This is a different tale that sprang up while I was cooking dinner. It is a single short story. This story may hurt you. Reader beware.

Michelle was confused. People kept asking or calling for someone named Mikey. She would sit day after day in the living room playing with her older sister and her barbies or tea.

Sometimes her mother would pull her from her sister and sit her down infront of cars, trains, trucks, and other toys. These held no interest for her as they could not be dressed prettily nor could you make them talk in the imagy world. She would get up and walk back to her older sister and play with the barbies.

Day after day she would play with her sister and the two girls would have fun. Daddy was mean though he would yell at Mikey, whoever that was, to be a man. Since Michelle was a girl and her name was not Mikey she didn't really listen to the bad words daddy would say every day he came home.

Mommy was nice but when this Mikey wouldn't respond daddy would go hurt mommy. Michelle cried for mommy and really hoped Mikey would stop doing whatever made Daddy mad.

When she was four one day daddy mistakenly took her from the house and brought her to a mean old man in a white coat. The doctor took red stuff from her arm with a hurtful pin. He then told her to get undressed onto a table. Michelle said that she couldn't do that infront of boys. Daddy got mad again at Mikey. He roughly took off her clothes and shoved her down onto the cold metal table.

Daddy had scared her and she cried. Daddy got even more upset and told Mikey to stop crying. She could not understand what daddy was doing and it hurt her. She tried to be brave for the nice nurse who told her to stay still. It was hard but at least the nice nurse helped her to get dressed again.

After that day daddy would often pick Michelle up and then spend time in the car talking to Mikey about this or that. Since he wasn't talking to her she didn't pay attention.

Time passed as it always does and her parents had her attend a special school for children who were slow to learn. She did her homework with the crayons and drew pretty pictures for the teacher. She always tried to be the best little girl she could but nobody talked to her they talked to Mikey instead.

Michelle listened hard and learned to spell her name. She was proud of the fact that although the teacher didn't give her any attention at all she managed to spell her name. She would hand in her paper everyday and everyday it would come back with her name crossed out in red, a bad sign, and under it would be Mikey.

Michelle began to wonder who this Mikey that was always getting her in trouble was and she began to hate this Mikey person she had never seen. It was not the only thing she hated.

Day after day she would get dressed in the same ugly tshirt and pants. She didn't have any pretty panties or dresses or skirts like the other girls. She did not understand why this was so. She did pick what she thought was pretty and wore that. Daddy would bring her stuff like a baseball mitt, or a toy gun. Again not something a little girl like her had any interest in. She wanted pretty clothes like the other girls not guns.

Michelle even asked from time to time for some pretty clothes. Mommy and Daddy would tell Mikey he couldn't wear girls clothing but they never told Michelle. Michelle kept trying though. Daddy would get upset and then do something bad to mommy. She just did not understand how this boy named Mikey kept getting her and Mommy in trouble.

As time passed Michelle played with the other girls at recess always telling them her name was Michelle . It seemed that after she would meet one of their parents that her girlfriends would shy away from her. This made her sad as over time many of the girls she used to play with no longer wanted to even talk to her. In time she felt more and more alone.

First communion came up and just like the other girls Michelle needed a very pretty dress for her communion. Mommy and daddy got real mad the last time she asked for a dress so this time she didn't ask. She knew her older sister had pretty clothes and went looking. At first Michelle did not find anything until she remembered that her sister had a growth spirit and had moved her old clothes out to the spare room. The spare room was the place where old stuff nobody used, many of the toys that Michelle would never play with were in a box in there, so it took her some time to find the box from her sister.

Michelle did find the dress, ribbons, lace gloves, tights, shoes, panties, training bra, and other stuff her older sister had used that one day a year or two ago. To Michelles delight they fit her perfectly. She even found some play makeup in the box. There was not much maybe enough for one or two tries but Michelle was happy.

The day of the communion Michelle got up early to get herself ready for the big day. She bathed in the soap that smelled pretty even used mommies special shampoo. The shampoo changed Michelles hair a bit and made it way softer. She spent alot of time in just the pretty underwear as she played with the makeup to get it just right. It was her first time but she had listened really close to what the other girls talked about. She did what she felt was an good job. Her lashes were heavily coated with mascara making them look very full and lush. Her lips had the strawberry lip gloss. Her cheeks had a dusting of pink blush, she couldnt put more as there was none left but she felt it.

Her hair took her alot of time as she had never been allowed to play with it. It was not as long as she would have liked. Mommy and daddy kept making her get it cut. She cried every time it got cut. It was just long enough that she could put the ribbons in really small pigtails on each side of her head. She may have not been allowed to play with her hair before but sis had let her style her hair.

Michelle stepped into the dress and it felt exactly as she had always though it would. It was the very first dress she had ever worn before. The bright white dress was made of a shiny smooth material. It had lace around the sleeves and the bottom. Michelle decided she liked the tickle feeling of the lace. She also loved the way the material slide nicely over her skin and not roughly like the clothes she was usually wearing. SHe loved how for the very first time her she had panties and they fit so much better than her underwear. The white tights were a bit of a trouble to put on though. Going to the potty would be tough if she had to take them off everytime.

Her shoes fit a little loose on her feet. Michelle guessed her old sister had worn them a few times to many but Michelle had rubbed them to a shine and they looked so pretty on her feet. The small white purse, her very first purse, just made her feel so much like a big girl. She put her small house key into it and the lip gloss. She felt she was ready and left her room.

Mommy was supposed to drive her to the school but daddy had hurt mommy again last night. Mommy had taken to drinking that icky smelly stuff and would sleep alot so she did not think mommy would like her waking her up. Although it was bad Michelle left her house by the front door and walked to school along the path. Michelle was proud of the fact she knew how to cross streets and happily skipped to school.

The special communion was in the last part of the day after lunch so the morning all of the girls like her would be wearing their dresses. The boys would be allowed to change during lunch as boys tended to be messy during recesses and stuff. Michelle could never understand how boys wanted to get dirty and smelly.

When Michelle got to school the other girls were very surprised that Michelle had worn a dress to school and told her how pretty she looked. Michelle told them much the same but did not tell them how she got the dress.

To the outside observer the entrance to school had a small sea of girls in pretty white dresses while the boys were playing on the swings, handlebars, or kicking a foam ball around. While not all the classes had communion that day the girls from other classes had also gotten dressed up in pretty dresses. Though they were not white most were a very light color.

Like the good girl she was Michelle went to her classroom with the other girls as soon as the bell rang for school to start. Unlike most mornings where the teacher was waiting for them the teacher was missing. The girls sat on their side of the room while the boys sat on their side of the room. The girls in class made sure that Michelle sat with them instead of the usual desk by herself.

Michelle was happy. So far this had been the best day ever. Today was the day she would show god how much of a daughter she was and such a good girl. Still a part of her wondered if Mikey would cause her trouble again today. She really really hoped not.

The end.

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