The school.

It was the dead of night as the young catholic schoolgirl skipped across the parking lot. The old asphalt with its many cracks was still giving off heat from the long hot summers day. She carried nothing but what looked to be a small fashionable purse with her. It was very late to see such a schoolgirl out on a Wednesday night. There was not to be a holiday the next day nor on the Friday following. For the few older teen boys hanging out behind the old abandoned theater she was a tempting piece of meat. But they were too stoned to care having gotten a good supply of fresh weed an hour before.

The girl was well aware of her vulnerability. She was doing the best she could to not pop her breasts out of her skimpy bra. The natural B cup breasts she had were doing their best to pop out which would cause her considerable pain until she could reset them in the bra. It had happened far too often before. It was the school's idea of insisting that the gurls all learn how to walk properly. Her slim soft athletic legs had more than enough strength to go much faster but she couldn't.

She remembered how not two years ago her mother had enrolled her into the school with the promise, now quite false, that if she behaved she would get sent to the private boys academy of her choice. She knew then that if she could get into Knotts that her life would be set when he graduated. But things were not as they appeared.

He had been named Johnathan Edward Brows at the time. Young man looking to grow into adulthood. He had been 12 at the time but already shaving everyday with black hair on his arms, legs and chest. His mother had been insistent that he get rid of the "Horrid" hair soon after his father left them both. He duly shaved everyday just to make her happy but it always grew back by evening which seemed to upset her more and more. His louse of a father was living overseas with some Korean chick that was once their maid. Mom had caught them seriously going at it in their bed and a month later his father was left almost penniless as his mother seriously took him to the cleaners with the pictures.

It was not long after that she had seen this therapist. At first things were alright at home he could play on his computer or game systems without interruption. Sometimes he would be out skateboarding or playing football with his friends. Soon after she started with the therapist things at home changed little by little. He was told to clean his room. Then it was dress more responsibly. Then his grooming habits. And finally his attitude was in need of adjustment. He had tried his best but nothing seemed to stop her constant nagging at any and all faults.

His one time friends disliked his new choices in clothing and shunned him. He was doing mostly alright when one day coming home from school he was jumped upon by some teenagers he had never seen before. He managed to fight back and not get beaten too badly but when he limped home his mother was furious. She told him point blank he would be going to a school to cure him of his horrible ways. He resisted and talked back which made her even madder with them screaming at each other. In the end they had settled on a sort of compromise. He would go to this school of hers for a year and if he did well the next year she would send him to a academy of his choice.

He should have known she gave in far to easily. From day one at this other school things went from bad to worse. The school enforced young men to shed their masculine ways and for all purposes embrace the feminine way. They were told that this would give them a better appreciation of women as they grew up. It was all very nicely put and there was older and quite attractive girls that helped them with the first few weeks of getting properly dressed, makeup, and deportment. He had found his prized facial hair to be a serious problem and they had offered to help reduce it for him. He was told it was temporary and that in a few years it would grow back.

He found out later that it was a lie. The hair removal was permanent but he had already had the hair removed from everywhere on his body including his genitals. His eyebrows where now permanently delicate arches. He had rebelled and screamed about it when he found out. That was all the reason they needed to adjust his medication for him. It took a few weeks before he found himself getting less and less angry. Not that he wasn't emotional since he had serious crying spells. Just not angry. He still complained but it was minor ones such as his chest itching horribly. That got him some special cream that did stop the itching but there was dull pain that would crop up from time to time.

When you see something everyday you don't notice things till it is far too late. This was the case with his breasts. Before he realized it he had small A cup breasts that were sensitive and were just beginning to bounce around in the bra he always wore. He ran to the nurses office in tears and explained how something was wrong with him as he had breasts. The nurse calmly told him this was normal and that they should go away with time. He didn't believe her and threw his last full out fit or tantrum right there before he withdrew into himself completely. He had been in his canopy bed naked for perhaps 3 days refusing to move of even putting on a nightie. He didn't eat or drink.

It was his mother that came one day and broke him out of his depression. When she showed up and sat on his beds edge just like she did when he was young he sat up and hugged her tightly begging to go home. She had let him cry himself to sleep on her shoulder and remained with him all that night then helped to feed him the next morning. She assisted him in bathing and getting dressed up in the uniform again before helping him down to the headmistresses office.

Once there his hopes of being removed from the school were quickly dashed. He was informed that she was really a girl named Jennifer Emily Brows and even showed him a birth certificate that said so. Her mother and the Headmistress both strived to convince her that her life as a boy was all a fever dream. She didn't believe them and told them so repeatedly. However the evidence that the opposite was true was very convincing. She was detached as she was sure it was a penis and testicles in her panties and not what a girl had.

The days that followed were filled with mindless activities as she plodded along as if she had always been a girl. Many a time she spent with the counselors in their offices where they would attempt to get her to come to terms with the fact she was female and had always been so.

At the end of the year it was a meek girl who docilely followed her mother out to the car with a bag of her personal effects and makeup. The long drive home she couldn't wait to get to her room and all her old boy stuff. She believed that when she proved to her mother that she was really a boy her mother would snap out of whatever trance she was in and maybe apologize to him. Then maybe they could get the law on that sick school and close it down as she was sure her fellow gurls were all boys now convinced they were girls and always had been. It was wrong and she was determined to not only help herself but all those poor boys there.

Again someone had outsmarted her plans as her room was now that of a girls. There was dresses and skirts, blouses and tops but no pants. Her once blue room was not pink and rose colored. The bed was almost the same as the one at school. There was a vanity and dolls. There was even a barbie doll house and various other playsets in the room. Her football, track and field ribbons were all long gone. When she asked why her closet and dressers did not have any pants her mother looked at her puzzled for a moment before replying that she had never wanted to wear them before and had stopped buying them for her.

Not to give up so easily she searched for the photo albums but even these had been changed. While the pictures looked very good at a small size the computer in her mothers den had a scanner that allowed her to enlarge the image enough to see that they had all be altered. She knew then she was not crazy and really was a boy but someone had found a way to turn her mother against her and force her into becoming a woman. She was a little nervous for the short Christmas holiday going to church for the first time ever as Jennifer in a matching dress to her mother. She was complimented on her ladylike behavior. She had not noticed but ever her voice and way of speaking had changed to that of girls. She would giggle and gossip with girls who were her own age totally accepted as one of them. A far cry from a year before when these girls would have laughed at his tongue tied attempts to pick them up.

After Christmas Jennifer returned to the school. The year began with instructions in sciences such as biology. She noticed one night before going to sleep as she lay in bed that there was a very low noise coming from behind her bed. It was very low almost unhearable but she heard it. She assumed someone was whispering in the next room and fell asleep. However the pattern continued night after night. Her day courses were filled with human biology and to her horror she was shown pictures of what her vagina should look like. She knew she was deformed somehow and began to hate her deformity. It was one morning when she woke up badly shaken in tears heaving her breasts that she realized she desperately wanted it fixed to be like the other girls. One of the older girls from the graduate year comforted her that day saying she knew exactly how she felt as she had felt the same way a year ago but the nice doctors not far from the school had repaired her vagina and she was now free to live her life. She explained how she couldn't wait for a nice boy to play with her down there and Jennifer could actually not only picture that but there was a deep need for a boy to do just that to her. She could almost feel a boys finger inside her vagina and she found herself panting hard with her nipples straining to poke out of her nightie.

However at the mention of the word boy a part of her woke up and realized that she was a boy and had once thought of doing the same to girls before. She hid this from everyone and did her best to not give in to the wanted desires. It was during one of the afternoon study sessions she met up with Sherry the brainy girl in her classes. Sherry explained that the school was using a subliminal subconscious programing on all the students during their sleep. The only reason that Sherry had been able to resist so far was due to her sleeping habit of burying under her pillows and covers. Sherry was quite impressed that Jennifer had thus far been able to resist the programing by shear will.

Having someone explain it helped Jennifer in the coming days as she attended classes and did her best to ignore the growing need to have herself fixed. Some of the girls in her classes were not so lucky as one by one they would go missing for a week before coming back with smiles all over their faces. They also walked a little differently than the others. She knew that somehow each of these now fully girls had had the surgery to change them from boys to girls. She had to do her best to prevent that.

Two days ago during her regular session with a counselor she had broken down and to her inner horror had emptied out herself of her need for her vagina to be just like a normal girls and how she didn't think she could live with the deformity between her legs any longer. It was like it was a prerecorded script pouring out of her mouth and the counselor comforted her telling her that if this was what she really wanted that she could arrange to have her deformity fixed soon. Jennifer had begged and pleaded with her to do so right away. After the session when she came to her senses she realized she had crossed the line that many of the gurls had done before her. Before long she really would be a girl completely. That stubborn part of herself would not let that happen.

Yesterday the school had taken them to a special event art exhibit at the museum. It was in that building during a time when nobody was paying attention to her that she managed to sneak away into a closed off section of the museum and lock herself in a janitor closet. She had slept badly and woken hungry but the burning need to be fixed below was less pronounced than it had been. She knew she had to get away and waited all day long again with her belly growling at her for the missed meals before she dared to leave the closet.

That was an hour ago and she was still free. She knew her purse did not contain much for money as she had stopped at a vending machine for a bag of chips and a chocolate bar to appease the growling of her tortured stomach. The walk across town in her school dress shoes was creating blisters on her delicate feet. All Jennifer knew was that she had to escape if she wanted to keep any part of her male life still.

She did not know what gave away the people looking for her but something did before she exposed herself. A part of her wanted to desperately give in to these horrid people and become the girl she had always known she was but a part of her also wanted to return to the boy she was. She eluded these people for weeks by hitching or stealing rides from truckers and in many cases eating the food she would find in the back of said trucks.

Each day she became somewhat stronger and the need to have a vagina became less and less. She had been on the run for the better part of two months when she finally made the mistake of falling asleep in the warm bus station. She had found some money earlier on the street and had bought a meal from the stations cheap diner. her uniform was worse for wear and her once white crisp blouse was getting to be off white having been rinsed with harsh soap in restrooms and then dry under the hand dryer a few too many times.

When Jennifer did awaken she was horribly sickened by the smell of a hospital room and started to scream as she realized where she was. The doctors and nurses rushed to her room. An orderly was called to pin her down as they injected her with a drug. She felt her resistance fade away and a rather stupid smile come to her face as the drug took effect.

She was deliriously happy when the police investigator came to visit her in the hospital room. When he had tried to question her and she replied in giggles and ryhmes he request that her medication be turned down. The next day the investigator came to her again as she sat in the hospital bed waiting for one of the horrid people she knew was waiting for her to come in. The investigator however was first and after a lengthy argument with her told the hospital staff that she was not allowed to have visitors at this time.

He told her that the school had reluctantly reported her as a runaway pre op transsexual girl. Who had be devastated when the girls at her exclusive girls only school had found out her secret. They told the police that they feared she would try to harm herself and may be of unsound mind because of the trauma. This had not sat well with the investigator which was why he was here to question her. Jennifer explained what had happened to her and how she believed the same had happened to many boys before her at the school. The investigator got fairly upset about the allegations and had her put into protective custody. It was just her luck that a separate investigation had occurred when a number of the former girls from the school had committed suicide. At the time nobody had checked but thanks to two corpses in the morgue they were able to verify that the girls were in fact boys once by the simple can that revealed they had prostate glands still.

For once things were looking good for her as people began to believe in what she claimed really happened.


Jennifer Brows exited the courtroom in her simple but stylish pant suit. It had taken 3 years for the investigation to finish and all the suspects rounded up in the operation. There was a rather lengthy list of medical personnel that had been alternately blackmailed, bribed or otherwise had undo pressure on them to allow the school to operate. The former Headmistress was found guilty on 234 counts of fraud and various other charges. She had maintained her innocence through out the month long trial. In the end she was remanded to a mental institution along with other of her cronies. Many of the medical personnel involved has lost their licenses and some 8 people who were found to be the people ultimate responsible had been sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Her mother was facing a small prison sentence of a year for her part in not protecting her son. Even though she had been all but brainwashed she was still held responsible for some of the crimes. The therapist was found to be a fraud and wanted felon from another crime.

As for Jennifer her penis still worked fine although one testicle had to be removed the other was still marginally functional. She had spent most of the last 2 years in therapy for the ordeal she had suffered and some 400 boys were already in therapy some having completed the surgery and many of those close to suicide. One had succeeded her name at the time was Sherry Dawn Milwalker. The girl who had ultimately saved Jennifer's own life.

Jennifer was still unclear as to why these people had done this to her and many others. She did know that she was free to live her life as she chose. For now she would live one step in front of the other. She did have a boyfriend of sorts that was helping her through this. The funny thing was the boyfriend was actually the transsexual son of the investigator that had met her in that hospital room so long ago. He was waiting for his surgery to have a working penis but for now he could do without.

While Jennifer still had these bad urges to have a boy play with her non existent vagina at least she knew how to bring her boyfriend to excitement.

The end.

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