Accidental Mother

Accidental Mother
By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing
Synopsis: After the accident that turned Adrien Renee Calhoun into a girl, she married her best friend Ryan Foster, not expecting the Blessing of Motherhood.

I had read on the internet about how a man could actually carry a fetus and deliver via c-section. As much as I loved Gabe, I wanted to feel a child growing in me and the joy of being a mother. They'd take a donor fetus and insert it into the belly attache the placenta to the chest cavity so that it had a connection to the blood supply.. That way, I could be the mother of my beloved's children, but I still wanted for ME to supply the egg needed. What I was not ready for was the Blessing to come.
I went to Walmart to get the maternity clothes that I wanted, then onto Bodies 'R' Us to get the maternity bodysuit that was made for those who wanted to know what it meant to be pregnant without being with child. Similar suits were worn by detectives and actors as well as those who were going to a costume party.

When I purchased the suit, I was led to the changing rooms where I stripped, showered to remove any body oils, then applied the special lubricant/adhesive for the suit, then the suit. As I was already a girl, I had no need to 'tuck away' anything, and felt the suit adhere to my body, like a second skin.

Then using the suits maternity settings, set it for Conception so that I could experience morning sickness like most mothers do. I pulled on my white shimmery pantyhose, matching bra and panty as well as a pastel cream romper and ballet flats.

Gathering my stuff, I headed for Trek Replimat to meet with Doctor Chan. She'd become my physician since the accident that made me a girl. She was one of the very few qualified to tend my medical needs since she had experience in handling M-T-F transsexuals like me.

Before I went to see Doctor Chan, I spoke with Momma.

"Adrienne Renee, what is wrong?"

"Momma, what is it like being pregnant?"

"Why do you ask?"

"I want to be a mother, like you are," I sighed.

"Adrienne Renee, how can you?"

"According to Doctor Chan, I can possibly carry a fetus, but I am unsure about whether or not I can carry a child for the entire term."

"You know that you have our blessing."

"But what about Ryan's?"

"If he truly loves you, he will be there for you."

"What if I can't carry the fetus full term?"

"Then, I will."


"Chan and I have spoken. She says that I can carry it for you and even give birth naturally."

"Then why have you not done so?"

"Just found out, Silly."
Doctor Chan knew about the procedure as she was the one who'd given me the information so that we could discuss it. Jason knew and was willing to do what was needed as long as he did not have to be unfaithful to me. He had to donate his sperm, but the collection of his donation could be by a syringe, or by sex. Well, he wore a condom, and we gave her a most hefty donation.

I was so ready to be a mother in spite of the danger to me. My body. I could reject the implanted fetus, or develop complications like Momma did in carrying me. She became diabetic during her pregnancy with me, which contributed to my small size and her inability to become a mother, again.

"Adrien, how do you feel?"

"Okay, I guess. why?"

"Well, according to the suit's papers, you should be having a spasm of morning sickness."

"Why? Is this not like the last time?"

"No, last time, you had a trial run to see if you could handle the stress of a pregnancy."

"Oh? What would be the difference"

"Instead of you draining out the water and removing the suit, you'd feel birth pangs until you released the water."

"Could the suit be defective?"

"Get on the table an let me do a scan."
After the scan, I met Ryan for dinner and a movie. We went to Cuddy's where I had a Tuna steak and fries and he had a T-bone steak and fries with a cola icee for desert and Doctor Pepper to drink. We saw the latest Superhero flick and took notes on the costumes to compare to our wardrobe of costumes that we wore for fun.

I told him and our parents about the suit's possible defect and were ready to buy a brand new one so that I could be a Mother. The women in my life had drilled me on being a lady and mother, making sure that I was ready to run a household as well as throw together a dinner in an emergency. The men in my life made sure that I could handle any domestic emergency, just as our parents made sure that Ryan was ready.

Ryan was ready to be a father to my children. He'd donated sperm for the fetus, and my Mother supplied the eggs, By wearing the maternity suit, I was readying my body for pregnancy. My girl friends knew about my goal, and supported me by treating me as a woman, not a man wearing a maternity suit.

I met them at Victory Grill, a buffet restaurant that honors veterans with a 50% discount and free meals on their birthday and anniversary. It has patriotic colors and the staff wear military uniforms. I frequented it because it had the best steaks.

"Renee, is that you?"

"Yes, Betty. I am going to try to get pregnant."

"If you ask me, you are pregnant from the way that you glow."

"Impossible! I can't be."

"Have you heard about the new bodysuits that give you the body that you want?"

"I've heard rumors, but it seems to be an urban legend," I sighed.

"Well, it exists. You could be wearing one and be pregnant. Best ask your gynecologist."
I went to see Doctor Chan who gave me the good news.

"Renee, you are not wearing a maternity suit. Your wearing a bodysuit from Bodysuits "R" Us."

"What does that mean?"

"You are pregnant with Ryan's child."

"Can't wait to tell everybody," I sighed as I fainted.

When I awoke, Ryan and our parents were there.

"Princess, you feeling better?" asked Ryan's father Abe Foster.

"Yes, finding out that I am pregnant is a bit much."

"You know that you have us us women to count on, promised his Mother Karen.

"Thank you. I'll need all the help that I can get."

"Good thing that you already have a maternity wardrobe," said Momma.

"And you two have a home. We've bought the old lot between us and are building you two a home," promised Daddy'
Our home was ready by my second week, and I gave birth to a girl, Renee Lee, then a son, Ryan Patrick, all thanks to a happy accident.
The End

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