By Stanman63
April Fool's Day Story

Synopsis:Someone must pay a price to save another. Who will sacrifice to save a sister or brother?


Well, here I am, a woman with my life ahead of me after paying off a debt that my deadbeat dad ran up with the local bookie who wanted his money back from mom and me, after dad had run off to avoid paying up. Now, mom would as a prostitute. I would take her place and at the same time, fulfill my desire to be a girl. I could not let her become one of his girls. He dressed them as Bunny girls, wearing a leotard, tights, heels and bunny ears and tail.

Ever since I had been dressed in a red skatedress and white tights to be Santa's Helper when I was a freshman in high school, I knew that I wanted to be a girl. Before then, I had wondered and found a friend with who I became close too, but moved away with his mom after his dad died. Luckily, I had been taking blockers and stayed five feet tall, so that even as a graduate, I could wear my Mom's clothes.

Under his orders, I was given hormonal injections to complete my transition and make me a better commodity for him. I enjoyed nothing about serving him, or his perverted clients who had me dress as fantasy girl who they abused with abandon. For years, I had been their plaything, learning all about their depravity with my only solace being able to attend Church on Sundays. Then, I dressed quite conservatively, wondering when my Lord would redeem me from this hell created by my dad.

This was a hell that I wanted out of, because even after my surgery, would still be his sex slave. I was twenty one and ready to end it all after mom died under mysterious circumstances when my best friend returned to redeem me. He'd become a private detective, heading helping a Special Victims Unit Sting Offensive Leader. He and the team had been gaining intel on the local gangs in order to take them out. So far, they'd succeeded in cleansing everything but this area, now they were ready.

But now, I felt only despair! Here I was, a five foot tall raven haired woman who'd had every orifice violated until sex in any form was torture and my every fantasy about marriage twisted until I felt no pleasure in being touched until he cried. Here was a giant of a man who could easily break me crying for me. His tears unleashed the pent up dregs hope and washed away my despair, refilling the wells of hope in my soul.


It has been a year since the sting, and we are married. We are both still dealing with my past and have found that my redemption is ongoing, but well worth it.

The End


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