I opened the SUV's door a wave of heat rolled out, imediately causing my shirt to wilt and stick to my chest. Quickly sliding into the bucket seat, I stabbed the keys into the ignition to start the engine and the air conditioning. Why didn't I use the remote start, I asked my self, that's why it's there.
I had to drive to a remote spot by 12PM. Otherwise the little voices will be gone. This spot was deep in the woods, the only access was down an old logging road.
My brother and I were here last week. I had dozed off, squeeky voices woke me up. I could see several small winged birds? or large butterflys? to my left. the voices seemed to come from them.
They must of thought I was still asleep, I seemed to be the subject of their discussion.
"Look this one is better than the big one at the river, who's ruining our homes." the bird-like one said.
"Can anything be done with this one?" it's companion had asked.
"Noon hour fast approches, Let me start to cast my spell, it will guarantee he'll return tomorrow."
Soon I felt a tingling itch starting at my feet, and rising towards my head, until I felt like electricity was energizing me similar to being too close to a lightning bolt.
I yelled and sat up . the green birds disappeared in a flash.
I must have really yelled. My brother came running, asking if everything was okay.
"I fell asleep and dreamed I woke and heard two birds or I guess, fairies talking about me."
"Fairys?" my brother asked, "You must be a fairy yourself John, to dream like that."
I grumbled a bit at that, "I'd think my own brother would understand, not pick on me like our "friends"
Tom didn't reply, instead, he grabbed my hand and hepled stand me up.
We got home and put away our fishing gear.
"Did you boys have a good time?" our mother asked, Are we having fresh fish for supper tonight?"
Tom proudly placed three fat rainbow trout in the sink. "Good thing we don't need to rely on Tinker Bell here."
"Don't call me that Tom!" I yelled.
"Mom, he fell asleep and dreamed he was talking with two fairies."
"I don't understand, you mean gays?" she asked.
"No, pixie fairies, like Disney's Tinkerbell," Tom smirked.
I stamped off to my room, slamming the door.
I booted up my laptop, once booted, I looked up 'fairies' and elves.
I couldn't believe the information! Tales of fairies have been around for centuries, starting in Ireland and England.
There were stories of children disappearing while walking in the woods. The local people blamed fairies, Saying this was the way the fairies kept their race going, adding new blood to their closed family groups.
I kept checking the bylines of these stories to make sure this wasn't just fables with no basis in fact.
Fact, how can you talk about fact when the subject is fairies?
I then looked at elves. They were more the tree living sort, Like the elves in "Lord of the rings". The stories said elves were much larger, and shunned human contact.
I slipped into a dreamless sleep, waking up at 9:30 in the morning. After shaving and showering, I entered the kitchen in time to have scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast.
"Where are you going today hun?" my mother asked,as I finished my orange juice, "do you feel okay today?"
"Yeah, I must dreamed that stuff yesterday". I said,"The mall for me there's a new game I want to look at. I should be home by 5 o'clock."
I kissed her on the cheek, grabbed my keys and headed for the Mall.
A little before noon, I got the weirdest urge to leave and head for the river Tom and I were fishing at yesterday.
The A/C blasting, I sped through the fire road until I arrived at the same tree as yesterday.
Suddenly, the tinkling sound of high pitched voiced rose. The more I listened, the sleepier I got.
After I was sound asleep, a dozen of the green little figures surrounded me. Each one chanting words that sounded like English, but somehow different.
I had the feeling I was picked up and carried toward the river.
Slowly, consciousness returned, at first, things seemed normal. But I felt a weight on my back. Standing up, I was shocked to see four wings on my back, similar to a dragonfly's. What was worse was the new weight pulling at my chest. Looking down, I almost fainted, I now had breasts!
I slowly felt between my legs, hoping to feel my testicles and penis. "OH NO", instead felt a fold of soft flesh and a groove. The more I searched, the better it was starting to feel. Embarrassed, I stood up and looked around, I was standing on a lily pad with two other people who looked like me.
"Oh good, she's awake", the taller one said," lets show her where the hive is, and get her adjusted.
Each one took a arm and slowly raised into the air, heading for the trees.
I had to close my eyes, we were so high! Soon we approached a nest in the tree's upper branches. I had always thought these were squireill nests, But no, there were several dozen of the fairies inside.
I was approached by a tall fairy wearing a tiara. I assumed this was the Queen of the fairies. (Like Ru Paul).
"Not a moment too soon my children, prepare her."
Head spinning, I was whisked away to a bright room where the two original fairies began to wrap me in silver gowns. Placing a small crown on my head, they led me to what seemed to be a bed room. I was instructed to sit on the bed as they left.
The lights dimmed, and Sensed a presence entering the room. I soon could make out a tall masculine figure bending over me.
"My princess, you are so pretty, come, lie down with me."
My mind again became confused as we slowly made love. This seemed to go on for ever, but only a few hours had passed.
I must have passed out, the next thing I knew, the two others were back, standing me up, and leading me back to the large room.
"Sleep," the queen said,"All will be explained when you wake."

Waking, I felt like I hadn't eaten for a week, I was given cold water and honey, amazingly, this satisfied my hunger.
Seeing I had finished, the Queen and my original two returned.
"You are full of questions. Our race is an ancient one, those you see are all related. In order to keep our race strong, every so often, we bring in new blood.
We find young girls we deem pure, and change them into our Fairy race. Once in a few hundred years we can't find these lost girls, and we have to search the thoughts of a young man like yourself, for that purity. You were chosen to bear our new children.
You can't go back, and will remain as a girl forever, occasionally breeding with our king, bringing new blood to our clan. As time passes, you will begin to look forward to these trysts. You will live for a thousand years, your past memories will slowly fade.
Now sleep my dear, sleep.

I awoke to the sound of Tom's voice calling my name looking for me. No matter how I tried, all I produced was a small squeak.
The queen was right, I'm doomed here forever.

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