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A leaf gets lifted by the wind and moves across the old road. Crickets can be heard from the deep ditches that line the old forgotten road. The old service road built back in the 1970's when it was a main road followed the twist and turns of the small river that flowed silently. It had been years since anyone had seriously done any repair work to the old road, the guard rails were bent and twisted in spots, the pavement had age cracks in lots of places. As tonight many leaves would get blown across.

All of a sudden the quiet of the night is broken by the unmistakable screech of tires. The sound of an engine almost but not quite screaming can be heard as a fast moving car comes into view. The car is an older model Mazda RX7 from 1992. The car looks to be in excellent shape though any expert could tell you just from the sound that it was not the original engine but something else.

The back of the car seems to swerve from side to side as if it was on oil, however the road is quite dry as there has been no rain for days. The car flys past barely missing the guardrail as it seems to flow around the tight corner at no less than 50 mph. A seeming impossible feet for anyone and yet this car and its unknown driver have just done the impossible, from the looks of it not only has been doing so but will continue for the rest of the twisty road for all of its 2 mile length.

To fans of the sport they would know it is called drifting. The old road with its ups and downs and sharp turns having long been bypassed by a much newer and straight road is a favorite hang spot for the young men and women of the highschool. They would come out to watch the cars scream away to battle it out most nights when conditions were available.

The RX7 known to those in the sport as an FD pulls in to the remants of an old service station. The gas pumps having long been removed. The windows boarded up a few times and then just abandoned. The place looks silent as a tomb. The car stops, the door opens and out steps what appears to be a young and very attractive girl. She has long red hair flowing down her back. The green eyes and long lashes on a face with a small nose and kissable red lips would make most guys excited. Her flawless white skin a living testament to her beauty. She is wearing a tight red top with 3/4 sleeves and a plunging neckline showing impressive cleavage of her c cup breasts. The short flared skirt lifts by a passing gust of wind showing off her blue lacy panties. The lacy tops of her stay up white stockings with no sign of a garter belt. On her feet are a pair of strappy 2 in spike heels.

The young beauty pulls forward the drivers seat and removes a bag from the back of the car which she slings the strap over her shoulder. The car is next locked up and the young girl makes her way to the rear of the service station where amazingly enough of working door is. The door although old and rusting opens silently and the girl steps into the dark room closing the door and locking it behind her.

The darkness of the room is broken by a portable battery operated lantern. The old but somewhat clean bathroom of the service station is now visible. Its older porcelain sink with its cheap counter, the toilette sitting in its corner and the lone mirror that is uncracked all display how the local kids have kept the bathroom in good shape. It is the only and closest bathroom for the road so out of respect it is looked after by all that use it. Strange as it may sound the water still works for the station even though there is no power. Indeed it is rumored that the station's water comes from an artisan well.

The girl puts down her bag on the counter. At first she looks just like she is going to change out of the clothes she is in, not really suitable for racing in any way, to continue her drive. Well that is sort of true. The skirt and top remove she removes her bra, stockings, and shoes all in a short time. The panties are left on. Next she removes her breasts by slipping her hand behind them. Breasts removed she looks to be a flat chested young girl, still somewhat attractive but not as much.

The girl next removes her hair with a tug exposing much short brown hair slightly crushed from wearing the wig for so long. The girl or rather boy pulls out a small container of makeup remover and applies it all over his face rubbing but not pressing hard to get all the makeup removed. This is then rinsed down the drain of the sink with the cold water from the tap. The boy uses both hands to work up his hair from its pressed flat position. From the bag a towel is pulled out and his face is wiped dry. He holds up the lantern closer to the mirror to inspect that his face is free and clear of any makeup.

The boys face is different from the girls. His face has a few freckles and what looks to be acne scars here and there. Makeup removed the boy removes the panties and then starts to get dressed. First on is the baggy worn boxer shorts. Next comes the slightly torn jeans and sport socks. The stained formerly white running shoes replace the delicate heels. Lastly a white tshirt with a flannel not buttoned rests in place of the red top. To all appearances the former beauty is replaced with a scruffy looking boy. Possibly 18 or close too.

The boy carefully packs up all of the girls clothes into the bag and cleans up any remnants of his night of mischief. Turning off the light the boy leaves the restroom closing the door behind him. He gets into the car tossing the bag into the passenger seat as he does. The engine starts up and after a bit of a struggle the boy gets the car into gear.

The long drive home is hard for the boy as he has to be careful to not lose control. While the girl can drive around the corners like nothing the boy struggles to make a corner at 20 mph. Soon enough the car leaves the old road but not before the boy stalls the car when he tries to get onto the new highway.
With a few small grinds of the gears the car leaves the old road behind.

The FD pulls into the older driveway overgrown by years of leaves and grass. The car ambles along slowly till it rests in its old home of a faded wooden garage. Parking the car the boy removes the keys and locks both the car and then the old wooden door of the garage itself. The lock is a padlock in the dim light from the moon you can just make out Master on the bottom of the lock.

Hefting his bag with the evidence of his night of mischief the boy saunters up the old path to the main yard of his family's home. Passing through the overgrown bushes the boy steps into a green lush lawn. It is late at night for the boy to be out of the house even more so since tomorrow is a school day. Even more important is the exams he has the next day.

The boy opens the back door, removes his sneakers on the clean fake marble floor with its expensive looking mat. He climbs the hardwood steps up to his room and puts down the bag on his bed. Listening he cannot hear if anyone is yet awakened by his sneaking around. His parents having long been used to his need to go for walks to help him sleep before a test day do not stir. His older sister being at college a non concern. The boy removes the girls clothing and makes sure to fold it just so so that when he replaces it into his sisters drawers and closet it does not show any signs he has been wearing it. The shoes are checked over to make sure he did not scuff them, his sister would kill him if she found out.

The box for the forms, cleverly looking like a car model box is removed and the forms placed into the box then the box is put away into the top of the closet. The wig is also placed into another box and tucked away. The panties,bra, and stockings are hidden under the mattress for now for when he next gets a chance to clean them before returning them to his sisters room. Once the boy is satisfied that everything is hidden away where his parents could not find it if they checked his room, not that they did since they trusted him, the boy could finally relax enough to lay down on the bed, still fully clothed.

As the boy drifted off to sleep he once again wondered why it was that the only way he could truly drive was when he was dressed as a girl.

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