Ginny's Story Chapter 2

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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

Copyright© 2017 Karen Lockhart
All Rights Reserved.


It's funny how things happen


All the way from the restaurant in Saugus to the condo in Swampscott, we were grilled by Steve on what Bangkok was like. He had been there several times in the 1970's while in the Marines stationed in South Vietnam. He was amazed at how much they copied the United States, down to our fast food restaurants.

As we turned into the condo's plowed road, I could see a pickup parked out front of our unit.

Someone must be in it because of the plume of steam coming from the exhaust pipes.

No sooner had Steve pulled up in front of our driveway, then the driver's door of the truck flew open and out jumped Kevin. He ran over and opened my door and helped me out.

“Ginny, how do you feel, do you hurt, what can I do for you?”

He was full of breathless questions, not giving me a chance to answer.

“Kevin, give us a chance to go inside first.” Ellen demanded. “ We just flew half way around the world, for crying out loud. Let us catch our breath.”

Steve was doubled over laughing and slipped on ice and landed on his backside.

That got the rest of us laughing.

Ellen used this, to open the door to the condo and turn on some lights.

She yelled down, “Why don't you two macho men bring our suitcases in for us weak girls.”

I scampered inside before someone thought to try to carry me.

Oh my gosh, does it feel good to be home at last !

Ellen, the homemaker, started a pot of coffee, and took some icecream from the freezer.

The boys came in with our suitcases, complaining about how much they weighted, and dumped them in the living room.

“Oh no,” I said, please put the red ones in Ellen's room and the green suitcases in mine, please.”

We sat at the table for coffee and desert, and questions.

Steve had asked most of his on the ride from Logan airport to home, so he let Kevin lead off.

“Do you hurt still Ginny?”

“Yes for some time, I had major surgery just two weeks ago.” I answered.

He leaned forward, and whispered, “When can you have sex?”

I gave him a gentle slap. “Is that what you really want to know?”

Kevin's face went bright red, and he mumbled, “Just curious, I mean, ahh.”

By his reaction. Steve and Ellen figured out what he asked.

Ellen jumped in. “Guys, Ginny is still a work in progress, she won't be able to try out her new body for several months. A lot of healing must happen first.”

That expression started me to grin. “Actually guys, I have to use different sized dilators to make sure I don't try to heal up again.”

Kevin paled, but Steve said,” I read up on your surgery, you have 4 or 5 different sized dilators, you must use. Some women give them names, is that true?”

I looked at the two of them, “Believe me the two largest are not named Steve or Kevin !”

Ellen sprayed coffee out her nose and started choking.

Kevin's jaw dropped, while he struggled to think of something to say.

Steve just laughed, saying.” The hospital didn't have my size, huh.”

I quickly came back with, “Apparently, I didn't need one that short.”

With that, we all broke into laughter.

After the giggles stopped I asked if there was any more serious questions, if not I was going to bed for a nap.

Ellen told me to go rest, she would answer any more prurient questions from the guys.

“It will take a while for Ginny to get her strength back, so don't expect her to snap back tomorrow like she was before she went.”

Steve stood up to leave and said, “Anything you two need, anything, just call. Come on Kevin, lets go.” as he gave him a push for the door. “Call her later tomorrow kid, out!”

Ellen gave Steve a look of thanks and closed and locked the door after them.
She peaked in on Ginny, who was sound asleep, still fully dressed.

“I know how she feels she said to herself, but first wash and hang up some clothes.”


The next morning I woke to the smell of bacon, eggs, toast and real coffee, not that stuff they called coffee in Thailand. No wonder everyone drank tea !

Ellen looked up from the stove and asked if I wanted 2 or 3 eggs.

“Three definitely, I could eat one of Cathy's horses.”

“Speaking of Cathy, we told her you were having woman's surgery. You could say a partial hysterectomy. That would end the discussion. Tina would probably ask her, so done!”

I thought for a moment, “Good idea, Ellen, that's a conversation stopper.”

After we ate, I said I needed to hang up my new clothes. “Want a fashion show kiddo”, I asked Ellen, “I'll show you and then you can show me !

We headed for my room to start the show.

I had purchased several Thai gowns and wraparounds I couldn't wait to try on. With help from Ellen I managed to get them on correctly.

Wow does that Thai silk feel different from what we were used to !

Of course, I had to try different heels with each dress !

It was Ellen's turn next.

We burst into giggles trying to get her into the dresses she bought. Her's had slits almost to the waist !

This is for the woman with only one dress above the knee.

“Are you going to wear these trolling for guys or what ? You may want to find a way to shorten that slit.”

She was in shock, “I didn't know theses were like the ones Kate Capshaw wore in the Indiana Jones movie.”

What was that movie's name ? The best part was the beginning anyway. With the antidote being

kicked across the dance floor. I just loved those Retro tuxedos, and the woman's gowns!

We finished going through Ellen's purchases,and decided to drive across the beach to the Tides in Nahant for lunch.

We were seated at a table in the bar looking out at the rough Atlantic Ocean, when I heard a squeal from the bar.

It was Tina, who rushed over to give each of us a kiss welcoming us home. We insisted she pull up a chair and sit with us.

After telling the story of my surgery, the talk turned to her father.

“The police haven't found him or his friend yet.” Tina said, “They must have been in that boat together after all.”

“Has that State Police Captain been back again?” Ellen asked,”He was kind of cute.”

We both looked at her.

“Well he was you know !”Ellen said.

At this point our drinks came and the waitress asked about our meals.

Tina and I got the hot lobster roll, while Ellen got the feature burger. This was about 4 inches high and had to be eaten with a knife and fork, or a shower afterwards.

We finished and headed home, Tina promising to call us tomorrow.

As we pulled into the driveway, a car drew up with State Police plates.

To be continued

Many thanks to Bronwen Welsh for her assistance in correcting errors, and without her encouragement, This story would not have been published

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