Miss Twin Lakes

Miss Twin Lakes
By Stanman63
Edited By Nora Adrienne
Synopsis: When a city holds a beauty pageant where men dress as women to raise funds for the USO, a young trans-girl triumph over her fear, leads to a new life.

You wouldn't think that a geeky boy would find love and happiness as a woman, but I have, and it's all thanks to my town's unique way to honor America's Military.

My name is Jody Drew Sanderson: winner of the Miss Rainbow Pageant of Twin Rocks Alabama and on my way to college with my husband, Hannibal Sebastian Sanderson.

When we met in Twin Rocks Grammar School, I was Jody Drew Whitehorse, proud brave of the Cherokee Nation. Like my dad, Joey Lee Whitehorse, I am blessed with no facial hair, but while he looks like Jay Silverheels who played 'TONTO' in the LONE RANGER TV series, I look more like 'Snooki' on Jersey Shores.

Hannibal Sebastian Sanderson is a nimble and quick athlete whose small stature made him a perfect quarterback and jockey. But he'd rather play golf and tennis like I do at the Twin Rocks Community Center.

The Twin Rocks Community Center has the traditional basketball court gymnasium that doubles as a ballroom with an auditorium underneath, and football field and three softball fields. But the Twin Rocks Community Center also has a skating rink, tennis courts and golf range that makes being a member so much fun.

Han and I had graduated from Twin Rocks High School and were getting ready to head off to college when I saw this bulletin outside of the office.
"Well, Bud, are you entering? I did it last year and had a blast," said Han.

"I don't know. I want to see Coach Bradford before I do anything."

Coach John Bradford was the Boy's Head Coach for Twin Rocks High School. Under his leadership, the school's teams had a knack of winning the State Championships while his wife Coach Lily Bradford led the girl’s team to their championships. Both were middle aged and still able to do what they asked the teams to do. Coach John was even able to do cartwheels and flips like the cheerleaders.

"Hey Kids, What's up?"

"This bulletin Coach, Han did it last year. Why do we do it?"

"Back before World War 2, our town came up with a unique way for the young men who were unable to answer the Draft, yet wanted to serve their country as their fellow countrymen were. It was decided that they would become contestants in a beauty pageant."

"Who came up with the idea?"

"Rebecca Jennings was a veteran from Broadway who knew from experience how to make a man look like a woman. Back when Shakespeare was putting on his many plays, only men and boys were in the theater."

"I know that from history," I sighed.

"Well, what you might not know is that some few actors in order to maintain their feminine voices and promote feminine attributes would take herbs and spices or even have an their gonads removed to halt the production of testosterone."

"OUCH!" exclaimed Han.

"What about her?"

"What do you mean?"

"How did she help them?"

"Under her guidance, the contestants learned how to portray themselves as women as she helped them to look like women with breast forms, gaffes, panty girdles and costumes. A few chose to become actresses and transition, but most found a girl and settled down."

"Okay. But what about the town's name?"

"Our town of Greenwood changed its name to Twin Rocks thanks to the Army Corps of Engineers. The Army Corps of Engineershad chosen to create a new waterway so that one could sail from Mobile Bay up to the Warrior River."

"Okay, you mean that the Army Corps of Engineers was responsible?

"Yes, it was. Twin Rocks Alabama gets its name from a massive rock that the Army Corps of Engineers blasted through to create Lake Alabama. But due to soil samples, it became a part of Twin Rocks River..

"You mean???"

"Yep! that big old rock got split right down the middle and now looks like a pair of arrowheads with Twin Rocks River flowing through and around the Twin Rocks, forming a nice sized pool below Twin Rocks."

"Well, now the townsfolk enjoy diving off of the flat boulders and run the Twin Rocks Park with its campgrounds and nature hikes where people come from all over to enjoy nature with modern conveniences close at hand," said Han.

"What about the Scouts?" I asked.

"The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts both have their own cabin there where the boys and girls have their fun as they earn their many merit badges all through the year."

"Well, what I like is that Twin Rocks Park is also built to accommodate those with special needs with ramps and level paths for wheelchairs and medical equipment in each cabin and in caches throughout the park," I said.

"Did you two also know that Twin Rocks Park also has cabins for the 'Rainbow Scouts': made up of transgendered youth who are banned from membership due to bias against them by the traditional Scouting Organizations?"

"Oh?" I've seen that, but never thought anything about it," admitted Han.

"And why is that?"

"It's not that I have anything against them, it's just that I've not met any."

"How do you know?"


"The truth is that unless they tell you, or you already know, you cannot tell the difference."

"Can you?"

"Yes, but I never make an issue of it."


Coach Bradford pointed to a plaque on his wall declaring
"You mean that's you????"

"Yes, Drew. Me and my wife Lily are both Rainbow Scout, Scout Masters."

"That's way cool! But how do you deal with their housing needs at the camp?"

"Their cabins are set up like the other cabins with those in transition in separate cabins to avoid any problems."


"Yes, those in transition have special needs that others don't"

"Why go into all of the trouble?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Because you and your wife must have a reason beyond simple community service."

"Jody, I too did the pageant along with a friend of mine who died from her SRS surgery."

"How sad. So, you do this to give the 'Rainbow Scouts' the same opportunities and privileges denied by traditional scouting."


"Were you two Scouts?"

"Yes, I was a Boy Scout, and my wife Lily was a Girl Scout and we were both members of the 'Camp Fire Boys And Girls Club as well."

"Is that where you came up with the idea on the Rainbow Scouts?"

"Yes, but before I created the Rainbow Scouts, I did some research in order to see if anyone had already founded such an organization."

"Coach, you mean that there are scouting organizations that celebrate a scout’s transgendered status?"

"There is Scouting for All, an American advocacy organization. It is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization whose stated purpose is to promote tolerance and diversity within the Boy Scouts of America in the face of its policies requiring members to be heterosexuals who believe in God.

"So, Scouting for All lets the transgendered boys and those of other Faiths be scouts. Right?"


"OK, why do you call them the Rainbow Scouts?"

"It is the official name for any chapter."

"Okay. What about those who are called 'SISSIES' and 'FAIRIES' by others?"

"Jody, how do YOU feel about them?"

"They should be allowed the same privileges as others."

"Just like Scouting for All."

"Cool, but what about their history?" asked Han.

"They were initially founded in 1993 by Scouter Dave Rice and a committee including Mike Cahn, Bob Smith, Ken McPherson and Don Henry, but was relatively inactive for its first few years."

"Oh? What happened?"

"In 1997, the effort was galvanized by a letter to the editor which was written by Steven Cozza, who later went on to earn the rank of Eagle Scout and became a professional bicycle racer. The heterosexual young man criticized the BSA's policies and pointed out potential contradictions between those policies and the organization's own governing Scout Oath and Scout Law."

"WOW! What did he do?"

"He called upon the organization to reexamine its policies and invited others in the organization who agreed with him to contact him so they could all work together to effect the desired policy changes."

"That's cool. How did his actions affect the Scouting for All?"

"According to the organization's current literature, Dave Rice, Steven Cozza and Steven's father, Scott Cozza are considered the co-founders of the reinvigorated Scouting for All."

"Okay, what about their symbol?"

"It is an embroidered cloth patch that resembles the BSA's square knot insignia and is intended for wear above the left pocket of the uniform shirt. The emblem incorporates the blue and silver of the religious emblems knot, the red and blue of the Eagle Scout knot and the colors of the Rainbow flag, and may be worn by anyone who wishes to express solidarity with Scouting for All's cause."

"Anything for the girls?"

Then Coach Lily sat down a cold soda down for each of us, "There is the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (IORG)."

"What is that?"

"Drew, the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is a Masonic youth service organization which teaches leadership training through community service. Girls (ages 11—20/21) learn about the value of charity and service through their work and involvement with their annual local and Grand (state or country) service projects."

"What is their history?"

"Han, The order came into existence in 1922, when Reverend W. Mark Sexson, a Freemason, was asked to give an speech before South McAlester Chapter #149, Order of the Eastern Star, in McAlester, Oklahoma."

"The Order of DeMolay had come under his close study during his Masonic activities, and he suggested that a similar order for girls would be beneficial. The first Initiation consisted of a class of 171 girls on April 6, 1922, in the auditorium of the Scottish Rite Temple in McAlester. The original name was "Order of the Rainbow for Girls"

"What can the girls do as a member?"

"Drew, girls can hold many different offices (also called Stations) in the local Assembly. Each requires some memory work and all but two serve for one term (4 to 6 months out of the year). Some offices are elected by the other girls in the assembly. These offices include Faith, Hope, Charity, Worthy Associate Adviser, and Worthy Adviser. There are also two offices that are elected in January but serve a full year which are Treasurer and Recorder. The other offices are appointed by the Mother Advisor and the Worthy Adviser (President)."

"Any special officers?"

"Some Assemblies and Grand Assemblies have other officers not specified in the ritual, such as Historian, Editor, Assistant Grand Editor, Circulation Manager, Orator (or Lecturer), Bible Bearer, Goodwill Ambassador, American Flag Bearer, State Flag Bearer, Christian Flag Bearer, Rainbow Flag Bearer, and Assembly Banner Bearer."

"Are there any traditions?"

"It is an unwritten law that each of the line officers (Faith, Hope, Charity, and Worthy Associate Advisor) advances to the next highest office, culminating in her term as Worthy Advisor. However, this is not a guarantee."

"Which is the highest rank that works with girls?"

"The Mother Adviser is the primary adult working with the girls. An Advisory Board of seven to fifteen adults consisting of at least two Master Masons and two members of the Order of the Eastern Star, members of the sponsoring body(ies), and Majority Members, aid in the supervision of the Assembly. Almost all of the Assembly work is done by the girls, with the advisers in support roles only."

"That's a lot of information."

She passed us a packet, "Here is the information that I have not covered."

"Thanks, Coach! this'll help me to decide," I replied.

"Anytime Jody. Anytime."
Back home, we told our parents about our day, and they smiled at their memories and told us about Dad's entry. Turns out that you can enter as often as you wish, but if you are the Twin Rocks Beauty Queen, or on the Twin Rocks Beauty Queen Court, you can't run again.

Just before bed, I read the information that Coach Lily gave to me: All offices include: [3]

Worthy Adviser (WA) Presides at meetings and plans activities for her term like a President: the highest office in an Assembly. (elected)

Worthy Associate Adviser (WAA) Duties similar to a Vice President. Presides over a meeting in the absence of the Worthy Adviser. (elected)

Charity Teaches about charitable deeds. (elected) Hope Teaches that hope is always there for us. (elected)

Faith Teaches that faith is our constant companion. She is the officer who guides new candidates throughout an initiation ceremony. (elected)

Recorder Records minutes and handles correspondence (elected)

Treasurer Handles monies and bills and compiles reports about the balances of the Assembly's various money accounts (elected) Chaplain Leads in prayers (appointed)

Drill Leader Leads the officers in their floor work and leads guests around the Assembly room. (appointed)

Seven Bow Stations Teach lessons about the colors of the rainbow and their corresponding virtues: (appointed)

Love (red) In all its forms.

Religion (orange) The Importance of religion in all its forms. (based on love and forgiveness)

Nature (yellow) Its Importance in your daily life.

Immortality (green) The understanding of death is a part of life.

Fidelity (blue) Emphasis on being honest and reliable.

Patriotism (indigo) Encouraging citizenship to your country.

Service (violet) Service to others which bind all the colors together.

Confidential and Outer Observers Guard the inner and outer doors, respectively. (appointed)

Musician and Choir Director Provide music for the meetings. (appointed)

High honors= The appointing of Grand Officers varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Generally, to be appointed or elected to a Grand Floor Office, a girl must be a Past Worthy Advisor in her assembly. Grand Representatives may also be PWAs, but sometimes it is not mandatory. Other offices include: Grand Choir, Personal Page, and Grand Page at Large.

Majority Membership is reached in two ways. A girl receives age majority when she reaches her 20th birthday or marriage majority if she marries before age 20. Also, depending on the jurisdiction, girls are given the choice of extending their membership until they reach the age of 21. For this to be granted, the girl must write a letter expressing her interest in extending her active service and present it to her Supreme Deputy/Inspector.

The Grand Cross of Color is the highest award given to a member or adult leader for outstanding service. Recipients of the award (Masters of the Grand Cross of Color) are expected to meet once per year for a special service.[7] In order for designates to be nominated, the assembly must initiate 3 new members within a calendar year. For every 3 new members, one girl may be chosen to receive the Grand Cross of Color for service rendered above and beyond what is expected for Rainbow. The Masters of the Grand Cross of Color meet with the Advisory Board to decide which girl to nominate as a designee for the Grand Cross of Color. The Grand Cross of Color may also be awarded to adults that serve the assembly, but there may be no more adults than girls that are nominated.

Supreme Assembly-The governing body of Rainbow is the House of Gold. New members are elected by current members. The House of Gold consists of the Supreme Officers (paralleling a local Assembly), Supreme Inspectors (chief adviser for a jurisdiction), and several others making up a total of 50.[3]

Presiding Supreme Inspectors may retire their duties at any time, unless they are elected to the Supreme line, at which time they must find a successor by the time they reach Supreme Worthy Associate Advisor. The current Supreme Inspector chooses the person whom they believe can best associate with the girls of their jurisdiction. That person will become the next Supreme Deputy. It isn't until Supreme Deputies are elected into the House of Gold that they become Supreme Inspectors. There are 50 seats in the House of Gold, and they are lifetime appointments. A Supreme Deputy is eligible for recommendation into the House of Gold after her 3rd Supreme Assembly after being installed as Supreme Deputy (the Supreme at which they are installed does NOT count).

Locations-The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls has Assemblies in 47 states in the United States as well as in several other countries. The states that do not currently have Assemblies are Delaware, Utah, and Wyoming. (South Dakota instituted its first assembly in 2006.)

The countries outside the United States that have assemblies are Aruba, Australia (in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia), Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil (in Parana and Sá£o Paulo), Canada (in Ontario and New Brunswick), the Philippines, Italy, Mexico, Japan, and Guam. Rainbow has had assemblies in the following countries, mostly due to American military presence: Cuba, France, Panama and Vietnam.

Membership-Being related to a Master Mason is not a requirement for Rainbow membership. Interested girls must submit a petition to an Assembly and members of that Assembly will meet with the girl to answer any questions the girl may have and to make sure she is a proper candidate to receive the degrees. Once the petition is accepted, the assembly will vote on accepting the candidate into the Assembly. Membership then starts with an Initiation Ceremony.

Members are expected to serve their community, be law-abiding, acknowledge the authority of the Supreme Assembly, and show loyalty to the other members, among other things. In 2000, the rules for Eastern Star were changed so that majority members of Rainbow were eligible for membership in that Order.[10] For girls between ages 8 and 11, some jurisdictions have a "Pledge" program for prospective members, so that they can become familiar with Rainbow ceremonies and activities.

WOW! Here I thought that the Transgendered People had no support for them when they were kids, but there are organizations out there to help them. I'd come across a few websites dedicated to stories of Transgendered People, but I'd yet to read any of the stories. I'd start doing that tomorrow.
I got up and went down to breakfast where Dad was making flapjacks while Mom was at the table, sipping her coffee, "Made enough?"

"Not for us and your chow hound friend," smirked Dad.

"Don't worry, Han has to cut the grass before the game."

"Aren't you going?"

"Mom, Dad, I was thinking about entering the Twin Rocks Beauty Pageant, and need help."
"It looks like you’re about to get your chance to find out what it’s like to be a girl!"

"Just like Dad."

"Yes, he fondly remembers his pageant. But does not dress anymore," Mom sighed.

"Why not?"

"How many near seven foot tall women do you know?" asked Dad


"When do you have to be there?"

"This Saturday is the first meeting. Why?"

"Right after breakfast, we will need to go shopping."


"Sport, take it from me. You will need your own intimate apparel fitted to your body."

"Can't I borrow your stuff?"

"Yes, to go shopping in."

"Why not for the competition?"

"It's in the RULES that each contestant must have their own supplies and a sponsor."


After breakfast, I took a warm, sudzy bubble bath that left my body feeling soft and delicate. Momma passed me an 'ALL-PURPOSE' bodysuit that tucked me up and took my body fat and gave me a girl's body. It was a standard version given to all contestants that did not permanently alter the body, only the addition of hormones would do that.

I donned a matching pink sports bra and panty, pantyhose and a pink sundress with a mid thigh hem and matching sandals and headed to the living room, "Ready."

"You’ve quite a girl, except for your boy hair!"

"Thanks, Dad."

"I knew that you'd be cute, can't wait to see the finished product!"

"Okay, Romeo! Time for us girls to go shopping," giggled Momma.
We went to LADY ANNE'S APPAREL where I got plenty of intimate apparel, hosiery, and clothing for a week. I had fun trying on the clothes and hearing a few boys whistle at me.

Then we went to the Twin Rocks Community Center and signed me up. Becca Jennings, granddaughter of Rebecca Jennings took us through everything that we needed to know. By the end of the day, we knew how to apply our makeup and do a quick change that left me dizzy.

When it came to the talent portion, I chose to sing THE ROSE wearing a fitted black sequin dress with black hose and low heels. I simply had to do it ever since hearing Bette Middler singing it. What I wasn't expecting was for my feelings to change so much.

I began to see myself as a woman, married to my best friend, Han. During the two months of the competition where we learned the choreography and perfected our part of the talent show, Han and I bonded as a couple. When our parents found out and I admitted that I wanted to be a girl, our wedding was planned for after the contest.
I became Miss Twin Lakes and spent my year of going to military bases with the USO after the bodysuit gave me a girl's body. Now, Han and I are heading to college to start on our new life together.
The End

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