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thank John for the title, please suggestions are welcome. This came out of nowhere. I don't even know what era this is yet nor type of world. However Tanya Allen did say to put down what my muse does send me so...


I am running for my life. I dodge around the horse draw wooden cart. Over the broken wall of the bakers back yard. Dodge the clothes on drying on the line that have seen too many a wear. Through the cracked gate that has rusted shut. I am flying almost with ragged torn patches on what was once pants.


Ok I suppose I should tell you a bit of myself. I am a boy of unknown years but to my mind maybe 12. Perhaps older perhaps not. The nuns didn't know how old I was when they found my naked body of mostly bones shivering on the stoop. In the snow were three of my footprints and no others. No really not a single other footstep. They figure I was tossed from a great distance as magic does not exist. I once dreamed that my parents magically sent me to that convent for safety and would any day come for me and there would be rejoicing. That was 7 years ago. I gave up hoping after three.

I suppose things may have been different if the nuns were part of some offenage. They were not, to them I was a spawn of the devil. I was raised in their cellar. I had a wooden box covered with some rags stuffed into an old bedsheet. My pants were their old pantaloos, and the camisole was my shirt, I never did figure out what they were dyed with. I did alot of the menial tasks. Scrubbing down the walls of the cellar, peeling potatoes, turning the soil in the garden, cleaning up all that wax from the candles and regularly removing all the pigeon droppings. Since I was dressed in girls underclothes the priest that came by once every 3 months just assumed I was a peasent girl who had removed her dress to do some cleaning.

I dont have a birthday, nor did my parents every leave any clue, no note, necklace, or even a birthmark. I have red hair that is about down to bottom of my neck, It used to be longer but I used a sharp rock to saw it off awhile ago. I cannot tell you what I really look like because the closest I have had for a mirror is the reflection off some polished brass or a water puddle. The vague image I have is that my face is not all that boyish to begin with. Under this soot and dirt is a somewhat pretty face, great for a girl but I am noticably not one down below. I hate to be referred to as one wonder why. Oval face high promenant cheekbones, delicate eyebrows that refuse to get bushy.

I don't eat regularly so I am not exactly rippling with manly muscles, oh heck I would be exstatic with a few wiskers and some hieght. Being scrawny and small does have its advantages though I can sneek around easier and am hard to spot. Black soot from the fallen chimney where I regularly hide out also makes me dark enough so that at night I can sneak around and raid gardens for food.

I call myself Mist. Fog just doesnt sound right. And I am so tired of devil child. People ignore a mist, and since I am generally ignored the name fits me. These pants that I appropraited from a fresh dug grave fit ok and hide these girly panteloons. From said grave was a cloth that i ripped a hole in to put my head through. I tossed the girly camisole ages ago. I have stupidly soft skin so I cannot go barefoot, my footware is some twisted hair rope through pieces of wood. They last about a week. Loose hair is not hard to come by around this muddy town, horses, oxen, womens caps and coifs. And some old men who sleep with there long beards. There is also a grass hair that some women use to make threads for weaving. I have a knife, ok well its really a ragged broken piece of metal that is sorta sharp I use it to bore holes in wood I find here and there.

Anyways back to present..

I am about 5 yards from my fallen chimeny. Why am I being chased. I approriated a nice loaf of bread off the back of a cart. Its not fresh and somewhat hard, Its been weeks since I last had bread. However these two guys following me act like its the crown jewels or something. I am not afraid they might hurt me. Actually the only thing I fear is they may return me to those nuns that I escaped from last winter. It was a very cold night when I ran away. The cold had allowed the old latch to cellar to recede just enough for me to open it. I picked a direction and ran I didn't care where at that point. I had picked up enough to actually read while I was in that place. The Letter that had be written and allowed to dry spoke of sending the devil child, me , to person who would teach me the proper ways a girl should address their betters. I knew I wasn't a girl by simple fact that I can pee standing up.

I am almost safe just a bit more and wham I am suddenly flying, seems my shoe broke, to try to balance myself my bread went flying into a pig pen, I hear a ripping sound and belatedly realize I just lost my pants as well, before a hard stop brings pain and darkness.

I wake to intense pain below in my nether regions and return to darkness interspaced with nuns who seem to delight with repeatedly hitting me in the nether regions while laughing and we are surrounded by red flames.

"Be careful, you are distressing..." The nuns are back. This time its devil girl which makes me cry.

"It is best to not remove it from" interesting looking fork.

"... like a bad splinter. Twill take time otherwise the bleeding would.."I beg the nuns to stop I will be a good boy and clean the soiled laundry.

"...pray she survives or I will have you draw and.." there is a girl close by now. I am running around trying to convince all these strange faceless people that I am a boy and they laugh at me pointing to my pantaloons. I run.

"Ssssh child tell me your name and that of your mother who must be a worried?" More pain again and I seem to be trying to poop through my willy.

" Mis..Miss.. Misst... eeeee" The nuns are at it again.

" ...claim she just showed up and has been hiding somewhere in the square. I do not think she has parents..." Ha ha ha poor girl just like me all alone wonder if she would agree to be my wife. Why am I in a blood red poofy dress surrounded by flames?

" her as my own. I doth feel responsible."

" Milady be reasonable she is a common street trash. "

"Tis done aready." Oh my bread ill have to fight those pigs for it. Hope it doesn't make me sick like last time.

Okay this is the wierdest dream yet my arms are legs are tied to bed posts. It is a warm room that I find myself in. By the light of the fireplace is a strangely dressed pair of women. they seem to be threading small hoops into cloth. I wonder what they would think of my girlie pantaloons on a boy. The dream switches to the nuns trying to grab and pull off my willy. They say a girl doesn't need one of those while I screach I am a boy. One grabs hold and pulls.

I feel more pain and quite hot. I am not sure if I am awake or asleep. Must be asleep I hear ssshh noises which bring me peace.

I am in that room again and my arms are still tied to the bed posts, my legs are somewhat looser. I guess they are afraid I will run off and steal more bread. My bread those nasty pigs are eating it. I remember the smell of that roasting pig it. The smell of it makes the pain of my stomach so much harder to bear.

I wake up in something soft. I dare not move the nuns may find me and torment me again. No there is one right here I am doomed. I let out a small cry.

" SShhh M'lady Misty. Tis allright. The branch doth finnaly worked out and thou awill be right as rain" Who the heck is she talking too? Its Mist and shouldn't it be m'lord? I can't help it im crying I am mad. I guess I'll have to put boots on my hands now and walk on them. I don't look forward to that.

"G'way" I mumble.

"Aye but to fetch your mother an sister" I must be dreaming I have niether. This is a most cruel dream. Please let me wake up or die anything but this.

I wake again it is dark. The room I am in is lit by fire and a candle. There is a young girl in a chair not far from me threading hoops into cloth. She looks at me and put this down.

"Oh sister you are awake. Here sit up and try to drink this broth. You have been asleep for so long." She helps me to sit up in this comfy soft well bed I gather, I have heard of such things but never seen one. The broth is a rich stew the likes of which I have only dreamed of. This has to be a dream. A most detailed one for sure, my stomach even feels this warm stew. I do not wish to lie to this girl who believe me to be her sister. I don't want this dream to end. However those hated nuns did instill in me to tell the truth. So after my stomach is full I push away the cup.

"M'lady I do not wish to cause you pain for your kindness. But I must tell you I am no sister I am a boy" With that I do cry. It hurt so much to spoil the moment. This girl leans her head to her side and looks at me all puzzled. Then to my surprise she laughs.

"Oh dear sister Misty I can see that you are to be much a merry to myself and the court. I can assure you your womanhood is quite the same as mine." Oh my lord she is a boy like me!.

"I doth admit that we were a feared the damage that horrid wood would be the death of you and ruin your chances to give birth. But even your maid did tell me that your womanhood has healed fine though you may find some discomfort for awhile when you do use the chamberpot." She pats my shoulder and I feel a tug on my hair. Looking down I see much time has passed as my red hair is again long. I reach up and find a ladies cap much like what this girl is wearing on my head. She stands with the cup and give me a kiss on my cheek as she leave the bedchamber.

As soon as the door is closed I remove my bedcovers and shiver but I have to know. I lift this bedgown I seem to be wearing and look down. I am missing something. I am shaking but must know. I put my hand further down and notice marks on my wrists. Undaunted I reach.. Its gone. My willy my manhood is gone in its place is a slit.

"Noooooo!" I get off that bed that has stolen my manhood. I cannot even stand I am so weak. How am I to run. I pull myself across the floor to the door. Im not a girl, Im not a girl. This cannot be happening. I am halfway to the door when it opens to the rush of many skirts. There is a lady, and I do mean lady crown and all, not ten paces from my outstretched hand.

"Misty! Whatever do you think you are doth doing?" Says this lady towards me, I must admit I have never seem cloth that does shine like that before.

"Mother I heard a cry.. MISTY!" The girl has returned and runs towards me with her skirts held in her hands and drops them and herself in a pool of cloth beside me. I turn away from these people in fear and try to scramble away from them and that infernal bed that robbed me. It is not easy but I somehow make it to the fireplace in this chamber and grab the metal rod beside it weakly. I can scarcely hold it up with both hands but it is all I have to defend myself with.

"G'way g'way g'way" Tears stream down my face.

The girls eyes are huge. The Lady eyes are understanding. Some other women come to the entrance.

"M'lady! We doth hear a noise"

"G'WAY G'WAY" I screamed. My heart is thumping loudly in my ears. The loose neck of this bedgown is getting damp as my tears continue to stream.

The Lady does send these women away who are quite shocked it seems. The girl's name is Elizabeth and is told by the Lady to leave as well. The Lady closes the door and walks to far end of the room from me and sits with an elegance that is truly amazing. I lower the rod as it is very heavy. It seems I can still pee and I have wet myself and the floor. I pay it no mind it is not the first time I have done soo in the past. I don't like it normally but right now I could care less. I slowly stop huffing away. The Lady just sits there so proper and elegant and somehow suddenly I am not afraid of her though she has said and done nothing. I wipe my eyes on the back of the sleeve of this gown. In passing I notice it is a fine soft weave but very warm. And clean.. no grease the only smell is the pee I am sitting in. I have never been this clean.

"Wh...who" gulp" Who are you?"I stutter out.

"My title is Princess consort to the Crown Prince Allanon. My Name is Elise Monet Barcard, Third daughter to my Mother Elaine Monet Winslow. I however would very much grateful should you honor to call me Mother. I do in feel responsible for your injury in the market as it was due to my insistence that the loaf you did steal be returned to the baker who had overcharged for its awful quality even if it is for our servants. If my sons manservant did not chase you you would not and slipped and impaled yourself on that piece of tree. I do thank our good Apothecary for your long but it would seem recovery from that awful. I doth apologize for most humbly for such injury."

I listen to her without interrupting and am moved by the tear that does move down her cheek.

"I would not blame you if you wanted nothing to so with myself. When they brought you here on that cart like some dog I was very angry at their rough treatment of you. It was obvious you were a bleeding as the wood was a stuck in your womanhood. I do not know what came of your skirt but a number of my ladies did swoon and faint when you were brought to this room. I am afraid your pantaloon was disposed of but rest assured I will provide suitable dresses and underclothes for you should you decide to leave. I am afraid to admit but it was I that bathed you as I could not leave such to anyone else. I have watched over you daily through the long months and I have grown to love you as my own daughter Elizabeth and would be greatly honored should one of such strong will would be my daughter. There was many a time you were so a fevered that we did fear you would not last a night."

Tears were now streaming down her face just as mine were. Just hearing her I could tell that she spoke the truth. My own tears had dried and the rod was forgot on the floor.

"Misty Please forgive me for the pain you have suffered. I am not fit to hold this title after what has happened to you." she took off her headdress of fancy metal and shiny stones and threw it across the room. She buried her head into her hands. It would seem the bed is not responsible but a tree. Maybe my willy is still there but had not come out again. So I am still a boy. Or am I. I will have to think on this. I find myself slowly dragging myself across the floor to this lady that wishes to be that which I have always wished for but was never granted.

I am very scared but somehow I know this woman would never let any harm come to me and would give her life for me. I do not understand why someone would want to do this. I put my small hand on her lap.

"Why would you do this for me. I am nothing. I have no parents. I have no past. What am I to you that it would me so much? I do not understand."

"Misty you have shown me that I am less than one such as you. I have lived wanting for nothing. My will would not have made me live even a day let alone months as you have. You say you are nothing but you are. You a special to me. Please do not be angry with me or my men." her eyes glisten but but have a depth to them showing me a soul that truly and deeply loves me.

" I... I ... I have much to think about. I.. I ... it would... I.. " I cannot put into words how she has affected me. Wait yes I can.

"M...M....M.....Mother ... iiii doo noot blame you"

For the first time in my short life I experience something I have never even dared hope for. She drops off the chair to the floor with me and wraps me a hug.

There is a gentle knock on the door before one of the maids opens and enters. There is a line across the floor where I did drag myself across to the Lady. Seeing this the maid says softly

"Ill bring a towel and ready the bath m'lady." and she thankfully and quietly departs.

I am warm in this hug I have never before experienced and truly do not want to end. The Lady does however pull back slightly but does not let go of me. There is tears of joy in her eyes. Tears for me.

"Come Misty let us rid you of that soiled shift. You must be uncomfortable. Then I can take you to bathe" I nod my head though I have no idea what compels me to do so. I have been in worse, also bathe does not sound good. Memories of ice cold water and soap that burns my eyes flood my thoughts. She pulls me close again and those memories seem to fade a bit and bathe does not seem so a frightening.

She pushes me back and lifts the soiled shift over my head taking care to not cause it to drip. I am for some reason not ashamed although I should be. I do not know why. What is it about this woman that causes such confusion. Why does she not mock me as those few children I have come near but never spoken with always seem to do. Why does she seem so certain that I am her daughter. I feel so weak my limbs are so heavy and hard to move.

"Why?" I have to know.

"Dearest Misty that single word question is hard to answer. I ask myself that why everyday. I give my word I will go beyond my best to answer that. But for now lets get you clean and warm alright."

I can but nod. There it is again. How does she do that. I hear the creak of wood and turn my head. That Elizabeth girl has returned with a towel. She stands back daring to not enter the room it seems.

"Misty this is your sister Elizabeth. Elizabeth this is your sister Misty. Come bring the towel as she is cold." With that Elizabeth enters the room with a curtsy. When she does rush forward I squeak which stops her then she moves more slowly toward us. She stops a full arms length away and kneels with a grace just like her, our mother. It is like watching a flower seed gently softly settle to the ground. The girl has tears in her eyes.

"Misty forgive me I do not wish to frighten you. I love you and would never let harm come to my sister." Again another one of these strange people who confess a love for me. I do not know what to do and turn to the lady who just nods. What does that nod mean? I do not understand. But i seem to have an answer of sorts and know what I need to do although it is very tough. My had is shaking alot both from fear and from being so weak. I reach out slowly and can just touch the edge of the cloth towel in her hands which she has been twisting with her hands and her face is downcast. Is she afraid of me? Why? She raises her head and I can see that many a tear has fallen down her face and many more are ready to come, but she smiles a little and lets go of the towel. I cannot grip it and it falls to the floor. The lady moves gently and grabs the towel which she wraps over my shoulders. It is a very big towel and covers me to the floor. The floor where all my pee is. Oh no she is ruining the towel. I try to remove the towel.

"No you mustn't my pee. Tis too fine a towel" Indeed the towel is very soft like a baby kittens fur.

"Misty it is just cloth, cloth can be washed." Well that is true but still is so wasteful."Can you stand?" I shake my head as I am just too weak.

"Come Elizabeth we will help Misty to the bath chamber" A chamber just for a cold dirty pond? They come to either side of me in their too fine dresses and make to grab me. I Flinch back both in fear, and in shame.

"Your fine dresses. No I cannot ill can drag myself to there." Putting actions to words I do try to do just that. I am weak so I do not make it very far. I Feel both their arms help me up to my very shaky legs that will not support my weight. But with their hands under my arms supporting me alot I can slowly move one foot infront of the other, my feet drag awfully. I cannot understand why I am so weak. I have been sick in bed before for a week and never been so weak as this. It is like im am a little child learning to walk again. I cry for my shame. Both of these women who seem to love me , and I do not understand why, just make noises that somehow ease my fear and shame.

We slowly make our way to the door of this very large chamber. It leads to yet another even bigger chamber. Is this some meeting place for many a people. The old convent of the nuns where i lived in that damp dusty cellar was not even as big as this.

"This is your sitting room do you like it Misty?" Asks the Lady, Mother. What is a sitting room? And this is for me? The smooth clean warm wooden floor is covered with a strange cloth that has interesting patterns in it. On the walls is even more cloth some with drawings of fields, others of flowers. And yet even more with scenes of girls playing with a hoop of some sort. On the cloth floor is a low table made surely by magic it is so smooth and the color so rich. Near that is a few wide chairs covered in more fine cloth that must again be by magic as there is clearly flowers sealed into it. Further away is Smaller chairs of same cloth around a much higher table on which sits a magic made pot as it is shiny smooth and has more flowers in it, there is what i can only assume is cups although they are very strange looking that match the pot. This is on a mirror tray with what looks to be magically shaped handles. Beyond that is a cooking fireplace that makes the one in the convent look tiny and mishappen. I do not see any hooks for pots though. In it is a Fire that sends such warmth even here across the room. There is wood beside it in a bent metal pot. I look at the lady mother.

"It is very uh " I have no words. Such magic seems so wasteful to me. Apparently it is enough as she rewards me with a smile. I could drown in that smile. They move me towards a door not far from the chamber with the bed. It is open and I can smell something sweet coming from the room. Beside the door are two maids who are curtsied to the floor and will not raise their heads.

"You may go girls." now the maids look up.

"But M'lady tis..." Speaks one however with the shake of the lady mothers head she stops. I pull back in fear as they stand up and go to yet another door on the far side of this magnificent chamber. Open it and leave closing the door behind them.

I am escorted into this bathing room, there can be no other purpose to it. In the middle of this smooth tiled room is a large copper tub. I have never seen anything so big. You can easily fit 5 of me in there. Under the tub is a strange object that looks alot like the the metal that a blacksmith has just forged. As we near the tub I can feel heat coming from it. I guess that heats the water in the tub.

Elizabeth lets go of my arm while the lady mother holds me up. She then to my astonishment starts to remove her garments.. there seems to be many of them. This is wrong and I turn from my head from her.

"There is no need to be shy dear sister. We are all girls here and it will be easier to help you wash." I'm not shy you dolt your a girl and I am a boy. Or am I anymore? My manhood is gone is it not. But what am I then? I hear a splash and turn to see Elizabeth has stepped into the tub this does not help me as I can plainly see her very young bosom on full display. The nuns caned me repeatedly if I saw such a sight before. She holds out her arms to me and beckons me closer. I find myself hoisted into the air by the lady mother. Either she is super strong of I am alot lighter than I used to be.

The water does scare me as I can almost feel the icy cold chill numbing my legs. But to my surprise instead it is as warm as the pots of water I did ladle for the nuns. I am lowered slowly into the middle of this tub where Elizabeth does help me to stay upright. The water only comes to the middle of my flat chest. I turn my head from Elizabeth to see the Lady mother move across the room. I am scared again although the water is not cold I start to shake.

"Mother" The lady mother turns at Elizabeths words to see me shaking. And she rushes back to me with something in her hand from the small table she was at.

"Misty Its alright I am here. Nothing will happen I just got some soap flakes so you can wash. Ssssshhh Its alright mother is here. " She has pulled me close to her bosom and strokes my hair. It feels nice and the shaking stops. I do not know if its the warm water or what she has done but I find myself ready to sleep again. With the Lady mother holding me Elizabeth uses the flakes on a cloth to make suds and washes me as much as she can reach. Including that place down below where my manhood was. It is very tender and I do whimper when she does. They both calm me down with soothing words I am sleepy so I have not paid attention to what was said.

I shake myself awake a bit and turn my head and I see something as Elizabeth stands up. This is the first time I have ever seen a womans womanhood. It looks very much like what I am down below. I guess that makes me a girl now. My stare goes unnoticed and Elizabeth switches sides to get behind me where I am instructed to lean forward on my arms. This is more difficult as I almost go under the water as I cannot hold myself up but I am saved by the Lady mother. More gentle rubbing is done to by bottom back and legs. Again I notice that my hair is now quite long again. I guess as I am now supposed to be a girl it should be ok but it still feels wrong.

I am pulled upright again with gentle soft hands. My hair is washed as well. And then something else is added to it and the water. It smells of flowers. Then a bucket of water is poured over me to rinse me off. I almost peed again at first because I thought it was cold water but It was not. I am getting very sleepy now and can no longer keep my eyes open. I have vague moments of being patted down, then something is smeared on my tender new womanhood. I am then dressed in a warm bed cloth again. Shift its called a shift. Something else is placed on my head over my still damp hair.

I find myself next in the bed again and through bleary eyes it looks like the floor is wet all over. The lady mother tucks me in lovingly under these thick cloths and then kisses me on the head.

"Sleep well my Misty." My eyes close shut and I find myself in a field in a gown similar to Elizabeths. She and Lady mother are here also. We are all running around in this field of flowers. And all of our bosoms are bouncing up and down as we do so. A small part of me says this is wrong but another part says it is the way it is to be.

I waken in this chamber again. I am alone and it is quite dark. The fire in the fireplace is down to embers. I get out of the bed that I now know is not the source of my trouble. My legs and arms are still very weak. Crawling like a babe I make my way to the door. I open it and like the bed chamber. The sitting room is also dark with a fireplace to ember. I can see well enough to make my way slowly across to that door the maids did leave by earlier. This one is not so easy to open as it is noticeably thicker. I manage to at last open it enough to get out of the door. I continue to crawl down a stone walkway of sorts. It seems very long and has a number of doors on either side. Some have sleeping guardsmen. But my crawl is silent thanks to the shift.

The walkway is quite long and curves alot here and there. I do hear the occasional noise of people awake and simply hide my small form. I have had alot of practice doing just that over the years. Even though this shift is very white I am not spotted. This house/home/something is so big. It is easily bigger than the market town I call home. I know that the lady mother and her daughter mean well and I truly do appreciate what they gave me. I will remember it always. But it is also wrong. Their life is not my own.

I eventually smell the outdoors. And crawl my way to what I believe is the way out. Well steps are a good sign. However crawling down them like this is gonna hurt. It take me a few moment and I reverse myself to go down the steps backwards. It is somewhat painful but I manage the many steps. This seems to be a garden of some sort. By the light of the night sky I can make out shapes of a bench not far away beyond that there seems to be a very high wall. I continue to crawl around and find some grass which is much easier to crawl upon. My skin it seen has lost what little toughness it had and is as soft as a girls. Well since it would seem that since I am now a girl, through no choice of mine, it does make sense. Still it does hurt that my maleness was so easy to be stripped away.

I do feel a familiar pressure and do puzzle how I am suppose to pee. I can not direct it. Well I am crawling so I hike up my shift by laying down on the grass while my knees hold up my bottom. That done I struggle but eventually find that just relaxing and letting go i can pee. Not the most noble of poses for certain. I move from where I peed and recover my lower half with the shift. My elbows and forearms are now quite moist from the dew on the grass. I am now getting sleepy again. Hungry too but that is nothing new. I make out the shape of a large bush of sorts. It smells fine anyways and move into it.

As my eyes start to shut a movement occurs. I soon here the sound of a cat purring. It has been a very long time since I hear one of those. I have little energy left right now but I do offer it a pet or two before I sleep. I wake to feel a warm beside me and then fall asleep again.

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