Miss Twin Lakes: My Valentines Dream

Miss Twin Lakes: My Valentines Dream
By Stanman63
Edited By Nora Adrienne
Synopsis: When the Miss Twin Lakes beauty pageant is held to celebrate the return of Miss Twin Lakes from her USO tour, Twin brother and sister are able to realize their dreams, leading to a new life.

When Jody Drew Sanderson: was crowned Miss Twin Lakes, I knew that I wanted to win the title after she'd served her year as a Beauty Queen. Like her, I was a girl born in a boy's body, best of all, my entering the pageant would ease the stress that Momma was putting on my sister Joanie Ruth who was getting fed up being in those pageants. Our Momma: Abigail Francis Sanderson had been a beauty queen as she grew up, becoming a pageant winner most every time. She won enough scholarships that she was able to open Natural Beauty Salon where she sold everything that a woman could want.

She did it all as an unwed mother who became pregnant after graduating from Jefferson State College with a Masters Degree in Fashion Design, and Business Management. We never knew who our father was because Momma went to a party where she lost control. She went to the ER and had a rape kit done, so the possible fathers were put on notice. But instead of a lengthy trial that could leave Momma with nothing, each of the four pay $1,000 a month in alimony with no visitation rights.

Momma was very good to me and my twin sister Joanie Ruth, making sure that we both had the best of everything and giving us any opportunity to do anything we wanted. we both got into: basketball, bowling, cheerleading, (her) football, (me), rollerskating, ice skating, soccer, volleyball, as well as Choir, drama, and dance. There was not a weekend that we were not busy playing some sport with all of Sunday and Wednesday nights devoted to Church. We were devout members of Blessed Trinity Methodist Church where my sister and I were Acolytes, or Crucifers in the traditional morning service and the youth choir,drama team for the Sunday evening service.

Well, Momma being Momma, could not see us twins NOT entering into those beauty pageants. We were both entered in them until I got too old for them, but by then, I'd found that I was really a girl and Ruth knew that she was really a girl. When we told Momma, she pretty much freaked out until she saw how unhappy she was making us. Ruth and I chose to be what the other twin wanted to be since we had been born with the ability to read each other's thoughts.

I would be the All-American Boy, playing all the boy's games and being an athlete and academic while Ruth would be the All-American Girl, cheering and dancing as well as being a girly girl. She could actually feel my body as I played sports and anything else that she was not involved in as well as my body as it matured, just as I could feel the pantyhose she wore everyday and her body's changes as she went through puberty.
When I saw that, I knew that our prayers were answered. Ruth had won every beauty pageant that she'd been in attending school. Twin Lakes Grammar School, Twin Lakes Middle School, and Twin Lakes High School each held three pageants with one girl being the winner with a girl from each year being in her court. Ruth won each contest every year, so she did not enter in the Twin Lakes Community Center pageants. All together, she won enough scholarships to pay for both of us to attend any college, but we chose Twin Lakes University as we both wanted to be near when the pageant came along.

Before World War 2, our town came up with a unique way for any man who were unable to answer the Draft, yet wanted to serve their country. It was decided that they would become contestants in a beauty pageant. Rebecca Jennings, Broadway star knew how to make a man look like a woman. A few actors in order to maintain their feminine voices and promote feminine attributes would take herbs and spices or even have their gonads removed to halt the production of testosterone, then living as a woman.

Under her guidance, the contestants learned how to portray themselves as women as she helped them to look like women with breast forms, gaffes, panty girdles and costumes. A few chose to become actresses and transition, but most found a girl and settled down. Now, thanks to modern medicine and technology, it was possible for a contestant to change his gender and become a genetic woman with a body free of cancer and any genetic abnormalities. In fact, ever since the application of the bodysuits, citizens had been cured of most maladies by simply wearing a bodysuit of their gender and letting the suit work it's magic. ,
We told Momma about the pageant and how Ruth wanted and I wanted to enter it. She then gave us the much needed reminder, "Ruth can't enter, you can because it is for men only."

"But Mom, I am a guy in my heart. Surely, the pageant won't disqualify me for being the wrong gender," complained my distraught sister.

"Well, I will speak to the pageant officials and see what they say."
Sissy and I met Miss Twin Lakes Jody Drew Sanderson the next day to learn if we could both enter. She looked great in her gold pastel dress from Logan's Runs with matching sandals and tan pantyhose, Ruth wore a silver variation while I wore a gold shirt with black pants and boots. She was promoting the new series Fantastic Planet. where she was the matron who granted the applicants fantasy. It was set in the Star Trek Universe so that any one of the Star Trek Series could be visited. She and the officials had already turned quite a few of the novels and short stories into episodes, and had rekindled a fan base in every one of the series.

"Well, I see from your petition that both of you want to enter into the pageant, even though it is strictly for men only. Explain in your own words why I should let you compete, Miss Annabella Marie Sanderson."

"Ma'am. is not the Miss Twin Lakes Beauty Pageant meant to help the boys and men who are girls in their hearts?"

"Yes, that's true. But you were born a girl! How do you qualify as a contestant?"

"Ma'am, my brother is a girl at heart, just as I am a boy at heart."

"Okay, even though we don't have a Mister Twin Lakes Body Builder Contest, I can authorize for both of you to receive a bodysuit."

"Miss, can it give me my sister's body, and give her mine?" I asked.

"Are you twins?"

"Yes, Momma and Daddy say that the only real difference between us is our genders, and that my brother here is near seven feet tall to my five feet height."

"There's a better way than you two wearing the bodysuits to achieve the body that you want."

"What's that?" I asked.

"You two switch bodies."

"WHAT?!" we both exclaimed.

"Instead of the bodysuits, you can use the new helmet that allows for two people to share memories and even place one into a comatose body, awakening the one in a coma. With you two being so close, the transfer need not have one of you in a coma."

"Will we still have our telepathic link?" Ruth asked.

"Most assuredly!"
When I woke up, I could tell that I we had successfully switched bodies. I could see my breasts and long hair in the mirrored ceiling as I breathed. I was under a white sheet that outlined my new body in all of it's glory. I looked over and saw my previous body as my new brother awoke and saw his Adonis body and classic Nordic features that on my new body made me a blond beauty to his blond athletic body.

"Well, Sister, how do you like being a girl?" he chuckled.

Great! but now I have to get use to answering to Joanie Ruth Sanderson, and you to Jonathan Richard Sanderson."

"No problem, Sissy. I already am use to being you."

"Same here, bro," I admitted.

"What will you do in the talent portion of the pageant?"

"I want to sing and do a bit of a dance where you can take part, but which song?"

"Why not do MY GOD from SISTER ACT? We both know the lyrics and dance for the song from the last Twin Lakes High School Homecoming Pageant."

"Good idea, Bro. When they release us, I want to go shopping."

"Oh? Getting some stuff that is missing?"

"Yes. What about you?"

"Well, now that you mention it, there are some books and stuff that I've not got. Let's go!"

My new brother had developed a hobby of collecting miniatures of any vehicle used in any movie from any company that produced a hand held size copy. He had a lot of Hot Wheels, Micro Machines, and Hero clix and had taken his surplus to create his own unique versions while I collected the Scyfi-fntasy novels and movie tie-ins and the video release of the movie and T.V. series. The basement had been turned into a movie theatre, library and a museum when our hobbies began to overload the house.

For the pageant, I wore a gold pastel leotard with ankle length skirt with waist high slits on the sides with tan pantyhose and gold ballet flats. My swimsuit was gold swimdress with tan pantyhose and my ballet flats. As for my talent competition, I wore a girl's postal worker uniform of a blue blouse, navy short-shorts, socks and loafers with proper equipment and white pantyhose that I took off to reveal a dove bird suit while my new brother dressed as Jesus in a white choir robe with gold highlights. On stage with us was a blue screen that held the video that we danced to while I sang.
Nothing you could say could tear me away from my God, (my God)
Nothing you could do, 'cause I'm stuck like glue to my God, (my God, my God)
I'm sticking to my God like a stamp to a letter,
Like birds of a feather we stick together.
I'm tellin' you from the start, I can't be torn apart from my God.

Nothing you could do could make me untrue to my God, (my God)
Nothing you could buy could make me tell a lie to my God, (my God, my God)
I gave my God my word of honour to be faithful, and I'm gonna.
You best be believing I won't be deceiving my God.

As a matter of opinion I think he's tops
My opinion is he's the cream of the crop.
As a matter of taste, to be exact,
He's my ideal, as a matter of fact.

No muscle bound man could take my hand from my God, (my God)
No handsome face could ever take the place of my God,(my God, my God)
He may not be a movie star, but when it comes to bein' happy, we are.

There's not a man today who could take me away from my God
There's not a man today who could take me away from my God
There's not a man today who could take me away from my God

Just before the pageant, I met the man of my dreams: Hiawatha Eagle Eye of the Cherokee Indian Nation. We'd met him and his sister Pocahontas Matoka when their family operated the Twin Lakes Trading Post where the local farmers, trappers, and any who had something that they wanted sold would take have fun meeting in the diner where you could order most anything as well as take out, catering, and reservations. When they'd graduated last year with us, their family sold the business to my dad so that their parents could retire.

"Eagle Eye! Why are you here?! I thought that you were enrolling at U.A.B. to become a doctor with your sister!" I exclaimed.

Am I speaking to Joanie or Jonathan?"

"I am Jonathan in Joanie's body. Why?"

"Because I knew that you should have been born a girl. Why else do you think that I was your best friend and encouraged you to be as much of a girl as you could be?"

"I thought that you were simply being my best friend. You NEVER told me that saw me as a girl, nor your sister for that matter."

"Joanie, my People have a deep respect for people like you and Jonathan. In our Culture, both of you would be a Shaman, or Medicine Man as you two have two spirits and as such, are magical."

"Am I magical to you?"

"Yes, just as your brother is to my sister."

"What does this mean?"

He knelt before me and placed a diamond ring on my finger, "Will you marry me?"

I became Miss Twin Lakes and spent my year of going to military bases with the USO with my husband Hiawatha Eagle Eye and my brother and his wife Pocahontas Matoka. Then we all will be heading to college to start on our new life.
The End

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