Close Encounters

Close Encounters
By Stanman63
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SynopsisMy best friend Corwin sees me as a guy, Wonder how he will react when he sees the new me?

My name is Carlotta Drew Bishop, but I was Carlos Andrew Bishop until my transition. I must admit that I make a rather cute, if tall, willowy girl thanks to both of my parents being tall and thin. Like my brother Sam, I got a pleasant blending of their genes.

Sam got Dad's flowing blond curls, Mom's ice blue eyes and Adonis physique, making him a natural basketball star or Fabian double. Me, I got Mom's red hair, willowy physique, Dad's green eyes and ruddy complexion, making me a male version of Red Sonja. Yes, I am quite an accomplished Calvary Officer and swordsman thanks to being a member of the local Fantasy Legion.
The Fantasy Legion holds its meetings at the Brentwood Estate thanks to their being members who love to see the Code of Chivalry reenacted as we joust and show our skills with the sword and bow. I have gotten quite the reputation as the savage, barbarian warrior, wearing only leather armor with molded steel on my limbs and torso like my favorite character, Xena: Warrior Princess. I even have both of her wonderful Chakram. They are fun to play with in one of the special rooms set up for practice, but in truth, are as deadly to anybody not wearing protection.

And thanks to being a member, I am also a Boy Scout and have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, on the way to Scout Master by the time that I graduated from Highland High School, but with a secret that I've never revealed to anyone, not even my family.
I am a girl born in the wrong body. For years, Sam and I had had our fun dressing as famous couples and teams. We'd be Batman and Robin, Superman and Clark Kent and other male teams, but the year that we did Superman and Supergirl, I found the girl within, but at great cost: I became an orphan.
I was still in my classic Supergirl minidress and red boots, loving the feel of nylon on my legs and how the skirt just did cover my panty, waiting for my family to pick me up from the skating rink. Back at Leland Community Center, Corwin liked what he saw and even though he knew that I was a guy, wanted to skate with me. We were only ten and had yet to start puberty, but I was really enjoying my time as a girl and letting the boys see how much of a girl that I was, knowing that it would end and I would go back to being a drab boy again.

I was sitting with Corwin's parents, on his dad's lap when I saw a Police Cruiser pull in and Officer Dan get out and come to me. He was well known as a friendly cop who loved to spend his weekends at the Leland Community Center with his wife Joan as they volunteered as coaches and lifeguards. When he told me that my family had died when the car slid on a patch of oil from a previous wreck and hitting the concrete wall, killing them, I fainted dead away.
I was now an orphan and was sent to live with foster parents who saw that I wanted to be a girl and raised me as their daughter. I never forgot about my birth family and on their birthdays, anniversary and day that they died, my new family took me to their graves so that I could visit them and place fresh flowers in the vases on their tombstone. As for the house, it was now in my name and I was receiving a steady income from renters that would pay for my upcoming surgery thanks to my foster parents who adopted me.

Papa John is a veteran of the First Gulf War. He was a fighter pilot who helped to free Kuwait, but when he came home, he entered Seminary to become a pastor and now is Pastor John Archibald Andrew of the Guiding Light Church. Mama Jane is a singer-dancer veteran from the United Service Organizations. She grew up as a cheerleader and sang in the choir before graduation and joined the U.S.O. to honor the Veterans in her family.

It was during this time that Mama and Papa met. She was in a show with the icon "Mister U.S.O." Bob Hope dressed as a nurse in a white mini uniform when Papa saw her and fell in love with Mama and she him. They got married as soon as his tour was over and they set up their Church in an abandoned Church building that had seen better days. Guiding Light Church was soon a beacon of Hope and Love in the ghetto and transformed many former gang members into responsible citizens through treating the gangs with respect and listening to their needs.

But for all of their success, Mama and Papa lacked the one thing that would make them complete, a child. Due to complications from an early attempt at starting a family, Mama was now unable to safely conceive a child.Th at devastated them until they saw a single mother raising her love child without any support because she was an orphan. In helping her to get on her feet and find a decent job, my parents felt the Calling to become Foster parents.

When they saw my plight, they fell in love with me, knowing that I was the answer to their prayers. Under their guidance, I became the girl that I wanted to be and by quelling the deep desire for children, gave Mama the Grace to heal and conceive. They were soon Blessed with sons and a daughter, but I was always their Miracle Child.
Now, here I am, finally a woman in mind body and soul, awaiting my best friend from childhood to see if he can accept the new me. Corwin hadn't forgotten about me, or our special time when I was dressed as a girl. I couldn't help but wonder which me that he preferred. I'd just got a job at Hooters as the General Manager. I still wore the traditional uniform, but I stationed myself as the hostess so that I could have fun showing off my assets.

I'd fully transitioned into a girl just before I entered junior high thanks to an accident that tore away my dangly bits, leaving me a sexless eunuch. Mama and Papa let me have the operation to become the girl that I wanted to be and saw me blossom as I became a popular girl and head cheerleader. By the time that I graduated, I'd chosen Business Management as my major which is why I am now a Hooter Girl.

Mama and Papa are a bit concerned because of the uniforms, but because I am a black belt in Judo, they know that I can defend myself. They made sure of that when I became a girl so that I could defend myself. They also knew that the reason that I became the manager of this particular Hooters was because of my friendship with Corwin. Like me, he was still single and available.

He was dating many girls, trying to find the one for him. I was wondering if he thought that it could be me as a girl. When I saw him enter, I acted as if he was a stranger, but he knew who I was and we were soon a couple. He and his family had kept tabs on me and when I became a girl, he knew that I was the one for him.
We waited for a year before we got married and I joined him at his job where he is an attorney and I am the Office Manager. We have become foster parents to a brother and a sister who are a true blessing. All thanks to that Close Encounter.

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