Silver Blood:Green Fury

Silver Blood:Green Fury
By Stanman63
Edited By Nora Adrienne

Synopsis:Hollis Greene is a botanist working upon new strains of blight resistant wheat for areas prone to blight only to find himself turned into a living nightmare of living plant..


It is hard to believe, but somehow, I have bonded with the swamp life and have become a mobile plant in the form of my mother. Best of all, I have found a mate who accepts my new form. He has kept me sane after what happened to me due to the evil plotting of others intent upon exploiting my discovery and claiming it for themselves. But that won't happen as Justice has been served.

I was Hollis Holland, a botanist working upon a way to use microbes to clean up chemical and oil spills that could pollute the environment. I'd been hired by the Texas Conglomerate after I'd graduated because I'd succeeded in creating a process that cleansed contaminated swampland. What I hadn't expected was to meet the man who'd become my link to sanity.

Charles Russell is a tall, broad shouldered gentle giant of a man who ran the lab's security systems as well as my best friend. We'd met at Florida University where he'd studied ecology. He'd also gone through the police academy, then enlisted in the Marines. After finishing his tour, he opted to become my Security Chief out of friendship.

I was in the lab, researching the curative properties of plankton in swamp water when I saw a large swamp boat approach the dock. I knew that there were a few in the University who were against my research, but had so far had limited their activities to voting against my research. Their reasons were varied, but I knew that they had a few zealots ready to do anything they were paid to do.

I went to the dock where I was doused with a burning chemical that only the swamp water quenched.


When I awoke, I felt more alive than ever before. I stood up, noticing shapely green hued legs that continued up to red shorts and sports bra that belonged to Chuck's kid sister, Rhonda. 'What happened to me? Why am I now a green colored woman?'

"Glad to see you awake, Holly. I was worried about you," said Charles.

"Chuck, am I really this cute green hued pixie that I see in the mirror?"
"Yes. Though I do wonder why the change."
"What about those who did this to me?"
"I sent the patrol out once I saw what happened, and placed you in the isolation bed. But the sensors shows you are clean. So I then placed you in your bed."
"Any news from the patrol?"
"Sorry, but they lost them in the swamp."
"OK, but why red?"
"Thought that it'd look OK."
"Let me change clothes, then we can decide on what to do." Why do I find him attractive? Could my friendship now be turning into a romance for him?


I showered, which felt like Heaven, then donned pink tights that gave my legs and groin comfort as it kept my moisture in me. The white leotard did the same as well as the matching gloves and face mask. But when I looked at myself, I saw a green skinned, red aired beauty wearing a form-fitting brown minidress with matching panty.
WHAT THE!!!???"
"What about eating or drinking?"
"Can I control plants?"
Then I began to sense the vibrant life around me and the sickened areas that were now being healed as my new body and my new abilities began to dominate the area. I knew that I'd have to control my subconscious to keep it from causing harm. I had learned how to compartmentalize my mind in order to take advantage of my ability to remember anything thanks to taking yoga and help from my dad.
Dad is a qualified psychiatrist and chiropractor. He was able to help me take full advantage of my mental capabilities. Now, thanks to him, I was able to subconsciously ready myself for my new reality. I knew that without my training, that I'd be an emotional and mental wreck. But instead, I was ready to deal out some payback to those who'd sought to kill me as well as reassure my dad that I was alive.
Dad is a psychiatrist who specializes in hypnosis to help patients deal with trauma. He has help many traumatized victims of abuse and injury to deal with what happened to them and help them to start overcoming any debilitating trauma. Thanks to him, I was able to take full use of my gifts and now was hoping that he'd be able to cope with the new me. I looked like Mom who'd died just before I accepted my posting, here. Gail, my younger sister was still going to PIEDMONT HIGH SCHOOL and had decided to say with Dad as he'd become a recluse and lost the will to live.
He loved Momma very much, and when she died from a faulty central heating filter in the Family's log cabin, it devastated him because he forgot to do any maintrnence before her annual vacation to get back to nature. Now, if I could change my coloring, I could give Dad the closure that he needed in order move on as well as let him know about his new daughter.

"Computer, is there a way to allow me to present myself as a Caucasian female?"
I now saw a red aired beauty wearing a form-fitting brown minidress with matching panty and hose, "Can I go outside of the Complex and still present this image?'

"Thanks, computer."

I heard a wolf whistle from my right, "You know, for a former bloke, you make quite a lass." remarked an appreciative Chuck.

"Thanks, Chuck. Glad you like me," I blushed.

He took my chin in his hand, "Holly, I have always been your best friend. Now, I see a woman that I am in love with."
"You can accept my change?"

He sat down, guiding me next to him on the sofa, Remember Jackie from Joe's Grill?"

"Sure! She's sweet and the best waitress. Wonder why she went away for so long, though."

"She went to have the surgery to become a woman."


"I've known about her all my life, she is my cousin"

"Why did you not say anything before now?"

"Because she was afraid of being rejected."

"OH! I can truly appreciate her sentiments," I wept.

"Why are you crying?"

"I am falling in Love with you, too. But I can't afford to until I've dealt with what was done to me!"

"Then we will BOTH confront them,but you will need training to help you develop your abilities."



"SILVER BLOOD?" we chorused.


"What is Silver Blood?" I inquired.

Then I saw a sleek short winged aircraft softly land at the dock and a tall, lithe winged woman wearing a silver skirted leotard, tan hose and sandals alight, "I am Angela from Silver Blood. I am here to escort both of you to Sliver Blood for training."

"Why both of us?" Chuck requested.

"The female needs training to harness her full potential, You for training in Silver Blood armor and weaponry."

"What is Silver Blood?"

She looked at me, "You are?"

"I was Hollis Holland, but now, I am Holly Holland."

"Holly, Silver Blood Academy trains clients to harness their potential. Silver Blood was created to defend against vampires and has since then defended the world from other such menaces."

"Like Buffy the vampire slayer?" asked Chuck.

"Yes, YOU will be able to fight any denizen of the night once trained to use the armor and equipment."

"What about me?"

"Holly, with your new form and abilities, you are immune to any of their attacks, and can possibly be a slayer. Are you ready?"


"Holly is worried about her dad."

"Unfortunately, your meeting with him must wait until you can control your pheromones. Right now, you are exuding a mating scent that will entice any unguarded male to copulate."

Why am I not effected?"

"Because you are being protective of Holly, waiting for her to invite you to mate with her."

"And get pregnant?"

"Yes, has a human/plant fusion, Your cycle is muted so that you're ignorant of your menses. But will learn to control your body."


We were able to close down the lab and set the auto destruct as well as save the lab's AI by taking the mainframe and transferring it to Silver Blood. As we lifed off, I saw the explosion as the green tech bombs detonated, allowing the complex to dissolve into organic compounds due to it's wood and organic plastic construction. This was done in order to maintain the swamps purity and release much needed compounds needed by the plants to combat the chemical spills that threatened to destroy the ecosystem.

As we neared the Silver Blood complex, I was amazed at how it blended in with the environment, leaving only scattered access doors and security walls formed of natural stone and dirt covered mounds with towers of windmills that hosted the shielding. The complex had been built in the crater created from an old strip mining site. According to the computer, Silver Blood had built a conversion reactor that took any hazardous waste and broke it down into hydrogen via a centrifuge that powered by an atomic reactor. The reactor supplied power for the complex as well as powering up the many vehicles using a dual battery/fuel system. Only the jets used aviation fuel which was stored with the jets in the security walls with a launch ramp for the jets, similar to the system used on American aircraft carriers.

The complex's warehouse and maintenance was built above the reactor, leaving the labs, raining rooms and living quarters on top with the heli-pad on the crown. I could tell that thee guys meant business when it comes to being Eco-friendly as well as being ready to kick ass when needed. I had to suppress a grin when I saw the red "H" within the red circle appear as the grass laden hanger doors parted because Angel flew down and guided us down, using the standard batons.

As we landed, Chuck undid his safety harness, saying, "These people mean business! I am impressed."

"You wouldn't believe the number of people here that are redeemed vampires, werewolves and other creatures of the night," said Aviator Allen,exiting the cockpit.

"How do you know?"

"Sir, I am actually a redeemed zombie who mindlessly followed whoever cast the Voodoo spell to invoke control. But now I am what I was when I was alive, with algea replacing my blood."

"So, in essence, I could command you to do anything, if I wish."

"No, not unless I was to give you that authority. Ever read about Solomon Grundy?"

"Sure! He is a reanimated corpse tthat has been both good and bad, I replied.

"Holly, unless I am mistaken, according to his origins, Grundy is like our friend here."

"Yes, and like him, I am basically immortal, and like you, exude oxygen."

"Are you strong, like him?"

"Well, like a tree, I can lift, or carry most any mass as long as I am rooted into the earth, and can toss it, depending upon how tired I am."



He led us deeper into the complex where we were assigned our guest rooms referred to as "QUARTERS which was a suite of rooms, linked to each other. Each bredrrom held a twin bed with storage underneath and a spacious closet and bookcase with lamps on bed stands at the head of the bed and a chest a the foot as well as dresser with mirror and stool as well as two recliners with a mini cooler and hotplate between them. The bathroom HEAD contained a toilet, sink, shower combination stall/tub/sauna with a dor leading to the common room that functioned as ou living room/den with a doorway to the main hallway as well as another to the civic center, holding a park and recreation center.

It was only at night that Chuck and I were together, I spent my days honing my skills and abilities while Chuck was immunized against attacks from any creature of the night thanks to the Silver Blood Research Labs which were constantly monitoring the creation and mutation of the mundane world thanks to the creation of the Silver Blood Network. The network was a merging of Silver Blood with the internet, allowing for Silver Blood's connection with the business community and military to forestall the implementation of any global assault upon those affected by an outbreak that only Silver Blood could handle.

Silver Blood had become a global para-military organization ever since a U.N. charter had given Silver Blood official recognition, thanks to Homeland Security, the F.B.I. and C.I.A. which had investigated the weird events the Silver Blood was associated with. Through them, Silver Blood gained access to what was deemed "obsolete" military equipment from U.S. stock when the latest hi tech gear became available, giving Silver Blood equipment that only the latest in technology was superior.

Silver Blood gained a fleet of obsolete subs and converted to troop carrier after replacing the missiles with crew quarters and training facilities, making them rather luxurious means to shuttle troops. Silver Blood also gained an oil tanker, converted into a cargo/transport/troop carrier wit a squadron of armored helicopters, making Silver Blood a force to be reckoned with.


After a month, we were ready to go after our quarry and end their evil, but before that, I had to see Daddy and let him know that I lived. Gail was doing what she could for our dad, but my sister was getting ready to go to college and even though the local colleges offered the courses in her chosen field, Gail had been lucky enough to be picked by U.A.B. which is a world renown medical college. She would still be able to live at home, but preferred to live on campus with her sorority sisters, Brenda and Jo. All three wanted to be psychiatrists, like Dad, but work with children because Brenda and Jo came from an extended family due to their parents divorcing and marrying again, making them like the Brady Bunch.

They'd grown up with a cousin with Gender Dysphoria who'd successfully transitioned from Daniel Gene Reynolds to Danielle [Danni] Regina [Genny] Reynolds. It was thanks to Daddy's counseling that she was able to safely transition and help her family and friends to accept her and welcome her into their hearts. He saw that Brenda and Jo had the compassion needed to become psychiatrists, and became their mentor as they spent their summer vacations as his receptionist and secretary.

They'd read his medical library to gain an early foothold upon their chosen profession. By the time that they'd graduated with my sister, they'd already gotten most of the book learning they needed and spend most of their time working in clinics.


Chuck and I approached Daddy's house has Gail came out wearing a classic nurses white dress uniform and hose, heading off to her job as his receptionist. When she saw Chuck, she looed at me, "Hello, my name is Gail. How may I help you?"

"Sis, it's me, your brother,"

She looked at me, as she recognized me, she began to stammer, "Hol...lis,"

Chuck went over to her to keep her from falling and ruining her uniform, or injuring herself, "Kiddo, do you think that I'd ever leave Hollis?"

She smiled at him, "No, ya' gorilla. Ever since you two have been best friends. Although he has tried to play MATCHMAKER with you."

"Gail, you're the only girl that I ever considered dating until Hollis became Holly," he confessed.

"Then you two need to tell me what happened," she declared as she headed back inside.

"You and Daddy," I added.

"Daddy is at work. It's best that you tell me before you tell him."

"OK, but let us tell you on the way to the office."

"Well, I can ride back with Daddy, or take my old scooter I keep there for emergencies. Let's go."

"OK, but why are you still wearing those uniforms?"

"Well, to tell the truth, Daddy has given me permission to wear the new nurses smocks and scrubs but I like wearing this and the blue Red Cross uniform dress. Remember how short my school uniform was," she giggled.

"Yeah, you always wore bloomers for modesty."

"Now that you're a girl, you know how I felt whenever those jerks tried to get fresh."

"Why do you think that we'd stand up for you when that happened?" asked Chuck.

"To score brownie points with me and my friends."

"Yes, and your dad taught me to respect girls, which is more than I can say for mine," he sighed.


Chuck's parents were workaholics who preferred to let Daddy raise him so that they could go to the bar after work, instead of caring for him. Daddy could have turned them into Social Services about child abandonment ad neglect, but knew that he'd be sent to foster parents or an orphanage that could abuse him, so raised Chuck as a second son.

Gail smiled as she giggled, Why else do you think that me and my friends dated you and sat with you two at lunch?"

"Because Chuck was and still is an "Adonis", I giggled.

""Your Adonis."

I smiled and blushed at his declaration, finding that I wanted him in me and fantasizing about him as my husband.

"Guess that your friendship became a romance," quipped Gail.

"So what if I did? Chuck is a good man!"

"Exactly, Sis. I'm glad that you two found each other. Always thought that you two would make a cute couple if you were a girl."

"Me, why not Chuck?"

"Holly, to tell the truth, I've always thought that you were a girl with you always dressing as a girl for Halloween and being a Christmas Elf Girl when you made extra money at Christmas at Santa's Castle, taking pictures."

"Oh." 'I forgot about that when I went to college because I got too busy studying. No wonder I am taking being a girl, so easily. Been a girl, all along.'

Gail parked her red vintage postal jeep, "Here we are."

"Don't know why you still drive this jalopy," chuckled Chuck.

"Hey! This Jeep can go about anywhere and with the log cabin being up on the mountain, it's traction is needed in the snow," she retorted.


Daddy's office is located in an old renovated office building that he and others bought because of the garage parking deck. There is buffet restaurant, gym and general store where he does most of his shopping since the store sells mostly dented cans and surplus.

"Gail, who is this lovely lady with you and Charlie ?" asked Daddy as we got out.

"Daddy, this lovely lady is your son, Hollis, now Holly."

Daddy looked me over, "You mean to tell me that you've had the surgery without telling me," he sighed as he sat on a bench outside of the building.

I sat by him, "No, Daddy. This is because of some men who attacked the lab that I was in."

"And they forced the surgery on you?"

"In a way, I got doused with chemicals that did this, and I can control plants, too."

"Oh? Why did they do it?" asked Daddy.

"Yeah! First I ever heard about this," declared an irate Gail.

"They wanted my research, but I set off the self destruct before Chuck and I left, Daddy. And didn't have time, Gail," I explained.

"Sorry," sighed Gail.

"What about this plant control?' asked Daddy.

"I'll show you," I said as i caused the rose bush by him to give him a flower.

"OK, anything else I need to know about my new daughter?"

"I am really green skinned, red haired, and surprised that you are not in shock with me looking like Mother," I confessed, dropping the illusion.

"WOW!" exclaimed my sister.

"Holly?" Daddy said in surprise.

"Yes, Daddy. This is the real me. I know that I look like Momma, and that this is a shock, but I had to see you," I wept.

He hugged me, "Princess, by coming to see me, you have helped me to finally say goodbye to Sharon. Now I can live again. Thank you," he declared.

"Holly, what about those who attacked you?"

"We're going to make them pay, Chuck!"


Thanks to Silver Blood lending us a jet sub, Chuck and I were able to return to the site of the lab that my attackers had rebuilt. The the perimeter was made of concrete and steel, with searchlights and automated rocket-launcher/machine-gun combos on top to prevent escape or trespass. They'd even paved over the ground for all of the military vehicles, except for a dock for the swamp boats and what looked like a mini sub like the one we were in, but larger with an upper deck and making it look like a cigar boat as well as a jet sub has the classic fuselage of a modern sub with four short wings with jet engines on the end capable of air/aquatic flight, like the one we were in.

The building were made of stone with a flat top for the heli-pad. We landed on the heli-pad after we sprayed the top with a knock out gas. After the guards were out cold, we disembarked and began our assault with the squadron loaned to us. We cleared each of the four levels above ground before tackling the labs in the basement where the real danger was, but it was Chuck and I that went on because the squadrons were taking care of the incoming soldiers. After the troop carrier choppers landed to carry off the prisoners and left another squadron with us, Chuck and I blew away the armored lab ceiling and dropped in, using jet packs to cushion our descent.

Landing back to back, guns ready, I saw that the lab had become a vegetative hell on earth for the scientist who'd become trapped in vines that were feeding upon their corpses with the skeletons converted to a fusion of vines and bark that were trying to attack us, but failing as they collapsed once the vines seperated from the host tree. As I looked on in horror, Chuck called out, "HOLLY! ONE OF THEM IS TRYING TO TALK!"

I looked to the victim he pointed to and smiled, "So, Professor Cabot, YOU"RE responsible for the attack."

"Who are you?" he asked woodenly.


"Damn! Then the project is a success," he sighed.

"Success!? You call turning Hollis into Holly and turning her into a fusion of plant and flesh able to control plants a success!?" exclaimed Chuck.

"Yes, she is the culmination of my goal to create an immortal human apabe of adapting to any environment," he explained.

"Can you do it?' asked Chuck.

"No he can't. The tree controls himand is trying to reach the swamp,"

"Should we let it?"

"No, if it succeeds, it will take over."

"Then let's burn it."

"NOOOO!" screamed the tree as Chuck and I fired off our napalm flamethrower and burned the menace.


It has been a year, now. Chuck and I are now married and I am breastfeeding our red headed, green eyed twins, Hollis looks like Chuck. Holly like me. Thanks to Silver Blood, the lab is now Eco-friendly like the Silver Blood Compound. I am now in charge of twenty scientist who work with me while Chuck leads a squadron of soldiers. So far, we've created new strains of blight resistant crops that have vastly improved the health of people and pets around the globe able to anywhere. Best of all, Daddy remarried and Gail is happy as can be with her family.


To Be Continued...

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