Miss Perfect Part 1

Miss Perfect Part One
The Serial: Part One
By Stanman63
Melanie Ezell's Big Closet Ultimate Writer's Challenge
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SynopsisI am now the girl that I am a girl .I always wanted to be

My name is Sandy Lynn Franks. I was born a girl in a boy's body, but thanks to Momma, I am now who I should have always been. and I couldn't be any happier. It was during my tenth Christmas that I found the girl within me. Lakewood Mall was holding a Christmas Elf Contest: the winner would receive $100 gift card to spend at the mall.

The Mall provided the costumes, unfortunately, they thought that I was a girl and gave me the girl's costume of green skirted leotard, red pantyhose, green elf shoes, and cap with a red elf belt. Since there were no boy's costumes, I went as a girl and won. What I wasn't expecting was to like it, nor have people see me as a girl. I went to sleep that night, still in costume and when I got up, asked Momma if I could stay a girl.
Momma cried a bit and smiled, "Sandy Lynn Franks, I knew that this day would come when you finally got to dress as a girl. So yes, you can become a girl, like I did," she sighed.


"I was born a boy, just like you. Come with me to my room and get dressed for the day as I tell you about me."

I followed Momma to her bedroom where she took off her robe to reveal her naked body. She soon donned pantyhose, panty, and bra, then a white blouse, red miniskirt and matching red blazer.

"Go get clean and I'll get you an outfit to wear."

"When do I hear about your story, Momma?"

"While you are getting ready, Honey."

I showered and found white tights, and a red leotard on my bed, I donned them, pleased that I looked like a girl now. As promised, I learned about Momma as I was getting ready.

Like me, she found the girl inside when she dressed as a girl. But in her case, it was during a family reunion where her cousin Rachel spilled juice on Momma's swim trunks. Momma had to borrow Aunt Rachel's spare swim suit to swim in and like being a girl so much that she even got to wear Aunt Rachel's spare sundress.
After that, Momma got to be a girl while home, but still black ad to be a boy in public. Back then, Momma was Randall Lee Garrett who would later become Randi Lee Garrett and marry Brock Peters, my Dad.

Daddy was an older man who took a fancy to Momma as she was working as a waitress at Captain's Wharf. Her uniform consisted of a white blouse with ruffles and black shorts with opaque black tights and matching shoes. The apron was red and covered her chest, with a cute matching tiara.

He treated her like a Princess and paid for her transition because even though her family accepted her, my grandparents never had that much money and died penniless, leaving it to Aunt Rachel to clear up their financial woes.

Me, I am here because of love and advanced medical technology. Aunt Rachel donated an egg that Daddy's sperm fertilized, carried by Momma who delivered me via ceaserian section.
End Of Part One
To Be Continued In Part Two

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