Kelly's Journey-Book 2

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Kelly's Journey
Book 2

By Stanman63

Edited By Nora- Adrienne with Special Thanks To JennaFl For Proofing
and to Heather Rose Brown for the Illustration!

Synopsis: Kelly meets a younger version of herself, while her Family and friends continue in their lives, unaware that Kelly's enemy learns about the news and plots his next actions..


* * *

As I was reviewing case, I got a call from Pastor Patrick, "Hello, Kelly. How are you doing?"

"Fine, Patrick. And how are you?"

"Everything is fine, here, but there is a young boy who needs your help." Kelly is the best help for this child. She knows what will happen having been through it in her journey.

"Does he feel that he is a girl?"Am I about to meet a younger version of myself?

"That's what you need to determine. So far, he has shown a tendency to wear dresses when not in school."

"OK, send the child to me and I'll see what's happening."

* * *

The child, Jesse Stewart proved to be a girl at Heart. The ten year old came to me wearing a pink GIRL POWER t-shirt, matching denim skort white tights and red Maryjane shoes.

I saw a lot of myself in her at that age, the big difference was that she chose to be a girl while my girlhood was forced upon me when I was her age by that demented doctor.

Knowing that there were others like him out there, I had set up my practice in order to prevent such atrocities and now worked with Erin who did the actual surgery and with Sarah and Nora as counselors.

I could only hope that her parents would listen to us and not prevent her becoming who she wanted to be. I knew firsthand the despair of rejection and how it could devastate one's life.

After seeing her, I found out that she is an orphan being fostered by Pastor Patrick and his wife. They'd wanted children, but she couldn't carry a child due to a childhood accident, so they fostered children to quell their longing.

* * *

Johnny was coaching Wood's Family Restaurant at the Tri-County Community Center. The team was made up of boys and girls wearing a red baseball jersey and blue shorts with red socks and regulation cleats.

He saw Glenda Peterson enter and head his way wearing her trademark leotard and tights, "Johnny, you got a minute?" Damn, he looks good! That Kelly is one lucky lady.

"Sure, what do you need?" Does she EVER dress any differently, or does she enjoy giving young boys a thrill at seeing her like that? I've had to send more than one to the showers from his excitement.

"Do you have any cheerleaders for your team?"

"There are twenty teams currently. You have enough for every team?" Can't fault the idea. Julie was one cute cheerleader.

"Not just me, but the All Star Cheer Academy has plenty in every age group that you might need."

"Why hasn't Doris contacted me about this?" Does Gloria have an ulterior motive?

"Oh, Johnny! Miss Marple thinks the world of you and Kelly, but is too busy with her girls to call you." OK, Doris. I'm doing this for both of us. Please have the girls ready.

"I can authorize for my team, but you'll need to talk to the Team Captains. Need a list?"

"Yes, that'd help, thanks."

Johnny passed her a list, "Glenda, what about your dance class?" Now to find out her reason for really coming.

"My girls want to cheer for you in thanks for doing the Rainbow Scouts."

* * *

Johnny loved children and found that coaching fulfilled that love while letting him also fulfill his other dream of coaching. It began back when we were students and we played in every sport that the school had. It was then that he found that he was a natural leader.

His parents were very proud of him, for he'd also learned about operating Woods' Enterprises from his father and had promised to take over whenever his father chose to retire. This was a private joke as even he lived in semi retirement, letting each business operate with a minimum of input from him. He believed in the strength of small businesses when properly supported by a network of other small business, which is how Woods' Enterprises was set up.

Johnny was now using what he learned from his father to help coach his students properly, and having free access to any of the Woods' Enterprises restaurants was a big help, too. Johnny had also started up a Rainbow Scout Den with him and Mark as Scoutmasters and me and Julie as Den Mothers meeting in the Tri County Methodist Church thanks to Pastor Patrick. The Rainbow Scouts were created to meet the growing needs of transgendered scouts since many were denied acceptance due to prejudice in the Scouts by churches or community centers that sponsored Scouting.

The Rainbow Scouts met on Tuesday evenings after school and went camping once a month at the many camping grounds located anywhere from the mountains down to the lake and river where the Scouts earned their Merit Badges and Rankings. It was not unheard of for a Scout to have a Ranking in both the Boy Scouts Division and the Girl Scout Division. All that a Scout had to do was dress in the proper uniform.

As a Den Mother, for the Cub Scouts, I wore the blue blouse with skirt, skort or shorts and the green version for the Girl Scouts. When it came to camping, we separated the scouts by gender to avoid any problems and kept a careful watch out for any hanky panky. That's why we kept males and females separated in the cabins. I remember all too well just how raging hormones could cause problems, because when I was younger, I lost focus where Johnny was concerned. I was confusing love with lust and was ready to give myself to him, which would have been a disaster as I was still a boy at the time.

But thanks to Aunt Debbie and my Grandparents, I learned the self control needed, but at the cost of my innocence. It was only after Johnny and I were finally ready, that we got married and I wouldn't have it any other way. I know that I can trust Johnny after everything that we've been through that tested us both beyond the breaking point, only to strengthen us against most anything that Life could hurl against us.

* * *

Back on the farm, Aunt Debbie and Augustus were feeding the ducks at the pond after their night of passion. Debbie was wearing a red rose swimdress with pink hose and Gus was wearing a blue polo and denim shorts.

"What will your parents say about you being pregnant?" Dad will be thrilled to have a grandchild.

"We don't know that I am, yet, even if we did give it the old college try," she sighed.

"Did I hurt you?" Was I too rough last night?

"No, I'm just a bit sore. Every woman gets that way their first time." Bet he never thought about that.

"I didn't know."

"Gus, you are the first man who I ever wanted in me. After my transition, I've wondered what it would be like to have a man in me, and believe me when I say that those dildoes are a far cry from the real thing." Still get a chuckle out of Kelly's humorous name for them, even if it's well known.


"What women use when a man is not available, or in my case, a way to keep myself open as my vaginal tract would close if not for frequent exercise."

"Oh. and now it turns out that they weren't needed. Right?"

"No, not now. Now, I'll need nursing bras and a pump for when I express milk or our child."

"Express milk?"

"When I bottle my milk for our child so others can feed her, if they wish."

"Can't wait to tell your parents."

"Me too, My Love."

* * *

Momma and Constable Sebastian were fixing dinner after working on his house. The contractors had completed the rewiring and replaced all of the old plumbing, but would return later to do the roof and doors and windows. His house was a converted cinder block office building with a full basement turned into a game room and indoor pool with the garage being a brick two story that they had converted into a studio apartment for Gus.

The house was basically sound except for the attic and a few windows that let in the cold in the winter. The refurbishing was his way of getting on with his life. In his off-time, Constable Sebastian like to volunteer his time helping single mothers when not fishing or helping out in the Church. To honor him for his dedication, the Church paid for refurbishing his home.

Constable Sebastian had spent his entire career trying to incarcerate Linden Avery for his crimes, only to be thwarted by corrupt politicians and police outside of his jurisdiction who were paid off by Avery to shield him as he continued his attacks upon the Transgendered Community in the Tri-County area. Now that he had reached retirement age, He wanted to spend more time fishing at the lake and helping out in the Church. He was quite the handyman when it came to fixing things around the house, but preferred to let the professionals handle the big jobs.

"Well, Terri, how do you like my place, now?" She is as beautiful as her daughter Kelly. I can see why Stu married her.

"Renee, the wood paneling and solid wood furniture suits you to a "T". And I couldn't be any happier," she sighed happily. For the first time since Stu died, my Heart is alive. I am finally ready. Renee is the lucky man.

"Am I glad to hear that. Because I find that I keep thinking about you."

"And I you."

"Do you think that Kelly would approve of us?" She is the only one who can stand in our way.

"I have no doubt that she will, why?"

"As your daughter, only she can truly have any say so about us dating or marrying," he sighed as he admitted his fear.


"Terri, It'd do my Heart good to hear her say so, OK?"

She hugged him, "OK, want to tell her now?"

"Not just yet."

"When then?"

"After we eat. Go and get ready, and I'll take you out to dinner."

* * *

In the PEACEFUL REST CEMETERY, a young man in a black three piece suit was kneeling in front of a granite tombstone with the legend

*FEBRUARY 2, 1958

OCTOBER 31,2009


"Father, you died before you could end the abomination known as Kelly Lee Moore, now known as Kelly Lee Woods. She married the man who you chose to cause her to despair of Life, which she did.

"But that other abomination that was Brian who became Debbie, after the attack prevented her demise. Now, Kelly and Johnny are married. A sure sign that the ENEMY has corrupted the Tri-County area in the form of the Constable and your former church.

"As your only son, I vow to complete your mission against Kelly and her family. I simply await the means, father. Then I know that the heavens will rejoice."

He turned away and got into a black Crown Victoria stretch limo and it drove off, leading another one out the gate to an old church that he had bought, being renovated for his purposes.

His father's original church had been a causality of his WAR AGAINST KELLY when Constable Sebastian had raided it when Julie was kidnapped by him and his followers.

Even though most of the congregation had left him after that, when he died, his son was able to find a following of close-minded people who believed as he did and form his counter to Pastor Patrick and the Tri-County United Methodist Church.

* * *

Momma and Poppa Woods were unloading THE ROSE from the delivery truck into the lake when they met Hob unexpectedly wearing a PARK RANGER uniform.

"Hobbie, why are you wearing that uniform?" asked Momma Woods.Is he honoring Stu?

"After retiring, I moved up here and became a volunteer. I am in charge of registering any watercraft." It feels good to be pounding a beat again. I missed this when I got behind the desk.

"So, you're not really a PARK RANGER?" asked Poppa Woods.

"No, not really. Look at my badge," he said pointing to his left chest where PARK RANGER VOLUNTEER?" was emblazoned. Now I know what Stu saw out here.

"Why a volunteer?" asked Poppa Woods as he paid the dock personnel for tending to the THE ROSE. Have to admit that he looks younger than he did at the wedding.

"Mister Woods, I'm too old and can't pass the physical. But being a retired POLICE OFFICER?, I still get to carry my gun," he chuckled as he patted his gun. He was lucky in never having to fire it except during target practice.

Momma Woods led them to THE ROSE now resting in her berth where the dock personnel had placed it, "Come, Hob and dine with us and tell us about it." Old Hobbie just needs to talk with us.

I couldn't agree more. It's been way too long since we've sat down and talked. "Yes, it's been a while since we've been together. And it's high time to rectify that," said Poppa Woods gave the keys to the dock personnel who returned the truck to the rental company.

"OK, are you about to start up your grill?"

Poppa Woods laughed, we do have some steaks and spuds for grilling. But can you drink wine while on duty?"

"I just called in. So I'm game."

They retired to galley on THE ROSE. where Poppa Woods soon had their dinner grilling and everybody was soon sipping wine.

"Andre, Chuck, why are you two buying this boat?" They only do something like this for Kelly and Johnny, but with everybody either married or about to marry, anything is possible.

"Well, with our children marrying and having children of their own, we felt that it was time to expand on the log cabin," said Poppa Woods.

"But from what I know, it belongs to Johnny, not you two."

"Hobbie, he doesn't own the dock, nor the other lot by his cabin," advised Momma Woods.

"Building another cabin?" Now I know that something big is going on.

"Actually, two. one in the lot next to Johnny's which will be modeled after our home in the city and a similar one down at the dock," replied Poppa Woods.

"But how are you two gonna hide all of this if they should decide to go to the cabin?" Knowing him, he has it covered.

"They live there, Hobbie. And are used to seeing construction going on around them as CAMP FELLOWSHIP is being built by the TRI-COUNTY COMMISSION. What they don't know about is our secret," added Momma Woods.

"I am surprised that they don't know already, considering who Kelly is," he smirked as Poppa Woods served up dinner.

"Right now, when those two aren't doing bedroom gymnastics, Kelly is a counselor and Johnny a coach. They haven’t had the time to even begin to explore," said Poppa Woods. It's like those two are making up for lost time.

"OK, Are the new additions for them?"

"THE ROSE is named in honor of Kelly and will probably be given to Debbie and your son," replied Momma Woods.Can't tell him, or he'd spill the beans. This way, I can still keep things hidden as he only deals with facts and never has been one for rumor.

"Are you two not sure?"

"Well, there are four new families now: Kelly and Johnny, Julie and Mark, Debbie and Gus, and possibly you and Terry. So we don't know quite what to do, Hobbie," admitted Poppa Woods.

"Well, Renee told me that Terri is helping him to remodel his place and I think that she'll be staying with him, before long and there's Stu's old place as well as the garage. And Debbie has her loft in the city and can build a place on the farm, so seems to me that everybody needs to get together and talk."

* * *

After dinner, Hob went with them as they docked THE ROSE and they dropped him off home while they headed for their home.

"Charlie, I know that THE ROSE was originally to be for Debbie, but now it seems better to give it to Kelly. But you seemed to know that before I said anything." Am I about to see him admit to using his business savvy on family dynamics?

"Anne, I told him what I did so that if anybody discovers the ROSE and cabin, they won't know who it's for. That's why I am making sure that everybody has a home."

"And what about the others?" Yep! I just have, the rascal.

"Julie and Mark can have Stu's old place, or the poolhouse, or the kid's clubhouse to choose from. I think that they'll have plenty to choose from."

She hugged Poppa Woods, "You have certainly seen ahead about things where I couldn't."

"That's why we are a perfect match. And why what we've done will help them when the time comes."

"It's funny that neither of us could do this before Kelly was Tinkerbell."

"I know, Kelly seems to have a strange gift that makes her friends and family better."

* * *

Granny and Grandpa were busy on the farm, looking at an old barn that a tree had collapsed in a storm. It was used for storage, so no animals were lost, but the farming equipment had to be housed in a new barn being built.

"Joe, what will we do about the old barn?" He always comes up with a way to salvage things.

"I was thinking that since Debbie has started living in town and Kelly and Julie are married and Terri seems to like Renee, that we could either convert it into a big house where everybody could stay, or into a couple of smaller houses."

"Joe, we already have those houses for the workers." Now to the heart of the matter.

"I know, Liza Jane. But those are not anywhere near our home, being across the street," he sighed.

"You still miss Kelly, don't you?"

He looked away with tears in his eyes, "Yes, when she came to us, she rekindled the fire in my Heart. Until then, I was an old man, her innocence revived my failing spirit."

"Mine too, Joe. But I have the feeling that she and Johnny will make us great-grandparents before too long." Will he believe me? It took seeing Kelly married to Johnny for me to start believing, myself.

"No doubt that Charlie will use his connections to streamline the adoption process."

"Yes, but I am counting on her and Debbie to do it the way that we had Terri and Debbie."



"You actually believe that they'll give birth?" I know how much Debbie wants that, and no doubt, Kelly. Could Kelly's magic be so powerful? Or should I say God be so Merciful?

"Joe, ever since our son Brian became Debbie, I knew that she'd in time give us grandchildren, and when Kelly came along, great-grandchildren."

"Are you sure that it's not wishful thinking on your part?" I have to be sure.

"Yes, Joe. Just as I knew that you loved me and not that Frank Weller who tried to take credit for your repairing Daddy's grandfather clock and graffenola."

"How did you know that it was me?" he blushed as he asked.

"Dad and I could smell the oil you used that was still in your overalls. That's when I knew that we'd have a large family."

"OK, but what about Debbie and Kelly?"

"I see them both holding a new born as they are nursing the infant. How can that be unless they gave birth?"

* * *

Back at the church, the son of the Beast gets news that will have repercussions for me.

"Margaret, why are you here and not back at work?"

"I have news about Kelly and Debbie that you should here."

"What is that?"

"BOTH are fully female and can give birth."

He reared his head back and howled in laughter until he was hoarse, then drank down a bottle of red wine, "This is most wonderful! What better way to destroy Kelly than to take her child from her?"

* * *

To Be Continued...