The First Bodysuit

The First Bodysuit

By Stanman63

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Synopsis:Many people have been Blessed with a totally new body that is free of any cancer and genetic defects as well as replacing lost limbs and healing any nerve damage. What you do not know is that I made the first bodysuit for myself and that if not for the help of my Beloved husband, it would have never been made.

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It began back when I was in Central Grammar School. I had dressed as a maid in a black skirted leotard, fishnet tights, and ballet flats and a white apron and cap. I found that I liked the feel of hosiery on my legs and the swish of a skirt. In that costume, I could not avoid showing my bottom that got pinched by way too many boys and adult men that those who did it were suspended if a student, made to do Community Service if an adult. That introduced me to the dark side of being a girl, but it also let me know that I wanted a girl's body and wear girl's clothing.

Growing up, I was Blessed to have Mother's physique and Daddy's agility and dexterity to make me a miniature dynamo of an athlete. My raven hair and hazel eyes could see in minute detail, just as my hearing and smell were almost animal sharp. Being an only child, I was spoiled in that I was indulged in any hobby that intrigued me. I was on very sports team for girls, scouting, and Marine.Junior.Reserve, Officer.Training.Corps. at Fieldstone High School to honor my Dad Colonel Richard ;Henry 'Hard Ass' Harding. He is a Marine Corps veteran who married my Mother Cynthia Marie Collins. The only reason that I: Jesse Lee Harding am an only child is that Dad got injured while on patrol, ending any hopes of fathering more children. Now, he serves as the Marine.Junior.Reserve, Officer.Training.Corps. teacher.

When I told them that I liked dressing as a girl, Daddy said that I could dress as a girl if I did well in school and was a good boy, helping Mother around the house. Needless to say, I also learned how to crochet, knit, and sew as well as do any house repairs. I wanted to be Betty Crocker when it comes to cooking, Abby Sciuto of the N.C.I.S. series, and Annie Camden of the series 7th Heaven so that I could handle anything to do with home and auto repair.

Fieldstone Grammar School, Fieldstone Middle School, and Fieldstone High School all had Crimson and Navy for the school colors with a sleeveless dress/matching panty with a white blouse, socks, tights, tan hose and black loafers for girls as well as shorts, skants, skorts, and skirts. I was also a cheerleader and on the dance team. Nobody knew my secret as I always wore a gaffe that let me look like a girl.

By the time that I graduated, I knew that I wanted to be a girl and had been on a regimen to become a girl. I was on blockers by the time I was ten as I was following my parent's in their early entry into puberty, then on a hormonal regimen until graduation from Fieldstone High School as valedictorian.

Oh, I dated a few boys that I was buddies with so as to portray a wholesome image, but I did not know what kind of girl that I wanted to be. I stayed busy in the church where I found out that I loved singing solos and in the choir. Glendale Methodist Church had a youth and college/career department that led the Sunday Night Service by singing and performing musicals and skits where I met my best friend, Jason Michael McGillicutty. He was a redheaded hazel eyed Irish who was the man that I should have born as instead of the petite blond that I am.

He is tall and rugged, like my Dad and excels at anything that he does. When we met in the first grade, we became fast friends so that when his parents died just before graduation, my parents become his foster parents as per their Will. He now has a nice house and his parents two Lincoln Continentals as well as his Chevy blazer.

We became as close as a brother and sister could get and started having romantic feeling for each other that almost got us into trouble, if not for my Mother, we would have gone all the way. Yes, he knew my secret and still wanted me as a sister. What we were not ready for was how much our physical desire was able to overcome our minds.

The close call helped us to realize just how fragile my secret was. I might have a girl's body, but I still had a penis and testicle kept tucked away and disguised as a vagina, but I could not have intercourse as I had no vaginal channel to accept a penis. Any guy trying to score would be impacting on my equipment as he destroyed what had been done to reshape my groin, AND I WOULD NEVER ENGAGE IN ANAL OR ORAL SEX!

So that I could stay in the Marine.Junior.Reserve.Officer.Training.Corps. as a girl, Daddy had arranged for my staying in the Marines by listing me as a girl. Under his guidance, I excelled in all things military and wanted to become a Marine, but we knew that was impossible due to the way that girls and boys who did not fit into the traditional mold for a Marine. The 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy that let any T.G. serve did not apply to me, so I chose to find a way around the problem.

I wanted to be as much of a woman as possible when I had intercourse and gave myself to my lover. I had learned how to be a woman from my Mother along with everything about being a woman and lady, just as my Dad taught me how to be a Marine. But with me in transition, my being a Marine, or entering into the military or law enforcement was null and void, unless I could acquire a woman's anatomy like my Mother's.

╠╬╣ ╠╬╣ ╠╬╣ ╠╬╣ ╠╬╣

I had heard rumors of an only son who due to an accident, lost his male sex organs, which were replaced by his recently deceased mother's womb. But whether true or not, it sounded more of an urban legend that fact. But it gave me an idea to make the urban legend reality. I knew from practical experience that there were bodysuit that could give you the shape of the opposite gender, but you still scanned as your true birth gender.

I took some of my T-cells and grew myself a second skin of nano-carbon fibers with my DNA that developed as a girl as well as one that was my original gender. I donned my girlsuit and knew that I was a real girl. I dressed in a tennis dress and hose to visit our family doctor who quickly confirmed that when wearing the suit, I was a genetic girl and that I was cured of my allergy to Tylenol, and my new body was ageless.

I called my parents to show them how I looked. I was dressed as a female Captain Kirk from Star Trek in a gold skant uniform, pantyhose and boots.

"WOW! YOU LOOK PERFECT! " exclaimed my Mother.

"How well does it work?" asked my Dad in awe.

"So, this is you as a woman,: stated Jason.

"Thanks, you guys! I've spent a month getting it ready, and it works better than I imagined."

"How so?"

"Well, wearing the bodysuit, I scan as a woman, Mother."

"What if you remove it? And Does it do anything else?"

"To remove it destroys it. and even then, the nanites have entered your body to change it. And it cure you of any hereditary maladies as well as any current defects," Daddy.


"Well, I am now a real girl, Daddy."

"Thank you, Princess."

"What about having children?"

"The first intercourse starts the menses, so I will have my first period a month later, Jason."

"How about we get you all dressed up and go out to dinner?"

"Like this Daddy?"

"Well, there is the Trek Replimat where we can all dress in costume and have a night out bowling, skating, putt-putt golf, or watching a movie."

"Only if EVERYBODY is in costume! I don't want to be the only girl showing her panty!"

"OK, Sweetheart, if you can wear those boots, hose and microskirt, so can I," giggled Mother.

╠╬╣ ╠╬╣ ╠╬╣ ╠╬╣ ╠╬╣

The Trek Replimat was the old the Safeway Department Store that had closed back during the Korean War due to the death of the owner's and being made over into a family entertainment center and diner by Scott Baldwin: a Star Trek fan who copied the Star Trek decor and uniforms for his new business. He had a strict policy of treating both customers and employees with respect, so that you could enjoy seeing people in the uniforms, but no touching. If you did, you faced the wrath of Security/Bouncers.

We had a great time and enjoyed ourselves, and ice skating with Jason felt wonderful as he held me as we skated. But that night, things happened that made me glad that I had the second suit.

We were heading to the car when a gang of ruffians attacked us for our money and valuables. I was quite ready and able to defend myself if need be, but they made the mistake of groping my Mother, trying to score on her. They had already clubbed my Dad on the head, taking him out as well as working over Jason, breaking all of his limbs.

They were about to assault my Mother and me when I leapt into action and thoroughly wiped the ground with them. By the time that I was through, every one of them had dislocated shoulders, knees and elbows that made them pass out from the pain. When the police got there, they lumped them into an ambulance and retrieved the video showing what happened.

╠╬╣ ╠╬╣ ╠╬╣ ╠╬╣ ╠╬╣

We went to The Homewood Medical Center where Jason had been taken by ambulance. His injuries made it impossible for him to walk, and according to the doctors, he would not walk again. So, I got my boysuit and reset it to Jason's DNA by taking a sample of his and placing it into the suit's receptor built into its mouth. Since my Dad was in the hospital with a concussion, my Mom and I started dressing him in the suit until it took over and shimmied onto his body, healing him.

When his miraculous recovery manifested, I met Hector Raymond Radcliffe, famous for his discovering many new inventions that were raising the standard of living for everybody. He'd found an inventor of the new template armor and avatar that together were saving lives as the armor kept the driver and passengers safe thanks to the armor's ability to absorb kinetic energy. Coupled with new technology that gave cars a typical 50MPG and giving the military and police better armor, he was now richer than Bill Gates. He always dressed casually in red and blue, today was no exception.

"So, you are the little lady who invented the bodysuit," he said with a smile.

"Yes, I am. Sir."

"Just call me Cliff," he grinned.

"Cliff. why are you interested?"

"Simple, if it does what I think it can, any patients will be cured of what ails them."

"That it will, Cliff.

"And you made it because you were a boy who wanted to have the body of a girl, right?"

"Yes, I take it that news does not bother you?"

"Not in the least! My sister Jane used to be my brother John. Now let's set you up so that you can sell the bodysuit and patent its technology.""

╠╬╣ ╠╬╣ ╠╬╣ ╠╬╣ ╠╬╣

Jason and I are now married and are the CEO of Bodysuits "R" Us and raising twins.,
╠╬╣ ╠╬╣ ╠╬╣ ╠╬╣ ╠╬╣

The End


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