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When I was 12... No! Maybe it was eleven?

Tough to remember since I have tried to keep that unfortunate incident of my past buried. Under concrete and steel buried.

At the time I was experiencing what is known as gynecomastia. Basically it's boob growth on a boy. Not really much or at least it wasn't at first. What happened later..

Ah I'm getting ahead of myself.

Like I said I was like eleven. Mom and Dad won an all expense cruise trip for two for six months on some Princess ship. They were thrilled but there was little ole me their son with the rather stupid name of Jackie. It's a boys name really! Look at Jackie Chan! Yeah the old man was a fan of him at the time I was born. He has this whole room of old actual tape movies in the basement and a player for them. One I'm not allowed to touch at all. Apparently when I was a toddler I stuffed my peanut butter and jam sandwich into the machine and wrecked it or something.

My full name is Jackie Kelly Randall. I would have loved Joseph Keith Randall but the day before I was born my cousin got the name instead the thief!

So there I was a young boy just starting a growth spurt. I was thin almost boney all legs and arms with very small boobs on my chest. I was sent to live with them for six months.

Them is my rather assbackwards idiot relatives of minor intelligence. Aunt May and her hubby Uncle Bob. Their daughter Mary is about a year older than me and seems to be a carbon copy of her mom. Aunt May is maybe five two and a hundred and fifteen pounds soaking wet. Uncle Bob is a foot taller at six three and weighs a ton with these huge arms and hands. Aunt May has long hair that she ties in this intricate braid that goes around the back of her head. How it stays there with only four hairpins is beyond me. Its brown same as mine. Mary got a dirty blonde hair but its almost as long as her mom's. At the time my hair had grown out to be about two or three inches below the tops of my shoulders since mom and dad had spent the last few months preparing for the cruise so money was like tight.

Our family is not the best in terms of money. We live in a house that is almost a hundred years old and was only meant to last half that. World War II surplus housing at its finest. The roof doesn't leak yet though I suspect it wont be too long before it does. Dad has a pile of mismatched singles in our one shed piled on top of the lawnmower that doesn't run. Maybe in another two or three months he will have enough to do the roof. It will be colorful anyways. Dad does what is called maintenance at an older office cum school of sorts. It doesn't pay too much since the old man never graduated from highschool. He is slightly bald and a bit round in the middle if you get my drift.

Mom never graduated either but she works as a sales clerk at a clothing store. It's a womens clothing store so she gets discounts and spends probably part of her pay on getting new clothes for herself for work so that she always looks current. Don't ask me but apparently its a major important part of her job or something.

Till about a year ago I wore girl's panties all the time. Cotton plain no adornment panties in white or black. Really the only difference between them and boys Y fronts is the Y front panel. Which in my opinion is rather useless as you pull down your pants to pee anyways. Mom got them through work at a discount. My other clothes are or were thrift store specials or unisex clothing from mom's work. I did have a pink hoodie once but that was because the red ran out of the cheap fabric in the washing machine leaving me with a pink hoodie instead. It was comfy which is why I wore it.

My other relatives are about as successful as my parents so having another mouth to feed for six months was more than most of them could handle. That is except Aunt May and Uncle Bob. Don't get me wrong my parents are madly in love with each other and I was not born before they got married or anything. It's just that we don't have a lot of money. We get by. I do have a computer if a bit old that I can use to surf the internet on my 14.4 modem. Yes modem not cable, not adsl, modem that you plug the actual phone line into and dial a number. I have a better modem but its gives me problems so I'm using this old external thing for now.

We have a television but no cable for that either. About the most we get is a local weather and news channel with the occasional movie or show and lots and lots of commercials. Our furniture is salvaged and repaired furniture. Not many people know this but you can buy springs to replace broken ones in couches instead of the whole couch. Wood can be glued back together and what not. Dad is pretty handy at it and makes the occasional few bucks fixing things for other people.

The kitchen has a microwave, toaster oven, dishwasher, blender all working. Some needed a fuse others a new cord or a really good cleaning. Mom loves them and she can cook a pretty good meal when she has the time. Most of the meals I tend to make myself. Or at least I do now.

Family gatherings are usually in winter around Christmas so we didn't usually see Aunt May and Uncle Bob or Mary at them as they travel rather funny. Horse drawn cart and wagon or bicycles. I know strange but its all part and parcel of where they live and how they live. No they are not Amish or Mennonite or some such thing. Though not all that far off either.

They belong to and are part of a historic community. What that means is that they spend their days tolling about very much like people used to do back in the old days before telephones and electricity. Billing's Station is or was what they called a boomtown for, of all things, logging.

Back in the days Billing's station was a town of about a thousand houses, and apparently an even larger number of tents, where people came to log the surrounding hills of the hardwood trees that were then shipped off via train to the local city about fifty miles away. People were happy and making money on the straight trees that grew there. The surrounding hills were clear cut of all trees after a few years when disaster struck on one rainy day.

It had been raining non stop for a few days when all of a sudden the surrounding hills shifted. Clear cutting trees has a tendancy to create mudslides if tree lines are not kept as brakes especially on hills. The town basically got buried in a single night. No nothing like Troy or Pompeii or such. The town was filled with mud about halfway to three quarters of the height of most buildings and then abandoned.

After a hundred years however most of the surrounding hills now have trees again making the town safe to live in again. It started as an excavation of some university and slowly grew into a historic town. There is no electricity and the main line of rail no longer runs to the town, although much of the buried line has been excavated along with the Steamer and its rather rusted rail cars that was also buried when it got tipped over by the wall of mud that hit it.

Steam powered train 241 is in the process of being restored. They have been discussing on weather to just buy some rail and surround the town much like amusement parks do with smaller trains for the engine to run on. The small fact that the actual engine of the train doesn't work yet has little bearing on the tracks.

The town has a post office that gets plenty of use via a motorcycle that comes by as there is no road to Billing's. Even using horse carts to get out of Billings via the trail is hard as most of the time the sharp rocks damage wheels or horses hooves. There is a small foot path that is complicated with many switchbacks in and out that the motorcycle guy uses to drop off the mail. In really bad weather the post office has done air drop mail into the area.

It's something to watch as this plane comes overhead and this large parachute opens on a large canvas type of bag that floats down into town where the post office people run around with long sticks and try to catch the bag before it gets stuck on top of some building.

The town has a large covered communal garden of sorts. Lots of potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, corn, lettuce, cabbage and peas are grown there. Its made of glass and wood and runs about a block long. Old man Fisher and his wife Emily run the place.

Technically on paper every adult has some university degree giving them the right to be there. Or in Uncle Bob's case, blacksmith. He took a two day course some years back on how to be a blacksmith. The whole town of Billing's Station is offically a historic communal township blah blah blah. Basically everyone and everything has to be period correct with very few exceptions. One of the exceptions is schooling for children. It has more ah modern studies even if it is in a two room school house.

What it means is that men wear pants and women where skirts or dresses. To even be seen in public showing an ankle if your older than fourteen means you can get a fine. Wear pants and spend the night in jail. It's a comfortable jail but still a jail.

So into this mix of ass backwardness comes little ole me Jackie Kelly Randall who has seen his relatives perhaps three times in total and as far as they were concerned. Well do I really need to go into details?

Yep I spent the entire six months as a girl in dresses being taught how to speak like a woman, do 'fine women's work' ie cooking, cleaning, needlepoint, sewing I tried but lets just say sewing by hand and me don't mix. I got so used to being Jacqueline, which is how I was referred to and how I see myself as a girl, that by the time I met up with my mom and dad I had a really tough time going back to being a boy. This was not helped by the fact I was fed bloody birth control pills to 'help your figure and take care of you city girls heathen ways'. A full A cup at the time and fat on my ass and hips!

I didn't just look like a girl I sounded like a girl, acted like a girl, moved like a girl even though I knew I was a boy and tried really hard to get back at being one. This has created problems for me at school.

I should mention just because you stop taking pills doesn't mean you also stop growing certain things. For example I'm now a full B cup and wear panties just because I can't fit into boys underwear without stretching the hell out of the hips. Junior gets crushed less in panties than in male underwear. As strange as it sounds I look more like a girl in her brothers underwear than I do in panties.

At school most of the kids believe I'm a tomboy while others think of me as "that hot girl in tight jeans".

At least that's what most of the guys think. The girls not so much. It's more of "Oh god it's that freak boy trying to be a girl again".

Don't get me wrong I have friends, quite a few, all girls which is not a bad thing. Now if I could just get one to actually try to date me instead of setting me up on dates with guys it would go much better.

Mom and Dad wont talk to Aunt May and Uncle Bob at the moment as they had this like big argument. One is adamant I'm a girl while mom and dad know full well I'm male.

I guess the one time I stood up in the copper washtub with my genitals squished and pointed the wrong way giving me a very convincing female front didn't help matters.

Anyways that about sums up the last few months which I thought I would put in a blog here. I have to go get ready for yet another bloody date with Phillip that Tanya and Dot set me up on. I hate shaving my legs to wear these outfits they insist on making me wear.

Hey it's the mini skirt and tank tops or they come over and plaster me with makeup and junk. Clothes are just clothes but the rest of that girlie shit I can do without thanks.

Jackie Randall age 15

--SEPARATOR--Just something that came into my head and I though I would post it out and see what it looks like. Trying to write from this characters point of view was actually hard.

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