Ginny's Story Chapter 26

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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

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It's funny how things happen


Pete dropped us off at the office and took off, spraying gravel everywhere. It must be something cops are taught at the various police academies. It has always reminded me of the old television show the Lone Ranger, when he has Silver walk on his hind legs while saying “Hi ho Silver, away”. Yeah, he's a cowboy, well a boy anyway.

As you can imagine, Wendy was full of questions for both me and Ellen. Ellen told her to be patient and wait for us to get home as there was some show and tell involved.

Like a typical teenager, she managed to stamp her feet as she walked over to my desk and turned on the laptop. It was funny listening to her make puffing and tisking sounds while waiting for the boot program to run.

Apparently, she finished reading the story about the hesitant date, and wanted something else to read. I logged onto the Big Closet site and in the authors list found one of my favorites called “Honey Bunny”.

Wendy was nobody's fool, and I suspected her IQ was up there. She gave me a funny look and asked me about how I knew so much about that site and the stories.

Ellen came to my rescue. “Wendy, whose computer is that?”

“Yours, Aunt Ellen.”

“Was the Big Closet site on the favorites? So why are you asking Ginny about this? It's my laptop.”

“I guess you're right, sorry Aunt Ginny.”

“Oh honey, don't apologize; hey look it's time to leave. Ellen, can we make a quick stop at the market? I was thinking of barbecued steaks and fresh corn and asparagus for supper.”

After a quick stop, we entered the condo. As soon as we were through the door, Wendy started asking questions. In an attempt to slow her down, Ellen asked if she liked horses. This got her excited; she said she loved horses and used to ride one before her mother remarried.

We showed her pictures that were taken at the horse show with Ellen and I posing with our blue ribbons. When Ellen told her we were heading for our weekly riding lessons on Saturday, she begged to be allowed to go with us. I smiled: "That's part of the story about Morales and us."

Ellen went to the refrigerator and got cold cokes and a bottled water for me before I started to tell my story.

“Wendy, over a year ago, I was driving a dump truck for a company that turned out to be a drug distributor, I was under my truck checking the inside rear tires when I overheard Vincent Morales giving the owner orders on dropping off drugs and giving a motorcycle gang cash to buy more in New York. My last load was to Ellen's project in Melrose. I recognized her from high school, so I ran up to her asking for help. Just then, a black Cadillac pulled into the site. Ellen said to run into her office and put on her spare dress-up clothes and act like a secretary.

“I quickly threw on her skirt and 4” heels, brushed my hair and typed away on the computer. The two thugs came in looking for the driver of the abandoned dump truck outside. Ellen said her secretary was doing that now. They drove the truck off the site. A few minutes later, a pair of Boston cops came looking for the driver. Boston police shouldn't be nosing around in Melrose, so Ellen sent them off too. The younger one was trying to pick me up before they left.”

Wendy's eyes were huge again but asked the million dollar question.

“Wow ! Aunt Ginny, you were driving a big truck?”

"Yes, I was a real tom-boy, I really gave my parents fits, they were sure I was gay. I really didn't date a lot or go to school dances. When I became a truck driver, that really convinced them."

Now she was speechless, her mouth opening and closing like a guppy out of water. I took a long swallow of bottled water.

"But they were wrong, Just ask my boyfriend!" I said, "I did have a hormone imbalance, which the doctors fixed."

She turned bright red, “Oh no! I was just so shocked, I forgot! But you mentioned Tina Morales and that her father bothered you.”

“Well, I started living as a woman , I decided it was time I bought some nice dresses, and ate properly. After a while, my body filled out and I finally had hips! But I needed help upstairs so I had enhancement surgery, what do you think?" I said as I turned sideways.

"Ellen had a riding lesson and I went along. Tina took lessons with Ellen and Vinny drove her back and forth. He actually hit on me, trying to pick me up. Can you imagine, the guy he was looking for was wearing lipstick and he was 'feeling me up', trying to violate me. Steve Brady's 6'3” brother and my now boyfriend Kevin Preston convinced Vinny to leave me alone. If I wasn't so terrified, I would have laughed.”

“Pete Smith and the Massachusetts State Police got involved when they raided the trucking company. We were under surveillance for months, but like the drug cartel, the cops were looking for the driver. To this day, Pete thinks I'm Ellen's cousin from Cape Cod who was running from an abusive boyfriend.”

I looked at the clock, saw it was time to fix supper, “Ellen you fill in the rest.”

First, she got Wendy another coke, and poured a glass of wine for herself and placed one at my elbow.

Wendy was flabbergasted. “Aunt Ellen, who knows Aunt Ginny's a fugitive?"

“First of all, Ginny is a pretty woman now that she's stopped wearing flannel shirts and construction boots, she just can't have babies and that bothers her. Well to answer your question, Steve Brady knows, his Vietnam buddy who forged identification for Ginny knows, her boyfriend Kevin knows, and of course her two local doctors know. Now you know. So young lady, Ginny told you everything you need to know about her."

I called the two of them to dinner, I hoped the kid liked her steak medium, well, heck, she'd probably eat it raw.

“You know, you can't just hang around with us and do nothing all day. We'll find out how to have you pass a G.E.D. High School diploma. When you receive that, we can think of sending you to a Community College. We don't have the money for a University.”

After dinner, Wendy pitched in and helped with the clean-up.

We told her “No staying up late. Tomorrow is Saturday, and that means we are going to the barn in Newbury for our lessons. We leave early, and you can meet Kevin and Tina Morales.”

Before we went to bed, Wendy hopped up and gave me a big hug. “Thanks for sharing that.”

We arrived at Cathy's farm a little before our lessons. Kevin was already there with a younger version of himself who looked seventeen years old. When Wendy got out of the back seat of Ellen's SUV, the kid's eyes popped and he ran over to introduce himself.

“Hey, Kevin, want to introduce your shy friend?”

He laughed, “This is my nephew Billy. He thinks he does girls a favor when he winks at them, you know how High School football players are. So who's the blonde cheerleader with you?”

Ellen and I gave him the story we had agreed on. “Kevin this is Wendy Heart. Wendy's mother and I were college roommates. She's spending the summer with us.”

After our lesson, Wendy quietly asked us for help. Evidently, Kevin's nephew kept asking her out on a date, and somehow, she agreed!

We both started to laugh at her plight, but Wendy had tears in her eyes.

“Please help me, what if he wants to kiss me or other stuff?”

I told her to brush up on stories on the BC site for answers, then kiss him back!

To be continued.

Many thanks to Bronwen Welsh, for without her encouragement and assistance in correcting typos and sentence structure, this story wouldn't happen

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