Ginny's Story Chapter 1

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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

Copyright© 2017 Karen Lockhart
All Rights Reserved.


It's funny how things happen


….........3, 2, 1.

“Ginny, Ginny, can you hear me? Everything went perfectly.'re awake again, let me call the doctor.”

I looked around and saw Ellen. She grabbed the nurse button to call the doctor and nurse. I heard footsteps approaching.

“My American Sleeping Beauty is awake again. Fight the pain killer a bit now. The surgery was textbook, one of the best I've ever done,” said Dr Phuket beaming. “Tomorrow, we'll remove part of the bandages; this will relieve some of the pain and pressure. Hopefully, we'll stand you up, and have you walking the next day.”

I woke up later, noticing Ellen was wearing a sundress. When did she have time to change?

Ellen kissed my forehead and squeezed my hand. “Are you going to stay awake for a while, or check out again? Whatever you're on, it must be good. You keep falling asleep on us.”

“My mouth is so dry, can I have a drink?”

“I'll ask the nurse if you can have some ice, oh here she comes.”

“Hi Ginny, my name is Mary Ann, here's some ice to suck on. We removed some of your bandages today, you should be more comfortable. When we remove the rest, hopefully we'll remove your catheter, and allow you to walk around a bit. You'll have some pain in your chest from the breast enhancement surgery. You are now a B cup. With the hormones you'll probably increase one more size. We felt you didn't want to look like Dolly Parton.”

“I hurt so much, can I have more pain medicine?”

“Sure you can honey, just push this button for more morphine. If you feel like eating I'll have some toast brought in for you.”

“Can I try some tea and toast?” I asked.

“Sure, just let me take your vitals, then I'll go to the nurse's station and organise some for you.”

Ellen scooted her chair close to the bed, “How do you feel Ginny? Any different?”

“Very different. Yesterday, or rather two days ago, I didn't hurt a bit, now...”

“I guess that was a dumb question to ask, wasn't it?”

“Ellen, you are entitled to ask all the dumb questions you want, you've earned it. I feel like I'm holding a water melon between my thighs. It must be the bandages. I think the doctor said it would take a while for the stitching and surgery scars to disappear, but once it does, no-one could tell I don't have an original vagina down there.”

Soon the tea and toast showed up and I found I was starved! Both Ellen and the nurse said to take it slowly, that tomorrow I'll feel even better.

I put the bed up, turned on the television, and Ellen and I watched a rerun of The Lucille Ball Show. It was so old, it was new to us.

Then Ellen excused herself, saying it was time for her to have lunch, and she'd be back in a while.

I asked the nurse for some Jello and more tea. I had finished the Jello by the time Ellen was back, and just working on a second cup of tea.

“What do you think about a little walk?” she asked, “I'll get a walker and here are some gripper socks.”

I turned carefully and sat on the side of the bed, while Mary Ann the nurse adjusted the walker to my size.

“Now don't worry about falling, I'll have a hold of you.” she said.

I looked at the 4'8”, 85 pound nurse and shuddered. Ellen spoke up, all 5'9” and 150 pounds of her and said “I'll be on the other side, don't worry.”

I stood and took my first step, OMG! As a woman, as a woman! Tears started running down my cheeks.

The nurse looked at me and asked “How bad does it hurt? We can stop!”

I explained the tears were for my first step as a woman. She smiled and nodded, “Lucky girl. Lucky girl.”

We went a few more steps, and returned to the bed.

“How did that feel?” she asked, “Why don't we do more later.”

“Ellen, I'm now a woman, after all these years, finally,” I said, the tears still running down my face.

“For goodness sake, you are still a young woman, only twenty-five years old. Your whole life is ahead of you cousin.”


“Yes, you are my cousin Virginia Hansen, you foolish girl.”

The nurse came in several more times during the day and had me walk around; each time I felt stronger.

The next morning, before Ellen arrived, Doctor Phuket came in to see me.

“My favorite patient! How do you feel today? You know, as an option, to allow maximum penetration we used a section of intestine to give us the closest approximation of a natural vagina. This will require two more days with the bandages in place.”

“Does this mean tomorrow?” I asked.

“Possibly tomorrow evening, you seem to be a fast healer. When the bandages come out, the nurse will remove your catheter too.” he said.

Just then Ellen entered the ward. Dr Phuket smiled at her.

“Good morning Ellen, your cousin is doing wonderfully. I'll go now and see you later tonight.”

She came over and kissed my cheek, “You do look more like yourself today. What did he say?”

“The doctor said another day of bandages. They went for maximum penetration, this means more time. Oh darn, I wonder if this requires a larger penetrating form too?”

“A what?” Ellen asked.

“After surgery to create a vagina, to prevent its collapse, I have to use increasingly larger forms to maintain a pocket. This is done similar to a dildo for twenty minutes three times a day until the largest is inserted with no effort.”

As you can imagine, her jaw had dropped. “For how long?”

“Some say for the rest of my life, but others say until a more natural dilator is used.”

Again, Ellen looked dumbfounded, “Natural dilator?”

“You dumdum, a man's penis!”

With that, she turned scarlet and looked away. ”Mine hasn't closed,” she said.

“That's because yours was issued by God, not man. Speaking of which, we need to see about a stretcher for yours too!”

Just when her color was coming down it became bright red again. ”Don't start Ginny, please!”


A day later the special moment arrived. My bandages were removed, and so was the catheter. There was less pain, and now I could practice peeing truly sitting down. It felt strange, the pee a spray, rather than a stream.

We celebrated with Whoppers and fries for supper. The nurse told me one more day in the hospital, then a week in the hotel. After that, we could go home. I would have to see my own doctor, but back home, not in Bangkok.

On Monday, I moved into the hotel room. Ellen had to stop me from bouncing up and down on the bed. Now began my two week exercise with Fred, the smallest of the dilators. I named all of them, Fred, Sam, Phil, Cecil, and finally Pierre. Ellen asked if I was going to name the largest Kevin, but I said not to give him any ideas.

A week later we were bused to the airport for our flight back to Los Angeles. The seats on Thai Air were going to spoil me for life, unless I rode first class every time.

After what seemed like a week we arrived at Logan Airport in Boston. No sooner did we deplane than we heard the big voice of Steve, “Where are my girls, where are you kids?”

Ellen looked over the heads of a family of Asians and waved to Steve. He bulldozed his way to us and gave us both a huge bear hug.

“Now give me your luggage tickets and we'll be ready to leave. Did you eat on the plane? It doesn't matter, we're going to Spuds in Saugus on the way home anyway.”

Once Hurricane Brady finished blowing through the airport, and we were encased in the comfort of his huge BMW, he asked how I really felt. This made me wish I had named a dilator after him, though not the biggest of course!

I was honest with him. “Did you ever have a colonoscopy with no sedative? That's how I feel.”

About this time we pulled into Spuds, Holy Cow! The snow banks were eight feet high! After we were seated in the bar, that's the first thing I asked him about.

“No sooner than you two left, we had an old-fashioned Northeaster; must've dumped nearly three feet of snow on us. Then just the day before yesterday, we had another eight inches overnight.

“I guess that means no work in Lynn this year.” Ellen asked.

“Right you are kiddo,” Steve said, “But don't worry, I”ll find something for you girls to do.”

There he goes with the 'girls' again, damn him.

The waitress came and we ordered drinks, a Sam Adams for Steve, a Captain Morgan and Coke for me and a Burgundy wine for Ellen. We looked the menu over during small talk. Our drinks arrived, and we ordered our meals.

To be continued.

Many thanks to Bronwen Welsh,without her help in correcting errors and encouragement this story wouldn't be told

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