Ginny's Story Chapter 12

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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

Copyright© 2016 Karen Lockhart
All Rights Reserved.


It's funny how things happen


Ellen looked at the clock and shrugged, “I'm calling Pete on his cell phone, I bet he keeps it on all day and night.”

While she did that, I sat beside Tina on the sofa and gave her a big hug.”Don't worry honey, look at it this way, your father is most likely alive. Isn't that good news?”

In the background I could hear Ellen talking softly on the phone, catching only a word or two.

Tina now had the hiccups after crying so hard. “But Ginny, aren't you and Ellen worried if he's still alive? He's probably still mad at you two for standing up to him.”

“Tina, I think he respects Ellen for holding a gun on him, anyway, he'd never come around here”

She sat back staring into the distance, her mascara making black tines down her cheeks.

Ellen rejoined us, giving me a quick glance before speaking.

“Pete said to relax and not worry about anything. He put in a call for a cruiser to swing by the condo and pick up that postcard. The trooper should be here in less that a half hour. So, the kettle's on, we can have tea while we wait.”

Tina grunted an okay, and I gave a giggle, “Gee Tina, you sounded like a unhappy teen aged boy answering a parent just then.”

That got a smile out of her just as Ellen came back with a pot of tea covered by a cozy to keep the pot warm.

I turned on the television, looking for a Red Sox preseason baseball game from Florida, where the temperature was in the 80's.

Soon there was a knock on the door, when Ellen answered it there was a young State Trooper standing there with a questioning look on his face. “Ellen Hanson?” he asked, Captain Smith said I was to pickup a postcard from you.”

“Yes, won't you come in trooper, we're having tea, would you like a cup?”

“No thank you ma'am. The Captain said to hustle my a....,er, butt and get the card over to the lab as fast as I can.”

I took the postcard from Tina and handed it to the trooper. He touched his hat's brim, and sped down he stairs to his cruiser, and quickly disappeared down the street.
Tina looked at us and asked if we thought Vinny was still alive or was this a hoax.

“Well, if it's a hoax, wouldn't the card have been sent to the police?” Ellen looked at me,”You agree, don't you Ginny?”

I shrugged, “No stamp or postage bothers me, who ever left it walked up a long driveway just to slide it through the mail slot in the door. Somehow, that makes it more real, at least to me.”

Tina looked over to me and started to sniffle again.

Ellen groaned, “Now look at what you've done, she's going to cry again.”

Tina stopped on her own, “I won't, I won't cry, I cried too much before, I damn well will not start again ! Now, can I have more tea, someone?”

To change the subject, Ellen and I started to talk horse shows. And If we both went to the show, who would cover the construction project. Ellen said Steve Brady was used to covering the job for a week at a time while she was away. All we needed to do was to give him a list of shows, and when we would leave. That way he could plan ahead if coverage was needed.

Tina perked up at this, “Are you going to show a horse this year too Ginny,?”

“Cathy suggested I show at the April United Professional Horseman's show in West Springfield
this year. She felt it would give her an idea if I'm ready or not.”

Tina turned to Ellen, “This would be your first big show for you too. Wow, two novice's. You two will give poor Cathy an ulcer this season.”

We both jumped up at the same time. “What do mean we'll give her a ulcer.” Ellen said, “There will be more than just us , you know. Not only Steve's niece and you, but also a couple of junior exhibitors also. The two kids ride saddle seat not hunt seat like us.”

I cleared my throat, “Okay,” Ellen said, “Ginny will be showing Western Pleasure.”

“Oh wow,” Cathy's letting you use her saddle? She must think you are pretty good, she never lets just anyone use her show saddle.”

“Cathy and I will have a horse to ride, so that makes seven horses and six saddles. She suggested I borrow her saddle before I spend a lot of money for a saddle for myself.”

Tina shivered, “Do you know how much a silver mounted saddle and bridle cost, Ginny”

Before I could answer, Tina jumped in, “You can pay over 10,000 dollars just for the saddle! A matching bridle and bit could cost another 1500 dollars! And that doesn't take in the cost of clothes and a dyed to match Western hat.”
“Jeepers, Tina, are you trying to scare her off?” Ellen asked. “Don't worry Ginny, you don't have to buy every thing at once. Cathy will let you use her saddle until she finds a suitable one for you. All we need to do is to get you two show outfits to wear. Later on, you might wish to have custom clothes made just for you.”

The Red Sox looked promising this year, how many times have we said that?

We invited Tina to stay for supper, but she declined, saying she needed to be alone for awhile tonight.

I whipped up a couple of 8oz New York strip steaks and baked potatos I let Ellen choose the veggie and she chose beans and spatzle.

I went out to the deck and fired up the Weber gas grill for the first time this year. I asked Ellen if she wanted a tossed salad, and if she did , could she make it?

I placed two saran wrapped potatoes in the micro wave and started the timer at eight minutes. This would give me time to microwave the veggies. This way everything was finished at the same time.

I quickly seared the steaks on both sides before closing the cover and baking them for six minutes on each side.

The bell on the microwave rang, I went inside, removed the potatoes, and slid the tray of beans and noodles in for 6 minutes.

I opened the grill, flipped the steaks, and unwrapped and plated the potatoes. Ding ! The beans are ready. I removed the steaks, turned off the gas, and entered the kitchen.

Ellen had already opened the beans and spatzle's container and loaded our plates. We sat down to supper with a red wine to go with the steaks. After complementing me on a perfectly cooked steak, she attacked it like she hadn't eaten before.

I chided her for not eating like a lady. This evoked a peal of laughter from both of us.

“Look who's giving etiquette lessons for ladies!” she giggled.

We watched the 10 o 'clock news before going to bed, tomorrow was a work day.

Showered, dressed, a cup of coffee, and we were off, arriving at the site before 7 AM.

The form company's men drifted in by 7:30 and started setting forms at 8 O'clock, this wouldn't do. I let it pass this time, but tomorrow, they'll wish the site engineer was a man.
Steve showed up at 10 with coffee and donuts with sprinkles on them, my favorite!

We talked about the schedule for pouring the foundations, and when we would need deliveries of concrete block.

Steve picked up lunch, a steak and cheese sub for him and salads for Ellen and I.

Ellen decided this was a good time to give Steve the show dates this year, and handed him a typed list. The shows we were going to circled in red.

Steve looked at me and said,”Ginny, you're showing a horse also? That's great honey. (coming from Steve, it's okay)

“Steve, our first show is the week of Patriot's day, from the Monday until Saturday. You ought to bring your wife and see us.”

“That's a great idea, which days are you showing?”

I grabbed a copy of our entry's and looked up the classes. Most of us showed on Wednesday and Thursday. If we did well enough, the championship classes were on Friday and Saturday.

Steve said he'd have his idiot nephew answer the phones on those two days.

As Steve was driving off, Ellen's phone rang!

To be continued
Many thanks to Bronwen Welsh for her encouragement and assistance, without which this story wouldn't be possible

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