Ginny's Story Chapter 75

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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

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It's funny how things happen


I was quiet on the ride home, all I could think of is I'm a stripper, I get on stage and wiggle my butt and make love to a brass pole!

Jean understood; she kept looking over at me and smiling every now and then. Jeeze, back when I was sneaking my mother's clothes into my room and dressing up whenever I was alone, if someone told me I'd be a female stripper, I'd ask what drug they were on. Now here I am, working with the top act in the top club of its type in the country and getting paid a lot to do it!

As we crossed the causeway to Nahant, I looked at Jean, nudged her and said “Thanks”.

“For what? I just encouraged you. Once you worked the bar at Naked City, it was just a matter of time before you sprouted wings and flew on your own. Hey, that gives me an idea, If you go solo, how about dressing as a fairy with wings?”

When I got home, as expected, Wendy and Ellen greeted me again with the Stones' “Satisfaction”.

“How did it go? Were you nervous?” from Wendy and “How much in tips?” from Ellen.

After turning off the music before we woke the whole place up at 3:30 AM, I answered, “Good, no, and $400. Let me wash and change and I'll right back. I'll tell you two everything, including a surprise.”

As I took off my skirt and blouse and put on my fleece pajamas, I could hear them mumbling in the living room. I walked in and asked how their riding lesson went and was Cathy happy?

Wendy started with how she showed Cathy the cell phone video of me on Friday night. Then how she and Ellen got over the memory of the accident that Tina caused.

“Yes, but was Cathy happy?” I asked.

Ellen shushed Wendy and said Cathy was satisfied with both of them: “But you know Cathy, she's never really happy.bSo tell us, how did it go?”

“It went great! We were in sync, just like Jean and I had been practicing for ever. However, I think that pole may be named in a paternity suit.”

That got a laugh out of the two girls. “What's the surprise?” asked Wendy, “Is there more to tell us?”

I took a deep breath, “Mr Logan wants me to dance with Jean every Saturday, every performance, not just one.”

“Oh wow, are you going to do it ?” Ellen asked.

“I think so guys, also I'll be guaranteed $1500, and a split of the tips with Jean.”

“Just think,” Wendy said, “My aunt's a stripper! Maybe I'll do that instead of learning how to tend bar.”

“No you won't!” Ellen and I shouted in unison. “Wendy, I'm not really stripping, only dancing. I've got the cat suit and over that, a bikini. I'm only naked in the audience's mind. Even Jean isn't totally naked, she wears a bikini bottom thong.”

Ellen laughed, “Just don't let Steve know, he'll show up with $100 in five dollar bills.”

“With that, I'm going to bed, good night,” I said over my shoulder.

The following day was Sunday; I could expect more questions I guessed, but I was so exhausted, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke to the smell of bacon at around 9:30. After taking care of my morning needs, and grabbing a warm robe, I joined Ellen and Wendy in the kitchen. Sorting out the Sunday sports section, I started sipping my coffee, while Wendy proudly made scrambled eggs and toast.

After a second cup of coffee, I finished the sports section and prepared for more questions.

Surprisingly only Wendy asked if they now needed a bartender at the club. My expression gave her my answer. She shrugged and started to play a game on her X-box.

Ellen finished the Globe and swapped the front section for the sports. I sat in the recliner with my Kindle going through ebooks offered by Amazon. I found a couple that sounded good. One was about a Ex-marine who kept going back in time to stop some kind of criminal from changing history. I bought that one and started reading.

Jean called around noon, wondering if she could drop by, and could she bring lunch.

Wendy said she and Ariana were going shopping, so count her out, they'd grab something at the food court.

Jean showed up with lobster salad rolls and potato chips. I put the tea kettle on with enough water for second servings.

We sat at the kitchen table and chatted about politics and when the Almanac predicted our first snow storm would hit. The television forecast was for snow the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving.

Ellen laughed, “The almanac says snow 3” to 6” on November 24 to 26. That's Wednesday to Friday over Thanksgiving. How do they do it over a year in advance like that?”

“Spooky, isn't it?” Jean said.

“Thanksgiving! Jean do you have any plans?” I asked, “if not, why don't you come here? Even if if snows, it's only a ten minute ride.”

“Ginny, I'd love to; Ian Logan said the club was closed Thursday and Friday, so we can have dinner with family.”

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching the Hallmark channel's chic flick movies.

Ellen asked Jean if she had a plastic surgeon she would recommend for breast enhancement.

“Wow,” she looked at me, “One sexy dance and you're looking for bigger boobs already Ginny?”

“Not for me, you ninny, for Wendy, from Santa.”

“I'll ask around the club. Shoot, there's more man-made boobs there than you could believe. Does Wendy know?”

“We plan to surprise her, but knowing her, she'll smell a rat, I'm sure.”

We went back to our movie, Kleenex in hand, and watched the young widow find a new love.

Wendy and Ariana returned around time for supper, Ellen insisted she stay and eat with us, I threw a box of pasta into boiling water, and heated a jar of Pastine Chateau pasta sauce. I tossed a dozen frozen meatballs into the microwave. Presto, in fifteen minutes dinner for four.

When Ellen opened the wine, she got two sets of baleful eyes following her every move.

Finally, she had enough, “Okay one glass each, no more.”

Since we had Monday off , and Ariana was on the same schedule Jean and I were on, I insisted she stay over with us. The sofa bed was queen size so she and Wendy had plenty of room. I could only imagine the bathroom the following morning with four females trying to get in, all at the same time.

Two weeks to Thanksgiving, two more Saturdays for me to dance on stage with Jean as Toni and Terri the tigers. I hate to say it, but I thought 'I'll enjoy this, wagging my tush at strangers.'

I still haven't understood having woman strippers in a club that features cross-dressers and the transgendered. Something to ask Jean and Hiram about I guess.

Ellen hadn't been to the shooting range for a while, so she asked if anyone wanted to join her. I had my tiny pistol with a laser that I carried in my purse, but it wasn't the type you shoot at targets 50' away. Wendy showed interest and talked Ariana in going with her.

Good, I had a Monday all to myself! I could nap, or watch the replay of the Patriots game in peace. The game started in a few minutes at twelve o'clock on the NFL channel. I already knew the score, but the word fan is short for fanatic.

The others returned around 4 PM. When they entered, the aroma from the slow cooker set their mouths watering. I had started a pot roast right after they left, so two more hours to go. Perfect timing!

Ellen opened a bottle of sangria and sliced some oranges and lemons to add to our glasses. Over a fun wine we watched the final quarter of the game.

Wendy tried to make a bet with Ariana, but a shake of Ellen's head changed her mind.

Without asking, Wendy set the table and asked if she could help with anything else. Surprised, I asked her to peel six potatoes, and fill a pot with water.

As she peeled one I cut it into chunks ready to boil. Now Ariana was fascinated, asking what I was doing. I explained I was making mashed potatoes. The first step was boiling them then mashing the cooked pieces with milk and a little sour cream.

Ariana laughed, “I thought mashed potatoes came from a box that cooked in 5 minutes. Is it worth all this work?”

Wendy jumped in, “You taste Aunt Ginny's potatoes and decide for yourself.”

'Has she got a surprise coming,' I thought. 'I should make pancakes for breakfast tomorrow and see if the powered stuff in a cardboard tastes better. I'll bet those are the only pancakes she's eaten before.'

I'm not being a snob really, some of those complete mixes aren't too bad. I love the powdered potato mix, it's great for thickening gravies and chili.

At seven o'clock everything was ready, so I put the roast on a platter and started slicing it as thinly as possible. Wendy spooned the gravy and carrots into a serving bowl and placed it on the table along with the steaming mashed potatoes.

We passed around the plates loaded down with food. I laughed when Ariana took a large dollop of potatoes. Her eyebrows rose with the first taste.

“Oh my gosh! I've never tasted mashed potatoes like this, and it wasn't a lot of work either.”

Wendy said, “Aunt Ginny's teaching me how to cook. It's simple Ariana, all you need is a couple of good pots and a crock pot.”

“Ariana, she's not far off. For instance, the pot roast tonight was made with a packaged pot roast gravy and spice mix that I added, a package of onion soup and fresh pearl onions,” I said.

Ellen had the cable remote in her hand and was scrolling through the movies on cable.

“Who's up for a movie? Chick flick or action? How about the newest Jurassic park movie? It's supposed to be very good.”

She got a Jurassic Park cheer from three voices.

To be continued.

Thanks to Bronwen Welsh for her encouragement and assistance in correcting typos and others, for without her, this story wouldn't exist.

Special thanks to Tanya Allen for granting permission to use her book "The Candy Cane Club" in my story.

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