Hand Me Down

Hand Me Down
By Stanman63
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SynopsisA Transgirl talks about a gift that helped her to transition.

Well, here I am actually wearing the body that I've always wanted and it's all thanks to Professor Henry Klump and his wife Dr. Helen Hyde. I am their now Granddaughter Robin Kelly Klump who is soon to marry Lance Bowman, my fiancee and continue their legacy of helping other girls and boys like me to find the body that they want. But first, I need to tell you of my benefactors.
For years, they'd been working upon a way to help the T.G. Community to realize a goal that was all but impossible: reverse the gender of a client so that their body fit their mind.

Professor Henry Klump was a herbologist who specialized in creating dietary supplements for his clients in Hollywood and Helen Hyde was a psychiatrist who helped clients in the Betty Ford Clinic who were dealing with Transgender issues.

Together, they helped many a client to realize their dream back before plastic surgery and hormone therapy came along and allowed their clients to achieve the body of their dreams. But when they died in a blizzard, their secret died with them, ending the dreams of many.
It was the Christmas before my first year in grammar school that I found the girl within me. I was going to see Santa in Santa's Workshop and for fun chose to be my cousin Beverly's twin sister as except for our eyes, and gender, we are identical.

We wore a crimson skirted leotard and matching Maryjanes with white lacy tights to see him and spent the day wearing the dresses which awoke the girl in me. That was when Robin Kelly Klump/boy became Robin Kelly Klump/girl in my heart.

That was the last time that I saw Beverly and her family as a boy, her dd got a promotion that moved them over to England while me and my family stayed in Alaska.

When I told my family that I was really a girl, I was accepted without reservation and although we did not have the money for me transition later on, Daddy being a teacher at Anchorage Grammar School in Anchorage, Alaska let me go to school as a girl.
I went all through the Anchorage Alaska School System as a girl and was even on the cheer squad. A gaffe and Daddy being the principal sure did help me out, too. I may have worn the trousers during the winter like the other girls, but I wore my comfy tights all the time and loved it when we cheer squad girls got to wear our uniforms.

For the summer, we had a skate dress that we pulled up like a leotard with tights, socks and shoes while we wore a bodysuit in winter. Seeing us in the school colors of crimson and jade made us look like Santa's Elves year round.
I met Lance in the first grade where he was the school nerd. He wore the glasses and was super smart, but also well able to handle any bullies thanks to the martial arts and yoga that he was taught.

He was an orphan who was fostered by the school. He had a special blessing as well as a longing that only a family would quench that was realized when he fell in love with me.

Anchorage had families who had no children and were barren, so to avoid the cost of an orphanage, each child would spend a year with a family until graduation.
We'd just graduated when I received a small wooden treasure chest in the mail from an unknown address. Since we really had no fear and Lance knew my secret, I opened the box and found a strange bodysuit that completely covered the body and a message.

To our descendent, we are Professor Henry Klump and Dr. Helen Hyde. We have created this skin to give you the body that you crave. Our solicitor knows of your plight and has sent you the means to become the woman that you want to be. Wear the suit and be that woman. If you choose to, you can continue our legacy.

I put it an and became the woman of my dreams.
Now Lance and I are continuing their legacy by helping all who ask.

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