Miss Perfect Part 3

Miss Perfect Part Three
The Serial: Part Three
By Stanman63
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SynopsisI am now the girl that I am a girl .I always wanted to be

After that, Momma and I gladly returned along with those who'd left and many others who'd been hurt by an unfeeling church. That began my slow journey into femininity as I along with other girls and boys like me had our very own Sunday School Department and even our very own Pastor: Robyn Leslie Stewart.

Pastor Robyn Leslie Stewart was intersexed: was androgynous in appearance, but chose to dress as a woman when she became our Pastor and set up the Open Door LBGT Counseling Center. It was under her leadership that the community chose to have the Miss Perfect Beauty Pageant.

The Miss Perfect Beauty Pageant was designed to show all of the varied transgendered in a positive as it also had a separate pageant for the men. Best of all, all of the contestants were pampered and spoiled by the supporting businesses who donated everything, including scholarships to college.
End Of Part Three
To Be Continued In Part Four

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