Ginny's Story Chapter 81

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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

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It's funny how things happen


I heard the door open and then the mumbling of a male voice. Will you come get me Wendy, I'm starting to pace, I'm so nervous.

“Aunt Ginny, your date's here.”


I walked into the living room to oohs and ahs from Ellen, JACK just stands there looking at me. He looks great in ironed Levis, boat moccasins, and a blue wool blazer over a check dress shirt.

I spoke first, “Jack, it's nice to see you in a sport jacket. Has the third degree ended, or does Ellen need more time?”

Jack roared, “I don't think I have any more answers. And speaking of looking nice, that red dress is fantastic on you. Those black pencil skirts don't do you justice.”

“Thank you very much Jack, I assume you two will wait up, so I'll take notes for my report,” I said to Ellen and Wendy

Jack roared again, “Come on Ginny, or we'll be late. Nice meeting you Wendy, Ellen, I'm hopeful we'll meet again.”

With that we swept out the door and into Jack's Cadillac Escalade. After opening my door, he quickly got behind the wheel and drove off. Even with my wool dress coat, I was cold. Jack noticed this and asked if I wanted the seat heater on.

“Seat heater? This Royal Barge has heated seats? Turn it on high please, I'm freezing”

Jack laughed, “For what I paid for this, It should shine your shoes too.”

We started talking about how different he looked in a sport jacket, and how often he “dressed” during the season.

“I can get away with shaving my chest because of weight lifting, but not my legs and arm pits,” Jack chuckled, “Imagine me packing a dress and heels on a road trip to Seattle?”

“That's what I figured Jack, but don't you still have urges?” I asked.

“Well, I date an occasional groupie, so they don't think I'm gay, but what do you think Ginny, can I pass, or will I be outed right off the bat?” Jack asked.

I thought to myself that's one of those questions like “Honey, does this dress make my bum look big?”

“Some nights, you really look cute and except for your voice, you could fool people, but is that what what you want, to pass as a woman?”

Definitely this was an unusual first date, but we'd been friends for months, teasing each other each night.

“It's hard to explain Ginny. I get great pleasure wearing heels and a skirt, and I really like Hiram. Until he told me he was the owner, and Ian Logan was his son, I thought he was just an old gay guy, hanging around to watch TG's dressing up.”

Before I could answer, we arrived at the movie theater. To be honest, I was relieved not to grade 'Cathy's' make-up job any longer.

We walked inside arm in arm to the ticket booth, and got two adult tickets for 'Jumanji'. We decided not to get popcorn, no sense spoiling our dinner, so Jack just got us Cokes in case we got thirsty.

The movie was really good; funny and great choices for actors. In other words, Jack and I really enjoyed it. During the movie, I ended up snuggled into Jack's shoulder, this then required him to put his arm around me. I think both of us enjoyed this as much as what was going on with the movie.

After the movie, Jack suggested several restaurants, including 'Olive Garden'. As soon as he suggested it, I decided I wanted Italian pasta. 'Olive Garden', here we come!

We agreed on a Chianti wine with dinner. I love eggplant, so I ordered the Eggplant parmigiana. John ordered the linguine with white clam sauce. We actually behaved like kids, having a dual with the bread sticks.

You know, all the experts say never take a date to have a spaghetti dinner, especially on a first date, but Jack and I had a great time, pasta sauce and all.

We ended our dinner with Italian sherbet and Amaretto over ice. As Jack drove me home, I wished the night wouldn't end. OMG! I think I'm falling for this guy.

Instead of coming in, we sat in his Escalade and made our 'good nights', ending in a long kiss that had my toes curling.

He opened my door and followed me up the stairs, giving me a quick kiss and a promise to call me tomorrow.

Preparing myself for the third degree, I entered the condo. Sitting on the sofa like a jury, were Wendy and Ellen. Then the questions began, Ellen first.

“So, did you have a good time? Ellen asked. “By the look of your smeared lipstick, I guess at least Jack did.”

Before I could answer, Wendy jumped in,

“How far did you guys go?” Wendy smirked, “Did a zipper come undone?”

Now that one I answered! “Wendy! You have a dirty mind, how could you ask that of anyone? But I'll answer, None of your business, And, on a first date? What do you teenagers do these days?”

Ellen laughed, saying, “She's your niece, not mine. Just tell us about the date; where did you eat, how was the movie, did he squeeze your boobs in the theater when the lights went down. You know, everything.”

Realizing I wouldn't get a moment's peace, I sat down and described everything, including the heated leather seats in Jack's huge SUV. Every now and then, Ellen or Wendy would ask a question.

By the time they were finished, it was after 1 AM, the questions almost took as long as the actual date!

I finally said “I'm tired and I'm going to bed. Any more questions will have to wait until tomorrow.”

I rolled over around eleven, just in time for the “Price is Right” I miss Bob Barker; all my pets are spayed or neutered, including the owner. In the kitchen, I found a note and a pad of paper.

The note said to write everything down that happened, especially how my lipstick got so smeared. I laughed as I read the note. Wow, those two don't give up.

As I drank my coffee, I wrote down some of what happened last night, I expected a phone call asking more information at any time. The phone rang, but it was Jean.

I relived the date with Jean, leaving nothing out. She started to ask questions, but a lot more personal than Wendy's. Jeeze, what kind of girl do they think I am?

Jean apologized, saying “I've been around strippers for so long, I forget how normal people behave.”

“I don't know if I would fall into that normal people definition Jean, but thanks.”

We continued to chat for a little while, then made arrangements for driving to work on Friday. It was my turn to drive, so I would pick her up at 1:30 to give us plenty of time, just in case.

I no sooner hung up when the phone rang again. This time it was Ellen. I told her what I said last night. Then Ellen said that Jack seemed like a great guy. She and Wendy thought he was really hot. I laughed at that.

“Ellen, he's hot when dressed as Cathy too. I have to get a photo the next time I'm at work. You won't believe your eyes. He's an expert in make-up, his mother owns a salon and after school, he would go there and clean up. He picked up the skill in make-up by watching, then trying it out at home.”

“Maybe I should ask him for some tips the next time I see him. There will be a next time?” Ellen asked.

“Yes I think there will be a next time, but that really is up to Jack, not me.” I looked at the clock and said, “If I'm going to make work on time Ellen, I have to start getting ready. Thanksgiving is next week, have you invited Pete yet?”

I heard Ellen curse under her breath. “crap” then, “I totally lost track Ginny, thanks, I'll call him now. Noon to help, 1 PM for drinks and nibbles.”

“Bye Ellen.”

Out the door I went at 1:30 to pick up Jean.

Again the subject of Jack/Cathy came up. To change the subject, I asked Jean over for Thanksgiving dinner.

“Honey, I'd love to come,” Jean said, “When is it?”

I looked at her, “12:00 to help, 1 for drinks, and the football games will be on, even when we are eating.”

“Anything I can bring?”Jean asked, “Who'll be there?”

“Ellen and Pete, Wendy of course, yourself, Ariana, and hopefully Jack and Hiram. Eight in all. Thank you, but just bring yourself.”

We parked, and went inside. As I headed for the bar, Hiram surprised me.

“Hiram, I've never seen you back here before, what's up?”

“Ginny, how did your date go? Good I hope.”

“Not you too Hiram? It went great, Jack is a great guy, but why are you so concerned?”

“ Ginny, I really like you, and I consider Jack a good friend. I was hoping the two of you would hit it off, but I was worried.”

“Worried about what? Even if we didn't get along, Jack and I would still be good friends. Why are you so worried?”

Hiram hesitated, and seemed to come to a mental conclusion. “Jack was married before; his wife died from cancer a year after they were married. He was playing AA baseball at the time, and had a breakdown at the end of the season. Soon after, he started to wear her clothes and took her name when so dressed. I guess in this way he brought her back to life. After a few years, he really enjoyed women's clothing better. And whenever he could he would be Cathy, Jack would be hidden away.

“I was hoping something would happen between you two, helping to get him over his grief at least. I find nothing wrong with him dressing as Cathy, I doubt that would change. I guessed you of all people would accept him as Cathy.”

“Wow Hiram, you just overwhelmed me with that. Does Jack know you're doing this? You've put me in a tough position. I really like Jack, but I feel like you want a shotgun marriage, and I am not ready to marry anyone.”

“Can you forget what I said, and just continue on normally?” Hiram pleaded. “Give Jack a chance to tell you this himself.”

“Hiram I love you and might end up loving Jack, so yes, I'll give it a try.” With that, I headed for the bar and a busy night.

To be continued.

My thanks to Bronwen Welsh for her encouragement and editing, without which, this story would not exist

Special thanks to Tanya Allen for her permission to use her book "The Candy Cane Club" in my story.

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