The Uncomfortable Truth

The Uncomfortable Truth
By Stanman63
Melanie Ezell's Big Closet Ultimate Writer's Challenge
Synopsis:A young Transwoman reflects upon her life. .

My name is Constance Lee Davenport, or at least that's the name that I want.You see, I am a transgendered girl who never got the chance to be who I wanted to be in life. My parents name me Conrad Lee Davenport after Dad's father Conrad David Davenport and Mom's dad: Nathan Lee Connor.

Now don't get me wrong, Mom and Dad loved me, and I was a very happy kid growing up. I was into sports, Scouting as well as learning domestic skills from Mom. I was a well rounded kid. But for all of my happiness, I was empty inside. I would look at my friends and wonder if they felt like I did, then one Halloween, I discovered why I was empty.
It my senior year at Westmoore High School, I was looking for a costume. Luckily, I took after Mom in my build. I was a 4ft 11in tall powerhouse whose small size made me an excellent quarterback.

Mom had an old Zatanna outfit, so I chose it since I thought that she was hot and wearing tights wasn't new to me. I'd worn tights when I was Peter Pan and Robin Hood for Halloween, before. I liked the feel of the tights and was pleased with seeing my legs displayed in what amounted to a minidress, but I never connected that with being a girl.
Momma got me some breastforms and a gaffe that looked like a girl's vagina for my costume. Since Halloween was celebrated on Saturday, I dressed as a girl starting on the Friday before. Being a bit mischievous, I decided to wear Mom's old cheerleader outfits with pantyhose, much to her and Dad's delight. They wholly approved of my immersing myself in my role, knowing that I always gave it my all whenever I did anything.

They told me that I looked exactly like mom when she was in school, and proved it with pictures, too. Looking at her pictures and myself, I realized that I should have been a girl all along and told them. When I told them, they told me that they suspected as much and were willing to let me transition into a girl, but I was to be denied that pleasure.

Even though I won a trophy for best costume and made most of the boys drool over me, my body betrayed me soon after by suddenly going through a delayed male puberty. I found myself undergoing a growth spurt and hair sprouting up on my body as my voice deepened until I went up to 5feet, 11in tall by the time of graduation, leaving me a hairy ape, like Dad.
So, here I am, in my casket after being found dead in my room from a heart attack caused by my bodies over stressing my heart. Now, I will never be the girl that I wanted to be while I lived, but I am a girl up in Heaven and my parents have honored me with a tombstone that tells of the real me.
Constance Lee Davenport
Beloved Daughter

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