Bobby's Christmas Wish

December 2017 Christmas Dreams Story Contest Entry

Christmas was fast approaching, all the shops had long ago hung their garland and put up decorated Christmas trees that we could only hope to match in our homes. Our Christmas cards were put in the mail, while received cards were hung around our mantel pieces.

I'm a single man who is known to dress up occasionally, which is why my sixteen year old nephew is now living with me. You see, Bobby feels he is actually a girl. After being beaten twice by my brother-in-law, and thrown out of the house, I took her in with me.

Rather than being a joyous time, it was very sad time for Bobbi. When walking by her bedroom at night, I often heard sobs coming from her room. My heart was breaking for her, but I didn't know how to make her feel better, other than giving her my love.

We both enjoyed the History Channel, so when they had a special series about the possibility of ancient alien visitations, we intently watched. The program looking at the birth of Jesus,and the three kings or Magi. The experts put forward the Magi were actually aliens that presented certain spices that were thought to have magical powers.

The strange behavior of the Christmas star caused speculation that it in fact it was an alien craft showing the location of the child that was half human, and half extraterrestrial. They then spoke of Jesus's miracles as being abilities he got from his extraterrestrial father.

Easter was explained away using this same logic. About this time, I felt like I was listening to a wonderful fictional tale. Bobbi was fascinated, nodding her head from time to time and pointing out to me how this made more sense than the stories in the Bible.

The show closed with the thought that, in ancient times, if your heart was pure, and your faith was strong, praying to this star would grant your most fervent wish.

After this, for the next 15 days, at night, I heard her praying to a star shining in the North. I thought this was harmless, kind of like Charlie Brown praying to the 'Great Pumpkin' or Santa Claus.

On Christmas Eve a star was unusually bright in the heavens when facing North. This was Bobbi's star. When we retired early for the night, knowing she and I would be up early for the presents under our Christmas tree, Bobbi said to me “I hope you didn't buy me clothes Uncle Kevin, they won't fit tomorrow.”

With that, she kissed my cheek and slid into bed.

I chuckled to myself as I sat on the bed watching the late news,before dropping off to sleep.

I woke up to wild screaming coming from Bobbi's room. Fearing the worst, I ran to her room clad in only my pajama bottoms.

I charged into her room and saw a young blonde haired girl standing in the doorway of her bathroom, facing a mirror. The screaming was coming from this teenager. It took a minute for why she was screaming to sink in. When it did, I spun around and looked for Bobbi in her bed. Not seeing her there, I grabbed the arm of the girl and turned her around facing me.

I felt my knees buckle, the face I was looking at was Bobbi's !

“Uncle Kevin, look, it worked, I'm a girl, a pretty girl !”

With this, I sat on the edge of her bed, not trusting my eyes, or my legs. She came and sat beside me, tears streaming down her cheeks.

I now wished I had taken the time for my pajama top, for she was topless also, but in her case had small, pert breasts that now were rubbing against my arm.

I excused myself to get my bath robe while suggesting she do the same. When I returned, I sat beside her and gave my new niece a hug. Her tears were still falling, adsorbed by the robe.

Other than giving her a kiss on the cheek and hugging her, I was speechless. Words came to me about the sane time Bobbi's tears stopped.

“ Bobbi, your wish came true ! How is this possible? I've got to call someone, your mother, that's who I'll call !”

“NO, Uncle Kevin ! Please don't call them, at least not now. Please, oh please, don't” Bobbi begged. "I want to surprise them, especially my father.”

The ban of Bobby/Bobbi had been lifted for Christmas only, by my brother-in-law. Probably at the insistence of my sister.

There was no way either of us would be able to go back to sleep, so,arm in arm, we descended the stairs to the living room and the Christmas tree. I was still stunned, but the shape under Bobbi's robe was definitely female.

Not knowing what else to do, I proceeded into the kitchen and made coffee. While waiting for it to brew, I thought of the new reality sitting on the sofa staring at the tree. I decided, we were going to church this morning, for the first time in years.

I came back into the living room with two mugs of coffee, after handing one to Bobbi, I mentioned church.

She jumped up, nearly spilling coffee every where and shouted, “Yes! And every Sunday from now on.”

Knowing she had 'Bobbi' clothes upstairs, I suggested she put on at least underwear and casual jeans and a top.
When she came back down, she was wearing a grin from ear to ear and wearing a dress. “My panties and bra are tight but they fit so much better then before.” she said, “When can we go shopping for clothes ?”

I laughed, saying, “Hold your horses, not on Christmas Day, and other than some undies, not tomorrow either. The stores will be a mad house tomorrow.”

After opening our gifts, Bobbi offered to make breakfast. To make the 11 AM service at the church we needed to start getting ready now. For me, it was simple, a shave, a shower, and tossing on a suit.

Bobbi however, took over a hour, proving she indeed was a woman. I decided we would go straight to my sister's house from church. We may be a little over dressed, but I knew Bobbi wanted to present herself as nicely as possible, leaving no doubt as to her gender.

When we arrived at sis's, I had Bobbi ring the doorbell while I stood aside.

My sister answered the door, looking and seeing a cute teenage girl and not who she expected, she asked rather curtly who this girl was. When I stepped into view, she started to chew me out. Figuring I allowed her son to dress up just to piss off my brother-in-law.

“Please Jean, allow us to come in, I want you to meet your daughter.”

Jean started to call me every name in the book, but stepped aside, letting Bobbi and I inside.

Jean's tirade was stopped by a big hug and a kiss by Bobbi. Jean suddenly realized the person hugging her had female curves and she could feel Bobbi's breasts.

“Did you buy my son breast forms from that BC site you are always on with your computer.” Jean said, “I specifically told you not to feed his perversion, Kevin.”

Bobbi slowly undressed, first her coat then her blouse. Jean froze. Finally Bobbi removed her bra, showing her mom her breasts. I had long ago turned my back and saw Tom descending the stairs. At the same time Jean's jaw was dropping, he started to yell “get that freak out of.........”

He stopped dead in the middle of the sentence. Seeing what his wife was seeing, he finished coming down the stairs.

“How is this possible? He wasn't with you long enough for you to mutilate his body.”

Jean looked at Tom and told him to be quiet. Beckoning him to come closer, she held out Bobbi's hand. “Does this feel like the hand of a boy? Look closer, is this the body of a boy?

I don't know how, but our son is now our daughter, and a lovely one too.”

When things calmed down,we sat,and between Bobbi and I,we told the story of Bobbi's Christmas wish that was granted.

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