My Renewal

My Renewal
By Stanman63
2012-Short Story Month
-Second Chances!
SynopsisJustin receives a new lease on life after being punished for being duped into helping commit a crime that leads to a finding out who she is.


Here I am, Justine Renee Jenkins, breastfeeding my son Conner Lance , a robust boy who is like his doting father. We grew up as best friends which is not that remarkable, what is is that I was born a boy named Justin Renee Hall. No, I am not crazy, nor am I telling a whopper of a lie. I can prove it from Court Records. Why you ask am I now a girl? Simple, I was punished for something that I did not do which led to complications. But I am not mad, I am much happier now.

I was working as a computer tech for Trenton Enterprises over the summer of my senior year in high school. My dad had arranged it so that I would have the needed experience as well as securing my career. Dad is a retired Marine who used his connections to secure my job when he saw that I was a computer geek who could not be a Marine thanks to a childhood injury that cut short any hopes of me ever joining. When I was in grammar school, I got beaned on the spine by a softball that wrenched it out of alignment. After that, I could no longer do anything that put too much stress on my spine without risking breaking it.

Office workers had to dress smartly, meaning no jeans or t shirts. Women had to wear a skirt, dress, or dressy shorts or skorts and hose with a blouse while the guys were stuck in trousers and a polo or dress shirt. We had casual Friday where we could wear our other clothes, even crossdress as long as our attire did not reveal too much body. Casual Friday was enacted mainly for the upper management so that they could save time getting ready for their weekend excursions and passed it on to the company to avoid the hassle of any law suits about discrimination.

Well, Daddy knew about my dressing as a girl with my cousin Claire. He chuckled the first time that he saw me in one of her skirted leotard and tights like she was wearing. We were both wearing a blue one with a Super "S" symbol, with a red cape and boots, our legs encased in suntan hued nylons. He thought that it was cute that we were twins now and gave me his approval to be a girl whenever I was with her or for Halloween or costume party. So, at least I had some experience at being a girl before my life changed and my life went to hell.


I'd made friends with Buck and Chuck Owens, twins who were the Building Maintenance Engineers. We would get together after work and play D&D in their attic set up with miniatures and costumes for us to wear when we really wanted realism. Me being the smaller guy, I was chosen for the female, dwarf or halfling role. I never told them about my forays into girlhood before graduation because to me, it was me enjoying being myself.

Their dad had lost his job and need another, they asked me if I could help out, but there was no job hat he was qualified for since he was a machinist, which we had plenty of. I thought that they'd accepted what I told them, but I found out differently the following Tuesday. They'd borrowed my key to the office and used my access code to put their dad on the payroll as well as up their pay grade.


I walked into the office and saw C.E.O. Abrams, Mom, Dad, and Security Chief Andrews, "What's wrong?"

"Kid, were you here in the office Monday after hours?"

"No, why?"

"then why do the records show you using your access code and computer to help the twins and their dad?"


"Son, the evidence is against you, said Dad.

"Dad, it was not me!"

"Then why are Buck and Chuck making double their wages and their father Duck Owens hired on as a truck driver? He does not have the license to operate the trucks." stated Andrews.

"Duck?" I asked, flabbergasted.

"His real name is Mallard, Ducky is his nickname, said Momma.

"I never knew that, and why am I suspect? Anybody with my access code can do what I am accused of."

"Son, did you know about his needing a job?"

"Yes, Dad. I found out this weekend, playing D&D with the twins."

Abrams sighed, "I am sorry, but without any way to prove your innocence, I have to fire all of you to be sure that I get the guilty party and turn you over to security."

"Mister Andrews, I don't believe that young Justine is guilty of changing the records. I believe that he is a victim, stated Abrams.

"Me too, but I have no choice, neither do you."

"I can release him to his parents for disciplinary action. They can administer what is called 'PETTICOAT PUNISHMENT'."


"SIT DOWN! LISTEN TO THEM!" commanded Dad.

"Justin, you have dressed as a girl before. What's wrong with doing so now?" asked Mom.

"Because it was for Halloween and the plays, Mom. I never dressed as a girl during school."

"So, Justine can become Justine until graduation," stated Abrams.

"That'd mean that everybody would know. Have you seen the girl's uniform?"

"No. Why?"

"The skirts are so short that a bloomer is mandatory. THAT'S WHY!"

"Have the girls had problems with the shortness of the skirts?"

"A few have complained, Mom. But none hav reported any assaults, yet."

"Yeah, but none of them are a guy dressing as a girl! What happens if somebody decides to attack me? How can I hide the fact that I am a guy?"

"Justine, Trenton Enterprises has access to enhancements that will let you pass as a girl. You won't be ble to tell that you were ever a boy," stated Mister Andrews.

I turned to Mom and Dad, "Do you agree with this?"

"Son, I know that you are being framed, but the evidence is against you. We chose petticoat punishment because this way your record stays clean."


"Justin, you have to admit that you make a pretty girl, and for a while, I will have a daughter that has been denied me," she sighed.

When she was pregnant with me, there were complications that forced Momma to have a hysterectomy and c-section to save us both thanks to a pharmacy giving her the wrong prescription. Now Momma has to take a lot of prescriptions just to maintain her health. Lucky me, I seem to have inherited her physique, but Dad's gender. I have not been denied any friends as I grew up, but often cried myself to sleep because I wanted the siblings denied me. My parents wanted to have more children, but never qualified as foster parents or adoptive parents for reasons unknown.

"OK, I will be Justine, until graduation. But then back to Justin."

"Then you will need to pick up the bodysuit under your son's desk," said Abrams.

"What of my records?"

"You will attend school as Justine Renee Jenkins in the accelerated learning class. According to your transcript, you should have been in it already. When you graduate as Justine, you can choose whether Justin or Justine stays, offered Andrews.

"Why would I want to stay Justine?"

"That's for you to decide."


We retrieved said item and went home with Dads truck bed full of my new uniforms. Those sleeveless dresses with matching bloomers and blouse might as well be a cheerleader uniform with it's short hem along with te shorts, skorts, and skirts. At least the cheer and dance squads both used a leotard with a skirt or hot pants to maintain some decorum. The school system was run by alumni who'd enjoyed these uniforms and kept them from when the "MINISKIRT era hit and never left.

Entering the house, I took my suit to my room along with the lingerie that we stopped to get for me. I had some from my excursions as Justine in the past, but it was for a different sized girl. My earlier Justine was always willowy for a quick change, now Id have a more womanly figure like Mom. My parents had tried to argue on my behalf about my previous times, but Abrams and Andrews both said that none of the suits were made to emulate such girl.

I took a soaking bath to soften my skin and then under a warm shower, donned the suit to activate it's moisture seals so that it would meld to my body. I'd 'tucked' myself to give myself a flat front, letting the suits groin pocket my penis within a pocket that would let me urinate and even enjoy all of the pleasures of being a girl by using nanites to let me feel what a girl feels. What I did not know was how efficient it was.

Standing up, I saw Justine in all of her glory, not Justin trying to be Justine. I saw how my life as Justine would have been had I been born a girl. The main difference was that instead of getting into this predicament, Id have been going out with my best friend Conner Lance Jeffries. Conner and I'd drifted apart just before my trouble started. He'd tried to warn me about them and their shenanigans, but being the smug, arrogant, know-it-all that I'd become, I ignored his advice. Would Conner like the new me? I had to find out.

"Justine? Are you decent?

"Almost Momma. Why?"

"Connor is waiting for you in the den."

"Does he know?"

"Yes. And he wants to meet the new Justine."

"Is Daddy with him?"

He is. Why?"

Momma, I am scared that he won't like me anymore!

"Girl, from the way that he is acting, he is in love with you."

REALLY?" I exclaimed as I bolted the door open.

Momma giggled, "You still need to get dressed. No seeing him in your birthday suit."

Leading me to my room which was filled with my paraphernalia of different starship miniatures that I'd painted and modified with Daddy's help, I saw that my wardrobe had already been made over, leaving only what few of Justin's tops and shorts would fit along with his socks and shoes. They'd replaced any photos of Justine with Justine's, including my most embarrassing ones where on a dare from Connor, I'd dated him wearing the Hooter Girl uniforms.

"You and he were an item before this. Can't you see that he sees you as his girl?"

But that was when I was Justine! What if I want to be Justin?"

"Ask him."

"What should I wear?"

"Let me help."


Connor had always been a gentleman around me whenever I was Justine being very careful to help maintain the illusion so that I could relax and enjoy myself. In fact, he was the only one that knew that Id worn girls hosiery under my thermals during cold weather. Momma came in and got out a sky blue bra and panty set with white pantyhose. I donned the hose, then lingerie because the undies went to my navel like those bloomers the cheer squad wears.

Then I donned golden sandals that went up to my shin with a denim skort with mid thigh hem and a Sarah Carerra polo shirt in blue with her autograph and photo of her and her guitar. Id become a fan of hers and had all of her songs and any merchandise associated with her. I'd wanted to get a wardrobe like hers for a while, now. At least now I had a good excuse to get it, if my parents got it for me.

"Justine, here I thoght that I'd have to do your make up, but you've done it better than most girls could'a done," she sighed as she held my chin.

"Momma, Ive had to do it for Drama. About the only thing that I need your help with is my hair."

She brushed my strawberry blond locks back and pulled it through a sky blue headband that matched the clip-on four-leaf clover earrings, necklace and bracelets. Then she handed me a matching purse, Your Justine I.D. and other essentials are in here. What color do you want for your nails?"

"Why not a clear varnish? We can wait on them if you want."

"A bit scared to see him?"

"Yes Ma'am. This is the first time that I've ever considered seeing him as Justine."

It was all I could do to make my feet move, I was afraid, yet thrilled that my best friend saw me as his girlfriend. Here I was, dressing to please him, not me. Connor had always liked seeing me or any girl wearing hosiery that showed off our legs. That was really the reason that I dressed as Justine for Halloween and secretly for myself. I'd voiced my concern about the clothing mainly because I had to maintain a macho mage in front of those who were judging me.

Showing off my legs and my derriere was a thrill that made this judgement bearable. But I was also worried that I might want to stay as Justine, giving up Justin completely. How would the school react to my being Justine? Even with my judgement being made known in tomorrows assembly, there were the bashers and bigots who sought out targets to harrass, and I'd been one before after Halloween. Only the fact that Daddy was a Marine and knew their dads kept them from doing more than making a kissy face at me.


Heading down the stairs, I blushed when Connor saw me, "Thanks," I whispered.

"Justine, you are the most beautiful girl in the world to me."

"But Connor! I am NOT a girl!"

He cupped my chin in his hand, "You are all girl in my book. Even when you're Justin."

"What will the other jocks say when I show up dressed like this?"

"That I have great taste in girls."


"The entire team sees you as a girl. Heck! To tell the truth, most everybody sees you as a girl," he grinned.


"Justine, when was the last time that you took gym?"

"I've NEVER taken gym because of my back. I take chior in it's place."

"How many girls wear opaque tights or leggings in place of hose or socks?"

"Quite a few, why?"

"And what of YOUR trousers?"

"What about them?"

"Justine, they hug you so tight that everybody thinks you're wearing leggings," he explained.

"Princess, even I thought that and I know better," opined Daddy.


Connor and I went to the moves where I saw that what he said was true. As I sat there watching the movie, my hand rested on my hosed leg, making me appreciate how good it felt wearing hose. If I'd had any idea that I could have done it, I'd've tried out for the dance squad. But now it was too late as I was graduating this year. What a waste. At least now I had a girl's complete wardrobe, would getting the cheer and dance squads uniforms be all that much trouble?

The next day, I dressed as Justine for school and went with my parents to meet with Principal Langtree. He and Daddy were Marine buddies who'd grown up together, so there were no secrets between them. He knew about my history of being Justine, but not about my punishment.

"Mark, Cindy, what brings you here with Justine?"

"Larry, Justine was found guilty of tampering with company records," Momma sighed.

"I don't believe it!"

"Nor do we are her employers. But the evidence points to her," admitted Daddy.

"Yes, they sent me a fax about it last night. This will make today's Weekly Assembly stand out," he added.


School was a very sore trial for me, even with the faculty treating me as if I'd always dressed as a girl. the student body for the most part acted as if everything was normal, but there was the fact that Buck and Chuck were students as well and decided that they would get some payback for their losing their jobs and their dad getting laid off. They forgot that they were guilty, not me, but their anger would cost me who I was as Justin.

By the time school was over for the day I was ready for a good, long soak after being groped by any free hand. As the new girl, most of the guys tried to cop a feel in the halls as well as the loutish behavior during lunch and gym. I was so tired that since gym was the last period, I went straight to my car wearing the gym clothes of a polo shirt and runners shorts instead of showering and dressing back into my school uniform as as my custom as Justin.

I was near my Toyota RAV4 when I was assaulted. Buck pulled me back by my hair while Chuck grabbed my feet, loading me into their dad's van. I felt my shorts being pulled down as the van door closed. They'd timed it perfectly. Connor was on his way from his last class at the other end of the campus.

"Well, well, well. What have we here? All this time you said you were a boy, but all that I see is a girl," taunted Chuck.

"Hey Bro, see how much of a girl she is," Buck said.

"Boys, you hold her while I have fun," ordered their dad.

I couldn't even scream because of the gag as he tried to take my virginity against my will after ripping up my panty and hose. But I was able to knee him in the groin, earning me a pa.inful series of blows that bloodied my groin. I saw the blood on his pounding fists and heard his sons egging him on until I blacked out.


"Glad to see you back among the living," sighed Connor as he kissed my forehead.

"Wha????" I gasped.

"I saw that van rocking and heard you scream out in pain while those bastards were cheering that brute on!" he said in a ow, guttural voice full of anger.

"Connor???" I moaned.

He wiped my brow with a moist rag, "I was able to pull him off of you and knock them all out before the cops arrived. They called the paddy wagon and piled them in for a trip to the E.R. at the jail as it was evident what happened."


"Well, they might suffer from a mild concussion and bruises, and the dad some groin damage, but the E.R. says that yours are worse."


Then my parents rushed in, "Honey, are you in pain?" asked my hugging Mother.

I nodded.

I saw Daddy clench his fists, "Princess, can you forgive me?"

"For what, Daddy?

"For agreeing to this fiasco," he wept.

"WHAT?" yelled Connor.

"I could have called in a few favors and had N.C.I.S. check things out before you were unjustly sentenced. But I let those two convince me to let them carry out the investigation. Now you're here, because I didn't follow my gut."

"Honey, we're BOTH guilty!" retorted Momma.

"Sir, did they???"

"Yes, they investigated and found that my child's attackers were guilty of what she was punished for."


"Miss Hall. calm yourself before I have to sedate you," said a petite brunette nurse in a white uniform dress.


"Doctor Kelly Stark, at your service," she smiled.

"Sorry, Doc, But I..."

"I know, child. And frankly, I don't blame you a damned bit. But you're causing quite a stir in the ward. Now, want to know the damage?"

"Yes, please."

"Other than some bruising in your groin, you are a healthy young woman."

"But doc, I was born a boy."

"Were you wearing a bodysuit?"

"Yes Ma'am. Why?"

"The attack triggered some sort of repair system and made the vaginal opening and breasts a part of your body, as if you were born a girl minus the reproductive organs for now.


"She's awake," I heard the doctor say.

"Justine. please stay awake, pleaded Connor.

"OK. but it's not everyday that you learn that you are now a girl," I giggled.

"Princess, do you want to be a mother?"

"Daddy, how can I?"

"Ask Doctor Kelly," ordered Momma.

"You mean?"

"Yes, according to our scans, you will start your cycles in about a month."

"What about those two who I worked for?"

"They've bought the house and put the Title in your name as well as remodeling the property and new cars for us and Connor with you two getting full scholarships to any college and your choice of any home you choose," announced Daddy.

"As long as nobody talks to the media, no doubt," I huffed.

"No, we are to tell the truth since news of the entire affair was leaked out," smirked Connor.

"Oh? So they're trying to save face. Let them try."


Connor and I graduated and got married soon after. I was soon pregnant with his child and when I gave birth to my son, I knew that this new life was because chance and love had combined to renew me and give me a new lease on life.


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