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By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!
Synopsis: When a corrupt anti-T.G. Empire succeeds in stranding the colony on the Prison Planet, the Empire loses a planet full of much needed resources. As the years go by, the colonists and prisoners unite to turn the Prison Planet Compound into a viable colony and in time, discover a way off of the planet. As they leave, the author of the message ends with a message of hope.

It is hard to believe that we are finally leaving this prison that the Empire tried to exile us to, but we are about to leave and join the other Colonies that have left the Empire behind them.

The Empire began a policy of genocide against all Trans-gendered people. The colonies opened up their borders to us and soon, we were leaving in a exodus, leaving the Empire behind.

The Empire made us a gift of one of their mothballed Troop Transports to take the final 50,000 to our destination. Little did we know that the Empire had planned for our flight to end in tragedy.

All was going well until we made the final jump, then the ship deposited us at the Prison Planet and jettisoned us into orbit, stranding us here.

For fifty years, we struggled to survive here with the prisoners who were themselves exiled here as we were. Together, we were able to convert the complex into a serviceable colony.

Recently, the Troop Transport that had stranded us was found in orbit of our moon. It had been left behind because it had run out of fuel.

We have been able to refuel it and ready it to take us to our new home. Our friends have been looking for us all this time and are awaiting our arrival. As for this place, since it has been abandoned by the Empire, it will become a new colony for us.

Even though life here is harsh, there is an abundance of metals and rare earths here for the taking. Looks as if the Empire loses out in the end.

Now we are about to leave, I can here the engines start up and I can see the stars dance as we make the jump. What our new life will be, I do not know, but it will be better than what we leave behind.

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