Ginny's Story Chapter 35

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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

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It's funny how things happen


“Eugene? No wonder you changed your name,” Wendy said. “What were your parents thinking?”

At that, Ellen started to laugh and said, “Your Aunt Ginny means, HIS name was Eugene.”

At that, Wendy made like a gold fish and I, of course, turned bright red.

When Wendy was able to speak again, she asked did that mean what she thought?

“Wendy, you and I have a lot in common, we both entered this world as a boy. I started to live as a woman full-time when I hid out in Ellen's office. But from the time I was a child, I felt something was wrong.”

Wendy was bursting to ask questions, but I continued on.

“Occasionally I would dress up as a woman, including make-up, but not trying to 'pass' or go outside. Now, you can ask what you want.”

“But you look perfect, a real woman, and you have a boyfriend. I mean what does Kevin think? Is he gay, are you gay?”

“One question at a time, honey,” Ellen said. “I'll answer those for you Ginny. First, your aunt is a real woman, she has a boyfriend, and no, Kevin is not gay and neither is Ginny.”

I gave Ellen a grateful look, and turned back to Wendy. “I fell in love with Kevin before I was a woman, and he fell in, really, 'like' with me. Last winter, Ellen and I went on vacation to Thailand; more specifically, outside Bangkok, at Phucket clinic, for surgery by Doctor Phuket himself.”

Well, Wendy being a typical seventeen yr old, started to giggle. “'Fuck it' clinic? Why, was 'screw it' clinic booked?”

“Wendy!” Ellen snapped, “One more word like that, and I'll wash out your mouth with soap! The clinic's name is spelled P-H-U-K-E-T. Even if it wasn't, you don't say that word in my presence again. Is that clear, young lady?”

Wendy made mumbling noises that we took as agreement.

“I had what they call Gender Reassignment Surgery, GRS. The name has changed a few times, but the operation is the same. To make a boy who is a woman a complete woman. The recovery from the surgery isn't that bad, but you have to make sure the surgery doesn't close up again.”

Wendy had a puzzled look on her face' “Close up, Auntie? What do you mean?”

Ellen smiled, “You might as well tell her, she'll find out anyway.”

I took a deep breath, “From the time the bandages are removed from your new vagina, you must dilate several times a day using a dilater that increases in size. Some of us give each one a different name.”

Wendy had more questions, I could tell by the look on her face.

“Dilate how Aunt Ginny? With what?”

I took a breath, looked at Ellen for support and said, “You take this tapered cone and insert it back and forth until it feels comfortable, then you go for a larger cone. Some doctors have you do this for life, others allow a different dilater, a natural one, after the largest size is comfortable.”

“A natural one?”

“A man's penis.” Ellen answered.

Yes, my face turned bright red again.

Wendy thought for a minute then asked, “How do you use it again?”

Ellen saved me again, “Honey, like a dildo, you know what I mean, right?”

This time it was Wendy's turn to turn bright red!

“Too much information Aunt Ellen,” she said.

“When you ask Ellen questions, don't complain about the answers honey. I suggest you look at a few sites on the computer. You can read about what we just told you, with pictures too. Come on, I'll show you, after all, this is something you may want to consider if you continue living as a girl yourself.”

While I fired up the laptop, Ellen ordered a pizza delivery.

Wendy and I got comfortable on the couch with my Dell. I quickly went to a couple of the clinics near Bangkok.

After letting her read about not only the procedures, but the price schedules too, she said “What do they mean, 'eye brow ridge shave', 'Adam's apple shave' and 'cheek bone implants'?”

“Just like it sounds.” This got a 'yuck' from Wendy.

“Did you have this done?”

“No, like you I have a pretty face, all I needed was a Adam's Apple shave.”

By this time, I had found the site with photos. Wendy looked, and I could tell she reacted like it was porn, so I cleared the screen.

Thank goodness the doorbell rang, saving me from myself. I think Wendy now had a good idea about what went on.

As we sat in the kitchen with the pizza, in a quiet voice, Wendy asked if I felt it was worth it.

“Oh yes, and my natural dilater thinks so too.”

“Natural di...” Wendy suddenly stopped, a look of understanding crossed her face, quickly followed by a red glow. You could feel the heat across the table!

“Are you sure you two aren't related?” asked Ellen, “You both turn a lovely red when embarrassed.”

I just took a swig of my diet cola, and chewed my slice of pizza. Thank goodness Wendy changed the subject.

“Now I have a birth certificate, can I get a learner's permit from the RMV Aunt Ellen?”

“Okay, how about this, why don't you two go to the Registry tomorrow and pick up the booklets? I think those are on-line too, but to be sure, get the booklet.”

After we cleaned up, I asked if Wendy would like to practice some more. She almost knocked me over in her rush for the door, car keys in her hand.

We went up the road to a church's parking lot. It was just getting dark, and the house lights were coming on. I could swear I saw a light in Tina's apartment.

'Must have been a reflection, she's living in the house in Andover,' I thought.

After an hour's practice, we headed home. There it was again, this time I was sure I saw a light! When we got inside, I asked Ellen about Tina.

“She's living in Andover, I asked her on Saturday at the barn, after our lesson.”

“Well hold onto your tights, I saw lights in her apartment across the street; if she's in Andover, who's living there?”

Ellen sat back, “You don't think her daddy is there do you? Where is my cell, I have got to call Pete right now!”

I tossed her handbag to her. She started to dig around in her purse before coming up with the flip-phone she still used.

After a minute, Ellen shouted into the phone, “Guess what two little girls did that a hundred big bad cops couldn't? We found Vinny, we found Vinny! Sure, we'll be home. Okay, see you in fifteen minutes.”

“He is on his way Ginny. Pete is coming here first, with State Police backup just around the corner. With all the police scanners around, he doesn't want the local LEO'S doing a radio broadcast.

I put on the tea kettle, and got out some oatmeal and raisin cookies. I knew Pete would zero in on them as soon as he was inside.

When Pete arrived fifteen minutes later, he proved me correct. He was soon asking questions with a mouth full of cookies, crumbs now on his shirt.

“Where are the lights?” Pete asked

Ellen pointed to the apartment building where Tina's apartment was. Pete grabbed our birding binoculars from the kitchen counter.

“You girls (ugh) are right! I can see lights in those windows. Are you sure Tina still rents that upper floor? No one is sub-letting, are they?”

“Too many questions Pete, I only saw lights, just like you just did, but Tina didn't mention anything on Saturday.”

Picking up his portable radio, Pete gave the go-ahead to his men, then called the Swampscott cops to let them what was going down. Soon, I could hear sirens in the distance coming closer.

When Pete heard them, he started cursing. “The locals are going to blow this again, just like in Salisbury!”

He ran across the street, pulling his gun from its holster.

We were glued to our living room window, fascinated with the blue lights and activity.

Soon, we could see Pete walking toward us, waving his arms angrily. He stopped in the driveway yelling into his cellphone that someone screwed it up again, and it wasn't him.

Even if we hadn't heard the phone call, you could tell by his face everything went wrong. Instead of tea, I handed him a tumbler of twenty year old Scotch.

By the look in his eye, this was what he needed right now.

To be continued

Many thanks to Bronwen Welsh, for without her encouragement, and assistance in correcting typos and sentences this story could not be written.

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