Being A Girl

Being A Girl
By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing
Synopsis:When a young boy finds that he likes being a girl, his mother and friends help him to realize his dream and find that being a girl is what she was meant to be.

Well, here I am, about to graduate from Powell High School as the Class Valedictorian, with my best friend Chad by my side and heading to college to become a Medical Engineer thanks to Chad's parents and all their help. And to think that because of finances, I almost lost everything before my life really began.

My name was Daniel Jesse Rhodes, but now it's Dani Jesse Rhodes and one day will be Dani Jesse Everett when I marry Chad and our parents couldn't be any happier. Molly Anne Rhodes is my mother. She is a five foot tall Irish-Italian combining the best of Irish and Mediterranean genes into a red-haired olive skinned beauty who had me out of wedlock.

Momma was about to graduate from Lakewood High School when she was date raped by Alonzo and his 'Mafia' during Spring Break. They were all convicted and sent to prison, but because they were all orphans, Momma got no child support except what she was entitled to from Welfare and Social Security.

Unfortunately, Momma was an only child to parents with no living relations, leaving her to sell the house in order to pay off all of the bills, leaving her with just enough to lease a studio apartment from the Everett family. Chad Angus Everett Sr. was a self made millionaire, who made his fortune in the stock market and in Business Management using his savvy and charm to further Best Value Enterprises into a global corporation.

The apartment was fully furnished with sturdy, child proof furniture with a full larder and closets full of clothes for her to wear during her pregnancy, but Momma refused to accept any charity and soon found herself working as secretary to Mister Everett while Momma Everett babysat me, since she was home with Chad.

Momma only made minimum wage, most of it supposedly went to pay for the rent and utilities, but Mister Everett put the rent and utilities payments into a savings account for my college fund. Mister Everett treated Momma like the sister that he always wanted and Momma Everett trusted them because they both had adopted me when I was born. Chad and I were born exactly a month apart, so we generally enjoyed combined birthday parties which Momma cherished because that was the only time that I got spoiled, other than at Christmas.

Mama and Papa Everett wanted to raise me like I was their son, but respected Momma's self reliance and silently made sure that I got any breaks so that I could join any team or activity that I wanted to. On Saturdays, we would gather together in the living room to watch classic movies, which was fun. When we saw those vintage martial arts movies, it was like seeing the modern ones in a new light as we compared them, best of all, we all started taking martial arts classes.

Seeing all of those great performers of the past and those timeless the movies were impressed upon me the wondrous gift that they had and how much that I wanted to be an actor. Which is kind of funny, in that because of a comedy of errors, I found out about being a girl.
Mama Everett had taken Chad and me out to swim at the North Lake Pool with Anne and Fran Prescott. Unfortunately for me, my swim trunks got ripped somehow, leaving me without a thing to wear because the shorts that I was wearing were not allowed. But the twins had the solution, I would wear one of their spare swimdresses and spare bikini panty to hide my dangly bits. I had fun being a girl, and Chad even seemed to treat me like I was a girl which made me feel special.

When I got home, Momma and I talked about what happened, "You make a pretty girl," she smiled.

"Thanks, Momma. I like being a girl, too," I declared as I twirled around.

"Is it because Chad treated you like you are a girl, today?"

"Yeah. Why did he do that? I'm still a boy!"

"Because he saw a girl! Do you like being a girl? I saw that the twins gave you some clothes."

"I don't know, but I'd like to find out."

"Want to wear hose with your swimdress tonight? We can go out to eat at Rocky's Grill."

"YUCK! I've got sand under it," I complained.

"Then go rinse off and put on hose under the matching one. OK?"

"Sure, but you'll have to help me with the hose."

I had fun at Rocky's Grill with my red hair making me look like a smaller version of Momma. I found that I liked the feel of nylon on my legs and how the hose and panty gave me a girl's flat groin. I could even see Chad kissing m which made me smile and giggle. Luckily, Momma thought I was giggling at the cartoons on the monitor.

When we got back home, I simply chucked off my sandals and got into bed with Momma tucking me in, "Erin, why didn't you change for bed?"

"Because you've gone to bed wearing hose, I wanted to also, to see what it's like."

"You like it?"

"Yeah, it feels nice having hose on under the sheets. Is this what wearing hose is like while wearing a long skirt?"

"Pretty much. But I also don't need to worry about boys seeing my panty, then," she giggled.

"But my skirt is so short that I can't help it if boys see my panty."

"Well, when a skirt is that short, a girl needs to do like dancers and cheerleader do and wear a bloomer over the hose."


"It’s a bigger panty. In fact, a dancer's leotard does the same thing and your swimdress is like a skirted leotard."

"Good. Because I don't wanna be naughty."

Momma kissed me, "I know, Erin. That's why we had this talk. Need to talk about anything else?"

"What about Chad? Will he want for me to be a boy or a girl, tomorrow?"

"Ask him tomorrow, girl."


"Yes, girl. As long as you are dressed as a girl, I will treat you like a girl."


I said my Prayers and snuggled down to sleep. That night, I dreamed about being a girl and having Chad as my boyfriend. That was when I decided that I liked being a girl.
Thanks to Anne and Fran being older, I kept on receiving their castoffs, so that was able to keep myself in a girl's wardrobe easily, and because of all of the hidden closets in the apartment, nobody knew about Erin. When the studio apartment had been remodeled, instead of filling the walls with insulation, the carpenters had created hidden compartments under Papa Everett's orders to give us added room.

Momma never thought about all of the extra room because there seemed to be enough for her needs and for hiding any presents, too. Whenever it was somebody's anniversary, birthday, or Christmas, everybody had their own safe to hide any gifts for the lucky recipient, which made gift giving so much fun because you never could tell when or if a gift was stored away.

Momma and I would spend those times of celebration in the Everett's home and enjoy a scrumptious home cooked meal. Mama Everett would make a meal whose only difference was the main course which would be ham, turkey, goose, or lamb. We've even had deer and goat a few times, but when it came to any Summer time parties, Papa Everett was the cook.

He would use a special marinade on whatever meat was chosen [usually chicken, ground beef and sausages and franks] while Mama Everett and Momma would make potato salad, fries, and homemade pork and beans as well as gallons of ice cream. It'd take most of a week to prepare for any of our feasts, but there was always plenty of leftovers that Momma and I stored in our apartment that helped to stretch our budget.

Momma and I qualified for Public Assistance in the form of Food Stamps, Medicaid and Medicare which helped out with food and medical expenses. Luckily, Momma and I were and still are very healthy as we only needed varied vitamins and flu shots [and Momma's pink pills].

We would buy our food in bulk sizes and store ready made meal in our deep freezer so that most of the time, all that we'd have to do is nuke a frozen dinner and pour our favorite soda or tea whenever we ate. Momma worked as a waitress at Barney's Diner where she was a hit with the truckers and bikers because she looked cute in the waitress dress that Barney had her and the other waitresses to wear. It was a red dress with a mid-thigh hem and matching bloomer with white hose trim and ballet flats.

Momma was treated like she was the bikers and truckers kid sister since they knew that she was an unwed mother. Oh, they really liked her, and took her out on a date every now and then, but most of them were married and if word of any hanky panky ever got around, said date would get a sound thrashing for hurting the kid sister. So Momma did get to have some fun, but never found herself a husband till later.
After I found that I liked to be a girl, I would wear child sized wrestling trunks because they were like wearing panties to me. I got away with it because I loved to swim and the trunks doubled as my swim togs and I chose to wear shorts instead of trousers to be more like a girl.

Oh, I was athletic enough with my swimming and wrestling, but my small stature and effeminate ways kept many confused about me. Most thought that I was a tomboy, others a girl who wanted to be a boy. If they only knew the truth.

Starting in Centercrest Grammar School, I got involved with the Drama Club. The Drama Club was taught by Beth Williams, Youth Minister for Vineyard Fellowship. She was married to Captain Buck Williams, former All Star Athlete and Naval Pilot.

Buck had been honorably discharged after he developed cataracts. Since he also attended Chaplain School, he was also a qualified Minister. He took over for Brother Dale McWayne who was over seventy years old and under his leadership Vineyard Fellowship became a community leader and organized other churches into Community Ministry to combine resources to help minister better.

Thanks to his efforts, the empty lots were being turned into houses and empty buildings were being turned into thriving businesses. Best of all, he understood about me since he grew up with girls like me.

Because of my voice, I was often a soloist in Vineyard Fellowship and in the Centercrest Grammar School Choir, but there, I was a girl soloist because of my sweet voice. But I NEVER complained as even as a girl, I wore a robe. But when it came time for me to sing in a gown, Momma told them, so I had to wear a monkey suit, dang it.

After Momma told them, we had a talk about it.

"Jess, what's this about you being a girl in choir?"

"Well, Momma, remember back when I had to borrow the twin's swimwear?"

"Yes. You mean to tell me that you want to be a girl?"

"Not all of the time, just every now and then."

"Is that why you've stopped wearing your shorts and now wear panties?"

"Well, I am now into wrestling and swimming, and BOTH let you wear the trunks," I hedged.

"Because that way you can still be a girl!”


She cupped my chin in her hand, "Child, I can tell that you like being a girl. But in time, you must choose to be a boy or a girl as you body matures."


"Because, like Chad, you will grow facial hair and your voice will deepen unless steps are taken to stop it."

"Like what?"

"There are medicines and special appliances that can help, But, I don't have a way to get you that."

"What about the school? Can they help since I am in the Drama Club?"

"I'll need to speak to Beth about it. But she might not go for it since you didn't tell the choir that you're a boy."


Luckily, neither Beth, or Buck were mad at me and allowed me to keep singing as a boy, but I did get to portray a girl in plays at the school. It was in this way that I acquired the gaffe and breast forms as I got older.
In Centercrest Middle School, I became quite the actress as the Vineyard Community Center and Centercrest Middle School combined to put on plays, and musicals to raise money for charity. Buck and Beth had been able to organize the different choirs and drama groups into teams in the Community Theater that went to the nursing homes, hospitals and prisons to entertain people and minister to them, which pleased them no end.

Vacation Bible School and school plays became major social events in the neighborhood as the Community Theater and Community Choir members met in the Vineyard Community Center and resurrected old, forgotten musicals. All of this helped to save the neighborhood from the threat of gangs and drugs as the students now had what they lacked before, hope.
Centercrest was transport hub for trains and river traffic, but with the banks foreclosing on the local farmers, the gangs were able to take them over and grow weed and cocaine. But now the corrupt cops and politicians were being imprisoned along with the gangs and the farms were now once again run by the families that had lost their heritage.
Beth was able to get me a set of breast forms and a gaffe for when I was to play a girl. There were other girls who liked to act, but very few could dance and sing as well as I could, so it was a fun rivalry between Chelsea Marie, Lydia and me for Drama Queen.

Chelsea Marie Graham had a British father and a Jewish mother, giving her olive skin and wavy black hair an exotic quality enhanced by her hazel eyes. Lydia Caitlin Li was an Asian beauty who looked like a younger version of Michelle Kwan.

Both were about the same size as me except for my flat chest which is why I now sport enhancements that make me their twins. The chest enhancements come in a flesh tone sports bra that melds to my body just like the gaffe. Both can remain attached for up to a month before I need to remove and let my skin breathe without constriction, otherwise, the enhancements could permanently bond to my body. Then I would have a girl's body, but a boy's D.N.A.

I would wear the enhancements during any play with the permission of the theater and on any Saturday, but in warmer weather, I wore shorts and the trunks and in cooler weather, hose under my trousers to keep warm. At times, I'd need to let my enhancements soak in warm, sudsy water, then rinse thoroughly before air drying. This usually took half a day, so I only did it on Sunday when there were no performances or rehearsals scheduled..

Whenever there was a play or musical, I'd go to school as Erin with the school's permission. Mrs. Cornelia Bennett was the Minister of Music at Vineyard Fellowship and led the Centercrest Middle School Choir while Beth and believed in her students dressing as their character whenever a play or musical was performed.

They had both gone to Western Bible College where they'd earned their respective diplomas as they learned valuable knowledge as Choir and Youth Ministers under Brother Dale McWayne, former Pastor of Vineyard Fellowship. Under his leadership, they learned about accepting others without the prejudice that blinded many Christians.

He was raised on the Navajo Indian Reservation by his Uncle Daniel 'Eagle Eye' McWayne who was a Medicine Chief for the tribe. He taught Dale about how the Navajo revered the transgendered, saw them as having two spirits and magical. Dale took this teaching to heart and chose to become a pastor to honor his uncle.

Daniel McWayne gave Dale his blessings when he was accepted at Western Bible College because he knew that Dale would become a Medicine Chief when he retired as Pastor and passed on his legacy when Beth, Buck and Cornelia continued his teachings.

Vineyard Fellowship had been established after the Korean War at the beginning of the Free Love Movement by church outcasts, led by Dana Laramie. She had gone to Canada to transition after graduating from Valley Dale High School where she met Daniel McWayne after her surgery. He took her to the Navajo Reservation where she became an honorary Medicine Chief and learned about how the Navajo belief that the transgendered, have two spirits and magical.

Under their tutelage, she unlearned the bitterness and contempt that she had to deal with while growing up and made a complete break from her past. She lost her family and scholarships, but was adopted by Dustin and Gloria McWayne, Daniel McWayne's parents and became an honorary Medicine Chief.

Dana won a full scholarship to Western Bible College and stayed in a co-ed dorm with Daniel McWayne where they became best friends. She lost her virginity to him, but each chose to remain single. So, upon graduation, Daniel went back to the reservation while Dana became Sister Dana Laramie: Lady Pastor of Vineyard Fellowship.

The congregation called her because they were impressed with her history and knew that she would not follow the old, worn out dogma that many Churches followed. Under her leadership, the Boy Club, Boy's Scouts, Girl Club, Girl Scouts, Camp Fire Girls, Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A. were organized under the banner of Rainbow Scout.

The Rainbow Scouts were set up like Boy Scouts for the boys and Girl Scouts for the girls while the Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A. were both replaced with the Centercrest Community Center and Vineyard Fellowship Activities Building.

The Boy's Club taught the skills that were traditionally male oriented while the Girl's Club taught domestic skills. Both were co-ed and had separate locker rooms and dorms for each gender, but those who were either living as the opposite gender of their birth or in transition stayed in dorms in the Centercrest Community Center and Vineyard Fellowship Activities Building where their needs were met with compassion.

Both were staffed with volunteer counselors who were trained in advanced first aid and psychologist and psychiatrist who donated their time to help them in their journey.
It was during my summer vacation before my senior year that things really changed for me. I was at Lakewood Galleria dressed as Erin when I ran into Chad in the Food Court. I had no excuse for wearing that pink shorts outfit with matching hose because there were no plays or musicals currently in production.

I walked over to the Captain D's stall and ordered a fish and shrimp combo with a tea and sat down to eat when Chad came up, "Hi Chad. Fancy meeting you here."

He smiled as he sat by me, "Well, Erin. I didn't know that there was a play or musical in production."

"There isn't. I just wanted to be a girl, today."

"You make a very pretty girl."

"Thanks, Chad."

"Why are you dressed as a girl?"

"I like being a girl, at times."

"That's cool," he blushed.

"You like me as a girl?"

"Yes, but not just me," he stammered.


"Erin, a lot of the students and faculty think that you are a tomboy, and the guys want to date you."

"But if that happens..."

"Which is why 'I' will be dating you, and that way you can stay safe. After all, who'd want to try to date you with me as your boyfriend?"

"But Chad, you're not a jock, and those are the ones that I worry about."

"True, but I DO have a black belt in Judo, and Karate."

"Okay, but no hanky panky," I giggled.

"Not even a cuddle?"

"Okay, cuddling allowed," I sighed.
Last year, we took an etiquette class during Spring Break when our families went to New York to watch a Broadway play that I'd won tickets to from a Church raffle. Anne and Fran Prescott's parents were retired from Broadway and had used their connections to get tickets for the Church Raffle.

Chad and I went to an etiquette seminar that they sponsored for the winners so that we would know how to act in such a rarified atmosphere. Chad unfortunately couldn't remember which silverware to use during dinner, other than that, he was fine.

Chad took me to the Dinner Matinee Cafe which ran a movie every night as diners ate a gourmet meal or buffet. I truly enjoyed watching my favorite classic movies while dining upon exotic dishes from the world over and Chad did too. It's too bad that we were too young to have wine or champagne.

When we went as families, our parents allowed us a single glass because that was a special occasion. At times, Papa Everett would win some sort of promotion or award from Allied Enterprises, the company that he worked for and we'd celebrate at the 'Cafe'.

Chad proved to be a gentleman during our 'courtship' and taught me what to expect in a gentleman as he treated me like a lady. I couldn't help but to giggle as he tried to imitate the courtly manners from a failed etiquette class, but since I'd passed with honors, I was able to tutor him until he was a seasoned pro.
Chad dropped me off home so that I could change back into Aaron before Momma returned from work. Being A waitress gave her plenty of time to attend Western Institute of Technology and continue to earn her degree.
She continued her schooling because she had a thirst for knowledge that kept her from deciding upon a major. She was already a qualified paralegal except for taking the final course, she opted to add other business and management skills to her resume before she went on to become an attorney.

I was busy in my room, putting away my purchases when I heard Momma pull up in her Jeep Wrangler and pop the hatch. She had gone to Warehouse Discount Mart to stock up on food and other essentials.

Local merchants had pooled their resources to buy the Longfellow Estate when Avery Longfellow went bankrupt. Most of Longfellow Estate was turned into the Longfellow Community where new house were built for families, but the greater part was turned into warehouses dealing in bulk items. So far, Wal-Mart was unable to open up a branch, here.
I got scared, fast. For years I had not dressed as Erin around the house because she thought that it was just me being a girl for the play or musical. I had yet to really choose if being a girl is what I really wanted to be. Now I was about to choose.

Momma came in carrying two plastic bags on each arm, and put them on the kitchen counter, "Well, I was wondering when I'd see my daughter, again. Come, we have to unload the car."

"MOMMA?" I stammered.

She sat down and pulled me down onto a vacant seat, "Erin, I've known all along about your forays in public on Saturdays thanks to your fellow students gossiping about you to their parents. You're lucky that they like you. Otherwise, you might find a few that'd be happy to teach you about being a girl."

"Momma, are you mad at me?"

"Mad, no, disappointed yes."


"Because you haven't been honest with me about your wanting to be a girl. I thought that it was just you doing your very best as an actress. Do you want to be a girl?"

"Yes, I've known that I was really a girl ever since I wore that swimdress. But I also know that I can't become a girl because we can't afford it," I sighed.

Momma patted my hand, "Then why do you LOOK like a girl, now? I can see no trace of a boy."

"That's thanks to the breast forms and gaffe that I'm wearing."


"Yes, Sister Beth provided them for me when I won the lead female role of Dorothy in Oz."

"That was years ago, why do you still have them?"

"Because I kept getting more female roles."

"Well, if you're going to be a girl on Saturdays, then I will need to coach you in how to be a girl."

"But Momma, I already know about being a girl," I protested.

"No, you know how to act like a girl in a play, actually living as a girl is different."

"Okay, Momma, but why?"

"You're lucky in that nobody has yet to cause trouble about your being a girl. Most girls like you must deal with some conflict because others can't accept them as girls."

"You've scared me."

"Good, come and help me to put up the purchases and I will show you what I'm talking about after dinner."

Momma got out the frozen buns and patties and put the patties on the grill and heated the oil for the fries. Then we went to the car and emptied it of the purchases. Momma had removed the back seats when she got it for the extra room and kept us both a change of clothes under the front seats and an emergency kit in the glove compartment.

After locking up the car and storing the purchases, we ate dinner, then went to Momma's computer where she brought up Melissa Dawne Northe's story, A Tragedy of the Spirit. Reading it made me all too aware of how lucky I was, and yet, I saw how she had TRIUMPHED in the end.

She was blessed with two friends who cared for her as she went through her personnel hell and found a man who loved and accepted her. When she died, he was chosen to help complete her last entries. Could I have survived as she had?

"You see how bad it can be for you?" asked Momma when I looked up from reading her story.

I had taken me all that night to read it. And now here I was, safe while other girls like me were suffering. Why was I so blessed? Could I do anything to help?

"Yes, Momma. What can I do to help the others like me?"

She hugged me, "Become a certified counselor. The Church teaches courses in counseling and you can befriend other girls like you. That way you can repay those who have been there for you by being there for others."

"You mean that I should 'pay my debt forward'?"


"What about Chad?"


"He knows about me being a girl. He caught me earlier, today."

"Then I MUST make sure that he won't hurt you," she declared.


"Sunday dinner."
I went to Church Sunday as Aaron because I wasn't quite ready to live full time as a girl yet. I still liked being Aaron too much to make the switch. I knew that Vineyard Fellowship would embrace the new me, but I still had to attend Centercrest High School for my senior year and my scholarship was in Aaron's name, NOT Erin.

Everybody knew about Erin, but as far as they were concerned, Erin only came out during plays and musicals. Only Chad and Momma knew that I was Erin on Saturday.

After Sunday Worship, we ate lunch with Chad and his parents at Jonah's Sea Food Diner.
Jonah was a retired Merchant Marine who worked in the ship's galley where he learned his trade. When his father died, Jonah inherited everything as the only living relation and sold the family home to open Jonah's Sea Food Diner.
We enjoyed a nice, quiet dinner where I learned that even when I was Aaron, I was mistaken for a girl. I was wearing a pastel dress shirt with gray dress pants like Chad was, but I still had my long hair in twin tails like Willie Nelson does, but I still looked girly.

"Aaron, you look nice, today. I wonder when you'll start needing to shave."

"Me too. But I may be like Grandpa Mark. He never did need to shave and was often mistaken for a girl or young man, Papa Everett."


"Yes, back during the Korean War, he was in the U.S.O. as a dancer and female impersonator. He was a fantastic Magician's Assistant wearing a ladies tuxedo with the bloomer, fishnets and heels."

"Did he ever become a woman?"

"No Sir, he married Grandma Lorri after he was discharged."

"Well, you seem to have inherited his legacy."

"I just hope that I'm as lucky as he was, Mama Everett and get married," I confessed.

"I think that you will be," she offered.

As we were leaving, I headed to the restroom where I found I was denied access to the Men's room. I approached the Men's room where an employee was coming out, "Sir, please excuse me."

"The Ladies is over there, Miss," he pointed to the other door.

"So, I'm a boy."

"How can you be with that hair and pretty face?"

Then Chad came up, "Any problems, Aaron?"

"This guy says that I'm a girl."

"Show him your Student I.D."

I did and used the facilities, wondering how much of a girl that I was. Here I was, in my senior year in high school and I still got hadn't started to shave and was wondering why. Could the breast forms and gaffe be introducing estrogen into my body? All that I knew was that I liked being a girl.
When we got home, Momma and I chatted about me being a girl. We sat at the kitchen table and sipped on our favorite drinks.

"Did you know that Chad told his parents about you?"

"No I didn't. Am I in trouble with them?"

"Not at all! In fact, they think that you make a cute girl, according to Chad."

"That's because he saw me as Erin, Saturday."

She sighed, "Then it's high time that you got a wardrobe for Erin. If you don't mind."

"I don't. But did you know that your casual wardrobe is very youthful?"


"Yes, what you wear around the house is the type of clothing that the girls wear when not in their school uniform."
The School uniforms for Centercrest was green or blue dress shirts and trouser or shorts for boys with the girls having the option of a skirt, skort, or sleeveless dress with a white blouse.
The next day, Momma took me shopping for a wardrobe for Erin. Shopping with Momma was a real experience. She insisted that I try everything on, something that I had never done before. I tried on EVERYTHING now that I for all intents and purposes, a girl and simply being a girl was Heaven to me.

For years, I had been forced to wear the castoffs of Anne and Fran in order to be a girl, but now I could express my individuality away from their choices.

It's not that I didn't have a good collection of clothes, thanks to them, but those girls tended to go for the more revealing styles that I couldn't safely wear without a leotard to help hide my 'assets' from casual observation when I didn't have my enhancements available.

With Momma's help, I got myself two weeks’ worth of lingerie, hose, makeup, shoes and casual clothes. I had a great selection of clothes from Momma from her buying clothes whenever she could. Now I could enjoy being a girl and still be fashionable.

We had a light lunch at Burger Barn after stashing my purchases in Momma's Jeep Wrangler and were eating, when Chad walked up, "Hi Erin. Out with your mother, today?"

"Yes, we were just shopping."

"Hello Chad."

"Hello, Mrs. Rhodes."

"Would you both to join us?"

"Yes Ma'am, if you don't mind."

I wasn't expecting for Chad to so readily accept me as a girl. While it was true that he treated me like I was a sister and even took me out on a date at times, nothing ever happened. Now I was confused.

Chad had treated me like a sister before when I was in girl mode, but when he caught me out as Erin last time, he'd actually bought me a nice selection of clothes for Christmas that expanded my meager wardrobe, but when I went out wearing them, he was treating me like a girlfriend.

Here he was acting like we had been dating all along when in fact, we hadn't. Chad had been dating other girls, and I had been going to the mall with other girls or playing on my swim or wrestling teams as well as the cheer squad as the mascot, but in all of that time, we'd NEVER been an item.

Momma could see that I was perplexed by Chad's actions, but she knew that he wouldn't hurt me because he and his family knew that I liked being a girl at times. That was both good, and bad. Good because he would treat me like I was a girl and defend my honor against any guys who took a fancy to me. Bad, because now that I was in girl mode, people could catch on that I liked being Erin outside of the play.

I had always wore a girl's costume for Halloween, usually one of the school's cheer squad or dance squad uniforms, but until now, my being Erin on the weekend hadn't caused any problems because I wore my hair in a different style on the weekends than I did in the plays.

"Chad, what are your intentions concerning my daughter?"

"I was wondering, if I could take her to the water park next Saturday"

Momma saw how much that I wanted to go from the way that my eyes lit up, "What about the fact that those that know that Aaron is also Erin?"

"Mrs. Rhodes, most of the school see Aaron as Erin," he confessed.

"SERIOUSLY?" I exclaimed.

"Seriously, Erin. They think that when you are dressed as a girl, that you are simply getting ready for another play or musical. Just last year, you finished doing Alice In Wonderland."

I blushed, "Yeah, playing Alice was fun. And I even got to keep the dress since I bought it at Marty's Thrift Shop."

Momma asked the question that set things in motion, "Erin, do you feel safe with Chad?"

"Yes, I've known him for years and trust him."

"Chad, will you protect my daughter?"

"Mrs. Rhodes, to me, it doesn't matter whether or not your child is Aaron or Erin. I am their best friend."

"Does it matter whether or not Erin can have sex as a girl?"


"Erin, even though you are wearing the enhancements, it is still basically a flesh tone gaffe."

"I know, but it's embarrassing."

"Mrs. Rhodes, As much as I fancy her, I cherish her friendship even more. If anything more than friendship happens, we will deal with it openly and honestly."


"Yes, Momma?"

"As far as I'm concerned you have my Blessing to date Chad."

I hugged her, "Thanks, Momma.

Looking at Chad, I never realized how easy it was for a girl to read a guys intentions, but being in that position, even for the first time, it was obvious that he liked me.
Momma started drilling me on being a girl that lasted all of my summer vacation. The only time that I was Aaron was at Church. Under her tutelage I learned what a genetic girl went through when she went through her menses.

Momma had conferred with Beth about my being a girl for the summer and she replaced the enhancements with new ones that simulated a menses. The new enhancements could stay on for up to a year with care. Best of all, could deflate so that I could be Aaron at Church.

For most of the summer, Chad and I were dating, but when school started, he and his parents went away for the weekend, effectively ending our dating since it was only on Saturdays.
As I was working in my room, I was trying to figure out just why Chad and his parents were gone on the weekends and why he was so distant, now. He was nice enough to me, but the old camaraderie was gone. It was as if he had stopped being my best friend, and it hurt.

As Erin, my biggest worry was what little bit of beard and my possibly getting a stiffy at an inopportune moment, but the enhancements were making those worries minuscule as my body was slowly filled with estrogen.
It was during our first month back in school that Chad's indifference started to pay dividends. I was once again in a school play; this time as the lead character in Doctor Jekyll - Sister Hyde, I played both roles.

As usual, I got to dress as my character like the other students, but in my case, it was far different and very telling of who I was. If I dressed as Hyde, people would see that being a girl was more than simply a role to me, and if I dressed as Jekyll, I'd be lying about who I was, what a dilemma!

So I dressed as BOTH. I wore my hair and wore androgynous clothing as Jekyll/Hyde. I would have worn a kilt, but neither Jekyll nor Hyde had Scottish blood.

Since I wasn't dating Chad, I got asked out by every senior and junior, which startled Momma. I had just returned from a date, "This can backfire on you if they go too far."

"I know, but as Erin, I need the experience of dating guys, as well as doing, and going places everything a girl my age does. Besides, I know how to handle those who won't take 'NO' for an answer thanks to my black belt in Karate"

"Erin, remember what Sensei Ohara says about using your skills and avoiding violence."

"Momma, he taught us to protect ourselves, which I will do. But I will NOT let anybody hurt me or others. What do you think that Sensei Ohara would do if he saw a situation like on Karate Kid where Mr. Miyagi helped Daniel?"

"He'd do like Mr. Miyagi did."

"Can I do any less?"

Momma smiled at me, "No, it's just amazing to see the wonderful person that you're becoming."

I went to my room and spent time getting all of my Aaron wardrobe into their new drawers. Now that I was going to be Erin most of the time, I only kept my school uniforms and dress clothes for Church and mingled the tops and shorts in with Erin's wardrobe since they were basically unisex.
As the year wore on, I became Erin at school. It was a simple matter for my records to be amended since I was listed as Erin instead of as Aaron. Papa Everett had it done when my counselors had said that I was really a girl.

The Centercrest School System had authorized a psychiatric evaluation when news of the German Pop Singer Kim Petra having a concert at Madison Square was announced to help the student body understand about what being transgendered. was like.

Any transgendered student would receive any help needed thanks to a generous and anonymous benefactor who would pay for any medical bills to help them transition, including any enhancements.

Now I was able to be Erin full time and put aside Aaron, but to my surprise, Chad returned to my life.

It was nearly time to graduate, I had dated other boys who knew the truth, but saw me as a safe date' like the girls did. The boys would ask me out and tell me of any dating problem that they had, and I'd offer them advice and/or talk to the girls about said problem to help solve the problem.

I basically became the unofficial counselor for the student body as both sides would talk to me about their problems and I developed a knack for helping them.

For most of my senior year, Chad had been absent in my life as the friend that he'd become. We'd share classes, but we no longer dated and he and his parents went away every weekend so that our weekend get togethers stopped.

But now it was lunch time, a week before graduation, and here he was, smiling at me as if nothing was wrong, "Erin, you look great! It's been way too long since I complimented you."

"Why did you stop?"

"I didn't want to, but I had to," he sighed.


"Dad was on the Board of Directors at Galway Unlimited and he had a chance to become the C.E.O. So, we've been spending our weekends touring the many businesses under the Galway Unlimited umbrella. He just got promoted last weekend."

"Okay, but what about us? Why did you stop dating me?"

"Erin, I NEVER stopped loving you, but you are still essentially a guy under the enhancements. And I know that you want to be a girl, so I wanted to get you the bodysuit that'd let you be a woman."


"Yes, your system already has a good supply of estrogen from the enhancements. So by simply wearing a bodysuit, your body will grow a set of reproductive organs."

"How long until I start my menses?"

"About a month."
I donned the bodysuit and felt complete as never before. No longer did I have to worry about the enhancements failing me, nor about being outed while I let my body rest while it rested from the enhancements.

I had my first menses just after graduation and let Chuck help me explore my bodies new potential. We're off to college now ; Chad to become a teacher and coach and me to become a beautician.
The End

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