Ginny's Story Chapter 76

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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

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It's funny how things happen


We enjoyed the new 'Jurassic Park' movie, but we kept asking why was the cute red-head running around the jungle in a skirt and four inch heels?

Ellen and I agreed, nothing beat the original movie; I can still feel the roar of the T Rex at the Jeeps the first time it showed up on screen. By the time Jean saw the movie it had been around awhile. She suggested she pick me up tomorrow, so she could do an errand on the way to work. Then she gave us hugs and headed home.

I asked Wendy if she still liked going with Ellen to work, or was she getting bored.

“I like seeing how things are built, Aunt Ginny, and now that I'm doing what you used to do I get paid. I'm making enough to pay the insurance on my cute car!”

“Okay, as long as you're happy. I don't want you to feel like I stuck you somewhere out of the way.”

“No Aunty, I'm happy. I'd love to go with you, but I know I can't.”

“Wendy, stay home tomorrow, we can talk about school. You know, after the New Year a new semester starts at the junior college. I had them send a course list that you can look at and decide what you want to enroll in.”

We agreed to do that in the morning after nine; that way, if she really saw a course she liked, Wendy could drop off her application after lunch. Having the school just down the street was a huge advantage.

Ellen and I went to our bedrooms to allow Wendy to make up her bed. Ellen would be gone by the time Wendy and I were up, so she promised not to wake us.

As usual, Wendy was up first, so I smelled coffee as I headed for a shower. How can she be so cheerful in the morning?

I offered to make blueberry pancakes, Wendy had Maple syrup and butter on the table before I finished my offer. I guessed it was okay with her.

After eating and washing the dishes, I returned to my bedroom for the catalog of courses. I suggested she take business courses which are a solid foundation for future education and looked very good on a

I give her credit, Wendy decided to enroll in a Associates' Degree Course in Business Administration. Now to see if there were openings in the desired courses.

Because of this, I suggested she leave for the registration office this morning. She grabbed her purse, put her checkbook inside, and grabbed her jacket. I could hear the high-pitched growl of the Mazda MX5 as she headed for the college in Lynn.

I was happy to only tend bar for the next few days. Entertaining on stage was going to take getting used to. Besides, I missed Bobbi and Chris, and flirting with Hiram and Cathy. I found a drink I thought Cathy will like called ANGEL FACE.

I was ready to leave by 12:30, but Wendy arrived home before Jean. I could hear her shouting as she opened the door.

“I got all my classes! The Admissions office was impressed I came in early. They found seats in all my requested classes!”

By now Jean was here to hear this, and we had a hug sandwich in the living room.

“When do you start?” Jean asked

“The semester starts on January 10th,” Wendy said. “They suggested that a few days before that, I go to the bookstore and pick up my books for the semester.”

“Wendy, I'm paying for your college and text books. Honey, with what the Club pays me I can easily do it. I want you to save your money for other things, like your little car.”

At the mention of the car, Wendy jumped up and hugged Jean, saying “Thank you, thank you, Jean!”

“Jean,” I said “Do you want to do your errand tomorrow? We can stay and talk with Wendy or leave, but make your choice.”

I hated to sound like the bad guy, but the clock was at 12:30, we had to do one or the other.

“Let's stay and have Wendy fill us in. This only happens once in a girl's life.”

So for the next hour, Jean and I asked Wendy questions about her dreams and did she really want to go to bar tender school next. Finally, it was time for us to leave and fight the traffic south to Quincy.

As we entered, Bobbi and a couple of waitresses started to hum the old 'bump and grind' song.

Of course, I turned bright red, with Bobbi asking if I were practicing for leading Santa's sleigh.

Things calmed down behind the bar with only a few waitresses coming with orders, a typical early Tuesday. Around five o'clock, Hiram showed up. I headed down to see him, figuring I'll get this over early. I knew he would have something to say about my performance on Saturday night.

Before he started, Cathy arrived, and handed me a pot of ice orchids.

“This is for the bravest girl I know, that took guts Saturday, girl!”

Again, I went scarlet! “Thank you Cathy,” I said, “You're the first person who didn't tease me.”

Hiram just chuckled, “Why, do you include me in that group?”

“I saw the look in your eye just before Cathy got here, you devil. I knew what was coming.”

“Can we get some service here, miss? A Cosmopolitan for me and the young lady will have a draft beer, if you please?”

With a laugh, I pulled a draft Pabst for Cathy and started making Hiram's Cosmo.

Bobbi needed me at the other end, so I slid their drinks across the bar and promised to be back in a while.

Ellen called me on the cell to tell me Morales will appear in Superior Court. I asked if Wendy or I had to appear as witnesses. Happily she said 'no', the vehicular manslaughter charges would come later.

Bobbi overheard my side of the call and I could see in her eyes she wanted to know what it was about, but was too polite to ask.

I filled her and Chris on the major facts about Morales, including the singer upstairs was his transgendered son. I mentioned that the State Police arrested him while working in the kitchen here. I didn't say my two roommates and I saw him kill an elderly woman walking her dog.

After talking about this as we filled orders, I wandered in the direction of Hiram and Cathy. I stopped and made a Cosmo for Hiram and the new cocktail for Cathy.

It was called an ANGEL FACE; ½ oz apple brandy, 1oz gin. Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

I handed it to Cathy saying after the orchids this was the perfect cocktail for her. To my surprise, she liked it, and said to Hiram he should try one.

I was getting quite a collection of cocktails in my cell phone. I'd better download these to my PC and a thumb drive before they get lost.

Jean and I headed home at the usual time, seeing Ariana leaving the parking lot for home. She still had that old Ford Taurus. One day that car would fail, leaving her helpless on the side of the road.

Jean asked about the flowers; when I said a bar patron gave them to me, she looked at me funny and asked if he or she were good looking.

Up until Jean asked that question, it didn't occur to me that Cathy might be attracted to me! From what Hiram told me Cathy was a cross-dresser. Most C-D's are heterosexual Oh my gosh, I wonder if she liked me?

I quietly slipped into the house, heading for the bathroom to remove my makeup and take a quick shower. In the back of my mind was the question of whether Cathy was attracted to me or not. I decided that I liked the idea, but wanted to discuss the situation with Ellen.

Off to the land of Nod, tomorrow is another day!

To be continued.

Many thanks to Bronwen Welsh for her encouragement, and assistance in correcting typos, without her help, this story would not exist.

Special thanks to Tanya Allen for allowing the use of her book "The Candy Cane Club" in my story.

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