasn't his fault that the old school he went to was full of self rightous bigoted jerks. He had little choice but to constantly fight the guys in order to make his mark and therefore be left alone. It did not work so well as in one fight a girl that had been passing got caught up and hurt, badly. The following weeks where he and his parents got called to meetings , most of which involved the girls parents screaming that he should be put into jail.

It was due to the advise of the lawyers and the judge that Harry now found himself in St. Margrettes Acadamy for Wayward Girls. Or as the students called it, Petticoat school.

There really wasn't actual petticoats involved. You were assigned a dorm room uniforms that were to be worn during school hours, such as now, and special dresses on weekends. Some of the older gurls, the local slang for boys under punishment, had some other denim skirts and tops, all within the schools dresscode guidelines, that they could wear.

Boys clothing was strictly prohibited. The rules overall were simple be a good girl, always neat and tidy, do not fight, school uniform worn properly, no escape attempts. Follow the rules and after a year or two depending on what you did to get in here and you were free to go. Most followed the rules as much as they could and left unscathed. Hardcases left with noticable differences.

There was limits to what could be done to students. No surgeries were permitted although from what he heard some had gone all the way after they left. You see the punishment was done weekly. If you were bad and didn't follow the rules you got injected with a full t blocker and a dose of female hormones. If you followed the rules just plain saline solution. He saw one hardcase that had been here for almost a year and was wearing a bra for her c cup breasts. Even the hardcases were not subjected to too much blockers as they didn't want to permantly ruin their chances at a male life.

Some of the weird girly girls, you couldn't describe them any other way made weekly attempts at escape. They were bad attempts and always caught, just so they could get their girly injections. Others like himself just did what they were told and behaved for the most part. Harry suspected his next injection would be the full thing. He had done one of the bad things. Earlier that day he was in class behaving and trying hard to remember to keep his knees together while sitting. It was hard for him as his bits got crushed that way.

The teacher had warned him 3 times to close his legs when she came up and whapped his knuckle with the ruler. It didn't really hurt but for some reason he got really really angry. So much so that he stood up and punched the teacher in the face. Bad move very, the other girls in class all gasped at what Harriet, his girl name, had done. The teacher just smiled, he suspected she had been baiting him. She told the class to stay, and more importantly him specifically to not move while she went to the office.

Harry was mad it wasn't his fault his bits got in the way, nobody had shown him how to move them around so that closing his legs wouldn't hurt. Some days it wasn't bad and he could tolerate it. Today wasn't one of them. He knew he was in serious trouble and didn't care.

From his hiding place Harry removed his stash, like most of the boys in school, of 'boyish' clothes. In this case a plain pair of jeans, girls jeans but still jeans, a green army tee shirt, and sport socks. The running shoes from the gym class completed his boyish outfit. To fit the crime he went commando under the jeans. A quick run through the washroom removed the girly hairband, mild makeup from this mornings makeup class, and earings. Some water was used to smooth back his hair into a more boy style fashion.

Harry knew he was already in trouble so he figured what the heck. After putting away the rest of his stash, these were the old ones anyways, he removed the screw from the door. He took a deep breath a few times to steady his nerves and held up his head. If he was gonna get punished anyways why not go out with style.

Harry walked down the hallways of the school to tons of whispering from just about every girl to see him, which was many, as he walked he recieved at first, one or two small claps and then more and more. It would be hard for any teacher to pinpoint who was and wasn't clapping or who started it. To an outside observer there was a boy walking down the halls of a girls only school.

Harry wasn't trying to run away or even prevent his punishment. He just didn't see any reason how it could get worse than it was. He strolled out of the front doors of the school past the school office where a shocked secretary had seen him. He also knew the school headminister knew all about him and his state of dress by now. He couldn't help but smile since without trying he had given the entire school and its program the finger.

Harry strolled leisurely across the schoolyard to the swing sets. He sat down in one of the swings and waited.

It was not long before Harry heard the rather adult footsteps nearby. From the rather masculin dress shoes he could see it was the Headminister himself. Mr. John Watson was a man of about 37. Always well dressed in his 3 piece tailore business suit. Rumor had it he was once a student at St. Margrette's. Not much about him was really known except that he was fair and listened. Something Harry in his 12 years had yet to experience from a school principal.

"Hello Harriet."

"Hello Mr Watson"

"I suppose your more of a Harry than a Harriet at the moment." Harry just nodded.

"I heard you punched Ms. Kramer earlier." it wasn't a question.

"There abouts I suppose."

"Care to tell me about it?"

So he did. All about how Ms. Kramer always picked him out for having his knees apart even one inch. How this morning he was more sore than usual down there which made it even harder to keep his knees closed. For some unknown reason just kept talking and told Mr. Watson about how hard it was in his old school, the bullying if he didn't do as the other boys did. The taunts in this school. Everything. At the end he was even crying, something he didn't normally do ever. What surprised him even more was that Mr. Watson listened. He really really listened to him on that swing. No adult had ever really just listened to him without telling him he was wrong about this or that before, imagining things, or exaggerating.

"Well Harry I am allowed some leeway in reguards to the punishment. For what you did to Ms. Kramer I can do nothing." Harry just nodded as he knew the punishment.

"As for being out of uniform and in boys clothing. Well lets just say that I didn't see you in boys clothing,while not regulation was still girls clothing which is less of a punishment." Again Harry nodded.

"Now then Harriet if you would be a good girl and go put on your uniform then meet me at my office I will take you to the school Doctor's office. There may be a reason you are having such troubles down below. I won't lie to you and say it will excuse your actions. But we can see if we can find a way for us to not have this conversation again." with a smile Harry, now Harriet nodded once again.

"Besides you look cute as a girl." She couldn't help it and giggled at that.

That day was a lesson that she would never forget. In more ways than one.

The End.

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