Ginny's Story Chapter 70


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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

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It's funny how things happen


We arrived home, had lunch and started to get ready for the party at the restaurant. I just had to see Ellen's tiger cat suit and bikini.

“Aunt Ginny, I'm calling Ariana to tell her I got my license. You and Aunt Ellen are at the party, can I go to Ariana's tonight? I promise to be home by 11 PM.”

“Okay, but drive my SUV, the insurance covers you driving it. Jean's car isn't even registered yet; besides, a teen-aged driver of sports cars is asking for trouble. Before you drive that little bomb at night, you should have more experience.”

Wow, I really sounded like a mother didn't I ?

I called Jean asking if she was going to wear a mask. or just tiger make-up. That way I could tip off Ellen.

Jean said she had tiger stripe make-up to do some touch up on her hands.

“Great Jean, Ellen and I will see you at the Porthole at 7 o'clock, take care, hun.” I hung up, and headed for Ellen's bedroom with the info.

A quick knock on her door, got a “Just a sec, Ginny”, from Ellen.

The door swung open, Ellen jumped out, yelling “SURPRISE !”

My jaw dropped, there in front of me was Terri the Tiger, except she was wearing one of those tiger head masks that look real!

“Holy Moly Ellen, You look like a real tiger, don't go anywhere near a zoo, or a big game hunter for that matter.” I said.

“Guess what Ginny,” Ellen said, “That what Pete's going as!”

“Oh, I came in to tell you Jean isn't wearing a mask, instead, she'll use makeup, or body paint on her face to look like a tiger.”

Ellen thought for a minute, than asked if I could do face paint on her to be Jean's twin, but still bring the mask, swapping back and forth with Jean.
Not only did I agree, but laughed, thinking here's a set of twins that will baffle everyone including me, unless they were together.

I decided to go as an Indian Chief here, but Tuesday at the Club, I'd dress as a construction worker; much easier to work behind the bar dressed that way. Let Bobbie contend with a feathered head-dress.

Around 6:30, we were ready. Ellen suggested I drive her Explorer, figuring we'd attract less curiosity with me behind the wheel.

I parked beside Jean's new Honda CR/V.

“Great, she's already inside,” Ellen said, “Here you carry my mask until we're inside, I'd trip on the stairs otherwise.”

As we entered the room we could hear the uproar Jean caused. I couldn't wait to hear the cheers when Ellen entered! Remember, even Jean didn't know a second Terri the Tiger was coming!

Ellen and I weren't disappointed, everyone roared when they saw Terri II. I handed Ellen her tiger head, now we could tell the difference between the two twins.

Jean gave me a hug, and asked whose idea this was. “All Ellen's,” I replied, “Isn't it great?”

“How about the matching bikinis? Did she have a little elf helping with that?”
Jean asked.

“Well, it isn't like she hasn't seen you before, I think she got lucky with the color though.”

“Ginny, what's that in your hand ? OMG! It's a tiger mask! Looks great, I've got to give Ellen credit.”

About this time the Great White Hunter arrived. I quickly gave the mask to Jean, telling her to play along.

“The hunter is Pete, let's have some fun with him.”

Ellen started over to greet Pete, but I gave her a wave off. Ellen immediately saw what Jean and I were up to, so she turned her back to us.

The prank worked perfectly, Pete assumed Ellen was Jean, and with the mask on, he figured Jean was Ellen.

I was having a hard time keeping a straight face and not outright laughing as he gave 'Ellen' a pat on the bum. Jean proceeded to wrap around Pete, and even gave his crouch a little tap.

While this was going on, Ellen wandered over and started to rub her body on Pete.

He, of course became flustered, figuring Jean was misbehaving. It got better after I took his arm, turning him away. This gave Jean enough time to pass the mask to Ellen.

By the time I let Pete turn around, the swap was made. Poor guy, he gave Ellen a big hug, not realizing now both Terri's had been hugged.

“Come on, Ellen slip that off and give me a kiss.” Pete said.

She took off the mask and stood beside Jean. “Which one did you pat the bum of?” she asked, “Or can't you tell the difference by now?”

By now, a small crowd had formed. Everyone was laughing at Pete's dilemma.

Pete quickly grabbed Jean, planted a smoldering kiss on her lips, then turned to Ellen and did the same thing. He paused, and said. “I liked the first one better.”

Everyone but Ellen roared.

With the make-up on you couldn't see her face turn red, but you could feel the heat radiating from her.

Needless to say the tigers were the hit of the night. There was a prize for best costume. That was split between Ellen and Jean.

When the prize, a bottle of wine was presented, the master of ceremonies couldn't tell them apart. The three of us were giggling most of the night.

See, this must be caused by shaving our legs, when I was Gene, I never giggled.

I suggested both Jean and Ellen come inside for a cup of tea before Jean headed home, I also figured to have some fun with Wendy. And Ariana too, if she was there.

The same prank worked again. Jean entered first, then me, with Ellen last.

Wendy had never seen Ellen's cat suit so we had her stuttering. Just then, Ariana came out of the bathroom, walking up to Ellen, she asked when the festivities started at the club.

Again the goldfish look started when Ariana saw double Terri's.

She squealed, “Too funny ! You guys are perfect! Now which one is Ellen?”

Of course, they both said “Me!”

Like the old quiz show, “To tell the Truth”, finally, Ellen wiped off her face paint, and smiled giving Wendy a kiss on the cheek.

“Did you two have a good time tonight? I expected Wendy to drive over to Revere to see Ariana. What happened?”

“We decided to see a movie in Danvers, Auntie. Then we got Chinese take out again, besides, our television is bigger.”

That got a laugh from me, “That's the reason I moved in with Ellen, myself.”

The fun over, Jean and Ariana went home, Ellen and I undressed, and with Wendy, we watched a rerun of a 1959 episode of Perry Mason. Good shows are ageless.

The cars had Ellen and I panting, a suicide door Lincoln Continental convertible. Oh my, that would sell to a collector for $100,000!

In the morning, Jean called, asking if she could drive to work. “Great,” I said, “That will give me time to find my old hard hat with all the union stickers.”

We arrived early, giving me time to check for the ingredients of two new drinks.

Ariana came in wearing a Tina Turner outfit, complete with chocolate make-up on her arms and face. I laughed, “Well, I guess we'll be hearing a few of her songs tonight .”

“Now if I could get a guy to dress up as Mad Max we'd knock them dead. How will this work? There are two floors, will we mix?”

I asked Bobbi the Indian Chief. She said there would be two Halloween parties, one on each floor. Her mother and father would circulate between the floors. A $250 gift would go to the employee or waitress with the best costume. Members would get a gift certificate good for drinks or sandwiches from the kitchen.

Instead of my waiter's apron, I used a carpenter's apron from a lumber yard.

About 4 o'clock, Captain Hiram and our 'Carlton Fisk' showed up. I walked over and asked if I should play the Village People's “In the Navy” just for him.

That got a belly laugh from Cathy.

“Hey, how about I make a couple of new cocktails for you two?” I asked.

“What are they?” Hiram asked, “Nothing too frufru?”

“One is called, “OVER THE TOP”, It's got 2oz of peach Schnapps, 1oz of Triple Sec, 1 ½oz vodka, 2oz of cranberry juice, a splash of pineapple juice, all over the rocks. The other is called “Swann song”, 2 parts dark rum, 1 part sweet vermouth, and a splash of bitters to taste. Add plenty of ice in a cocktail shaker, then pour into a cocktail or martini glass.”

I could see they were thinking. “I'm a big fruit, so make me an “Over the top” Hiram said, “and a Swann song for my buddy here.”

I hustled down and put the ingredients into the computer, while slinging bottles around. I made enough for a second round, just in case. This would really cut down on the time, as the place was starting to get crazy busy.

I hung around long enough for the guys to try the cocktails. They both got big smiles.

“How about the next time you two swap drinks? That will give me a better idea on the popularity of the cocktails.”

It was a mad house that night, but the costumes! Oh wow, even the waitresses got into the Halloween spirit. My friend with the huge double D's was even dressed as a Guernsey cow. She had a great sense of humor I guess.

The devil himself (Mr Logan) was going between the two floors. He stopped to try one of my new cocktails.

“I have to check down here after you have Sunday off. You come back with a new recipe each time. By the way, Ariana has a lot of courage doing black face, but she sounds just like Tina. She's really pounding them out. So far, the second floor prize is hers, unless someone new blows me away.”

This made me happy, the kid could use the extra money.

An hour later Bobbi's mother came by and chatted; Bobbi introduced us.

“Finally I get to meet the famous Ginny. My husband raves about you, he says profits at the bars has gone up ten percent since you've been here. Can you make one of your famous cocktails for me?” she asked.

I gave it some thought, and decided on a 'Cajun Comforter'. This is the one that blew the other bartenders away.

After a sip, a big smile broke out on her face. “What's in this? It's different, and so good.”

When I told her she laughed, “Bourbon, Southern Comfort and I don't believe it, Tabasco sauce; who'd figure that. Thanks, Ginny, take good care of my daughter please.”

With that she headed up the stairs to her office.

To be continued.

In honor of the Royal Wedding, Ginny has found these. ROYAL FLUSH - 1oz Crown Royal, 1oz peach schnapps, fill glass with cranberry juice over ice. QUEEN ELIZABETH - 1 1/2 t Benedictine, 1 1/2 oz gin, 1/2 oz dry vermouth, stirred, not shaken with ice strained into a cocktail glass.

Many thanks to Bronwen Welsh for her encouragement and assistance in correcting typos and punctuation, without her assistance this story would not exist.

Special thanks to Tanya Allen for allowing me the use of her Book "The Candy Cane Club" in my story.

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