Ginny's Story Chapter 74


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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

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It's funny how things happen


I woke up in time to say “Good morning and have a good riding lesson” to Ellen and Wendy. The smell of fresh coffee made me pour a mug for myself. So much for sleeping late.

I turned on the television and clicked Western Movie Channel. On Saturdays, they play old 'Hopalong Cassidy' movies; the only guy who didn't grab a guitar and sing. But how that white-haired old guy got the young girls is beyond me.

Wendy had sent my 'pole performance' to my cell phone. How she did that, I have no idea. I watched that video several times; you know, I really did look good! Just think; I went from a truck driver to a cocktail wizard to a tiger-tailed stripper, all in just two years.

The cell rang as I watched the video for the last time. The caller ID showed Jean's number.

“Hey, sexy,” I heard Jean say, “Are you wiggling your butt back and forth this morning?”

I bit my tongue, and just said “And a good morning to you too, Terri; what's shaking at your end?”

That little play on words got her laughing.

“Wendy sent Ariana's video to my phone this morning. Wow, for a first timer, you look like a stage act in Vegas! Are you okay with using the pole tonight?” Jean asked.

I just grunted, then asked, “How did Wendy and Ariana do that? I thought I knew all the tricks, but that's beyond me, Jean.”

She just laughed and referred to me as a fossil, and did my phone run on coal.

That I ignored, and said I was definitely okay with doing a pole dance, as long as she joined me like we did last night.

We agreed that I would pick her up a little early, to give me some time to get used to being in costume behind the bar. The suit was okay, it was the skyscraper boots that took some getting used to.
While I was watching my performance, Ellen and Wendy were on horse-back, having a riding lesson from Cathy in the inside ring at her barn in Newbury.

Ellen was looking perfect as usual and Wendy was starting to relax while riding Western. At that point, they were both trying to be good enough to go on the show circuit that Spring.

Wendy showed my video to Cathy, who couldn't believe her eyes.

“Is this shy, quiet, Ginny I'm looking at?” she asked, “And is the other girl wearing a cat-suit also?”

When Ellen told her Jean had a permanent body tattoo, she winced, “Even her privates, and boobs? Now I've seen everything! Get up on those horses and show me what you can do, ladies.”

They showed her their stuff, leaving Wendy and Ellen smiling, but importantly, Cathy too.

Since that car crash that ended a young mother's life and Tina's freedom, Ellen and Wendy had been distracted and it showed in their riding. Finally they were back to normal.

They brought lunch back to the condo, and we three sat down and discussed their lessons over a beer for Ellen and Diet Cokes for Wendy and me.

They kept telling me to “Put it on”. I finally broke down and wore the cat suit and heels. Well, I had to dress up anyway. Wendy offered to do my make-up for me which was a big help. She really was a good kid. Ellen and I had discussed breast enlargement for her and decided to do it for a Christmas present. I at least knew how much better Wendy would feel about herself by doing away with those hunks of silicone.

We had read about a new method where the surgeon goes from the navel and works behind a layer of muscle for a more natural look. This would be something to ask the doctors about.

I heard the clock chime 1:30, whoops, time to pick up Jean. I hopped into a baggy pair of “mommie” jeans and a loose sweat shirt. I was covered up enough not to cause traffic accidents on the way to Quincy to pick up Jean.

When she got in the SUV, Jean checked out what I was wearing and laughed: “That should protect you from truck drivers, although, they may still check out two girls in a four wheel drive.”

We arrived at the Club without incident, and went in. The cleaning people were just finishing we were so early.

Jean led me to her dressing room where we shed our cover-up clothes. We went to the stage and practiced our choreography. This was to make sure we wouldn't bump into each other. After feeling confident in ourselves, I headed for the bar and prepared for Bobbi and Chris. I expected them to tease me about my costume and they did.

I heard a wolf whistle from the end of the bar. There was Hiram and Cathy. Cathy was prancing back and forth, in imitation of my act. I smiled and asked if they were being served. That got Hiram laughing, but a puzzled look from Cathy.

As I drew a beer for Cathy and made Hiram's Cosmo, I heard Hiram explain about the old British television show that took place in an expensive clothing store.

“No new cocktail Ginny? I'm disappointed.” Hiram said.

I told him next round, as the bar became busier, helped by my tiny red bikini and stripes.

I started to hear comments about the Tiger working the bar. It almost seemed like I was in a normal nudie bar like the Naked City, and not a CD/TG bar. Wait until I joined Jean on stage!

Mr Logan came by to chat and ask if I was ready for this. Laughing, I said I wasn't shy any more. Working the bar in the suit took care of that.

“Great!” Logan said, “why don't you join Terri the next time she goes out?”

After saying I needed to leave the bar and get ready, I headed for Jean's dressing room.

Jean greeted me with a big smile and not much else, as I heard the beginning bars of “Satisfaction” on the sound system.

This is it! The announcer started his spiel “Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and welcome Terri and her twin, Toni the tigers!

I took a deep breath and slithered on stage!


Ten minutes were over in what seemed like seconds. We heard the announcer say, “That was Toni and Terri the tigers folks. They'll be back in a half hour, but now appearing is......” That's all I heard as the door to Jean's room closed.

“They'll be back, what did he mean by 'they'?”

Jean attempted to calm me down saying, how well our act went over, and I looked like I was having fun, the audience picked up on that and reacted.

“There was over $500 in tips just for that ten minutes! Half of that is yours Ginny; add in the $500, and you just got paid an extra $750 tonight.”

I grudgingly agreed, smiling at the thought of an additional $3000 a month fattening my savings account.

There was a knock on her door and Logan poked his head in. “Is it safe to come in?” he asked.

We smiled and offered him a cold coke or spring water. Accepting a Coke, he smiled at me and just said, “So, how did it go?”

Before Jean could reply, I said that I enjoyed myself after the first few minutes and the time flew by.

“Well, in that case, I have a proposition for you Ginny. How about joining Terri on stage all evening on Saturdays on a regular basis? You could still work the bar, in costume or not, it's up to you.”

As I sat there thinking about working on stage with Jean every Saturday, Logan spoke again.

“Originally I offered to pay you $500 for one appearance on top of your salary for tending bar but, instead, how does $1500 per Saturday sound? You two decide how you split the tips.”

“Mr Logan, do I have this correct? Four days a week I still tend bar, and get my normal pay each day. However, on Saturdays I work the stage with Jean for $1500, no bar tending.”

“First of all, please call me Ian from now on Ginny, you too Jean. As to your fee, yes, $1500 each Saturday, and your regular pay for tending bar times four. Except when you perform, we'll manage your tips as usual. Those on Saturdays are between Jean and you.”

“Let me think about it Ian, can I let you know later tonight?”

He nodded okay and left. Turning to Jean, I of course, asked her thoughts about it.

“I'd love to have you on stage with me, but how much a night do you make at the bar?”

“On busy nights, including tips, about the same, $1500, I average out at $1400 each day times 5. My best night for tips is Saturday though. Jean, let me return to the bar, I want to ask someone about the money, I need to return anyway.”

When I returned, Bobbi and Chris asked how it went. “Honestly,” I said. “I enjoyed the experience.”

Seeing the man I wanted to speak with, I drew a Pabst, and looking at my phone for the recipe, I made a new cocktail for Hiram.

Sliding both drinks down the bar, I placed the cocktail in front of Hiram. He looked at the pinkish drink suspiciously and asked what it was.

“This is called a BACARDI-O CRAYON. Take ¾ oz Bacardi orange rum and a splash of cranberry juice in a shaker with ice. Then strain into a shot glass. What do you think, any good?

Hiram tasted it and laughed: “It's like doing flavored rum shorts, not my cup of tea, my dear. So tell me, how did your first appearance on stage go? Were you a success?”

“That's what I want to discuss with you Hiram. I was a hit, so much so, Ian, he's told me and Jean to call him that now, wants me to work with Jean every Saturday, and work behind the bar the other four days.”

“Isn't that good, Ginny?” Hiram asked.

“That's what I want to ask you about. Ian offered me $1500 per Saturday night, and I split the tips with Jean. How much more is that over my pay as a bartender?”

“Okay my dear, what is my tight-wad son willing to pay you to dance?” asked Hiram.

“Ian is paying me $1500 plus splitting the tips with Jean to dance on Saturdays.”

“Okay”, said Hiram, “Now your pay as a bar-tender on Saturdays?”

“I get paid $1000 plus tips, that are usually around $500 on a busy night.” I said, “Oh, I guess I'm so worked up I can't do simple math tonight.”

Cathy laughed, “It's only simple when it's someone else's money, honey, you're just a little overwhelmed right now.”

I looked at the two of them, “I guess it comes down to, do I want to perform on stage, after all, I'm not stripping actually. I think it really is up to Jean, I mean does she want to share the stage, and split the tips with someone?”

I spent the rest of the night filling orders for the waitresses and before I knew it, it was time to go home. Brother, I couldn't wait to take off those six inch heels!

I was taking off my boots when Jean met me in the lounge.

“How are you doing Ginny, made up your mind about working with me yet?” she asked.

“Oh Jean, I think it's up to you, do you want to split your tips and share the spotlight with someone else?”

Jean laughed and called me a nut, a delightful nut, but a nut. “Of course, I want to have you work with me; I'm the one who suggested it to Ian Logan in the first place. Come on, let's go home.”

To be continued.

Thanks to Bronwen Welsh for her encouragement and assistance in correcting typos, without which this story wouldn't exist.

Special thanks to Tanya Allen for allowing me the use of her book "The Candy Cane Club" in my story.

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