Ginny's Story Chapter 27

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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

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It's funny how things happen


On the ride home Ellen and I teased Wendy unmercifully about Kevin's nephew lusting after her. Ellen even suggested she should let Billy take her to a movie. After all, it's not like she could get pregnant.

“Ellen, quit teasing Wendy!” I said, “I've been there before and it's a tough adjustment. I didn't find out I really liked guys until I was on hormones for a while.”

“But it is fun to do you know,” she responded. “Look at the great color she is!”

“Wendy, how do you feel, would you rather kiss a girl, or a good looking boy like Kevin's nephew?”

“Aunt Ginny, I'm not sure, but William was kind of cute I guess. Does that make me gay?”

“Oh honey, is that what's worrying you? Look, if you feel you are a girl why not try dating a boy? If that doesn't work out, there are always girls who would love to date a cutie like you.”

Wendy blushed again turning crimson from the neck up. This started Ellen laughing again, which made Wendy even redder.

“Look Wendy, why don't you double date with Kevin and me? I promise we'll dress you so no-one will think you are anything but a teen-age girl.” I said. “Kevin doesn't know, we've told no-one, honestly, you will be a heart-breaker, no pun intended.”

We arrived home and decided to continue the conversation once inside. I went to my bedroom, and looked in my closet for a hot dress for a hot blonde. I didn't dare have Ellen do Wendy's make-up, so I offered to do that too.

“Honey, let us dress you as if you were going on a date. If you don't think you look like and feel like a normal teen girl, I'll stop picking on you to go on a date.

Wendy grudgingly agreed to let Ellen and me make her our own Barbie doll.

“First, shower and shave everywhere, or better yet, let's use this cream. Take off all your clothes and spread this cream everywhere but your face. If you can't reach a spot, call me and I'll get it for you. Hey, don't be shy, we're all girls here, right?”

After ten minutes she called me in to finish her back. Then after another ten minutes, Wendy got into a warm shower. She was amazed to see the hair going down the drain.

I yelled into her to dry off by patting, not rubbing, then wrap the towel around her and come back to the bedroom. To my mild surprise, she wrapped the towel around her chest, like a girl would. This answered one of my questions.

I had her sit on my bed and showed her the underwear I laid out.

“You might feel more secure wearing pantyhose, but believe me, when nature calls stockings will be easier. Do you know how to put these on?”

Without a pause, Wendy rolled the stockings and slid them up her smooth legs.

She gave me a smile, “I haven't done this since I ran away. They feel great, Aunt Ginny, what next?”

I handed her a very tight pair of panties to help hold her stuff out of the way, then a black garter belt and matching bra. I handed her a pair of breast forms to slip into her bra. Instant bosom! I rubbed a little makeup on her chest to look like she had cleavage and was done.

“Once you are finished, sit over here at my vanity, and I'll do your make-up.”

I started with a light foundation. Her skin was flawless, so she didn't need much. Then her eyes; I drew a line in the middle of her eyelid then smoothed on some green and a little blue mixed in. With a pencil, I outlined her upper and lower lids, sweeping the pencil upwards at the corner of her eyes. I used waterproof mascara on her lashes and we were done.

“Okay, now look into the mirror and see a beautiful blonde!” I said this as I removed the towel covering the mirror.

Wendy gasped, “I look like a movie actress. Will you teach me how to do this, Aunt Ginny?”

I smiled, and assured her that with practice, she would be doing it herself.

“Now let me play with your hair a little bit, then the dress and heels.”

“Heels? Really? How high? Four inch at least, pleeese.”

“I thought you would want six inch heels right away? You'll settle for four inch uh, well I picked out a black pair with three inch heels. We'll see how you do with those before we give you a pair of 'hooker heels'.”

Wendy slipped her feet into the three inch court shoes I chose. The dress I picked was the little black number I wore to the New Year's party. I held the dress as she stepped in, being careful not to snag the dress.

“Okay, now stand up straight as I zip this up”, I told her. I made a Ricardo Montalban voice as I said, “You look marvelous!” I guess Billy Crystal did a better job, but you know what I mean.

“Now we show the teenage princess to Ellen!”

I walked into the living room first, and making a drum-roll said, “Presenting Miss Teen America”, and stood aside.

Ellen's jaw dropped, “I knew Wendy was cute, but this is amazing! Let me take some photos. You know, before and after.”

“Kevin's nephew will have a woodie as soon as he sees her,” Ellen said. “You must double date, then later just you and Billy.”

My cell phone started to ring, well, not ring exactly, it played the William Tell overture, you know, the Lone Ranger theme.

It was Kevin; after some cooing and smooching, he got down to business. “Ever since Bill saw your houseguest, he's been after me to hook him up with her. I said Wendy was shy, and I had to talk to you first.”

I laughed at that, “What are you two doing right now? How does a double date sound to you?”

Kevin paused, I could hear him talking to someone in the background, I guessed Billy.

“Sounds great, what time and how fancy?”

“It's 5 o'clock now, how about in a hour? And casual dress, no tie, but looking nice. What do they call that, 'country club casual'?”

Kevin laughed, “Darn, no jeans?”

“If they are pressed with a crease, okay, otherwise, dress slacks, or no date for either one of you two guys.”

He agreed, I heard a gasp behind me. I turned around in time to see Wendy run for the bathroom. Ellen ran after her, and held her hair while she threw up.

After rinsing out her mouth, and taking a gulp of mouthwash, she came back into the room. Ellen had her arm around her waist, and gave her a hug.

“Wendy, right now, I have a hard time imagining you as a boy. You walk in heels like you have been doing this for years. Every motion you make is feminine, from the way you walk, to how you hold your hands. Hell, you even tossed your cookies like a girl.”

“Gee, thanks, I think. But I'm scared. What if Billy finds out, he might beat me like my father did, just before he sent me for 'corrective therapy'.”

“Kevin and I will be there, so nothing will happen, just don't allow his hand on your legs, and don't worry about the breast forms, a lot of girls your age need a little help.
Come on, that dress is a little too fancy, and I have to get ready myself.”

I ended up handing Wendy a cute skater skirt and a shiny pink top. Her eyes got big when she saw how short the dress was, but I told her all the girls her age wore dresses that short.

The doorbell rang at 6pm on the dot, but I held Wendy back for another fifteen minutes before we entered the living room. I was right, I swear, Billy was drooling as he looked at Wendy. I saw the earlier cockiness was gone, replaced by being a little tongue-tied. Off we went on Wendy's first date as a girl !

To be continued

Many thanks to Bronwen Welsh, for without her encouragement and assistance in correcting typos and puncuation, this story wouldn't exist.

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