Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet
By Stanman63
Edited By NoraAdrienne
Synopsis: In the future, Explorer Marshall Dupree lands on a planet for repairs, to find a dark secret that grants him his wish at the cost of who he is.

My name was Marshall Wayne Dupree, but now to my horror, I am now Marcia Winona Dupree and must live with my new identity that has ended my career as an Explorer, leaving me as one of the many concubines in service to the Galactic Federation Explorers. Now instead of being the giant of a man at I was at seven feet tall with an Adonias physique that had earned me many a bedmates with willing women, I was now the opposite as a four feet, eleven inch tall pixie of a woman now employed as any other woman in the Explorers.

The Galactic Federation is now rebuilding itself after a devastating war against the Galactic Empire located in the Greater Magellanic Cloud. The war was finally wn when the Galactic Federation's Armada subjugated the Imperial Throne and executed the entire Imperial Family. But they got their revenge when the Galactic Federation became an empire with the Sol system as Imperial Center and Terra/Luna as the Imperial Throne with the United Kingdom's Royal Family Monarch becoming the Hereditary President. Few people would comment upon the fact that the Galactic Federation was now the Galactic Empire, being the Galactic Federation in name only.

The destruction of the Armada and Sanctuary Bases gave the many System Armada the chance to turn privateer and attack any unprotected Merchant Cruiser, System, or Colony. This lead to a breakdown of civilization as small empires were formed at the expense of those unable to protect themselves, leading to many launching the Colony Cruiser that the original colonist arrived in, overpowering any native civilization in a genocidal war that left a ready made colony world to be exploited.

But even though this eradicated all other races, geneticists were able to adapt colonists to any new world by fusing alien and human DNA or animal and human DNA hybirds capable of thriving in any alien ecology. To help feed and clothe the colonists, the geneticists also modified Terran flora and fauna to thrive in their new environment as well. Soon this lead to many colonies with diverse cultures and modified humans that looked like the beings and creatures of myth and legend that the breakdown of civilization lead to a new history as the Galactic Federation was forgotten as they struggled to rise from the corpse of the past. As for the Galactic Empire, the genocidal cleansing and transplanting of Federation colonies led to a strange fusion of cultures because of the incomplete elimination of native cultures.

As the Federation rebuilt the Armada, they found themselves confronted with the navies of the entrenched empires that replaced the Armada, leading to the Federation adapting an Imperial Code as it sent out men who were trained to infiltrate the enemy and explore them before ending ambassadors to either declare war, or reunion, depending upon the situation. The Explorers are the much needed scouts of the Galactic Federation, piloting one hundred ton armored Merchant Cruisers as they seek out any lost colony and discover the remnants of dead colonies.

By converting troop carriers into one-person Scouts, the avian shaped ships were the only military vessel saved from conversion to Merchant Cruisers to increase trade and commerce. The conversion left the Galactic Federation Merchant Fleet with Merchant Cruisers and crew well able to handle any pirate ships with their weaponry and shields, preparing the aggressor for conquest.

Due to the training and enhancements made to the Explorers, they were modified so that their bodies adapted automatically to any new environment, making them practically immortal. To help the Explorers, volunteers were also enhanced to act as their bed partners and raise any children from the union. But over time, the women and men divided into Explorers and Concubines as the modifications made the men aggressive nature fused with their masculinity, making them ill equipped for domestic life while the women's aggressive nature fused with their femininity to make them into the perfect wife and mother.

But not all of the Concubines were happy with their lot in life with too many Explorers siring children upon multiple partners and leaving to them to properly raise their offspring, taking the boys away to become Explorers, not caring about any daughters, letting the Federation care for them. Now here was a secret cadre of Concubines whose ultimate goal was to instill in their sons the gentler ways of womanhood while sympathetic Explorers instilled in the girls the idea of equality to counter the male dominant culture of the Explorer mindset. Momma and Daddy taught me to treat women with respect, so although I had taken advantage of using a Concubine's services, I never sired a child with one. Little did I know that I had a secret wish that would become my nightmare after visiting what is now called the Forbidden Planet.

The STARRIOR had developed a flutter in the STAR DRIVE GRAVITY COIL. Normally, I wouldn't worry about a wonky hyperspace engine, but I was far from the Federation and needed to find a suitable place to land and send out an S.O.S. to Explorer Command so that a Repair Cruiser could be dispatched. Scans showed a star system with an unknown colony on the fourth planet. Best of all, it was a trinary system with three worlds capable of supporting life orbiting each of the three stars.

This discovery would be a boon to the Galactic Federation Colony Bureau that was always looking for more planets to colonize to make room for the ever increasing population. Currently, in order to accommodate the teeming masses, the Galactic Federation Planetscaping Division had modified asteroids and lifeless planets into thriving colonies and mining the gas giants and comets to supply the needs of the populace, with farms located in greenhouses atop the massive skyscrapers with cities replacing nature preserves, relocating wild life in zoos. Earth and all other life-bearing planets are covered with a planet wide city covering all land masses with only open bodies of water left untouched with under water cities and bases dotting the sunlit areas of the seas. The oceans sea life became food as well, with dolphins, porpoises and whales transferred to ocean planets where they now live, remembering the Pristine Earth from past down memories of their ancestors.
I sent my SOS to Explorer Command, telling of the discovery, knowing that it would earn me an extensive liberty and bonus. I was relishing my time with my favorite Concubine when the communications panel lit up and I saw a most beautiful red-headed woman on my main monitor. She had her hair caught in a bun and wore a white double pocket blouse with shoulder pips signifying her rank and division.

"Welcome to Themyscara. I am Ambassador Atlanta," she smiled.

"Thank you, Ambassador Atlanta. I am Explorer Dupree from the Galactic Federation."

"Why are you here? Has the war against the Galactic Empire been lost?"

"Not at all! The Empire is no more and the Federation thrives, but that is not why I am here."

"Why are you here, then?"

"My ship developed a flutter in it's star drive., and needs repairing. I saw your system and came here to see if there was anybody here while a repair cruiser comes to fix the ship."

"Well, you will not need the other ship since we have the ability to effect repairs on your ship," she promised.

"How is that possible? My ship was built and launched recently," I fumed.

"Star drive gravity coils haven't changed since their invention before the war. Yours might use variations of older designs, but I assure you that we can repair your ship. Follow the homing beacon, please," she smiled.

I saw the homing beacon light activate, confirming her safety as the ship's security vouched for her, "Thank you, Ma'am. I apologize if I have offended."

"No offense taken. Signing off."

I saw the Federation Symbol of the Milky Way Galaxy in the hilt of Excalibur appear.
The ship landed in the mountain top hanger of a massive castle that covered the peak. I was impressed with the use of precious metals and gems in contrast to the utilitarian titanium armor of a typical hanger. According to the data readout, this was the Paradise Mountain Estate of the Hera/Juno Clan. The Clan was related by blood to the Imperial Family, so were the Legitimate Ruling House, according to Imperial Law. They knew about the new Federation from snippets of messages caught from news releases in the public media.

I could not fathom why I was being given the royal treatment other than by their customs, all visitors were met by a member of the Ruling Family to ascertain any danger I might be to the populace. I could cause damage to the planet in many ways, just as they could hurt me. But with my SOS call, I was safe from harm, at least I thought so at the time. How was I too know about how they treated men?

I saw a very beautiful petite hazel eyed blond wearing a white double pocket military style long sleeved blouse and black tights and ballet flats that was her environmental suit. Like my all white one, it was capable of protection against temperature extremes and gas/chemical attacks. All Explorers and Federation Personnel were issued their own along with off duty versions.

"Welcome to Castle Artemis. I am Ambassador Hera," she said as she brought her hands together to make the Egg Symbol, signifying Peace.

"Thank you, Ambassador Artemis..."

"I know who you are and why you are here, Explorer Dupree. Follow me to the suite assigned to you."

"Yes, Ma'am. May I ask a question?"

"Want to know where the males are?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Oh, they are here and serve their purpose of siring our children. Women fill all other positions."

"Quite the opposite of the Explorers."

"You mean to tell me that you treat women like sex slaves?!"

"No, Ma'am. I was raised to respect women."

Then what do you do to release your sexual tension?"

"I met with only one and am dedicated to her."

"Any children?"

"None yet."

"Why not?"

"We are waiting for the end of my Tour when I can etire from Active Service, a month from now."

"Hopefully, you can retire, sooner."

"I can, at the cost of my commission."

"Too bad."
I can't remember what happened in the suite, nor launching and finding myself on final approach to Explorer Base One on the Moon. I let the ship land itself as I went to the Main Airlock to greet the reception committee. When they saw me, I was whisked away to the Concubine Compound where I saw that I had been transformed into a twin of my Concubine. As I looked at myself in horror, I recalled what a voice had told me.

All men are transformed into women upon reaching puberty and harvested for their sperm for continuing our culture. As a woman you would have enjoyed life here, but we sent you back and erased all data about us. Only you know where we are. Be forewarned. We can defend ourselves by both conventional means as well as by gender transformation. Your decision will change history. The choice is yours.

Explorer Martin bought my services for the weekend. I felt betrayed by all that I held dear to my heart as I was subjected to his sexual needs, finding that sex as a woman was more fulfilling as he made me a mother to be.

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