Mad Max(ine)

Mad Max(ine)
By Stanman63
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SynopsisIt's finally happened, the world is a wasteland due to war. But Mad Max survived in a bunker where she became Mad Maxine in order to survive. Now, she look for survivors to help rebuild.

Maxine's View
I was surprised at how the scientist had morphed my irradiated body into that of a young female. I was an elderly man of Irish descent before the bombs ruined me. Now, I am a petite raven haired bombshell dressed like Xena: Warrior Princess with a black leather cape for protection.

I drive a black solar powered Dodge Charger that has all that I need to reconnoiter the wastelands in my quest. So far, I have enjoyed the pleasures of several men as I have led people to Sanctuary. But, there is one back in Sanctuary who continues to ridicule me for not committing suicide after my change. Can I help it if he can't get a hard on?
Rocky's View
I don't know why the Sanctuary chose that abomination as their ambassador to the outside world. She was that ancient geezer who was a security guard over the Main Reactor.

While it is true that the old geezer did stop the reactor from going critical by activating the dormant safety protocols that were disabled due to a lightning strike, turning him into a teen knockout is ridiculous, much less sending it out for recruits.
Leader's View
Maxine has done an excellent job in her duty to bring in recruits as well as find any oasis of civilization in the wastelands. Thanks to her input, I have authorized the launching of a fleet of mobile bases called ARKS. .

Each ARK is crewed by people like Maxine whose gender was changed as their bodies were healed of their maladies. Like Maxine, each one showed the classic signs of wanting to be the opposite gender. By sending them out, I am defusing a powder keg before the bigots can cause trouble. Too bad that the process changes the gender, or I'd be sending them out.

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