Ginny's Story Chapter 67


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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

Copyright© 2018 Karen Lockhart
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It's funny how things happen


“Honey, I feel fine, but I have some bad news. At least, I think it's bad news.”

Obviously bewildered, Ariana asked, “You think it's bad news, what ever do you mean?”

I found a seat near the door before starting. “Your father's name was Vincent Morales, right? Well. the police were looking for him for manslaughter hit and run, felony murder of a police officer, and running the biggest drug cartel in Massachusetts.”

“He hated me, beat me and threw me out on the street. I was lucky I could sing or I might have ended up turning tricks for surgeries. But even so, I wanted him to hear and see me sing. To prove to him I had talent, and wasn't just a “girly-boy” who would spend my life on my knees in some alley.”

“Honey, he risked his life to be able to hear you sing. He disguised himself and got a job working in the kitchen. He started a month before you auditioned.”

“Oh, Ginny, it was just a coincidence he was here.” she said.

“Tell me this, how did you ever find out about this club, and that they had singers, and not people lip syncing for entertainment.”

She thought a moment, shook her shoulders before saying, “I was working in a place in Chelsea when a waitress showed me a flyer advertising the Candy Cane Club. I never heard of it before. I called the phone number on the bottom and said I could sing. The next thing I knew, I was on the stage singing songs to the boss and some woman.”

“Okay that's starting to make sense now.”

“But Ginny, you haven't said why you are telling me all this.?”

“Well believe me or not, The police have just arrested your father. It seems he risked everything to be able to hear you sing. I guess he decided how wrong he was to toss you out, and should have supported you and had two daughters instead of just one.”

She now sat down heavily on a small sofa.

“My father heard me sing, wait, you mentioned two daughters. My sister, Tina, do you know her?”

Darn, I should've kept my mouth shut! Now I'm in it.

“I knew Tina through my roommate. They took riding lessons together in Newbury. Tina had a falling out with your father and ended up moving across the street from our condo, and....

“Oh I don't know how to say it, but Tina snapped one day. She flew out onto the highway and hit this mini-van and killed this young mother and injured her children. She raged at the poor dead woman blaming her for damage to her little car and that she was glad the young mother was dead.”

She put her hands to her face saying, “How awful, where is she now?”

“Ariana, she was arrested and held without bail because of her father being on the run and all the money at her fingertips. The court was afraid Tina would take off and hide like her father did.”

“You know, the big thing is your father risked being arrested, just so he could see and hear you sing. That sounds to me like he regretted the way he acted when he threw you out of his house.”

Ariana sat back and took a deep breath, so deep I thought she was going to start crying. But she surprised me, instead she jumped up, and paced back and forth in her tiny dressing room.

“Oh my goodness, he actually cared about me. He risked everything to be able to hear me sing didn't he?”

I nodded yes, but before I could speak, she continued.

“All this time, I lived alone. Scraping along as best I could to pay for hormones and cosmetic surgery. Why wait till now? Now I can afford the treatments. Why not before this?”

I helped her get her things, and put an arm around her as we descended the stairs.

“Honey, where are you living?” I asked, “Right now you need company.”

Ariana shrugged, I live in a basement apartment in Point of Pines in Revere, it's small, but it's a short walk to a private beach facing Nahant.”

“That's great! Look, I live in Swampscott, and I carpool with “Terri the Tiger”, she lives in Nahant. Why don't you follow me home to my condo and we can talk more about this.?”

By this time, Jean had joined us at the door to the parking lot.

Ariana looked at her, “I recognize you, you sat with Mr Logan during my audition. I owe you for my job, don't I ?”

Jean smiled and shook her head, “The way you sing, Logan would be a fool not to hire you. But look, I overheard you two, It makes more sense to come to my place. This way, we can talk and not wake up Wendy and Ellen.”

She got in her 10 yr old Taurus and followed us to Nahant, parking in the street. As we pulled up, a police cruiser was going by. Jean waved him down and explained we were company and would be gone in a couple of hours.

Evidently it was okay, since Jean gave him a nice big wave then unlocked the front door. Since it was 3 AM, we were as quiet as mice, except for some quiet giggles.

When I was a guy, I never giggled. Must have something to do with shaving my legs I guess.

We sat on the sofa, facing the twinkling lights of the Boston skyline, while Jean heated water for tea.

Ariana broke out in tears as soon as she sat back against the pillows. Sobbing deeply, she tried to talk about Vinny and her sister.

I hushed her as I gave her a hug,rubbing her back and making soothing sounds. Jean noticed this and brought her a glass of ice water and some Kleenex.

She apologized for the water works to Jean and thanked her for the tissues.

I teased her saying, “This is the first time I hugged a girl in 15 years you know.”

Ariana looked at me blushing a bright red. “I didn't think you were a lesbian, I mean. If you are it's okay, but oh damn! I don't know what I mean!”

I sat back with a satisfied sigh, “Well Jean, since that worked. Is the tea ready?”

Jean broke up, “Ginny, you are something else. Are you sure you never studied phychology?”

Ariana stood and asked the way to the powder room.

After she left, I filled Jean in on what went on in her dressing room. “She was really upset to find out both her sister and her father were in jail, and that Vinny risked arrest to hear and see her sing.”

“So this is the guy that used to beat her when he caught her dressing in her sister's things?”

“Yeah, and finally tossed her out when he was 16 yrs old. Almost like Wendy's story.”

She rejoined us, hearing Wendy's named mentioned.

“Who is Wendy?” Ariana asked.

After taking a sip of tea, I explained how my roommate and I had found her making a nest under our office trailer. We took her home and allowed her to dress and act like a teen aged girl. We supported her desire not to search for her parents.

I went on to say Wendy had lived on the street for two years after being thrown out her home by her father.

“That is so like my story”, Ariana said. “How old is Wendy?”

“She is seventeen and a half.” I replied.

“I'm only 20,” she said, “Actually 19, I lied to the club about my age. I would like to meet her, we could compare notes and make-up tips.”

That got a roar out of Jean, “Make-up tips. Please, you're a hoot, kid.”

“Could I have more tea ma'am?” She asked.

Now I was roaring. “She called you Ma'am! Jean, just how old are you?”

I heard her grumble, “Older than 19!”

Now, Ariana and I giggled. Jean looked at the clock as it struck a single bong.

“Look, it's 4:30, Why doesn't Ariana sleep on my couch tonight, and she can meet Wendy on Sunday. Since the Club is closed that day.”

“Great idea Jean. We have Monday off, and Wendy has her driver's license road test on Monday at 10 Am.”

I made my good-byes giving each of them a quick kiss on the cheek. I rolled in at 5 AM and quickly removed my make-up and changed my clothes for flannel pajamas before sliding into bed.

My cell phone's alarm went off at 11:30. I dragged my carcass into the bathroom, first answering nature's call, then hopping into a hot shower, remembering to keep my hair dry.

While still wrapped in a towel, I made coffee and English muffins. I was wondering about a Halloween costume when it struck me, why not dress as a Construction Worker. I still had my 'Gene' clothes in the back of my closet. Pete won't connect me with the truck driver, but would think I was copying the workers at Ellen's construction project

It was Jean's turn to drive, so I had a little more time to read the morning paper before leaving.

Looking out the living room window, I saw Jean pull into the driveway. Grabbing my purse and leather jacket, I slid into the front seat.

“What do you think of Ariana?” I asked.

“What a sweet kid, she is so polite. How could anyone toss her out the door at sixteen? And why didn't Her older sister Tina help her out, that's what I can't figure.”
“That's why I'm reviewing my whole relationship with Tina. I never said I was trans-gendered, but I wonder now if she had some idea. Her treatment of her younger brother shows her hate for any one that was.”

Jean shrugged, “Why not ask Ellen, wasn't she a friend of hers before you two met?”

“Yeah she was, but in the horse show world, there are a lot of gay guys, and for that matter, women too. If her hate was that strong, I wonder if anyone else noticed?”

We parked beside Ariana's dented Taurus and slipped in side just as it started raining.

Many thanks to Bronwen Welsh for her encouragement and editing , without which this story wouldn't exist
Special thanks to Tanya Allen for permission to use her book The Candy Cane Club in my story.

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