The Field Trip

The Field Trip By Angel O'Hare And Stanman63
Synopsis: Kim Ellen Taylor was a small, delicate boy who sing in the Church and wanted hid parents to love him. It took a field trip and meeting new friends for him to have his wish come true.
My first field trip was when our Elementary School went to the Randall Manufacturing Plant and Showroom. The field trip was for the upper grades to get ideas for the week long Spring Fling Student Festival in which all sorts of things were going on. The biggest was the joint class participation play. The other ideas were for the festival to have a central theme this year.

Actually it was really for the 4th, 5th, and 6th, grades because it was felt that the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, grades weren't ready for full participation and would be used only for fill ins and backdrops when needed.

As part of the 3rd grade class I was pretty confident that I would be left off the 'use' list because of my size and the fact that I'm a boy. This trip was really for the girls to get ideas for their part of the festival. Randall after all manufactured dolls and dolls are not figured anywhere in the boys ideas for their part in the festival.

It was only fair for all of us to go on this field trip though because we had one more field trip scheduled for the following day to the Martin Manufacturing Plant and Showroom. They manufacture action figures.

You know where the theme for this year's festival was being directed by those who pull the actual strings.

Anyway, we are organized by class and our teachers are joined by one person from the company to act as our tour guides. We get this energetic young woman from their marketing department. I think she was a secretary for some department head or something. Anyway, we get to wear these hard hats and I'm a little pissed off because they were only in two colors pink and blue. The only color in my size was pink! I was getting teased already!

We even are made to match up by size and now I don't have a partner so I get to hold my teacher's hand! Ms Wallace is all smiles and I just groan as I can hear the kids giggling as they walk by us. Ms Wallace and I will be taking up the rear as our tour guide leads the class.

We go through the plant and I had to admit it was very interesting to see the dolls being made. Out tour guide, Miss Pamela Browning was good and she was a great speaker and kept us interested by her wonderful descriptions of what was happening at each stop we made.

The upper grades toured the showroom first and we toured the plant. We would switch during the break where we would be served snacks and drinks. Well, I was excited by the plant tour but less excited about the next part of the tour because it would be like touring a stupid doll store, but at least we got out of the school and schoolwork for the day.

We skipped that very last section because it was where the dolls were painted and finally dressed. We would see the finished products in the showroom anyway and they didn't want us exposed to the paint fumes for safety reasons. I don't think they had any of those protective masks in our sizes.

We all met up again in the company's huge cafeteria and that's when things became a little crazy. Of course the teachers gathered together as the tour guides led the students through the cafeteria line by grade and class. I was forced to stay with Ms Wallace and that's when Mrs. Whitley our principal looked at me and started whispering to the teachers. In a matter of seconds they were all looking at me!

It was giving me the creeps but they just smiled, chuckled, and whispered to each other soft enough that I couldn't make out what they were saying. I had to wait as Ms Wallace got my stuff for me because I wasn't tall enough to see what was offered or even slide my tray on the tray line.

I may be eight years old and in the third grade, but I only stand 29 and  ½ inches, and weigh 20 pounds. I'm a tad smaller than my two year old cousin Tammy! Worse is how I'm treated by everyone including my teacher Ms Wallace. She's always making sure I'm alright and helps me with everything! Sometimes I just hate that! Anyway, I'm stuck being called Kimmie by everyone because that's what my mom calls me all the time.

My real name is Kim á‰len Taylor and my dad calls me K.T. which I like a lot better than Kimmie! That's what I try and get people to call me when I have a chance.

Anyway instead of having me eat with the first graders as usually happens at my school because they have the smaller chairs and tables to sit at, I'm forced to sit on Ms Wallace's lap to eat here.

I'm so embarrassed but I see the other small kids are sitting on pink plastic booster seats they had to be lifted into and they look embarrassed as well.

Then, as Ms Wallace holds my glass of milk and makes me sip out of it Mrs. Whitley says. "It's uncanny really, the resemblance is almost identical, just wait and see for yourself when you tour the showroom."

She was talking to my teacher. After my embarrassing lunch made even more so when Ms Wallace fed me bite by bite and seeing my classmates pointing and laughing my way. We were finally assembled together for our last part of the tour.

We even had three more guides for my class for this part. I think it was to make sure we didn't go crazy by touching and messing up the dolls that were to be on display.

Anyway, we make it into this huge room with lots and lots of dolls in display cases and even as many on tables that we were told we could pick up and look at more closely if we wanted to. Yeah right, like I'm going to be seen holding a doll!

The girl's in my class and the other two classes are all going Nutso Crazy and believe it or not, even some of the boys! Well, all was well until we came to this one section with what they call prototypes and there it was and everyone was really staring at me now!

I was looking at a doll that looked like me! A stupid girl baby doll that looks like me! There are a few differences and as the girls began teasing me I pointed them out as self defense and to try and show them that the doll was different looking than I was.

I said, "It has curly hair and mines straight. It has long dark curly eyelashes and I don't. It has pierced ears and earrings and I don't. It has shiny pink lips and I don't. It wears diapers and I don't! It's a girl and I'm a boy!"

Before I could say another word Mrs. Whitley takes my hand and has me go with her and two other women. I'm soon in this room and in seconds I'm standing there only wearing my underpants! They measure me and one woman calls out.

"Height 29 and  ½ inches, Chest 18 and  ½ inches, Waist 19 inches, Hips 20 inches, Torso 32 and  ½ inches. He's an exact match Mrs. Weatherly."

The next things I know I'm dressed again and taken back in the showroom and have to pose with that stupid doll for pictures! I'm asked a thousand stupid questions and then one I wished I hadn't answered. Mrs. Weatherly asks me.

"Kimmie, is that your name or nickname Sweetheart?"

I answered, "That's what my mother calls me but my real nickname is K.T. and that's what my father calls me all the time. My name is Kim á‰llen Taylor."

Mrs. Weatherly chuckles and says, "You prefer to be called Katy?"

I get a little miffed and they think it looks cute, GEEZE! Anyway I say a bit slower and pronounce it even better, "It's not Katy! It's K.T.!"

Mrs. Weatherly chuckles and says, "You know that is a funny coincidence K.T. because the prototype you resemble is named Baby Katy and she's a huge part in our new line aimed at little girls being potty trained. She's the first step in our three step line. The next step is Toddler Katy, and the third step Little Katy. The other two dolls are duplicates of Baby Katy with the only difference in the clothes she wears and of course her undergarments. Step one utilizes diapers, step two training panties and step three pull-ups."

I then find out they are talking to my parents over the phone and I'll be returning here tomorrow morning but my mother is on her way right now! They even give me a present and that's a Baby Katy doll with a complete accessory pack that includes a stupid potty chair!

Look at this thing! Even my teacher Ms. Wallace gets in the act and says, "Now this would solve Kimmie's bathroom embarrassment. If he could use this instead of me helping him on and off one of the girl's toilets, we'd only have to empty it after he was done. I wouldn't have to clean and dry him off either."

She saw my expression chuckled and then winked at me, GEEZE! I was red as a fire truck! I saw a box of stupid girly disposable diapers and baby wipes a bottle and a sippy cup, even a couple of swimming suits with special diaper pants to wear underneath!

OH GOD, I couldn't believe all this stuff was for a stupid doll that goes potty both number one and two! It had special food and drink mixes, YUCK! The pee would really be yellow and the poop would look realistic, DOUBLE YUCK!

I'm shown everything in the accessory pack and even see a dress that comes with a matching diaper cover and I just shake my head. More chuckles!

My mother shows up and I run to her to escape this embarrassment as she scoops me up effortlessly in her arms and asks me what's going on.

I tell her all that I know and she ends up laughing when I describe the pee and poop mixes, the potty chair, and the stupid doll that almost looks like me.

She looks at the doll and says, "OH MY GOD, Kimmie, you look so pretty!"

OH NO, not her too!

She then gets introduced to everyone and of course she knows my teacher and Mrs. Whitley. My teacher has to leave with my class and the buss, so what does she do? She takes me from my mother's arms and gives me a hug and a kiss, and says, "Now Baby Katy you be a good girl for your mommy and your aunties."

OH GOD, she chuckles and hands me back to my now chuckling mother!

I'm sitting on my mother's lap as they have a nice long talk and I just keep shaking my head 'no, no, no! '

I don't win because my mother calls my father and within fifteen minutes I see my mother sign some papers and my next stop is at a beauty salon!

I try and beg, pout, and everything else to get out of this messy situation but mother is determined and tells me, "Honey this is a great opportunity for you Sweetheart. How many children your age get to be models and you'll even be in catalog ads, magazines, and possibly even on TV! You'll be making good money, be making special appearances and even probably be a famous celebrity with all the children."

I said, "Mother, what if I don't want to be any of those things?"

She looked at me as if I was the Nutso Crazy one and said, "You're too young to know what is best for you and your future Kimmie. Sometimes your parents have to make decisions based on what is best for you even if you don't agree with us at the time."

I was forced to look at the Baby Katy doll on the back seat sitting right next to me and I was actually jealous of her because she wasn't strapped into a car seat as I am! My size makes it mandatory by law that I'm strapped into a car seat and I hate every second of it!

My mother has me by the hand and the doll she's carrying under her other arm as we enter the beauty salon my mom goes to every month. They greet her and see me and then the doll, and then they all go Nutso Crazy as mom tells them the story!

Well, by the time they are done with me I do look like an exact duplicate of that stupid doll! Painted nails and everything! My eyelashes have been made darker, longer, and thicker, have been curled and coated with this stuff that makes them stiff as if they were made out of plastic!

My lips have been outlined with a darker pink that they used on my lips. My lips are a shiny wet looking pink and they now feel like they are made out of rubber!

My ears have been pierced, and my hair is now a lighter blond and full of curls! They even yanked out most of my eyebrows! I was one unhappy boy just then as one of the women started tickling me to make me laugh and she made me wet myself! I was mad then but they took me to a back room to get me washed up and mom disappeared!

I was horrified and scared because I was now naked until my mother showed up about a half hour later. She had two big shopping bags with her and I flipped when I saw what she wanted to put on me! I lost again after one good swat on my bottom. I was told it was my job now and I'd better be well behaved.

Mother said, "Katy, that's your stage name now Sweetheart, we want your daddy to see you looking as much like Baby Katy as possible so he believes you can do this. Once he sees you and agrees you look just like her, you can wear your boy's clothes again."

Great, I get baby powder sprinkled inside a Pampers Cruiser size 4 diaper with girly prints all over it, she sprinkles me with the powder once she slips it under my bottom, fastens the Velcro tapes and then has me step into a pair of terry cloth lined vinyl panties covered with pink nylon cloth and they even have three rows of pink lace ruffles covering my bottom!

I get a pair of socks with pink lace around the tops, and a pair of buckle on shiny pink Mary Jane shoes! A stupid poofy petticoat is dropped over me and then this stupid dress! The diaper panties show this thing is so short, especially with me wearing that poofy petticoat! Well everyone goes Nutso Crazy and my mother even has tears in her eyes, GEEZE!

The last touch is a bow pinned into my hair and they even give me a present of some jewelry called the Princess Collection! I have earrings, a necklace and a bracelet now! Look at this stuff! I look at myself in one of the big mirrors and almost wet myself again! I don't look like me anymore; I look just like that doll!

After the women in the salon go crazy for a few minutes I'm back strapped into my car seat and mother decides to stop and visit grandma! I try and get her not to but she says, "Now Katy I won't be able to be with you all the time and grandma is free all of the time. I'm sure she'll be happy to accompany you on the road when that time comes for your special appearances. I'll try and be with you most of the time but grandma I hope will always be with us and when I can't be there, she will."

Another woman going Nutso Crazy once she sees me and then hears the story. She tells me how proud of me she is and all that rot, and agrees to be with me all the time, I am after all her favorite granddaughter, GEEZE!

We finally make it home just before my father is to get home from work and we are busy emptying the car of the stuff that company gave me as presents. I'm holding the stupid doll up as my father pulls into the driveway. He gets out, takes one look and says,"K.T...."

Mother intervenes right then and says, "Almost right Bill, its Katy now, not K.T."

He chuckles and continues. "I can see the perfect match and I agree Judy, he's I mean she's perfect and we can't possibly pass on this great opportunity for Katy's future."

My fate was sealed right then and there. As soon as we got inside the house I asked if I could change into my boy clothes and father said, "Katy now that's just silly. You'd look very silly wearing boy clothes looking so much like a very pretty little girl. Why you'd have to remove all your makeup, your fingernail polish, your pretty jewelry, and you'd still have those pretty earrings in. Your hair is anything but boyish Katy. I think it best that you stay dressed as a little girl from now on, don't you think so?"

I said a very quick and loud, "NO father I don't!"

He chuckled and said, "I do, and it will be daddy from now on Katy."

Mother spoke up and said, "Yes Katy little girls call their parents mommy and daddy. You'll do the same from now on Punkin."

I asked to be excused to go to my room and 'daddy' said no that we were all going out and celebrate. 'Mommy' got excited and they went to change. I ran into my room and tried to do the same but all I could manage was getting the bottom half off. The dress and petticoat remained because I couldn't reach the darn buttons going up my back!

Mommy found me half undressed and the next thing I know is I'm being diapered with inserts put inside and then redressed the way I was before. I was given a stern lecture by both of them and then we left for a restaurant.

Mom, I mean Mommy was telling dad, I mean Daddy all about the chat she had and that I'll be starting out for the first few months as Baby Katy to establish the introduction of the Katy potty training line. After the first three months I would be Toddler Katy for most of the time and launch that line of accessories with Baby Katy making special appearances and continuing the Baby Katy ads. After 6 months the company figures Little Katy would make her appearance and launch that line of accessories. With Toddler Katy and Baby Katy making special appearances and so forth depending on demand.

Then they started talking about things that were very important to me, like school and vacations, and my free time. According to the contracts I had to remain as Katy all the time, except on my vacations! I would get one month of vacation a year split up the way my parents desired so long as they didn't interfere with major events.

School would be a problem and my parents with a company representative would be meeting with them tomorrow when I was at Randall's. I couldn't believe I had to stay dressed and looking like this all the time!

I butted in and asked, "What about when I want to play or go fishing and stuff?"

Daddy answered, "We can still do those things Katy but a few new rules will be in place. 1) I have to hear from your mommy that you were a very well behaved. 2) That you do everything you are asked and do it at your best ability. 3) Your schoolwork is completed and you maintain good grades and good behavior. If you do those things and do them consistently Katy I'll even promise you that lap top computer you've been wanting."

Wow, the lap top, but at what cost! I said in a depressed voice, "Yes Daddy, never mind, you don't have to get me the lap top because I don't think I can do this at my best ability. I don't like this at all and I don't want to do it. The kids and everybody else are already laughing at me. I may be little but I'm not stupid. I won't have any friends my age after today. The only thing the kids will want to do now is tease me and make fun of me. I don't want to go to school anymore."
Then 'daddy' picked me up and spanked me on my diapered butt and put me back in the booster seat, "That's enough of that young lady! We will decide all of that for you! Because of your ungrateful attitude, no laptop for you until you behave!"

GEEZ! I saw no hope for me at all now. This stupid doll was taking over my life! Pretty soon, there would be no more Kim Elen, only Katy! All that they wanted was my body so that it could model all of those stupid clothes for them. Mommy now saw me as a daughter that she had always wanted, but couldn't. And daddy saw dollar signs when he looked at me, not his son anymore.

Daddy made plenty of money as a mechanic overhauling the cabs for Southern Comfort Cab. He took the old Police Cruisers and rebuilt it from the inside out,then repainted them in the cab's patriotic colors. He was owner/operator of "Reliable Auto Detailers" and had rebuilt cars and trucks of all types.

Both of their cars were once Police Cruisers. But he was a tightwad about money and saw me as an unwanted expense since I had no job. Mom made extra money by doing alterations and knitting sweaters. Me, I couldn't do anything to earn money, so I was always disappointing him.

I couldn't help it that I was so small and delicate. I was born this way. I could sing like an angel, but dad never ever saw that as work or a way to make money, even though he saw many people had made money singing, he called them wimps.

Then we left the restaurant after several customers paid to have their pictures taken with me. I had to autograph them with: "Love You, From Katy." My poor hand started cramping from all of the signing, but dad would have me take more pictures then.

Finally, everybody had their pictures and the restaurant owner was very happy because of all of the extra sales he made thanks to me. In fact, we got to eat for free.

On the way to the car, I asked, "Daddy, how much money did I make?"

He chuckled, "You broke even Katy, the picture money covered the cost of the restaurant and gas."

I knew that he was happy NOT having to spend his money. And that he had lied about the money. I saw the manager refuse to accept dad's payment, saying that he couldn't accept when we had help to increase sales that day. I knew now that any that I earned would be spent by him and mommy so that they could save theirs. Knowing them, I would have to rely on the Church for any new boy clothes.

When we got home, I asked, "May I go to bed now please? I'm getting sleepy."

Daddy replied, "Go ahead Katy, go and think about just how ungrateful you are for this chance to make money.Very few children your age get the chance."

GEEZ! I knew that that money would be going to reimburse him for every cost that I had accumulated in his book and even afterwards, he'd horde my money as if it was his. He might love me, but he loved money all the more. Worst of all, he was now a hypocrite for having me be Katy.

"Oh don't worry daddy. That's exactly what I'm thinking about," I said sarcastically. I loved them, but they loved Katy even more. And I did not wanna be a girl either.

"Oh? Well that's good, you might just develop the proper mindset yet," he smiled as he thought about what I'd said. Then he started looking at a furniture catalog to replace our Thrift Store furniture and other goodies that he wanted.

I went straight to my room and closed the door. I started crying as I saw in my heart that everybody saw me as a living version of that doll and that if given a chance, they'd turn me into Katy. In fact, they pretty much already had. All that was needed was to make me Kat in my groin.

I knew about the difference between boys and girls and why we had separate toilets. I knew that girls had an "innie" while boys had an "outie" and that boys were dads and girls were moms, even if some dads stayed home while mom worked, dads were still dad and moms were still moms.

I knew that I was different because I did not like to roughhouse with the boys, yet I did not like dolls like girls do. I liked to read, draw, and sing. I really liked the Bible Stories and drew what I thought went on in the stories. Pastor Max loved my drawings and had them framed and hung in the Sunday School rooms.

In the past, my only real joy was singing in the Church for Pastor Max Blalock of the Amazing Grace Church where he treated me with love and respect. He made sure that others there treated me like a boy and he always gave me the cast offs from his sons wardrobe. But my dad called him lazy for not working and relying on others to pay his bills.

When I got to my desk, I sat there and wrote a letter for Pastor Max:

Pastor Max,

You have always been a true friend to me and made my time there in the Church a real Blessing. But everywhere else, I am seen a a little girl because of my size and beauty. You told me that GOD has a very special job for me, but now my parents have one for me that I hate and why I have chosen to go to Heaven. During a field trip to a toy factory, it was discovered that I look like this doll called Katy that they are selling. Well, the teachers and everybody saw me as Katy and when my parents found out, they chose to make me the live model. I CAN'T! WHEN I DO THAT, I WILL NO LONGER BE ME! My parents know that I hate dressing as a girl, but now, I must be Katy all the time. Well, I hope that they can use my body because I am going to Haven.

See you there one day, Your friend, K.T.
Then I put it in my offering envelope and put it in the window where Jogger John would get it and take it to the Church for me. Then I wrote a letter for my parents and left it unopened on my desk while I went to my nightstand where I kept my medicines. There was mom's sleeping pills that she kept there to help me sleep when I couldn't sleep or she was tired and made me sleep when I caught a cold.

I emptied the entire bottle into my mouth and swallowed them down with the soda that I kept there for my snack time. I was soon feeling sleepy and I lay down on my bed holding my Bible. It was as I was finally entering sleep that I heard A long, drawn out "NOOO!" as I went to Heaven.
There was a knock at the door and daddy went to the door, "Who is it please?"

"I am Stanley Thomas Randall, Owner of Randall Manufacturing. I am here to meet the young man who has been signed up to help sell my Katy Doll line. I want to personally thank him for modeling for me."

Daddy opened the door and saw a portly browned hair man with graying whiskers holding the only other living model of the Katy doll. " I am Bill Taylor, Katy's dad. I don't understand. Why do you need my child when she can easily do the job?"

Then my twin spoke up, " I am Margaret Caitlyn Randall, his daughter. I was ready to do it, but Mrs. Weatherly who signed your child K.T. up did not have the authority. I and my daddy Stan have the final say."

Mom spoke up as dad let them in and closed the door, "I am Judy Taylor, his mother. So, you do know the truth about K.T.?"

They sat down on the sofa, "Oh yes. When she had you to sign the contract, the stipulation that he must be Katy disturbs me as child abuse. Before I or my sister OK the agreement, we want to talk to K.T. alone to be sure that he agrees. That way, there is no abuse."

"You mean that our word means nothing? I am his dad and I have the final word on his doing anything. My word is Law here!"

"Then the contract is voided under Child Labor Laws as abusing him mentally. I can not in good conscious approve this. Too bad because I think that It would be nice to have signed him up. Good night." Then Stan got up, carrying his sister Maggie.

Daddy, sensed that he was about to lose, "OK, you win. He is in his room. It is at the end of the hall. Will that do?"

"For now, but if he does not want to be Katy, the deal is off, and we will alter the contract if he wishes it too. He chooses whether or not to be Katy, not you nor me."

"Very well, I just want what's best for my son."

Then momma intervened before dad could ruin everything, "How old are you Maggie?"

"I am K.T.'s age, why ma'am?"

"You are small like him."

"Yes, because of drugs that my mommy took, I am small, she died at childbirth so that I could live." Then she buried her head in Stan's shoulder as she wept for the momma she never had.

"So you can see why I am concerned about K.T. He must suffer as my daughter does. When she was born, she spent six months in the hospital because she was so frail. And even now, she can easily catch a cold."

"No drug caused his small size. Any children we have will be small like him, and as his dad, I couldn't see causing that grief to other children."

"Well, that's a choice that I wish that I could make, but after Shelly died, I couldn't love another woman. Luckily, I have a sister to help with Katy," then Stan knocked on my door and entered when dad gave his permission when I did not answer.

"NOOOOOOOO!" he exclaimed as Maggie jumped down and ran by his side as he scooped me up.

"Daddy, is he dead?"

He felt my pulse, "Almost Maggie, go get the car seats ready while I carry the poor child."

Dad stepped in front of Stan, "YOU'RE NOT TAKING MY SON ANYWHERE!"

Then Stan grabbed my much taller dad by the throat and threw him into mom. "YOU TWO DON'T DESERVE TO BE PARENTS! HE SUICIDED BECAUSE OF YOU! I AM TAKING HIM AWAY TO STAY WITH ME! WHEN YOU SIGNED THE CONTRACT, I GAINED ALL AUTHORITY OVER HIM! NOW HE IS MY SON!" he shouted to my parents.

"But he's my son! Not yours! Why are you taking him away?"

"If you truly loved him, he would not have despaired. If he awakens to find you are still his father, he may withdraw. Do you want that?"

"No I don't, [sigh] I let my love of money replace my love for my son. And he paid the price. If he survives, may we see him?"

Stan softened and hugged the distraught parents, "The choice will be his," then he drove me to the hospital with my former parents following not far behind.
Heavens is beautiful! I see so many pretty angels of different ages and colors! Boy angels, girl angels, and angels that are flying around without anything on! Pastor Max taught me it's what's in your hearts, in your minds, and in your soul that counts. Not what your body looks likes. Then as I get there, I find that I now have wings, so I fly! I fly all on my own I'm flying with all the other angels and its fun! I giggle and giggle, they are giggling and laughing and they lead me to this beautiful mountain that I land on of glittery colors and a rainbow shoots out of it and goes on forever and forever!

Then I hear a baritone Voice, "K.T. will you sing to Jesus?"

Oh do I want to sing! I don't have to close my eyes anymore, all the colors and the music and the pretty sounding voices, and the brightest light of all is shining right on me! I knew this Light was Jesus taking away my fears and doubts.

I sang a song I didn't think I knew, but I know it now and a lot more than that! I sang and sing and it feels so wonderful just to give and give and give! The more I sing and give of myself from myself, I feel better and better, fuller and fuller, I feel so good that I have to sing and giggle! I now knew what it means to "Sing a joyful noise unto the Lord.

The song that I sang is my special song of Joy. I sang about my life and how all that I wanted was to be loved. I am no longer feeling bad about being so small for my age. I know that I am loved for who I am and here, I am not being forced to be who or what I am not. When I finish singing, I'm in the light! I'm almost part and parcel of the light, but something is keeping me from becoming one with the light and I hear in my soul, "Welcome to Heaven K.T. I am pleased to meet the Singing Angel of Amazing Grace Church."

Then I see a man whose picture was in my Church, on the Cross, "Are You Jesus?"

"Yes I am. Do you want to meet anybody here?" he asked as He held me gently.

"No, [giggle] but your whiskers tickle [giggle]. You ever shave?"

He laughed heartily, "This is the first time that I've ever been told that K.T. There are no clippers here, although there are barbers and beauticians."

"Good, because they made me look like that doll," I sighed.

"Up here, you never have to worry about that."

"Cool, but did I do wrong in coming here?"

"Well, although you did come here the way that you did, you can return."

"But Jesus, I don't want to go back! My parents will make me be Katy!"

"K.T. If you go back, you will never need to worry about that ever again. You will have a new family that will care for you and let you be who you are. And if you wish, you may still see your birth family."

"OK Jesus. I trust You. But will I still sing for Pastor Max? I love singing for him."

"Oh yes. He would be mad at me if you ever quit singing," he laughed.

"Is it time for me to go back now?"

"K.T. You have yet much to do! Rejoice in this gift you have received, few others have received such a gift and yet returned to those that love them. Your new family needs you, the world needs you. You understand the truth of the true self. Bodies are a tool to use to serve, as needed nothing else. It is what is within that body that counts for everything. To give from within ones own heart, to dwell within ones soul and live that life, that identity is the secret humankind has shunned and lost long ago."

"With my new family?"

"Yes K.T. You must lead them and seek out those in between, those that are caught between body and soul. For they are far closer to Me than those that claim they proclaim My Word!"

"Like Pastor Blalock?"

"Yes, he truly proclaims My Word. Go back to your new family that loves you for who you are. You have done well Little Angel of Amazing Grace Church; My gifts to you will be shown to you as they are needed. Be happy K.T.; your place with Me is assured."

I'm happy, but I'm sad too. I know what though, I'm really needed and wanted back home with my new family now. I fly back down to where I see my body in a hospital bed with a young Santa and a twin of me there. As I float down to my hospital room, I hear Jesus say, "You are a gift from Me to those you give of yourself to help my Little Angel. Remember it is I who does these things through you. Never loose that thought my Little Angel, it is I who does these things through you!"

Then I woke up and saw a smiling Santa with brown hair cuddling me," Welcome back K.T. I am Stan Randall. I am glad that you are OK."

"Why? So that I can be Katy for you too? " I giggled.

"Only if you want to. When your parents signed the contracts, they gave up all rights to you. Do you want to go back to them? It's your choice."

"No way! They want me to be that Katy, not myself!"

Then I saw a living Katy wearing a very pink skirted leotard and tights on the bed standing there like a gunfighter, " [giggle] Them thar's fighting words Pardnuh! [giggle] Cause I am the real Katy," she giggled.

I looked down and saw that I was blue tights and a black top like a boy ballerina and I could see that my boy bits were there, "[giggle] Do I now have a twin?"

"Not quite K.T. You two are 4th cousins. I am her daddy."

"And why am I dressed in blue? And why am I wearing tights?"

"Because I am the living model for Katy, we want for you to be the model for her twin brother K.T."

"[giggle] If I am K.T. [giggle] and you're Katy, [giggle] won't that confuse people?"

"The new name for my doll will be "Maggie" if you'll be K.T."

"But why was it not Maggie before?"

Then she hung her head, [sniff,sniff] "Katy is the name of my momma, [sniff,sniff] she died giving birth to me. [gulp] You're very lucky K.T. [sniff, sniff] You have a mommy," she wept.

I hugged her and we sat down, I liked the way that the tights looked on her much better than on me, " Maggie, that's sad. I have a mom and dad, but they're not very nice to me. But now I have a twin sister and Santa for a daddy," I smirked as I saw her smile, then giggle, causing me to giggle with her.

"So, you mean that I have a new daddy and mommy? What do I do with the original?" she giggled.

"Oh GEEZ! If you want them, I'll trade you two-for-one," I laughed so hard that I almost wet myself. I had to run to the potty right quick, luckily, there was a child's potty there for me.

"Hey you two! I am NOT for sale at any price! That does it! No liver and onions for you two, you'll suffer with a tickle," he laughed as he tickled us until we both wet ourselves.

Then I saw a cute blond woman wearing a black knee length dress with sparkly stars all over, her legs were encased in white hose, under strappy flat sandals, "OK Stan, you know that Katy wets herself when you tickle her! Now she's got to shower and change," she fumed until Stan held up a white hanky in surrender. Then she giggled.

"Sorry Angel, but at times, I can't help it. And you know that at times that the poppet asks for it," he chortled at her stern face that softened as she looked over at me and Maggie.

"[giggle] Hiya Angel! [giggle] Meet my new twin brother K.T. [giggle]"

"K.T. This is my sister Angel. She is a nurse."

"My Oh my! You DO look like Maggie. Now why are you her twin?"

I couldn't say anything because all of a sudden, I saw my dad and mom making me over into Katy, and I started to cry, "Easy there Bro, nobody's gonna hurt you anymore," she said as she hugged me.

I smiled, "Thanks Sis, for a moment, I saw my real mom and dad making me be you.'

"EEEEEEEEEEW! Yuck! No wonder you wanted to cry! Now I don't wanna know them anymore. That first time was enough!"

Then Angel scooped us both up and put us in the shower, "You two are wet with pee, shower and I'll get a change for both of you."

"Please Miss Angel, no diapers for me. I'll wear girl's clothes since Maggie's a girl, but no dolly stuff."

Then Stan held up a blue cowgirl jeans and top with matching boots, "Don't worry, Maggie has plenty of jeans and sweats. But all we have are panties, no boy's briefs."

I looked over at Maggie who was dancing as Miss Angel brought out a pink version, "[giggle] Oh GEEZ! [giggle] That's OK, [giggle] as long as I get the blue, [giggle] not the pink."

Then we stepped into the shower where I saw a girl version of myself, Like me, she was not fat. her body was baby smooth and delicate. We helped each other by washing each other's backs and hair, then we stepped out into big fluffy towels and carried to the bed.

"Well K.T. Now that you've seen Maggie, what do you think about being her twin?" Stan was quickly, expertly, dressing me as he spoke.

"I like her OODLES and SCOODLES, but we should have separate bedrooms." I knew that I could see her as my girlfriend and didn't want to hurt her.

"Because you might want her as your girlfriend is understandable. Don't worry, you'll have your own bedroom, and when or if you need to talk, come to me."

"GOLLY GEEZ! How did you know?"

Then I saw his belly imitate Jello, " HO! HO! HO! We dad's know when a boy fancies their daughter. And Maggie fancies you something fierce."
WOW! Maggie fancies me and her dad likes me! What a new family I have! I am happy at last! Now I have the loving family that treats me with respect and love. I no longer worry about others teasing me about my size or calling me a sissy. No, my new family will not let anybody do that. Now I am free to love and cuddle like I love doing, knowing that my new daddy sees me for the boy that I am.

I am a small platinum blond boy with large expressive blue eyes. My friends call me K.T. and even though I am a boy, people see me as a little girl, even those that know better. All too often, I was purposefully targeted by bullies who wanted to humiliate me, daddy told me to go ahead and defend myself with the karate I had learned. They only targeted me once, after that, I was left alone.

My birth daddy and momma may have loved me, but they love money OODLES and SCOODLES more. When momma was pregnant with me, she got sick and the medicine she took, made me into a very small boy and made it to where I'd be an only child.

I was very weak at first and stayed in the hospital for six months, costing them lots of money. Because of that, Daddy wanted for me to find away to make money, but my small size limited what I could do.

Then when they saw that I could make money for them, they sold me to my new family who love me. Now I wanted to talk to them about what happened.
"GOLLY GEE! my birth parents will be happy knowing that I have a cute sister and Santa for a daddy."

"We know, that's why daddy wants to adopt you," she smiled warmly.

"I'd like that, but I still love them too."

Stan picked us both up and we settled into his strong arms, "You can still see them, and they will get the money you make as a model if you wish it. It is all up to you."

"Then let them have the money as long as I have enough for my needs."

"OK K.T. Now we need to get you some clothes of your very own unless you want yours from your mom and dad."

"As long as I don't wear dresses or skirts! I will wear tights to dance in as long as I am a boy."

"You got it kiddo! I've had fun getting Maggie her clothes, now I get to get you boy clothes to match."
My family new really does love me, and I'm going to be a real boy now with a twin sister. I can see us having fun as we play and I know that when we get into trouble, that our daddy will loves us anyway.

My old daddy and mommy had always been quick to spank me when they thought that I was being bad, and even when they knew that I was not, they never apologized to me. I do love them, but I love my new daddy oodles more and my new sister double oodles more.

I know that my attempted suicide was the way that Jesus chose to give me a loving family. I was finally able to relax and be myself with him. That's where I found out that I had a heart full of giggles ans oodles and oodles of love.
"K.T. Halloween is next week, want to be Peter Pan and me Tinkerbell?"

"Will I be wearing tights then?"

Stan spoke up, "Yes, you will be dressed like Disney's Peter Pan, unless you would rather not. And your doll will have a Peter Pan costume too. You pick which one."

Then I stood up and hugged Stan who blushed, [giggle] "I don't mind wearing tights as a part of a costume or for ballet,[giggle] but why not different costumes? [giggle] That way a boy can be Peter without tights."

"OK K.T. We will do that. I guess that you know best, " he laughed.

"Daddy Stan, I just don't wanna have other boys feel bad about wearing tights. I know how it feels to be embarrassed."

He hugs me back and has tears in his eyes, " No K.T. We will not do that to either boys are girls. That is why we need you to help us do things right."

Then we heard a scream and saw Maggie jumping up and down, as she threw a fit. She looked real cute as she let the panties show as she got mad, "HEY! WHAT ABOUT ME! WHAT AM I? CHOPPED LIVER?"

I go over to her and hug her, "[giggle] No way Hosea! [giggle] You're too cute to be chopped liver. [giggle] But can't I have a snuggle with our daddy?" I laughed.

"OK K.T. I guess that I got jealous of you. You are a cutey boy you know," she replied as she hugged me.

Then I spanked her on her tushy, [giggle] Bad girl Maggie." [giggle]


"Because you showed your panties when you threw a fit," I smiled mischievously.

"OK, I won't do anything THIS time, but do it again and I will slug you!" she replied with a very mean scowl, then she broke out in giggles when I hugged her and giggled.

Then there was a knock on the hospital room, "Is my son OK? I know that I've lost him, but I need to tell him that I do love him."

Stan and Angel both motioned for me to speak. I looked at them and Maggie and saw love flowing out from them to me. Then I grew confidant that I could face them,[giggle] "Yes dad and mom, [giggle] I am here, [giggle] please come in and meet my new family [giggle]," I offered merrily.

They came in, looking weary and haggard. his once immaculate self now looking rumpled in a wrinkled suit and she looked like a Barbie doll after the cat had played with it. They both ran up and hugged me as I held open my arms and we all cried oodles of tears.

"K.T. I was wrong to have loved money more than you. I let my dad's teaching turn me into a Scrooge," confessed to me, looking me in the eye."

"I love you too dad, I just wanna be myself, not some doll."

"Oh Kelly, when I saw all of those clothes, all that I saw was the daughter that I always wanted."

I hugged her, "That's OK mom, Now I have a sister. If you ask, she may be your daughter, but I will always be your son."

Then Maggie spoke up, "At first, I hated you for being mean to K.T. But I see that he loves you and forgives you. So I wanna be your daughter."
Then Angel and Maggie went with me to get my new wardrobe after we sleep. I am given a blue Doctor Dentin's and Maggie a pink one. Although I had to wear a panties, it had no frills or lace. They were from Batgirl Underoos and I wore the top too. Maggie chose Wonder Woman Underoos and looked very cute in those star spangled undies.

In the morning, I am woke up by momma, "Wake up Sweetie, after a big breakfast, you get to go out with Angel while your dad and I talk with Stan."

"Oh? What are y'all gonna talk about?"

"We want for it to be a surprise K.T."

"OK, [giggle] but if I am to start being Maggie's kitten, [giggle] I quit!"

"OK, Drat! you took away the surprise!" she laughed as she took me over to the tub in my bathroom, "After your bath, I have your baseball uniform for you. I got it from the Cleaners last night."

Then I got into a tub of warm, sudsy water and had fun playing with my sponge shark and Nerf fish. All too soon, mom got me rinsed off and dried with a big thirsty towel. Then I put on undies that mom brought with and my uniform socks. My uniform was from the Peewee League that dad sponsored, "John's Patriots", I was the Shortstop.

Angel got Maggie ready, she combed out her hair in little sections, then rolled the sections on curlers, making her into Shirley Temple. When she is through, Maggie's locks are all curly and her sparkly blue eyes are framed with luscious black lashes and brows. Then Angel paints her nails a pretty pink and spritzes on a strawberry-vanilla smelly on Maggie.

Maggie then puts on tan pantieshose and her matching white camisole and panties. Then she puts on her white blouse, blue sweater vest and red pleated miniskirt with blue knee-hi socks and red tennis shoes. Angel hands her a pair of pom-poms that she hooks onto her sweater and picks up her cheer horn and they come to my room.

"[giggle] GEEZ! You look real cute Maggie, [giggle] but Shirley Temple was never a cheerleader."

She pointed at me, "Nor was she ever a Shortstop." she giggled.

I looked at myself in the mirror and saw what she was giggling about. GEEZ! I looked like Shirley Temple too.

"Why do we look like Shirley Temple?"

Maggie hugged me, K.T. I love Shirley Temple. That's why a lot of my clothes look like what she wore in her movies. Am I not feisty like her?"

"Yeah, I've watched her movies on cable and GEEZ! We could BOTH play her. Oh yeah, I'm not gonna spank you for being naughty THIS time."

"What are you talking about spanking my niece Buster?"

"K.T. spanked me for showing my panties last night."

Angel hugged me, "I see that you're gonna be her overprotective brother."

"Yep, as I said, she gets away today."


"She's a cheerleader, they can't help but flash their panties."

We all had OODLES and SCOODLES of giggles, then we went down to breakfast. Daddy and Stan were making us lots ans lots of waffles in the waffle iron. Daddy loved to make waffle batter with different yummy extras that made each Saturday breakfast fun. Stan had added lotsa condiments ans various syrups and butter.

"Hello K.T. Good news. We are all now one family," said daddy has he scooped me up and hugged me.

I squealed and hugged him as the girls all squealed and danced around, "Is this the big surprise?"

"Yes. Stan and I found that we are a lot alike now that I've given up greed."

I was very happy! Here I was with both of my families eating my most favorite breakfast. I was adopted into their family and together with my new sister, became the Trouble Twins who had misadventures told in cartoons and comics. Maggie and I were tutored by a very giggly teacher Angel who loved us as her own children. Auntie Angel never married and never had any kids, so she saw us as hers.

Stan and Angel are brother and sister. They have the same mom, but different dads. As for my parents, they have moved into a house nearby and daddy now has a shop where he works and mom is a teacher.

I'm so happy, my heart doesn't hurts no more, and I feels better than I ever feels before!

Everyone is crying, but now I know, they are all happy tears! I hope you like my story, I told it to you so you could be just as happy as me! I loves you alls OODLES and SCOODLES! (that means lots, and lots!)
The End

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