Carla appears.

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I hate waking up. I always wake up in a bit of a daze till I get my morning drink of Pepsi. I know its not healthy and bad for yadda yadda. I don't drink coffee so this is my coffee live with it. I could already feel the tang at my throat. I almost wondered about my alarm and then remembered last night. Wow what a night.

Normally the chances of me even getting close to a girl are less than zero. Why because of this accursed face. I am quite male , and if I say so myself well hung down below, but the rest of me look for all purposes like a flat chick. Skinny arms and legs despite all my attempts to put on muscle, heart shaped face, with a tiny curled up nose. High cheekbones blues eyes covered in think dark eyelashes that look like I'm wearing too much mascara. Naturally red pouty lips. About the only thing all my efforts to put on weight or muscle have done is give me pectorals that with the right clothing pass as small breasts.

Hence I spend way to much time turning down guys who hit on me and the only girls that usually are interested in me at all are lesbians. In highschool it wasn't bad as most people got used to me or knew me well enough. I'm in university now though so I'm just a drop in the bucket for people. I have been tossed out of the boys bathrooms in just about every building so far and told by a few people "Use the same washroom as all the other girls". A washroom is a washroom. However if there is girls in there they tease me to dress up a little. It gets old fast so I try to use the unisex handicap washrooms when I can.

I have tried various ways to proving to people I am male over the years. They don't work, mostly because my grandma thwarts all my attempts. She doesn't like boys with crew cuts or beards or even a simple moustache. How does she do this well...

Grandma is what one would call a magic user of sorts. Its something she does but I tried a crew cut once without her permission. The next day my hair was down to my ass. I tried to grow a mustache next morning I had baby smooth skin on my face arms and legs. The arm and leg hair grew back. The facial hair didn't. I haven't shaved anything in 5 years. My eyebrows are definately boys brows. She doesn't make me wear anything girly. I prefer sweatpants and a cutoff black tshirt. My hair is kept somewhat short but neat. Its a boy's haircut and not at all girly. Yet people continue to think I am a girl. I hate it.

I literally do not know my parents or any of my family except from pictures. I know I am not adopted. I know vaguely something happened to mom and dad but thats it. I sorta look like a much younger version of my grandmother but as a boy.

Anyways last night was great, for once girls picked me up and they knew I was a boy! It was great not one or two but three hot chicks. My friends and I had been at the bar celebrating my upcoming 22nd birthday because two of them wont be around as they are leaving today for a dig. My pals Paul and Derek like myself are studying archeology. However they are a year ahead of me. I have another 2 terms before I can even think of signing up for a dig lucky bastards.

Yes I am an Indiana Jones fan. I have all the poster's, all the movies in betamax,vhs,vcd,dvd and now blueray. I have a cheap Indiana hat knockoff that I worn last night. I have ordered a real one but the maker of the fedora for the movies is a little backlogged with orders and won't receive it for another 3 years. I can wait.

The girls played with my hat and loved it they said. It was a wild night. Actually come to think of it I don't remember much beyond getting into my house. Oh yeah this is my house I inherited last year. Oh don't worry its nothing fancy. A single bedroom house with a small kitchen, a nice bathroom with a big tub, laundry room, and a dining/living room. Its what one used to call a profs office. Apparently in the old days when a professor was working too late they would walk to one of these houses and plop in for the night instead of going home. Some have be burnt down by reckless party animals over the years. Mine was actually my dad's. I got it free and clear all I have to do is pay the minor property tax, a side benefit of a small house, water and electric, oh and my internet/phone/tv service. The water and sewage is actually connected to the university system and not the state. So thats free.

When I got the house my buddies and I did some remodelling on the old pipes and electrical. Along with replacing the insulation, plasterboard, and put in some more modern heat saving ideas. It really didn't take all that long. The inital cost was about $40,000 for everything but will save me more than that in the next 2 years alone.

Anyways the girls just found it, what was their word? quaint? something like that. The three of us practically fell into my double bed. After that is a bit blank though. Dammit my first time, yes I was a virgin, and I can't remember a thing. Speaking about thing time to move from my bed my bladder is insistent that I empty it.

I moved across my bed but something wasn't right it was too easy. I stumbled to the bathroom pulled up the seat, yep had girls here its never down otherwise, and just let loose since I wasn't yet all that with it. Strangely instead of the usual gush it was more of a trickle and very messy. I wiped up my legs and the floor with tissue paper cursing my morning luck and after I was coherent I would take a, now much needed, bath.

I stumbled into my kitchen as my balance seemed oddly worse than normal. I guess having sex does that to you. I opened my fridge and pulled out my bottle of pepsi for my morning swig. And then spit it out.

"What the fuck is this shit? Pepsi max? How the fuck did this get here?"

"Carla?" DING

My name is Carl and I have been called that before but I had just started to noticed things. One my pecs were not small anymore and something silk was covering them. Two my hair was heavier than normal and seemed like it was high on the back of my head. Three my deep baritone was missing and instead I had muttered with a soprano in a musical wavy speech.

I did what any red blooded boy would do I looked down saw what I was wearing and promply fainted.

All a dream, just a dream can't be happening to me.

"She is coming around now girls." Grandma? here? who is she?

"Carla I know your awake open those eyes you have to listen to a few things."

"Gran I'm having the worst hangover of my life can you please let me die in peace." Ok its the not best excuse but I am not exactly rational right now.

"You didn't get drunk last night."

"I sure as to fuck did something as I am not some fucking girl" No offense to whoever reads this but I was not in the best of moods.

"YOUNG LADY!!" And my ear got twisted painfully. It kinda jerks you totally awake.

"IF I EVER HEAR SUCH FILTH FROM YOUR MOUTH AGAIN YOU'LL BE A COW FOR A WEEK DO YOU HEAR ME!" Gran can really yell, by the way, to give you an idea of how this went down.

I looked down at myself and yep still a girl. Then I did what most girls do. I cried.

Ill skip the next 40 minutes or so of me being totally irrational, actually lets skip the first 2 hours. Suicide with a magic user around doesn't work anyways.

So there I was in a pair of ladies jeans that were too tight, I was told they were the loosest pair I now owned, and a university sweater that was too big for me, on the couch in my living room across from the 3 chicks and my grandmother. I was sulking and had my arms under my now ample breasts. Yeah grandmother enlarged them temporarily, don't ask.


"Don't call me that!" it was actually a reflex action.

"Oh so you would prefer Charlotte Abigal Instead of Carla Ann?"

"Oh alright Carla then.I still don't like it but I am no Charlotte."


"Your responsible for this aren't you?"It was a statement not a question.

"Well sweetie you see.."

"Change me back right now."

"Carla you have to hear us out."This from the wavy redhead.

"NO I don't. You guys did this to me, robbed me of my manhood and didn't even ask me first!"

"Well there is not alot of time to get you ready.." The blonde this time.

"I don't care leave me alone!"

"CARLA ENOUGH!" CLACK!! Ever heard thunder inside a small house before? No well its stunning to say the least. Hard on the ears too I should add.

It took a bit before my head stopped ringing and a healing spell from grandma as my eardrums actually busted.

"Now you are going to shut that mouth of yours and listen to what these girls are gonna tell you."Worse yet she gave me "The Look". I was sunk and knew it. I kinda deflated into the couch.

It was a fantastic story truthfully. They knew exactly who I was when they got me in the bar. First was Darlene the brunette. Then Denise the one with auburn waves and last was Diana the blonde. They were of course cousins but what really surprised me was that they were also my distant cousins. Distant enough that we could have children but it was frowned upon. They were a part of some sorority on campus that you had to have magic bloodlines to get into.

The problem was the elder coven. They had noticed me around campus and were not pleased that one of the girls of the bloodline was not in the sorority. I knew I would get flack from using the womens washroom a few times, the test apparently that I was female according to them. One of the house brew I had last night was supposed to compel me to go to the sorority. Ok so far but the bad thing was that it was designed to be somewhat deadly to those who were not female and of the bloodline. If you were not of bloodline no problem. Female and of bloodline no problem. Male and of bloodline well lets just say their descriptions left me gagging.

I was apparently half dead when grans spell alerted them to trouble so they, and I am not sure about this, but bent time to pick me up before it got really bad. I was brought to my house, Gran had already let herself in, and using their combined magic changed me to female to save my life. Unlike many of the stories I have read there is a way back to being myself. It will take till the summer solstice but it is doable. That only meant I would have to be female for the better part of 7 months.

The second problem was a bit more complicated. The reason the elder coven was so adamant I attend the sorority was the need to keep the whole magic user thing on the down low. If I had been born a girl on my first double digit birthday I would have appeared before the council in some white dress, they showed me picks of themselves of course. My second was coming up where all magic users attain their full abilities. If done so in an uncontrolled location the results tended to be rather memorable. The elder coven, thinking that I was trying to be a rebel, did their purpose and set out to "enroll" me into the sorority which had the proper shield spells in place for the emergence.

Gran had been arguing with them that it wouldn't happen but these darn looks had done me in again. My cousins offered to spend the next two days teaching me all those girl things mothers pass on over the years. I refused. I was still not happy about the whole female thing. Gran put down the law. As you can probably guess I got a crash course in makeup and selecting the right clothes and all that. My cousins thoroughly enjoyed themselves over the course of that day. Living barbie doll was mentioned more than once.

I sat in the bathtub with my dainty feet draped over the side pink nail polish and all in their glory pondering what I had learned, no not the girl stuff, the magic user stuff. I formulated my own plan.

From what they had gossiped about those of the female bloodline directly were usually the most powerful when they emerged. I was of the female bloodline my cousins were of the paternal bloodline. Ie my great great great uncle was not really fully male and had fathered a female child so she got the ability to work magic essense but not to the same degree that those of the female bloodline did. Some sort of event had happened to a village of people a century or so ago. From the first generation of children were the magic users born. They claim that it was when the firsts reached majority and emerged that the Old witch hunt tales are from.

Those children that survived learned how to shield themselves from the outside world of mundanes. Because the witch hunt folklore is still very much active they try to prevent such fates from happening to their offspring.

On the day of my 22nd birthday I entered the sorority house for the first time. I was wearing a white satin gown that shimmered as I moved. White low heeled shoes, I was still very new to this, and no jewelry. My hair was done up in a special braided pattern that let others of the bloodline know it was my emergence day. I had seen myself in the mirror before leaving I looked very much like myself before but more feminine in a way that is hard to describe. My breasts were perky but not really all that much bigger than before. My makeup was simple but enhancing my natural beauty to new heights.

There was two other girls dressed similar to myself. Carrie and Cassandra. I asked what the significance to the same letter name was. Apparently its tradition that a trio experiences their emergence together and it forms a kind of bond of some sort. Tradition also kept it easier by having girls with same letter names to experience it together. I suspect there was more to it than that as the chances of 3 girls being born on the same day with the same letter name was probably a very small chance.

We were led to a room with much ceremony, I got to walk around with a set of scented candles that annoyed my sinuses. The room was made of a wood I have never seen before. We were then told alot of things such as not all emergences turned out powerful some were nothing more than extremely good gardeners. The mothers and grandmothers that packed us into that room was also part of the rite of passage. I just wanted it over with as soon as possible. There is no real specific time a girl emerges or how the power manifests itself but we all kneeled there for most of the day. The first one to emerge was Cassandra. It was nothing fanfaring she just floated over the floor for a few minutes and then shined like a lightbulb. I could feel something from her but not much.

Carrie emerged sometime later with a bit more uhm spark. The candles I was holding actually got soft when she emerged. Then it was the wait for me. And wait we all did. And waited.

The elder coven was less than pleased to find out that after all that had happened to get me to the sorority and here I was with nothing going poof. They called it quits at 9:30 pm and just declared me a mundane.

I could tell my cousins and Gran were disappointed. They had expected some big fireworks or something. We all had a very nice dinner and while the other two girls got a new set of extra courses to study I was made to sign a statement of privacy letter.

Gran said they would come over tomorrow and help me with more girl lessons or something. Being a girl is.. well wrong. Its like your wearing a skin that crawls with ants or something. Its just not right.

That still left me with a female wardrobe though. I got home took a bubble bath which I did enjoy made myself a snack potato chip salsa and ham sandwich. slipped into a nightie and hopped into my bed strangely tired. I just figured it was the after effects of whatever they gave me that started this nonsense.

I woke sometime later to a fire alarm going off near my ear. I have battery operated ones in my bedroom and kitchen. I just guess it fell off the cieling and tried to find it beside me. It wasn't there. I opened my eyes to see my nose almost touching the cieling in my room that was very very bright. Like way too much sunlight.

I emerged. It was the only explanation. Hmm I wondered if my plan could be done. I concentrated really really hard on my old self I could just feel my old arms, legs, flat chest, and my very male genitals. I opened my eyes to darkness and realized I was still on the ceiling. But not for long! I fell into my bed. Well almost.

Knock Knock"Carla hellooooo?"

"Mfmpstipfy" Came the response from my mound of comforter and pillows on the floor beside my bed, I missed last night and it was easier to just lay there and drag everything over me.

"Up and at em Young lady you we have alot of work to do today if you want to continue with school." Grandmothers are so annoying in the morning.

I stood up and I noticed with a smile Carl junior was back and at attention. Grandmother on the other hand was definatly not happy with my transformation.

"Carla what did you do to yourself!"

"It seems I emerged much later at night and managed to make myself me again. So you and your girly shit can take a hike."

"But there was no wave or any report on anything."

"Old house probably has lead paint under that plastic siding."

"Uhm Carla dear..."

"Its Carl as in a man!"

"Nope definatly still Carla ...just with a bit extra."

"What. No way look no bre.." Slapping oneself in the chest with a flat hand when you have very sensitive c cup breasts is a bad idea.

Yep you guess it I am for the most part female, with a vagina sorta but my penis is back.

This is so not gonna be fun..

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