Ginny's Story Chapter 4

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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

Copyright© 2017 Karen Lockhart
All Rights Reserved.


It's funny how things happen


In the morning, Ellen headed north for her riding lesson. At the last minute, I decided to go along to see Cathy and enjoy my renewed attraction to one thousand pound animals, you know - horses.

As she drove, the conversation revolved around her sudden interest in dating. I teased her unmercifully.

“This is a good thing Ellen; the way you drive, a State Police captain is the guy to date. Just think how much money in fines he can save you. I just wonder what attracted him to you, maybe the fact you were ready to shoot Vinny that night. No, it can't be that, he only found that out last night. I know, in heels you two are the same height.”

It went on like this until Ellen suggested I start looking for an apartment. I shut up!

When we walked into the barn, Cathy saw me and gave me a huge hug then apologized, asking if she hurt me. I laughed, and said she would have to squeeze me lower to cause pain.

“You had ladies' surgery didn't you, you poor dear. Was it precancerous?”

“Yes the doctors agreed not to tempt fate and prescribe pills that hold cancer off. I've resigned myself to not having children, but living a long life. Besides, I could always adopt.”

By now Ellen had Freddy tacked up. She walked him over to us, and said to Cathy, “No Tina today? We had dinner with her the other night and she indicated she would be here today.”

“I haven't seen her since her father went missing,” Cathy said. “What's that, five weeks? And Chris Brady is still away on vacation."

I headed for the viewing room, while Ellen and Freddy warmed up.

Ellen was thrilled, this became a private lesson, with her getting the sole benefit of Cathy's instruction.

Ellen was bubbling about her lesson and the praise Cathy gave her. This continued all the way home and into the house.

I headed for my room for a little peace and quiet, and some time with the dilator that I had named Sam, size 2.

After a good half hour I returned to the living room and asked Ellen if grilled cheese and tomato with Italian wedding soup sounded good for lunch.

She nodded her assent and returned to the downhill skiing on ESPN. We watched that together until the phone rang.

I could tell by the way she spoke it was Pete Smith. As soon as she had the place and time, I decided to call Kevin and make it a foursome.

OMG! Ellen was on the phone for a hour!

“Ellen,” I shouted, “When and where, so I can tell Kevin!”

She gave me a dirty look, “The Black Dog on Route 1 at 7:30 tomorrow.”

I grabbed my cell phone and called Kevin.

After forty-five minutes of talking the date came up, “Kevin would you go on a double date with me and Ellen?” I asked.

“Ellen? She has a date? With who?” he asked.

I was going to surprise him, but couldn't keep it a secret. “Do you remember the State Police troopers investigating Morales' disappearance?”

“You don't mean that Sargent what's his name, he's way to old for Ellen.”

“No, you dummy, the Captain! Pete Smith! Evidently, ever since he met Ellen, he's had the hots for her. On Thursday, instead of sending the Sargent, he came himself to ask about Tina.”

Kevin paused, and laughed, “Between the two of them we should be safe at night.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“They both carry guns! Is this an Annie Oakley and Bill Cody affair?”

“Sweet Jesus, you men can be dense at times. That was the first thing that came to your mind, 'they both carry guns'?”

“Well they do, don't they? And they both are tall,” He said.

“That you're right about anyway, Ellen can wear heels, and show off her legs.”

I could hear Kevin mumbling over the phone. “Speak up kiddo, I can't hear you.”

“I said, I've never seen her legs to know if she has nice ones or not. Nice legs, does that mean she also has a nice ass?”

“You guys! Is that all you think about? Nice legs and rear ends?” I teased.

“A nice rack is good too!”

With that I hung up, and stuck my cell in the back pocket of my jeans.

“Hey Cinderella, are you off the phone so I can plan dinner?”

Ellen sheepishly came into the kitchen and sat on a stool.

“Is this what being in love is like?” she asked.

“How would I know, three weeks ago I was a guy.”

With that, we broke out laughing until tears ruined our mascara.

“Enough, enough,”I said, “How about baked stuffed pork chops, asparagus, stuffing, and apple sauce with a tossed salad for supper? Vanilla ice cream for dessert later.”

Ellen perked up, “A Chianti to go with it. I'll make the salad.”

“Okay, now go watch TV or something while I cook.”

Stuffed pork chops are really easy to make, in a Pyrex baking dish put two thick centre cut chops, sprinkle them with Bell's Seasoning and bread crumbs. Put some sliced onions on top of that, and add some water. Cover the dish with tin foil and bake in a 375 degree oven for forty-five minutes or until the pork is done, no medium rare here.

Follow the instructions on the box of stuffing mix, and microwave the asparagus in a covered microwave dish for six minutes, and presto, it looks like you've slaving over the oven all night.

I called Ellen to the table, asking her to get Ranch salad dressing from the fridge, while I got apple sauce from the pantry.

The clean up is easy too, just put the stuffing pan in the dishwasher along with the asparagus dish and the Pyrex baking dish. Followed by our plates and silverware.

Ellen and I sat on the couch letting our food digest, making room for ice cream, when she looked at me and said, “Ginny, me dating a State Trooper should make you feel safer. Maybe you could tell him what you know, forgetting the fifty thousand dollars?”

“Not just yet Ellen, only if we are sure Vinny is really dead, and not playing possum.”

After ice cream, and the late news, we headed for bed. Big day tomorrow! We needed our beauty sleep.


We woke to a fresh covering of snow that fell while we slept. Ellen made coffee, while I started to make pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

As usual, Ellen read the Boston Herald, while I read the Globe. Both papers were full of the political debate that happened the previous night. If you compared the two papers, you would think two debates took place!

I liked the guy from Florida, Senator Rubio, Ellen for some reason liked Donald Trump!

I told her, she had a better chance of being elected President than Trump did.

To be continued.

Many thanks to Bronwen Welsh for her assistance in correcting errors and with her encouragement, this story is possible

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