Forced To Be A Girl

Forced To Be A Girl

By Stanman63
Thanks To Nora Adrienne for editing
Synopsis: Nathan knew that he was a girl and started to dress as Natalie with his parents’ approval. Then one fateful day, his best friend meets Natalie. Their relationship grows as Natalie takes over Nathan until an event forces Natalie to take over.

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I've known that I was a girl ever since kindergarten when the bully Chuck spilled paint all over my play clothes. Momma Leslie got me a green dress with matching panty, white apron, tights, and MaryJane shoes as it was winter and the dress had a mid-thigh hem. I was a natural girl in that I obeyed the rules of modesty and did not flash my panty.

When Mother came to pick me up, she was amazed at how girly I was, and livid that my attacker was not punished. She pulled me out of that kindergarten and enrolled me into the Clark County Methodist Church Nursery, and we joined soon after. We were both soon involved in the Church, which led to Momma meeting Jackson Kirk and his proposing marriage to her. He is a Marine veteran Master Sergeant who now leads the Clark County Sheriff Swat Team and Clark County Neighborhood Watch.

Her only worry was how he'd react to my being a girl at home, but it turned out that his sister Maria was his brother Mark, who he'd buried last week after she'd been attacked by skinheads who took perverted pleasure in mutilating their victims. Now, he had no family and became our staunch protector. He has bought me an entire girl's wardrobe and enjoys it when I cuddle up with him to watch a movie or he tucks me in. I can tell that he sees his departed sister in me and wants to help me to be all that I can be. Thanks to their encouragement and support, I was able to be a boy in school, and a girl at home and on vacations.

I was also able to dress as a girl on Clark County Schools Halloween Day when faculty and students got to wear costumes with a party for parents, students and faculty. And when the Drama Department would put on a play, the actors and actresses would wear their costume on the first day of the play, which is why I was in every one the schools put on. I had fun dressing in many costumes that no one would think of.

I got away with being a girl in school, that way and met my future husband Reginald 'Reg' Van Dyke as well as the school's delinquent gang. The gang was in general led by some adult who made sure that the gang’s fines were paid. No one knew who it was until it was too late to help me, but now the entire gang is in prison where tougher convicts are having fun with their new friends.

Everything was going great until my senior year when all hell broke loose. As usual, I'd dressed in my Peter Pan play costume, I was Peter Pan. I enjoyed wearing the green tights, tunic and elf slippers as this was one of the very few boy's costume that looked like a girl's costume. In fact, many thought that I was playing Tinkerbelle, but Cindy Lou Barrett was and Reg was Captain Hook.

The gang leader, Chuck and his second, Bubba grabbed me and dragged me into the boy's restroom and blocked the door with the overflowing waste bin, Chuck pulled out brass knucks while Bubba pulled out a bat.

"You prance around like one of those sissy freaks that we wondered if you got any balls, now we know you got none!" proclaimed Chuck.

"Now, we will see how you like being a woman!" promised Bubba.

"ATTACK!" yelled Chuck to the gang hidden in the stalls.

I fought them as best I could, but I got brained and cut several times before Reg and our parents crashed through the door before I passed out.
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When I awoke, Momma and my new Daddy were there, waiting for me to awaken, "Princess, how do you feel?' asked Daddy as he hugged me.

"Kinda sore all over, and somewhat icky. Like my body is out of sorts. Why?"

"Honey, you've had a concussion as well as severe laceration of your groin. Do you need anything for pain?"

"No, just sleepy," I replied as I went back to sleep.

I awoke to find a silver haired gentleman in the room.

"Greetings, Miss Natalie. I am Doctor Beauregard MacDonald, your attending physician. Are you awake, now?"

"Yes. What happened?"

"Well, you have recovered from a mild concussion and multiple stab wounds to your groin."

"Funny, I don't feel bad at all, just a bit sore."

"You were lucky. If not for quick action, you might have bled to death."

:My attackers?" I asked trembling.

"Because they both broke probation when they attacked you, they're now serving a life sentence in prison where their attitude will cause them many problems."

"And me?"

"Due to the massive damage to your groin, I had to make a decision on how to treat your wounds."

"What was the damage?"

"Your testicles and penis were both severed, I had to place you in a girlsuit from Bodysuits "R" Us To help heal your injuries."

"So, now I am a girl." I stated.
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As much as I wanted to be a girl, I wanted to make the decision, not have it made for me for any reason. I married Reg and we have a wonderful son and daughter, but I endure nightmares of the attack that ended my days as a boy.
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The End

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